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New for 2017 is Gemtech’s entry into the modular .45 pistol silencer market with the Lunar 45. The Lunar, like many of its competitors in the market, features the ability to be broken down from a long length to a short configuration with a bit less weight and better maneuverability.

Using 230 gr .45 ACP, Gemtech’s reps tell me that the long configuration, at 8.5 inches, is good for 129 dB on an HK Mark 23 and 128 dB on a Glock 19 Gen 4 using subsonic ammunition. In the short configuration, the sound goes up a bit to 137 dB for the .45 and and 132 dB for the Glock 19. Both values are under the 140 dB threshold generally considered to be the edge of hearing safe.

At 11.3 oz in the long configuration and 10.1 oz in the short configuration, the Lunar is right in the ballpark of its nearest competitors, the Rugged Obsidian and the Dead Air Ghost-M. I shot the long configurations on an M&P 45 and a Glock 17 and found both to be quite pleasant, though I was forced to keep my ears on thanks to a booth neighbor shooting a ported pistol.

The Lunar 45 is full auto rated for all 9mm, .40 S&W, 10 mm, and .45 ACP as well as subsonic 300 BLK. It will ship from the factory with a .578-28 LID mount with more mounting options available. The Lunar 45 will also include the tools necessary to break it down for cleaning. Real world pricing is unknown at the moment, but my guess is that it will be competitive with the rest of the market somewhere in the area of $700 – $850.

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  1. So despite the larger bore diameter required for the .45 it’s still quieter on a 9mm? How short is the short configuration?

    • It is one of the ironies of larger-bore suppressors – they’re more difficult to make as quiet as small-bore suppressors, even when the round you’re using is sub-sonic.

    • As a curious individual, I am asking one question: Does not the Gemtech Lunar and the Rugged Suppressors Obsidian not only perform, but are also technically the same? You know the modularly speaking.

      • The LUNAR-45 is 8.5″ in the long, shooting a 129 DB (at the shooters ear) and shoots a 137 DB (at the shooters ear) in the 6.9″ configuration. It’s full auto rated for .45 down and will shoot 10mm and 300BLK. The LUNAR-45 also weighs 11.3 and 10.1 ounces respectively.
        So it performs similarly from a technical standpoint, it just weighs less and registers more sound reduction at the shooters ear than the obsidian. Full disclosure, I do work for Gemtech, but these are the test results performed by Silencer Shop and ourselves.


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