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Nick’s article about Form 1 SBR engraving engendered, shall we say, a spirited discussion when it came out. Odd timing, that article, as I’d recently returned from Capitol Armory with a freshly engraved SBR lower for my firearms trust. Imagine a drive thru, but for engraving . . .

Several of my friends had gotten their lowers engraved at Capitol and were very pleased with the process. When the time came for me to get mine done, they were a natural choice. Add the fact that Torrey and crew there have always been very pleasant to the TTAG staff, and their proximity to a taco place I like, and my truck was basically on autopilot.

I’d sent a note the day prior asking Torrey if I needed to make an appointment to which he immediately responded “Nope! Just bring it by.” But while I had him, I asked if I could get anything else engraved on the lower while it was there. Again, “No problem!” My next email was a list of my favorite and most creative names I’ve been called on the internet in the last two years. Clownshoe Bloghole was 2014’s best and King of the Fudds was the winner last year.

When I arrived around lunch time, there were several other customers waiting, but one of their staff was with me in a few minutes. I explained what I needed, they called Torrey out, and he disappeared in the back after asking me a few questions about font size, type, and filling of the engraved area. While he worked, I sat in a nicely upholstered chair and stared at all manner of cool rifles and silencers while crafting rationalizations for owning all of them.

Fifteen minutes later, Torrey was back with my lower, freshly engraved with my trust name and location along with some small text on the magazine well. He ensured that I was happy with it, and then sent me on my way while a steady stream of customers came through the door to pick up cans, buy more cans, and get their lowers engraved.

Specifications: Capitol Armory SBR and Logo Engraving

  • Text Size: Anything down to 1/16″
  • Disassembly Required: Removal of buffer, spring, and stock
  • Turnaround Time: While you wait for walk ups and same day or next day for shipped items
  • Price: $50 for SBR engraving $75 for Logo Engraving

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall * * * * *

As an Austinite, it’s beaten into your head early and often that the best thing you can do in this city is support local business. I love to do that, and I really love it when the service I experience here in my town far exceeds anything I could get on the internet in speed, quality, and cost. The guys at Capitol Armory got me in, got me engraved, and got me out in less than half an hour at lunchtime on a weekday. The engraving is crisp, clean, and well defined and now sits on a rifle that is truly “mine.” I’ll be back early in 2017 to add my favorite 2016 name.

[A small note on why I chose to engrave: I don’t like talking to the feds or law enforcement unless I absolutely have to. Getting a lower engraved for $50 is cheap insurance against an overzealous agent of the law. While I may not have to do it, I chose to do so to provide myself an airtight case in the event it ever comes up.]

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  1. Had similar luck with Black Sheep Arms here in Austin. In and out in under half an hour, friendly service. For what it’s worth.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see next year, if you have other names engraved, how repeatable their fixturing is.

    Do you know what they used to darken the lettering? From the photo it looks like a nice match, but what other options did you have?

    • They actually told me I run the risk of it not lining up perfectly before they made a cut. I told them I don’t really care.

      I don’t know what they used, but I agree that its a great match.

  3. “I was happy with it, and then sent me on my way while a steady stream of customers came through the door to pick up cans, buy more cans, and get their lowers engraved.”

    Pick up cans?

    They left home-made (Form 1) cans with the shop to be engraved? I thought NFA items, for the most part, were never to leave one’s sight, let alone dropped off to be retrieved at a later time…

    (Bloghole *is* kinda funny. 🙂 )

  4. It’s funny how you can use both of those together. I wonder if that effect will be ruined by the 2016 winner?

    At any rate,



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