Gemtech Announces Lunar 45 Pistol Silencer

New for 2017 is Gemtech’s entry into the modular .45 pistol silencer market with the Lunar 45. The Lunar, like many of its competitors in the market, features the ability to be broken down from a long length to a short configuration with a bit less weight and better maneuverability. Using 230 gr .45 ACP, […]

NWSSE: GEMTECH Integra Uppers

Somehow we managed to miss GEMTECH‘s new Integra integrally-suppressed AR uppers at the NRA Annual Meetings this year, but my pal “CASES4CASES” found them at the Northwest Shooting Sports Expo. By pinning and welding a monocore suppressor to the end of a ~10″ barrel, GEMTECH achieves a 16.1″ “barrel” length and you avoid the hassles […]