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Color me flabbergasted. George Zimmerman, a man who’s been brutalized by the media, the justice system and his own post-acquittal misjudgments seems to have done a remarkable thing. Rather than demand to see life’s manager or hire engineers to develop a combustible lemon to burn down the house that is his life, he’s taken to the solace of art . . .

As a guy who likes to write and has endured a certain amount of grief (mostly self-imposed) I can appreciate a guy who does something positive despite the heaping pile of rotting lemons that have been handed to him.

Moreover, the painting sold on Ebay for over $100,000.00. With 96 bids, that means a lot of people out there were willing to lay out some serious scrilla for a painting that could probably be had for about ten bucks on sale at Hobby Lobby. While I’m sure the notoriety of the painter had something to do with it, I have to think that a good portion of that figure was a citizen extending some love to a benighted man.

That makes me feel pretty damn good about the people of the gun.

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  1. IF the bids were legit.
    Most of the bidders have very low feedback and neither has left feedback for the other as of yet.

    • Very low feedback is often an irrelevant point of reference. You don’t start an Ebay account with heaping piles of positive feedback; you have to build that up. And most people don’t use Ebay as a source of income. Many people get an account just to buy certain, specialized things, and only once in awhile. They may only accumulate five or ten feedback results over the course of a year or more. That doesn’t make them untrustworthy, that just means they don’t frequently use Ebay.

      My Ebay account has four feedback responses, all from people I’ve purchased items from. I watch Ebay consistently for very specific things, and buy them when I see them. I send the payment immediately after winning the bid. My four feedback responses don’t mean I’m a shady Ebay user, they mean I’m a casual one. And I’d be willing to bed that most of those low feedback accounts are primarily positive feedback ones, from users like me.

      • Exactly. I’ve had my eBay account since June of 2000, and I have a 73 feedback rating. If you take out the 30 or so I got from selling a bunch of NASCAR memorabilia within the last year, it only works out to 3 feedback ratings per year.

      • Wow. That makes me really appreciate the provision that WA has which requires the state to compensate your legal costs if you end up in court as a defendant and successfully argue self-defense.

        • Florida has the same rule. His attorneys billed no hours. His expenses were all for the ancillaries: living expenses, expert witness, etc. And even those bills have to be submitted to the State Judicial Administrative Commission. O’Mara said he expected to submit bills totaling $200-300,000 to the Commission, but that they would dispute many of them, and he expected to get about a quarter of that amount.

  2. “I can appreciate a guy who does something positive despite the heaping pile of rotting lemons that have been handed to him.”

    Life may have handed Zimmerman a handful of rotten lemons back in February 2012, but that idiot has been grabbing them voluntarily by the bucketful ever since.

    • Even non-rocket-surgeons have Rights.

      Most so-called ‘men’ never learn the woman lessons. So, it’s hard to fault him even there, since an overwhelming majority of males never figure it out at any age.

      How many posters here have to get permission from their own, personal, obese, screeching, entitled, incendiary lemons before buying a gun with their own damn money? Yeah. At least his was/is/was/is hot.

      We must first remove the logs from our own eyes before we try to remove the splinter from his.

      • I buy guns for my husband, and bought him an NRA life membership too.

        Don’t alienate people who could be your best allies. That’s dumb.

  3. The guy may be 100% innocent and a victim of a very biased media….

    but he has to learn to keep a very low profile.

    The liberals want him behind bars and will not stop until they get what they want. He needs to do the best he can to have the public forget about him.

    • I disagree. It’s a lot like the anti-open-carry arguments. Hiding in the closet is not smart or courageous.

      He’s not really smart or courageous. He’s just a useful idiot.

      Watching the endless trumped up BS all fall to the wayside has been great. A lot of it is due to him being a useful idiot, but he’s still useful. None of this shit they’ve flung has stuck. NONE of it! That’s a very important point to NOT miss.

      Let them keep trying, and failing. As long as he wants to be the useful idiot, we get the maximum mileage out of repeated, persistent liberal failure! The harder they try, the more transparent their sickness becomes.

      Let them show it off as long as he’s willing to take the heat and make way more money than necessary off of a crappy painting… Do you not see the irony? He made over $100,000 off of their failures! Not only did they not get their way, how much money do you think that stupid thing would fetch if they hadn’t made such a big deal? It’s just backfiring all over the place for them, let them keep doing it!

      • Trouble is either he and/or his squeeze will blow it right quick, and he’ll be back at the trough again. Or in trouble again. Or both. He can play that tune only so often.

        • Can you check your magical crystal ball for the price of gold in a year? We’d all love the tip since you can predict the future right here on TTAG. What direction is my Google stock going to take by summer? How are bonds looking over the next decade? Heck, if I had your prognosticating ability I wouldn’t be sitting around on gun websites. I’d be sailing my 100 foot yacht to my estate on Tavarua….but you use it as you see fit okay.

    • He’s unintentionally done us all a favor. His actions and his prosecution have revealed just whom it is acceptable to lynch these days. I think it was an education for many TV viewers. The lynchers learned nothing, but the potential lynchees learned a lot. We also learned more about the pack-of-Hyenas nature of the media as they seek ratings. Only a fool would forget.

      I don’t think George needs our advice. He ended up, for a time, with a hot girlfriend and many sympathetic people. I doubt the artwork sale was more than a fund-raiser, in reality. The taxes off the top take no more than the average non-profit consumes before it does any actual good.

    • Don’t they do us all like that? I’m not following the point. Don’t even get a kiss…

      I’m curious to see what the obvious gold-diggers in his life have planned for it, and if he finally figures out that life lesson or not.

      I’d like to see the man learn something from all this… If a man can get hit directly in the face with this many exploding lemons and STILL not figure it out, I weep for the future… I guess I’m just hoping for him to restore a little of my faith in humanity, of which I currently have very, very little.

      • If you’re looking for this guy to restore your faith in humanity, you might want to consider hitching your wagon to a different horse.

        • Lols, I don’t expect him to sprout into a paragon of intellect, but if he can learn this one small, simple lesson, then there’s a chance that the masses of Democrats, who are much, much dumber than he is (on purpose dumb!), might just be able to get a clue. “For I am Castanza, Lord of the Idiots!” Where the leader goes, at least a few others follow…

  4. I hope he runs for CONGRESS , he is got to 500% better that the S–t we have now , being sold out by the GOP and DEMS at the same time , Give the man a break … you too might have to shoot a street punk before this mess is over.

  5. $100,000! Wow…you just know some broke, struggling, leftist, bleeding heart, Key West, Obama voting, anti-gun, pacifist, loser artist went and hung himself with a guitar string when he saw George’s painting fetch a tidy hundred grand right out of the gate. This thought warms my heart!


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