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Rekkr Custom Kydex holster (Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

When Rekkr Custom Kydex approached TTAG to a review one of their holsters, I jumped at the chance.  First, I love reviewing holsters. I’m always interested in exploring carry options for women.  Second, I haven’t found a Kydex holster yet that I’ve liked; especially one that will take my EDC (Springfield XD Sub Compact) with laser. I always have to remove the laser  – unless I go with a more elastic style holster, such as a belly band or Can Can She Bang. Anyway, when Mike Rekkr says “custom,” he means it . . .

Mike asked me a few questions. Right or left side carry? Thick or thin belt straps? Color? Gun type? Inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB)? I told Mike about my laser: a Crimson Trace DS. I sent a photo of the laser attached to the gun. Mike said no problem.

Rekkr Custom Kydex holster (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

The holster came with five holes in each tough leather strap. After spending a few minutes adjusting the belt straps, I followed Mike’s advice to rigorously test the holster’s retention. Once I was able to comfortably draw my [unloaded] XD quickly, I grabbed a box of ammo to test re-holstering.

I don’t have retention set to “super tight,” but it certainly isn’t loose. (I could do another handstand on video to prove it, but y’all are probably tired of seeing that.) Mike also suggested that I go ahead and Loctite the retention screw once I got it set perfectly. I haven’t done this yet, I’m still in testing mode. I may want it slightly looser, but I’m not sure yet. [Insert joke about female indecisiveness here.]

Sara Tipton testing Rekkr Custom Kydex holster (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

I asked for the thinner belt straps; women’s belts aren’t as thick as those made for men, generally speaking. I tend to use a sturdy belt, though, because I always carry. The thinner straps look like they belong on the holster and don’t detract from Mike’s custom color and paint job. Speaking of which . . .

When Rekkr asked me what color I preferred, I told him I’d like pink and I’m into skulls. As you’ve see, the man’s handiwork would make even the most demanding tattoo aficionado take notice. Obviously, a pink holster emblazoned with skulls is not going to be your average TTAG reader’s cup of tea. Mike is ready to realize your artistic vision. Check out the holster he made for a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum posted on his Facebook page.

Custom thigh rig for Desert Eagle .44 Mag

It’s getting rather cool up in Nor Cal; I’m having a much easier time concealing my gun with heavier shirts. That said, this holster is still hidden in most of my summer clothes. I choose to wear longer shirts in public simply to cover the gun even when it’s warm. In tighter and shorter blouses and sweaters, there is some printing. It’s not perfect for all outfits, but it’s great if you’ve spent the time altering your wardrobe to suit your gun – as I have. I can’t give a product five stars if it doesn’t pass my concealability test. Keep in mind that Mike doesn’t advertise his holster for its concealability. And Rekkr can make your Kydex holster in any configuration: IWB, OWB, thigh rig, etc.

So far the Rekkr Custom Kydex IWB holster has proven sturdy and comfortable, standing, sitting or running. The gun rides fairly high on my hip, but that makes it easier to grab the handle. (Mike can adjust cant and ride height to suit.) The holster of death swallows both the gun and light with an audible, reassuring and click. Other than offending Evangelicals, re-holstering is this holster’s main party trick. Unlike softer and yes more comfortable holsters that collapse when you remove your gun, it’s relatively easy to re-insert my XD into my Kydex Rekkr without fumbling or looking at my hip. Mind you, it takes practice not to laser yourself when you’re doing so.

Sara T. Rekkr custom kydex holster review

Mike prices his holsters according to your specifications. (Fair disclosure: this holster was a freebie.) A standard OWB or IWB compact runs $45. Carbon fiber adds $10. Custom work runs $65. Pancake-style holsters start at $60 and go up from there, to $90 for custom art work. The best plan of action: contact Rekkr to get a  price based on the options and type of holster you want. Rekkr offers discounts for law enforcement, fire service workers, EMS, military and teachers. Again, every Rekkr Custom Kydex holster is specifically made for the person ordering it. Mine works for me. Yours will too.


Retention * * * * *
Once you’ve adjusted the holster you’ll have your own perfect level of retention.

Fit * * * * *
With its adjustable belt straps this holster fit like a glove.

Comfort * * * * 
It’s an IWB Kydex holster, so it sticks to the skin. On the flipside, you can quickly remove any oils with makeup remover. (I apologize to all the wives of men reading this if your makeup removal wipes suddenly begin to disappear.)

Price * * * * *
The prices are in line with other Kydex holsters, yet Rekkr offers more customization.

OVERALL * * * * 1/2
Not the most concealable holster ever and Kydex may not be the best choice for IWB carry. Still, it’s well-made and blingy – if you like that sort of thing.


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  1. I’m surprised you run a black gun with a pink holster… I thought for sure that was an armed lady no no. Kidding-

    I was just looking at my fnh and wishing I had a nice own holster when I don’t care to conceal or run my bigger nylon holster. And poof there goes more money I’m sure.

  2. What do you think about Kydex as far as finish wear? The only thing I have bought besides leather was a Fobus that I didn’t get to try before buying, hated the first time I put my Sig in it, and sold without ever using it again!

    You can’t get a decent belt except maybe at western stores. I make mine from blanks I get at Tandy leather and finish myself. They’re thick and come in incremental 1/4″ widths all the way up to 2 1/2″. In my experience a wider, thicker belt keeps the handgun from flopping as much.

    • 1, Fobus Holsters are injection molded, not Kydex. Injection molded plastic has to include reinforcement. That reinforcement is typically fibrous, either, glass or nylon. The fibrous reinforcement materials is what is going to cause finish wear.

      2, A properly made Kydex holster will not cause much, if any finish wear as long the the holster and gun are kept relatively clean; or, the gun finish is exceptionally soft. (a poorly made Kydex holster will rub the gun much more than necessary and may cause accelerated finish wear)

  3. “I don’t have retention set to “super tight,” but it certainly isn’t loose. (I could do another handstand on video to prove it, but y’all are probably tired of seeing that.) ”

    Oh, no… Not tired at all…

    Please, go right ahead… 🙂

  4. Good grief Sara! I almost went blind when my page loaded! For a moment I thought it was something left over from last night.

  5. “Once I was able to comfortably draw my [unloaded] XD quickly, I grabbed a box of ammo to test re-holstering.”

    I’ve had a long day, so maybe I’m not at 100% brain capacity right now, but why would you need ammo to test re-holstering?

  6. I am going for the cross draw. I have a 39 inch sleeve, really long arms, and a waist holster from my military police days doesn’t cut it. No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  7. Personally, I would not choose a holster that straps to my belt. My Y has a gun buster sign. Easier to remove the holster with a fat clip than straps.
    But this holster looks pretty cool.
    Being a guy has some advantages when it comes to IWB. Mine does sit nearly as high above the belt.

    • Once you get used to the snaps, this style holster is very fast to remove.
      Putting it back on may require you to loosen your belt a little though.

      For many people, the added security of the full loops is worth the extra “hassle”.

    • I offer both clip style and soft loops. It’s on your preference. Both will be reliable and easy to get off with practice.

      I make what the customer requests.

      Rekkr Custom Kydex LLC

  8. Yes, you’re right. It will be hard to conceal with that shirt, or what appears to be a slim fitted shirt.

    The concealment-photo is the photo that is missing.

    My opinion is to find different, and looser fitting upper/over garments.

  9. hey girl, saw the brand ‘neath yer holster there. which outfit ya’ riddin’ fer?

  10. I disagree with the above anti-tattoo comments. I pretty much never like tattoos, but that molon labe is super hot. If I saw a woman’s hip like that, I’d have to adjust my collar. It’s a rare path to sexiness: sexy politics. Related to having a sexy mind. “Her gun politics were so sexy… I’ve always wanted a woman like that… humina, humina…”

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