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I appreciate guns and gear that are versatile and able to perform more than one duty, and performs each well. The Range Master from Jeffrey Custom Leather is designed to excel as a range holster. It is also capable of great utility in a concealed carry role given a proper cover garment.

Range holsters are important. The shooter must practice the proper draw and presentation to the target without the problem of a concealed carry holster that tends to bind the handgun against the body. Of course you must practice with a concealed carry holster set-up, but the range holster is an important learning tool.

The Jeffrey Range Master is well-suited to IPSC and IDPA matches stressing a draw from concealed carry. Concealed carry holsters ride close to the body for stealthiness. This compromises speed and makes a sweat shield mandatory. A very few holsters with names like Speed Scabbard and Professional are able to serve with without flattening against the body.

For those wearing a loose jacket or a concealed carry vest, the Range Master is easily concealed. I am no longer young and a fishing vest looks normal and doesn’t elicit any suspicion. During the winter months a loose jacket with the proper hang over the belt line will conceal the Range Master.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I use an inside the waistband holster, perhaps even most of the time. But when I am able to conceal the Range Master I am faster on the presentation and able to make an accurate first-shot hit.

The holsters tunnel loop features a wedge that makes for a good draw angle (Virgil Caldwell for TTAG)

The Range Master features a wide single belt loop with a partial single wedge inside the belt tunnel. This serves to tilt the handgun slightly away from the body at the bottom of the slide while rotating the bottom of the pistol grip toward the body.

A tunnel loop ensures the hostler is tightly mated to the gun belt

With a small offset from the body the full firing grip is faster and easier to quickly demonstrate. With the pistol offset from the body there is no need for a sweat guard. While the holster like all belt scabbards requires a loose or larger covering garment for concealed carry it is very useful for running timed drills.

A retention screw lets you dial in a good balance of speed and handgun retention.

There is an integral tension screw that gives you control of retention on the handgun. The interior of the holster is waxed and polished for a smooth draw. The balance of speed and retention is excellent.

The Range Master features a well designed holstering welt. The holster cannot collapse when the pistol is drawn, and re-holstering is easy.

I have executed some three hundred presentations from the Range Master with several firearms. I like the Range Master a lot. It’s a good choice from an established holster maker. It’s good to learn and train with a range holster and the Jeffrey Range Master is among the best.

Price = $109

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit, Finish and Build Quality * * * * *
The construction — waxing, stitching and materials — are excellent. The interior is pasted, polished and waxed for a smooth draw. Flawless work.

Concealability * * * *
There are better-designed holsters for concealing a handgun under light clothing. For winter use with a cover garment, the Range Master excels.

Overall * * * * 1/2
The Range Master is a beautifully made piece of work that allows you to access and present your handgun quickly and effectively. If you want to conceal your handgun in the summer, there are probably better options. But the Range Master is a superior range holster that ensures a quick, smooth draws and is easy to conceal in cooler months.





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  1. this looks really nice; most of the leather available from craftsmen is.
    i’ll stick with what i use for carry. i don’t see myself practicing with something i don’t carry in.

  2. That’s a nice looking piece of leather! And I like custom leather. Own an ass load of it. $109 is not bad.

  3. Looks nice. Not much color, or style but still seems well made.


    “I am no longer young and a fishing vest looks normal and doesn’t elicit any suspicion.”

    Cool story. Fiction, but cool nonetheless.


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