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I don’t know much about hunting ducks, but I do know a thing or two about hunting in general. And the first big lesson of hunting is that pulling the trigger is the easy part. Getting your game from the field to the table is where the real work starts. Having done a little bird hunting in my time, I know that a suitable vest is all you need to hold a daily bag limit of doves or quail in the field. Ducks though, they’re a bigger animal. For a duck, you need a strap. Specifically, a duck strap . . .


A duck strap is quite simply, a loop that goes around the duck’s neck, or several duck necks if things go your way. They can be made of anything, and in a pinch, I imagine that a few lengths of paracord could do the trick. But why take to the field with a subpar solution when BanderaUSA has this beautiful piece of work available to you.

Bandera’s strap has a padded leather section similar to any of the commercial luggage straps in the marketplace. Attached with a robust set of brass buckles are four straps on each side. Each strap has a sliding loop perfect for cinching down around a duck’s neck. Once in place, as long as the duck’s neck holds up, your prize isn’t going anywhere.

The leather work is fantastic, and the brass hardware looks ready to last a lifetime. As with any leather item, water, saltwater specifically, can be harmful. I only had one trip to evaluate the performance of the duck strap, and it did great while I was using it. At the moment, the duck strap is down at the coast getting put to work so if it fails, I’ll be sure to update my review.


Overall Rating * * * * *

Its a simple piece of gear, sure, but a day’s limit of ducks represents a pretty hefty haul and an inexpensive, but still attractive item that does its job well seems a fine investment to get your ducks from the field to the table. And honestly, even if it only lasts one season, at $16.50 per unit, you might be able to buy yourself for Christmas each year.

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  1. I saw something like this at Cabelas. Knowing it is a piece of gear I dont have, I took a second look.
    Then I remembered what duck tastes like and further remembered that I don’t duck hunt….

    • “Finding the prey is the hard part.”

      Meh, that’s what dogs are for. Labrador Retrievers love that sort of thing. In fact they love it so much they have a tendency to keep swimming/searching to the point of exhaustion/hypothermia. (My brother-in-law has had to “rescue” his black lab more than once!)

  2. I had a nice leather one made with my initials on it, and I’ve used it extensively this year, BECAUSE I FRIGGIN HAMMERED THE DUCKS THIS SEASON!
    Ok, so that really was just an excuse to brag. BECAUSE I FRIGGIN HAMMERED THE DUCKS THIS SEASON!
    That is all.

  3. As the owner of DuckMuck Game Call Lanyards and Totes LLC we sell tons of these straps made from paracord. Hunters love them for hauling ducks or geese, just makes life a little easier!!!


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