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Fromt the NSSF:

NSSF, the firearm industry trade association, is pleased to announce that Geissele Automatics will be donating 250,000 face masks for distribution during the 2021 SHOT Show. Headquartered in North Wales, Pennsylvania, Geissele Automatics is a manufacturer and distributor of firearms, optics and parts, primarily in the modern sporting rifle (MSR) sector. The company is a frequent sponsor of NSSF events.

“We have had incredible support from our industry manufacturers for the 2021 SHOT Show, but this donation from Geissele puts an exclamation point on it all,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and CMO. “Sponsors big and small support the SHOT Show in many ways, and we couldn’t do it without them. We are greatly appreciative of this tremendous support from Geissele and the generosity of its owners and staff—and we can’t wait to see everyone in Vegas in January.”

“With 2021 right around the corner, and given everything that’s going on, we were unsure if SHOT Show would even take place this year,” said Joe Plunkett, Geissele’s COO. “We were very pleased to work with NSSF to donate these masks in an effort to help facilitate SHOT Show moving forward and keeping everyone safe. We will see you all in Vegas!”

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NSSF’s 2021 SHOT Show takes place Jan. 19-22 at the Sands Expo Center and an all-new expansion to Caesars Forum. More than 2,100 exhibitors are on board to attend what will be the largest SHOT Show ever at more than 714,000 net square feet. Attendee registration will open in early October. For more information about the 2021 SHOT Show, including educational opportunities, registration information, hotel discounts and updates on NSSF’s work with Las Vegas to ensure the safety and health of everyone attending, visit

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  1. How long are we expecting people to wear masks? Is this to be “the new normal” where masks become a permanent fixture in our lives?

    We will be forced to wear these things long after covid is no longer a concern!

    • Easy way to end it: Don’t comply.

      Obviously, numbers are everything, but where I live, I go in without a muzzle everywhere, and no-one says shit. However, the nazi regime has unleashed their gestapo to police workers and simple minded karen’s snitch left and right on workers of these places because they know if they approached someone like me they’d get throat punched for pooping out their mouths in my direction. Seriously. They are angry and believe the bullshit. I have heard it more times than I can count. Some fucking punk up at customer service talking loud enough for the whole store to hear about some poor kid in the back of the store not wearing a muzzle and infecting everything they breathe on. It’s ridiculous. I hear it less now, in the past month or so, but I promise the next time I hear it will speak my mind, without a muzzle. I am tired of watching others cower and avoid confrontation. Time to start not complying and being confrontational. That comfort bubble needs to be popped.

      • It has become hit and miss here as for masks, depends on how trafficked the store is. Gas stations on the freeway or big name stores like TSC may be more ****** than mom and pop’s store in the sticks.

        I have a scrap of denim and a twisty tie I wear around and no one complains. It’s absolutely ineffective but it satisfies the legal requirement and that’s all that counts. Most well-run businesses want my money and if they do give me a hard time, my money walks and it doesn’t come back.

        • Again, part of the problem is taking that placebo pill and giving them the failed idea of security. I refuse to do it.

      • Here in NC i have refused to wear a mask from day one. The sheep sicken me. They want to preach social distancing but if they are angry about you not having a mask they bump into you and make grunts, noises etc. Also, if geissele wants to fold and support this bullshit then i will refuse to continue to support them. This stupid shit has to stop sometime.

  2. Things that make you go hmmmm….

    If masks are effective, why do we need social distancing?

    If masks and social distancing are effective, why do we restrict businesses and gatherings?

  3. Whenever I have gone to trade shows, I spend hours and hours prowling the exhibits and going to ‘talks’. Doing so in a mask is a BIG “no”. Not gonna happen.

    Likely the lawyers are requiring this: don’t want anyone suing SHOT because they came down with an illness which maybe, might have, could possibly be attributable to an event to which the purported sick person went to voluntarily.

    Oh, yeah, I hope all the masks are 100% recyclable; we don’t want our dumps bulging over with disease- ridden, plaque-spreading, infestation mats.

    Do I sound cynical?

    • I will be happy to ‘dispose’ of those triggers for you, if you like.

      Hell, I’ll cover you for shipping charges!

      • Same here, I put a Super Select-Fire SOPMOD (SSF®) Trigger in my rifle and its sexy and smooth. So you want to get ride of yours i will help also with S&H.

    • Larue MBT (great “budget trigger), JP triggers, Jewell, ALG Defense (may require some polishing.), etc

      Geissele does take care of it’s customers though, so I won’t discard them over trying to chase some good press.

      • Errr, you know ALG is Geissele effectively, right? Husband & wife. Amy Lynn Geissele, owner, ALG Defense.

  4. I live in California. Illegal immigrants are spreading COVID at the highest rates in the world, and the fires are giving us AQIs of over 300.

    I still don’t wear a mask! I am a rebel! The Nazis, who burned Jewish pornography, would totally support me wearing an N95 mask.

    The evil CCP gave us this virus! But it actually doesn’t exist. We all need to be like Herman Cain and refuse to wear our muzzles.

    BTW- still can’t go to church. But whatever.

  5. I carry EDC a five seven. 61 rounds. Just in case. Wearing an N95 with no vent is a muzzle. No way man. I’ll never need that when blacks and illegals are spreading Covid. I told my wife who works as an RN to stop wearing her N95 at work. PPE is stupid. Prepper are stupid!!!

  6. I’m done with wearing a bacterial zoo on my face… This will never stop unless we stop it!!! This is all theater, the truth is this CCP Flu ain’t sh*t!!! .02% chance of dying and we’re all cowering or going along so we don’t hurt our neighbors Fi-Fi’s… Enough… The future of the Republic is at stake!!! This is a hill worth dying on Boys!!! If you’re old and sick I get it.. But the rest of us need to put our Big-Boy pants on.

    “Rise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number… Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you. >>> Ye are MANY…They are few!!!”

    –Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Carry on and God Bless!!!

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