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There are only a few factors that really matter in a holster: comfort, retention and (assuming you’re not carrying openly) concealment. How you rank those items depends on what’s most important to you. But if a rig is uncomfortable, you’re going to come up with reasons not to use it. And if you don’t have other options, that may mean not carrying at all. The latest addition to StealthGear USA‘s line, the Revolution IWB hybrid holster, takes a run at checking all three boxes with an emphasis on comfort.


I’ve been a fan of StealthGear’s work since I first tried their ONYX (now called VentCore) holster a few years ago. Their flow-through VentCore backing’s breathability keeps you comfy, even in hot weather. But nothing’s perfect (other than a GLOCK). The VentCore backing is relatively thick and their holsters aren’t exactly cheap.

Enter the SG-Revolution. Clearly intent on carrying on the brand’s well-earned rep for comfort through air flow, StealthGear has come up with a new backing design with plenty of breathability — maybe even more than you get in their VentCore models.


StealthGear makes the SG-Revolution holster from the same high quality Kydex shell they use for their other models. The .093″ thermoplastic’s been perfectly formed and beautifully finished. They affix the shells and clips to the backing of the SG-Revolution with the same stainless steel fasteners found on their higher end models.


That’s where the similarities end. Rather than a multi-layered, multi-material affair that’s cut, edged, and hand-stitched together, StealthGear fashions the SG-Revolution from a single piece of proprietary ACX-57 polymer.


As you can see, StealthGear builds in their characteristic airflow capability through a lattice pattern of diamond-shaped spaces.


The one-piece design is laser-cut. The material is considerably thinner and lighter than the pieced together backing of the VentCore and it’s much less expensive to produce, requiring only a single piece of material and fewer production steps.


As with most IWB hybrid holsters, retention is excellent. StealthGear puts rubber spacers in the fasteners between the shell and backing that let you dial in the retention level of your choice.


The backing’s cut to allow for quick, easy access to your heater. Re-holstering is actually easier than it is with the VentCore; the SG-Revolution’s backing doesn’t have the thickness and “cushy” quality of the higher end product. You don’t have to nose your gun back in quite so much, making it less likely you’ll muzzle your own hip when stowing your gun.

As for style, well, it’s an inside the waistband holster. Who’s gonna to see it? That said, StealthGear’s chosen what they’re calling a “battle-worn” design on their Kydex shells. If you like that, good on you. If you don’t, what difference, at this point, does it make? The SG-Revolution will spend its time tucked in your pants.


After carrying my G43 in a SG-Revolution almost every day for a month, I found it a much slimmer, lighter rig that secures (and conceals) my carry piece every bit as effectively as the VentCore. Bonus! It sells for some 40 percent fewer samolians. The SG-Revolution runs $59 shipped; a black VentCore goes for $99 (FDE and OD green VentCore models cost $114).

StealthGear now offers their three primary models — standard IWB, mini IWB and AIWB — in SG-Revolution versions. Mag carriers will follow soon. So if you’ve held off on a StealthGear rig because of the cost, you now have an option that will fit your budget. And your pants.

Specifications: StealthGear USA SG-Revolution IWB Holster

Height: 7 inches
Width: 8 inches
Weight: 4.2 oz
Shell: .093″ Kydex
Color: Black backing with battle-worn finish Kydex shell
Backing: ACX-57 polymer
Fasteners: Black oxide stainless steel
Clips: Injection-molded polymer
Price: $59 shipped for standard and mini, $54 for AIWB

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style: * * * *
It gets tucked in your pants. No one will (or should) see it. Still, an added style point for the “battle-worn” finish on the shell.

Comfort: * * * * *
StealthGear’s kept the best comfort-making feature of their rigs — the air flow — and made the SG-Revolution thinner and lighter. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Concealability and Retention: * * * * *
Inside-the-waistband concealment and customizable retention. Perfect.

Value: * * * *
All the best features of StealthGear’s original design for at least 40 percent less. There are a few other more affordable options out there, but probably none better made.

Overall: * * * * *
StealthGear’s made their already comfortable holster thinner and lighter while maintaining build quality and retaining breathability. And made them a lot more affordable. What’s not to love?

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  1. Here’s the bad news for trump supporters— every time there is a World Series game 7 In an election year and the AL wins the republicans win. When the NL wins the dems win. Go cubs

    • I was wondering the same thing. Haha. Did you pick the battle worn look? Also, they dont seem to offer this model for very many platforms… yet.

  2. So, how comfortable was it compared to the ONYX? If money is not the critical factor and comfort is, which should I buy?

    • This.

      I’ve seen a couple reviews of this holster already, but no one compares the comfort between this and the Onyx. Is the “revolutionary” new polymer soft to the touch? Or is it like other polymers – hard and plastic-y?

  3. The price is nice, but it doesn’t look as comfortable against skin compared to the Onyx/Ventcore, so I’m guessing a thin T-shirt behind this one would be a good idea.

    I’m liking the Onyx fine for my XD-S, and think the extra comfort was well worth the C-note it cost me. I left the Clipdraw on it, though, just to piss off the annoying know-it-alls who have a problem with that.

  4. Stealthgear makes an excellent product, I have heard nothing but great things about this company. They’ve definitely gone above and beyond to create a quality holster with the best materials out there.

  5. I have a ventcore mini IWB, wonder if I shouldn’t have gone with the standard size (I carry a CZ SP-o1 Shadow). anyway, it IS very comfortable, I can’t imagine this plastic stuff being comparable at all. I wear against the skin, and wouldn’t want to have to have an undershirt on, that’s just one more thing to deal with and I wouldn’t wear one anyway. The only improvement I would like to see is I wish the backing was round or oval, and protected my skin from the grips digging into me, and it would allow for totally adjustable cant so I could move it to the front and use as AIWB or to the back when I want. The cant it comes with is FBI, and is designed for 3oclock-ish wear, with not a lot of adjustability in the belt hooks – couple of inches up or down on either side is all, straight up/down is about as far as it will go. I opted for the bent belt hooks, so it pushes the top (the gun sticking up above the belt) into me. The ventcore is comfortable in any weather, I wish they would sell just the backing as a material for those of us who want more customization and can make our own shells. I wear mine most all the time and even with a 3lb+ gun, I forget it’s there unless I sit hard into the grips. note: my grips are brass with an aggressive cut, and I also have an extended LH safety/thumb rest that sticks out about 20mm, though the ventcore handles that just fine and I don’t notice it.


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