Gear Review: OPSol Mini-Clip for Mossberg Shotguns

Reader Brandon Harker writes:

Sometimes it’s the simple things. Simple, cheap and easy has been promised by many products but it doesn’t always pan out that way. In this case, the shoe fits.

The OPSol Mini-Clip adapter (designed, tested and made in Texas) from Optimum Performance Solutions LLC, is an outstanding product for those looking to reliably cycle Aguila Minishells in their Mossberg pump shotguns. Not only does the Mini-Clip work, it works perfectly while being simple, cheap and easy to install.

Who needs a Mini-Clip? Maybe not everyone, but those little 1.75-inch buckshot, birdshot and slugs from Aguila are a blast to shoot. They’re great for getting new or recoil-sensitive shooters used to a shotgun and they seriously increase a scattergun’s capacity. Albeit with reduced power.

The problem with these little shells tend to jam actions designed for standard 2 3.4-inch or longer shells. The OPSol Mini-Clip adapter eliminates that problem completely, in seconds, with no tools.

The adapter is made of a medium density rubber and can best be described as a small, ramped thing-a-majig. Remember, we’re keeping it simple here folks.

Installing it couldn’t be faster or easier. There are two “tabs” on the rear of the adapter that must be squeezed while inserting into the rear of the shotgun’s loading port of the shotgun at an angle. The front then rotates down into position. The two aforementioned tabs fit into two corresponding indents in the receiver forward of the trigger assembly and keeps the adapter in place. This is best done with a closed action.

It sounds more complicated than it is. The adapter won’t allow the use of standard size shells while it’s in your shotgun, but it removes even faster than it installs. Simply open the action, reach in through the ejection port with your index finger and pushing the adapter down and out of the receiver through the loading port. You’re good to go.

All testing was done with a Mossberg 590 Shockwave and Aguila birdshot and buckshot. Unfortunately,  I was not able to acquire any slugs for testing. The Shockwave is a ridiculously fun gun to shoot but get those Minishells to cycle took all the fun out of it. They turned an enjoyable range trip into a jam session.

But a delivery by the big brown truck from Amazon and five seconds of install time had things humming along nicely. I ran 200 of Minishells through the gun with the adapter installed with zero failures of any kind.

An interesting thing happened during testing. The first is that I found at least one shell out of each box of 20 seemed to have reduced recoil/noise compared to the rest. One box had three “questionable” loads. These weren’t all the same lot number but it makes me wonder about the overall quality of the ammo.

I really can’t say enough good things about the Mini-Clip. At only $15, it will run you about as much as a box of decent field ammo and installs and removes in seconds. The company is also veteran owned, another bonus when spending your hard-earned money.

The adapter is currently only available for Mossberg 590/500 series shotguns and Maverick 88 guns. For color-conscious buyers you can get it in any color you want as long as it’s black. Sorry to those that must FDE all things. It also just sits there, won’t make coffee runs and is not Bluetooth capable.

If you can get past those limitations and want the flexibility of running Aguila’s Minishells through your Mossy scattergun, you can’t really go wrong.

Specifications: OPSol Mini-Clip

Weight: .8 oz
Material: Rubber
Shotguns: Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 models
Price: $15 online

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall * * * * *
It’s in expensive, easy to install and installation is simple. Most of all, it works. Buy with confidence.




  1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:


    1. avatar BLoving says:


  2. avatar Jay says:

    I thought the shockwave was a no-no here in Texas?

    1. avatar Jack says:

      They just changed the law

      1. avatar Outwardhound says:

        Effective September 1

    2. avatar Mark Horning says:

      The way the law was written it “maybe” was illegal. Due to somewhat vague wording it could have been interpreted as being illegal or not. As above, they changed the law to clarify it.

  3. avatar Big Bill says:

    Interestingly, I can get those mini-shells to work in my Mossbergs, but I do need to be careful and deliberate with the cycling of the action. Which slows t hings down.
    Still, one of these is on my wishlist.
    For Jay, try an 18.5″ shotgun with the Raptor grip (available from Amazon). The length is well over 26″. But, as always, check your local laws.

    1. avatar Joel says:

      I’ve never used this brand of mini shell but the herters brand of mini buck shot cycles fine in my mav 88 and recoil similar to birdshot.

      I want one of those shockwaves…

      1. avatar Big Bill says:

        I have a 18.5″ 590A1, and I put a Raptor grip on it. Handles real well. I’m now in the market for a Maverick 88 18.5″. Less expensive than the Shockwave, with the Herters Minis it will hold 7 in the mag. Still legal.
        The Shockwave carries a price premium now.

    2. You don’t have to deliberate the action or hold the gun sideways, just shoot & pump the action as usual. The shockwave also holds 8+1 of the mini shells, can be held and fired with 1 hand. I bought the shockwave, mini clip,& mini shells for my wife as her home defense gun, & she loves it.

  4. avatar Ebvan says:

    Why bother? Every source I have found for the slugs lists them as “Out of Stock” and most say “No back order” if I can’t find enough to to train with at a reasonable price I see no reason to buy them or the reviewed ” clip”

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      Safe to say Aguila is making them as fast as they can. Did you think they would be out-of-stock forever?

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Meh…I can shoot an extra shell in my Maverick 88(Mossberg,) with Herters minishotshells-2.25″. Available and CHEAP. Unlike Arguilla…besides for home defense it has to work.

    1. avatar Joel says:

      Second user of Herters here. Mini buck stays in the tube.

  6. avatar James Earl Hoffa says:

    It might be that they know they have an issue with powder variation from round to round. Birdshot and Buckshot will come out of the barrel even with a plastic watering at a lower charge. A slug usually is rifled on the actual slug body which comes in contact with the barrel. This may cause the slug to get lodged in the barrel on a week charge causing a catastrophic failure with the next round. Maybe they’re trying to get their powder loads consistent before they release the Slugs. Although I think at the SHOT show we fired the Shockwave with Buckshot birdshot and I thought slugs as well. I didn’t notice any difference in the consistency from round to round but then again the shells were sitting out in the sun

  7. avatar Paul53 says:

    Another invention by Pat Pending.

  8. avatar Marauder4 says:

    So, whats the viability of the minishells as a home defense option? I live in a condo a REALLY don’t need over penetration issues…

    1. avatar Joel says:

      If over penetration is the biggest concern than maybe you could load #5 or #6 bird shot? (Most do not recommend this)

      The mini’s typically carry a smaller payload at a normalish velocity. In other words, 6 pellets of 00 buck instead of 8 or 9. So penetration should be similar. My first round is actually a slug, followed by buckshot with more slugs and buckshot on the side saddle. (It gives the opportunity for a more precise first shot)

    2. avatar Jeremy B. says:

      If your self defense ammo will penetrate to the badguy’s vitals then it will go through at least one interior wall and probably 2 or 3.

      Shotguns are difficult for most untrained shooters inside a home but bird shot does have reduced penetration. AR-15 actually penetrates less walls than a typical handgun round. If using a handgun, take a look at Federal’s Guard Dog EFMJ. It expands even when hitting walls, reducing penetration.

  9. avatar kev says:

    Please let me know if you had to really modify the Magpul Mossberg handguard to fit the shockwave shotgun, I found it impossible to install, and attempt to do so without modification. Thanks for your help. I found the OpSol an Great mod for mini shells too! 200 rounds no problems whatsoever….great product.

    1. avatar Brandon Harker says:

      The handguard does take substantial modification to work on the shockwave 590. It’s not overly hard, but there is a lot of material that has to be removed. Type this into google “installing a moe forend on the short mossberg action tube” for a breakdown of the modification. Best of luck!

  10. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    I used the mini-shells when I introduce my daughter to shotgun shooting. They are great. We did have two or three jams, but she still had a great time! I will be buying this product ASAP!

  11. avatar FulMetlJakit says:


    Lost me there. Did you save enough to help buy back your scruples?

  12. avatar George Reichart says:

    Where did you get the foregrip hand stop??? I like that better than the strap!

    1. avatar BLAMMO says:

      That’s a Magpul. I love almost all Magpul furniture, including shotgun foregrips and stocks, but on the Shockwave I prefer the standard washboard grip and strap. It just goes better. More old-school / badass. And the guards on the Magpull might snag going in and out of a scabbard. The Shockwave HAS to have a scabbard. The Magpul grip is standard on the Remington TAC-14.

      I got an Opsol but haven’t tried it yet. Next range visit.

      I’ve run mini slugs through my Shockwave with no problems. They’re hard to find but I just picked up a case (500) from Target Sports. Unfortunately, they’re not any cheaper than 2-3/4″ shells. Sweet to shoot though. Very tame in the Shockwave.

  13. avatar Guillermo Maguire says:

    The Aguila mini shells, particularly the buckshot round, have plenty of penetrating power for self defense. The Opsol Texas youtube channel has some good videos of them shooting into the FBI ballistic torso. My wife and daughters love shooting shotguns now!

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