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I’ve spent the last three years carrying a couple of different sized pistols in a variety of places on my body. I’ve finally settled on a full-size M&P 9 and the appendix carry position, but holster selection has been hit or miss. The fine folks at Bravo Concealment reached out and asked if I’d like to try out one of their offerings, and because – like all gun owners – I always wonder if the ballistic grass is greener over there, somewhere. I enthusiastically said yes . . .


Specifically, BC sent me their Acer DG2, an appendix inside-the-waistband holster. At the appendix position, I’ve found that stability and ride height make all the difference in the world as it relates to a fast draw and the ability to conceal the pistol of your choice. As I’m of fairly average build and carry a full-size handgun, that can be a somewhat hard blend to find.

I’m also, uhhh, “rounder” that I used to be (something I’m working on fixing). I’m not yet to the point that appendix carry is out, but my front section isn’t as flat as it was. Given that bit of info and the fact that the M&P 9 isn’t exactly a small gun, I’ve accepted printing as part of my life, and moved on.

The DG2 isn’t a magic bullet for this…it holds my pistol to my body in such a way that the butt sticks out a bit. Short of going to a smaller-handled gun (no thank you), or a gun with a curve (absolutely not), this is a problem I can deal with. The DG2 doesn’t fix it, and neither has any other holster I’ve ever tried.


While I’m on the topic of things the DG2 doesn’t fix, let’s talk about the tender spot on my thigh. As you can see in the top photo, the DG2 is adjustable for ride height. This is absolutely critical for comfortable appendix carry.

What you’ll also see is that I have the DG2 adjusted to its highest point. This, however, is still not high enough to prevent the DG2 from digging into my thigh whilst seated. The only way to prevent that is to hitch my pants way up and hope for the best.

The problem, of course, is that most modern men’s pants aren’t nearly as high waisted as they used to be. As such, high enough to prevent thigh smashing means wedgies and high-water pant legs. This problem is much worse with an athletic cut pair of pants like Fighter Design’s, which are already a bit high in the crotch. There’s no room to hoist them at all.


All that said, if I had to pick any holster from the collection knowing that I’d be in a gunfight sometime during the day, a) it would absolutely be an appendix holster, and b) it would absolutely be this appendix holster. Even though it’s wickedly uncomfortable in the wrong pair of pants, it’s built like a tank, presents the grip perfectly for quick access, and is the most stable appendix holster I’ve ever tried.


That stability is the saving grace of the DG2. Partially because of the dual clip system, and partially because of the suede covering the whole thing, there’s zero rocking laterally at all. The gun is right where you want it, all the time, every time. Yes, I wish it rode higher, and I very well may drill the holes myself to make that happen because this holster is fast on the draw, and wicked stable.


Specifications: Bravo Concealment ACER DG2 Holster

  • Gun Type: Most
  • Sweat Guard: Optional
  • Hand: Right and Left available
  • Belt Attachment: Clips or Loops in various sizes
  • Suede: Optional but it shouldn’t be
  • Colors: Black, FDE, Red
  • Price: $69.99 as tested

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall Rating * * * 
The fit, finish, and build quality of this holster are right up there with some of the best Kydex holsters I’ve tested. The application of the suede is top notch, and after nearly four months of EDC against fabric and skin, the holster still looks brand new. Due to the ride height issue, it isn’t the most comfortable appendix holster I’ve ever used, but it’s absolutely the most stable. If the ride height issue were addressed, this would be a five star holster.

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  1. There comes a point in a man’s life when bigger isn’t better, and big enough is good enough.

    Try a PM9.

    • Nah man, the shield.

      Should have bought a shield, should have a shield, should buy another shield. Thing is simply a tank.

      • I carry a Shield, and I endorse this comment. I carry my M&P9 OWB when I’m camping or don’t care, but normally it’s a Shield in a blade tech appendix holster. Never had an issue, except in my ’67 beetle, where my knees are up in my chest because of the damned baja seats.

    • I’m with you. When I can wear cargo pants, my pm9 fits easily in a cargo pocket and looks like a wallet or something in there. When I can’t, 4 o’clock behind the hip works splendidly. I’ve been carrying the pm9 for over 2 years now and, to my knowledge, I have never been made. My mom is rabidly anti-gun and I see her multiple times a week and she’s never seen it. I practice with it at least a little every time I’m at the range and it’s never malfunctioned. Kahr pm9 will be my carry piece forever I suspect.

  2. I actually use a Bravo Concealment holster just like that one only without the suede, except I raised the forward clip, dropped the aft clip, and wear it at 3 o’clock with a 13ish degree cant. It’s a little scrapey, but nothing my 7 months of troubleshooter tool pouch on the flight deck of the USS George H W Bush tested hip can’t handle. I love how thin it is and how securely it holds the gun, and I can ignore a little discomfort for the sake of a secure hold.

  3. JM Custom Kydex Appendix Rig, nothing else comes close

    Incog, Edilphon (however the hell you spell it), et al don’t hold a candle to the JM Custom. I have a box of more than a dozen appendix holsters, JM bests them all. Make sure you get the extra tuck option and enjoy the new found comfort and absence of printing.

    • Find some weight. Pick it up. Put it down. Do that several times. Add weight as necessary.

      Eat less. Unless it’s leafy green things. Then eat more of those.

      Do that for six months. See what happens.

    • Cardio, I do agree with Tyler’s suggestion below, but if you want to actually lose that weight, diet + cardio.

    • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

      If you don’t have joint issues do sprints, start with one 40yd sprint followed by a down and back walk (80yds). Repeat, start of easy 5 repetitions of that and build your way up.

      If you have joint issues then do speed farmer’s walks holding kettle bells. Same regimen, just hold a KB in each hand and walk as fast as you can.

      These have the benefit of providing great cardiovascular and also being anabolic. Trick with HIIT is you have to go hard, you should have no desire to go on after a few sets. That’s called the good part, when you get there do a couple more anyway.

  4. Totally off-topic… I guess does anybody have a recommendation for an appendix or strong side inside the waistband carry holster for S&W 442. Ideally the interior of the holster would be soft enough not to wear the blue off the firearm. The one I have is all leather holds well, but just murders the steel

    • I have had a few carry guns now….they wear. holster selection doesn’t seem to help much. Stainless steel holds up well though.

      HOWEVER, the Remora holster i have protects the gun it fits, better than anything else i have ever tried. I would bet a smart carry will protect the finish of the gun pretty well also.

  5. I would have benefited much from a picture of that weapon actually being concealed under a shirt. Something tells me that the butt of the gun is going to stick out very noticeably.

  6. Wasn’t this author a cooke’s holster guy last review? I’m starting to sense a shill writing for ttag.

    • I’ve never written a review of a Cook’s holster. I’m also not a shill.

      Thank for reading TTAG and taking the time to weigh in with your thoughts.

      • My apologies. I just looked up the holster review and it was under another name. I guess I thought they were the same person due to the way the article was written. Thanks for being the better man.

  7. Another open muzzle IWB holster. If you like lint, and melting your clothes when reholstering hot, by all means get one.

  8. The suede covering seems like a nice touch, both for comfort and functionality. I’ve had good results covering Kydex IWB holsters with Dr Scholl’s moleskin, but it’s not as classy as suede.

  9. Is there going to be an M&P 9 review coming? It’s been “in progress” for a long time now. Seems like you guys have been avoiding it.

  10. FYI, the ACER DG2 has been discontinued and is being replaced with the D.O.S. (Drop Out-of Sight) Holster. The D.O.S. does not appear to have the suede lining, nor is it as adjustable for ride height. It is designed to ride as low as possible to minimize printing, hence the name. It appears to be only adjustable for cant, as one side can be adjusted, while the other has only two screw holes for the belt clip or loop. I seriously doubt this will solve Kee’s, and my, problem of the holster digging into the thigh. The Light Bearing ACER has also been discontinued. Contact BC for an explanation if you want.

    The search continues.

  11. Bravo Concealment no longer makes the ACER DG2 Holster. 🙁

    I am a lefty in search of a two clip IWB 9:00 carry straight drop/zero cant holster. Preferably something that has leather or fuzz against the skin. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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