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During a recent hunting expedition, my friend Dave had a really neat chest harness holster for his GLOCK brand GLOCK. I became intrigued and started looking around.  What I didn’t care for with Dave’s rig was the leather strap retention. I used to compete while wearing my duty gear and always preferred the thumb snap or thumb break holster. His was a fold-over type strap that required an up-then-down motion to free the pistol. I also didn’t like . . .

that it was leather. I live and spend a great deal of time outside in western Oregon, and in the outdoors it rains here. A lot. Usually 3-4 feet per year. Water and leather? Hmmm. I needed something more weather tolerant. What I was looking for was a way to carry a primary or secondary handgun in a holster that wouldn’t interfere with a backpacker’s/hunter’s existing setup.

Most belt holsters get in the way of a hip or waist belt common with backpacks or rifle slings. It’s one or the other. While my light duty day pack is mostly supported by my shoulders, it does help to have the waste belt buckled and cinched. So having a normally belted self defense pistol in a hip holster can be problematic. I also usually have a rifle slung if something is in season. But it seems like the rifle butt or barrel is always knocking on a hip-holstered handgun.

So when we acquired a nylon-strapped Kydex rig from GunfightersINC I gladly volunteered. And here are a few of the things I find myself doing where carrying a chest rig just makes sense:Winter/spring– depending on snow levels, mushroom hunting. No, not those kind of mushrooms,  The nutritious kind. Setting trail cameras, where to set my tree stand for bear. Turkey hunting, spring bear hunting.

Spring/summer– more mushrooms, bear hunting, long range shooting, hiking. Cougar hunting.

Summer/fall– pre season scouting for pronghorn, (speed goat), deer and elk. More trail cams, more hiking, bird hunting.

Fall/winter– full on hunting. Deer, elk, bear, cougar. Mushrooms! Chanterelles, Angel wings. Ahh, free, plentiful food!During these outings, I like to pack something that can protect me from the two- and four-legged critters. I prefer to pack my GLOCK brand GLOCK model 20 in 10mm. Fortunately, GunfightersINC has that covered.

First impressions: the fit for my GLOCK was great. Full coverage, nothing lacking. Full slide/barrel coverage and trigger guard retention is just right for retention during rigorous activities. The only thing really exposed is the grip area. The nylon straps have enough play to cover everything from my winter/spring clothing to just a t-shirt. Just pull the cinch straps. Adjustment from bulky to thin was easy. Even though it has multiple buckles for ease of on off, only one buckle is really needed to the whole thing off or click it back on. Very easy to manipulate.


It can fairly easily be used concealed carry under a jacket. Of course, that kinda makes me look like an OFWG. Oh wait. I am…. I don’t go mountain biking, but I do ride my dual sport on rough terrain. The generous amount of nylon makes it ideal to quickly expand to fit over a thick coat. But I enjoy open carry for handguns. And make no mistake…this open carry is a bit more open than most methods. It only takes a moment for folks to realize that’s a pistol there on your chest. When it’s just a few inches below your face, folks tend to notice.


I’ve always liked the cross-draw style holster for a carry method while driving a car. It places the gun away from the seat belt buckle when you’re right-handed. And the Kenai works perfectly when behind the wheel. Just a thought, but I think this would also be a very viable carry method for folks in wheelchairs, again openly or under a coat of some type for concealment.

In short, the Kenai solves a lot of my carry problems for the times I’m out of the house in wandering in the wild. Design, construction, and ergonomics are all first rate. I’m definitely ordering one of these for my .44 mag wheel gun.

Specifications: GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster
Price: $150.00

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * * *
With the three strap adjustments, conforming to your form is super easy. No sharp edges to snag on anything.

Concealment: * * * *
You can cover it with a coat or jacket when you want to or need to for that quick run into the 7-11. It tends to be a bulge on your chest though.

Overall: * * * * 1/2
It’s not inexpensive, but the Kenai is ultra comfortable, secure and keeps your gun right where it’s most accessible.

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  1. Looks perfect for wearing under work bibs. Been meaning to figure out something for that while working out in the yard in the winter. Pretty awkward trying to get to a gun IWB while wearing bibs over top of pants.

  2. I got one for my 686.
    In the process if making a kydex buckle and nylon strap addition to hold the side chest strap down to my belt. The rig moves too much as I draw.

      • I did send an email about this several weeks ago. Your communication has generally been good but I nevernever got a response to this issue.

        I got some kydex from a friend who makes scuba equipment and am making a “3-way buckle” – not sure that’s the best term. He’s got plenty of webbing and clasps. I should be OK.

        The holster is great outside this one issue.

        • Ok, my apologies. I just went through my emails from the past month and couldn’t find your email. Either way, if you need any hardware, let me know.

  3. I’d try to slide it out of the way when wearing a seatbelt. Looks like a minor fender bender would at least fracture some ribs. Maybe a nasty Glock shaped bruise if you are lucky.

  4. Thanks for the review. For anyone interested in ordering, our standard for the Glock 20/21 is an open ended barrel which allows for extended barrels, .460 rowland conversions, compensators, etc.

    If you order one from Amazon that’s how it will come. If you wish to have a closed end like Tom’s, order it off our website and make a note in the order comments that you wish to have a fully enclosed barrel.

  5. A viable option under a motorcycle riding jacket, another situation where lots of carry methods fall short

  6. The Kit Bag from Hill People Gear serves a similar purpose, but with a concealed pistol. I find it quite handy when I’m out hiking or hunting.

  7. Would be even a more awesome item if the holster part was removable, so the same basic harness system could be used for multiple guns.

  8. A little pricey (but I haven’t compared similar items yet, so this might be competitive), but looks pretty useful. Tom, you mentioned competing, but I don’t think this would be IPDA-legal, would it?

    Might have to add this to the wishlist. 🙂

  9. I was on the hunt for this style holster a few months ago, due to desert quad riding. Its always been uncomfortable carrying traditionally with all my riding gear on. I went searching around and bought a couple other, similar, chest rigs. After a single use, the other two were creating pressure points and causing some irritating redness not to mention trying to keep the dual straps in place. I was searching on Amazon and found these guys. Absolutely stellar holster with unbelievable comfort. I ended up putting a order in a few weeks later for a sentinel holster, single mag pouch, and a appendix carry. All their gear is the same, top notch quality.

    I’m glad TTAG had a chance to try their chest rig out. It always feels good to see a reviewer have the same experiences as me.

  10. Just got one for my Taurus .44 Tracker. Very secure. Will need to break it in some because right it’s very difficult to draw.

  11. Do you have a military discount coupon I can use on Amazon w/ their free shipping? Can I just get a holster for additional guns once I get the original set up. How much for just holsters?

    Interested in:
    Ruger Alaskan
    SW 629 Mountain Gun
    Ruger Black Hawk
    Glock 22

  12. My honest review as always: I just got mine today for my Glock 19. It doesn’t hang like the pictures. The holster/gun sits straight across my chest, there is no cant to it. If I tighten the top strap and try to cant the holster down the top strap just twists and the right side chest strap has to be way down above my waist. I had to take a break from all the adjusting. I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I hope it wasn’t a waste of $150.00.

  13. I am considering this holster for a Glock 40 mos I just purchased for hunting. My concern is noise. I have never used a kydex holster but one reviewer mentioned the click in, click out retention. How much noise is made drawing the gun? Is it metal on plastic scraping? I’m concerned with alerting close whitetails on calm days when drawing the gun.

  14. I’ve been wearing and carrying utilizing the Kenai Chest Holster for years. I spend a lot of time out in big brown bear country here in Alaska and whether I am Moose hunting or just working around the Cabin on the Unuk river I have my Ruger 44mag snuggly holstered and at the ready in my Kenai Chest Holster. I hunt in wet and thick brush sometimes all day in a heavy downpour all the while my Ruger is firm and ready. I highly recommend this holster.

  15. are “Chest Holsters” considered Shoulder holsters?

    Texas state law specifically says …”Open Carry is legal in Texas but you must have a License to Carry issued by Texas or a permit/license Texas honors. If open carrying the firearm must be either be in a shoulder holster or a belt holster. These are the only two accepted ways to open carry under Texas law. It doesn’t have to be any type of security holster. ”
    Chest holster strap goes over the shoulder, so yes…..?

    I want to use one for Mt. Biking, but I want to Carry legally.


  16. I have a glock 21 gen4, how would this hoster work for horse back riding? I was worried that it might bounce out while on a gallop or jumping creeks, etc.


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