Gear Review: Ammo Ears Real Bullet Earplugs

Ammo Ears

I think we’ve all seen that old codger screw empty cases or live rounds into his ears as “hearing protection” on the range. If only on TV. But now you can hop over to and get a set of Ammo Ears, which provide 27 NRR of protection built off of actual, 9mm cases.

Case brands will vary, but they’re all nickel plated. They’re cleaned and buffed up prior to receiving a flanged silicone earplug tip.

The actual spent primer stays right where it belongs. I don’t know what gun my Ammo Ears’ donor cases were originally fired through, but it clearly wasn’t a GLOCK brand GLOCK 9mm.

Ammo Ears come in a handy, clamshell style carrying case with metal bead chain for attaching to a backpack, keychain, rear-view mirror, sling swivel stud, etc.

Once you purchase your Ammo Ears, you’re welcome to remove the rear label without violating Federal EPA law. Until then, you’ll be happy to note a decent NRR of 27 dB.

Screw these puppies into your ears — do it correctly! — and it’s hard not to smile. They’re always a hit on the range.

It literally looks like you’ve simply plugged your head with 9mm cases. And, in a way, you have. Except the Ammo Ears provide actual hearing protection.

I don’t find the Ammo Ears quite as comfortable as foamies, but they’re way funnier. They also install instantly; no waiting for them to expand, just plug ’em in. The Ammo Ears case lives in my range bag and I use them primarily when I’m shooting with other people. Because functional levity, mainly.

Specifications: Ammo Ears Real Bullet Earplugs

Made From: nickel plated 9mm spent cases and silicone
NRR: 27 dB
MSRP: $9.99 via

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort * * *
Flanged silicone tips are not my favorite and never have been. Ammo Ears’ are as good as any, it just isn’t my jam (so to speak) compared to expanding foam. It does, of course, have advantages: instant installation, long-term durability, and the ability to be cleaned.

Noise Reduction * * * *
27 dB NRR is quite good for silicone plugs.

Fun Factor * * * * *
As hearing protection goes, Ammo Ears are a riot.

Overall * * * *
Ammo Ears don’t provide the highest NRR available and aren’t the most comfortable ear protection available, but they rank solidly in both of those categories while bringing a fun sense of humor to the range. I dig ’em.


  1. avatar John in TX (Was CT) says:

    Did you try these with muffs on top? Do they hit the cups?

    Do you have any suggestion on what plugs to wear underneath your electronic muffs? I’ve got MSA sordins, and my 30dB 3M foamies provide too much attenuation to the amplified sound from the muffs. Do you have a recommendation for plugs that apply only “decent” attenuation (perhaps in the same range as these, but preferably disposable)>

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      yellow ones from Lowe’s / Home Depot.

      They have to be ‘harder’ and small.

  2. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Moldable silicon.

  3. avatar PeterK says:

    I can see why this would be popular. That is hilarious and awesome.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Imagine sleeping with them in, on a long airplane ride.

  4. avatar CTstooge says:

    But I have .45 ACP ears…

    1. avatar Joe R. says:


      Mine connect in the middle, I think.

      Do they make these in .308 ?

  5. avatar Joe R. says:

    Put a real primer in them if you can’t get them to seat properly.



    boom, drops the mic.

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    They should call them “HEADSHOTS”. Then anyone needing earplugs at the range can yell out ‘can anyone spare me some headshots?’

  7. avatar Oh noes says:

    I jut read over on the gun rights news site, the jackass school shooter in Florida was using 10 round magazines.
    well, shit that blows 30 round “clips” must be banned out of the septic tank!

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      That’s actually probably worse. That just says guilty at any capacity for semi-auto, to the gun-grabbers. I can hear it now “Even though we castrated ’em down to a 10 round mag [clipazine] he was still excessively lethal”.

  8. avatar Kroglikepie says:

    I’ve had a pair of these for a good minute. I like mine. 27 NRR is more than adequate when you’re shooting suppressed outside.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    Back in the day before ear plugs and muffs became ubiquitous, shooters used to stuff cotton, cigarette filters or ammo cases into their ears to dampen the noise. So really, these devices are throwbacks.

  10. avatar Astigmatizm says:

    Nothing new. R. Lee Ermey has been wearing something like this for years.

  11. avatar Jeff O. says:

    What does anyone recommend for muff type passive ear protection and/or custom mould plugs?

    I have some that need replacing due to the runner cups starting to harden and I’m looking the highest rating possible.

    I have very recent hearing damage (minor and possible perminant tinnitus due to a viral infection) so I’m now paranoid about protecting my ears even better during shooting.

    I usually double-up, even outdoors, so damage due to illness just plain sucks.

    1. avatar That Jason says:

      If you search around a bit in places like Amazon for a “hygiene kit” for your ear muffs, you’ll find a replacement set of rubber gaskets and foam padding to renew your set with.

      For example:
      Peltor HY68 Hygiene Kit, com-Tac, Green Ear

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “What does anyone recommend for muff type passive ear protection and/or custom mould plugs?”

      See an Audiologist or find a hearing aid place near you…

  12. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I certainly hope at some point the silicon doesn’t become detached from the cartridge and the company gets sued.

  13. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Hey, Jeremy –

    How about TTAG doing an amplified earmuff shoot-out?

    1. avatar matt o says:

      yes! do it. please.

      1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        Hmmm…would there be any objective means by which to compare them? I’m afraid it would end up being mostly a comparison of the published stats on each one and then some subjective input on comfort and sound quality. Would that be enough?

        I can tell you that I’ve been using the Peltor Sport Tactical 500s for a year now and am extremely happy with them. They’re $133 shipped, and for that you get Bluetooth connectivity for listening to whatever’s streaming from your phone, taking phone calls, etc (I’ve used them for WebEx conference calls for work haha), plus extremely good active electronic hearing protection in a comfortable, lightweight package with good battery life and a nifty headband that doesn’t press on the button on the top of a ball cap. The sound suppression electronics are really freaking great and seamless and the voice recognition or whatever is shockingly good, as I have taken calls while shooting on an indoor range and the person on the other end could hear me fine. I’ve mowed the lawn while using them for calls (and listening to podcasts), etc etc. Highly recommended.

  14. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    I’d look a fool wearing these while shooting my revolver. I’m gonna need a pair in .357 please. Thanks.

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