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First contact with Alien Gear holsters was made almost exactly two years ago, when they invaded the market with a new species of hybrid holster. Now on version 2.0, the Cloak Tuck was hatched to be the most comfortable holster possible, while landing at a price that’s out-of-this-world low. My close encounter of the 2.0 kind started last November. . .

Hybrid holsters are nothing new, usually combining a Kydex outer shell with a leather backing or “base.” It’s supposed to combine the best of two worlds — the comfort and flexibility of leather with the retention, protection, and ease of holstering and drawing of Kydex (along with its rapid and precise forming capability). Alien Gear figured it could do the hybrid galaxy one better, ditching the leather in exchange for a base made of three different sandwiched materials.


Touching your gun is “leatherette” or vinyl or some other form of soft-but-durable, faux cow hide. The core layer is a sheet of ABS plastic, providing vertical stiffness and strength while still easily conforming to the shape of the wearer’s body. Touching you is a layer of neoprene, which is nice and soft as well as completely waterproof.


The end result is successful. This holster is more flexible, more conformable — heck, the neoprene even offers some compression give — and noticeably softer to the touch than leather. While this degree of “floppiness” could be achieved with a thin leather backing — especially horsehide — it wouldn’t be as stiff or as strong where it counts. That thin, flexible sheet of ABS is very rigid on the holster’s vertical axis, which helps it support the weight of a large firearm, and it provides a solid base for the hardware.

I’ve found that the base pretty effectively distributes the weight of the pistol. Maybe not quite as well as a layer of abducted cow, but the edges and corners are less likely to dig into me than with a leather-backed hybrid holster. It also requires no break-in period.

Conforming so well to the shape of one’s body means sucking the pistol in nice and tight. You know, like a tractor beam. It’s designed to be worn at ~4:00, plus or minus an hour. Concealing a CZ SP-01 under just a t-shirt isn’t an easy feat, but I can do it just fine with the Clock Tuck.


Yes, it offers just enough “gription” on the back to hold the weight of a heavy pistol like this even with a stretchy, floppy belt like the one above. No anti-gravity tricks here, though, as it’s arguably the primary benefit of a large-based, dual-clip holster like this.

The Cloak Tuck 2.0 comes with a bunch of hardware, as seen in the lead photo. In addition to some just-in-case spare parts, spacers and bolts of varying lengths are included to allow the end user to adjust for retention strength by moving the Kydex shell closer to or farther from the base as needed.


Just keep in mind that, as with any hybrid holster, retention should be tested while actually wearing the holster. Since the base is flexible, retention is determined in a big way by how one’s body pushes up against it and/or how one’s belt is squeezing the holster against one’s body. This all varies with body shape, holster location, preferred belt tightness, etc. Alien Gear’s system of what appears to be cut lengths of automotive fuel hose may be a bit low-tech, but it does the job quite well.

Depth and cant are also adjustable by moving the belt clips up or down to one of three positions on either side.

Kydex shells for many dozens of pistols are available, and all of them can be swapped out on the same base. Alien Gear also makes shells for about a dozen revolvers, although they fit on a different base. Either way, shells run just $12.88. Conveniently enough, they’ll be marked with the model of gun they fit.



Alien Gear makes bases in four sizes — micro, sub-compact, compact, and full size. If you order a complete holster and multiple shells, the base will be sized appropriately for the largest pistol in the order. In my case, that meant a full size base, which works fine with the CZ SP-01, GLOCK 20, or Kel-Tec PMR-30, but is gross overkill for the Beretta Nano.


In fact, it’s excessive and actually detracts from ultimate comfort since now there may be holster base rubbing and pressing in places where it serves no function protecting me from the metal of my firearm (or it from me). Luckily, bases are available separately as well, and run just $22.88 in any size.

However, since the shells are always swappable, there’s no way to avoid excessive Kydex on small guns. As the Kydex is formed perfectly flat on either side of the pistol, it results in a horizontal section of holster that isn’t capable of conforming to one’s body.

I admit I have a negative bias here, though, as I have long-since completely moved away from this style of holster for anything other than heavy, full-sized pistols where they do legitimately shine. For guns under a certain size and weight, my very strong preference is a single-clip holster that adds as little as possible to the footprint of the pistol. For instance, this holster, which is the go-to for my EDC Nano and my Taurus TCP.

The Kydex shells I tested were all formed well, but I think they’re actually thicker than they need to be. I’d step down from 0.093″ to the equally-available 0.080″. Really a non-issue and more of an observation than anything. On the “negative” front, there were rough edges, tiny gouges, and some flashing in a few places from the shell being cut to shape. These little flaws were purely aesthetic.



I’ve never done “warranty” as a review category before, but Alien Gear offers such a comprehensive warranty and shell exchange program that it demands mention. AG calls it its “Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee,” and it really is quite impressive:

  1. 30-day “test drive.” Wear it for a month and, if you don’t like it, AG buys it back.
  2. Free shell trades for life. Get a new gun? Send your old kydex shell to AG and they’ll send you a new one for the new gun. As many times as you want, for life.
  3. Forever warranty. Free repair or replacement of any part of the holster for life.


Overall it’s a very comfortable, functional holster that conceals extremely well. Although I only like these large, dual-clip style holsters for heavy guns and rarely carry a heavy gun concealed, hybrids truly do shine for this use case. Every summer the Cloak Tuck 2.0 will see some time on my hip, toting my G20SF, when picking huckleberries in the mountains of the inland northwest. It’s at least as comfortable, if not more so, than a fully-broken-in, leather-backed, hybrid holster, but requires no break-in at all and is priced significantly lower.

In fact, taking advantage of AG’s “2 Holster Combo,” you can purchase two complete Cloak Tuck 2.0s for a grand total of $57.88. This is still like $30 less than a single hybrid holster from most competitive manufacturers. My suggestion, for the reason seen in the Nano vs. SP-01 photo above, would be to order one for the largest gun you intend to carry with a Cloak Tuck 2.0 and one for the smallest gun you intend to carry with a Cloak Tuck 2.0, and this way you’ll receive two bases of different sizes. All shells will swap between either base.

Specifications: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Holster

Gun Models Available: See this page for a full list
Build: kydex shell with 3-layer base (vinyl, ABS polymer, closed cell neoprene)
Price: $35.88 for one, or $57.88 for two

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * * *
For this genre of holster (dual-clip hybrid), comfort is excellent. You may feel the outline of the pistol a tad more than with a typical leather backing, but comfort otherwise exceeds that of leather without the break-in period.

Concealment: * * * * *
Although the section under the kydex shell is flat, that part isn’t particularly wide and the rest of the holster conforms to the shape of one’s body with ease. The Cloak Tuck 2.0 holds the pistol nice and snug against the wearer, inhibiting printing of the grip. The ability to adjust ride height as well as cant provides further options to optimize concealment.

Ease of “Installation:” * * * *
One star better than your average dual-clip holster. Shells that slightly wrap around the bottom of the muzzle slide into the waistband more easily, and the highly flexible nature of the base makes putting it on a bit easier than the leather versions I’ve used. That said, if it were compared against a single-clip, all-kydex job like the Cook’s linked earlier, it would get zero stars (as would all hybrid, dual-clip holsters).

Value: * * * * *
Almost certainly the least expensive option of its type on the market. Yet, the quality is decent/average and the warranty puts most doubts at ease.

Overall: * * * * *
I can’t help but mention once again that I only like these large holsters for heavy pistols. That said, this rating is comparing the Cloak Tuck 2.0 to other holsters of similar design (hybrid, dual-clip a la CrossBreed, White Hat, etc). I award the Cloak Tuck 2.0 with top honors due to comfort, configurability, warranty, and oh-so-very-low cost.



You may have noticed in the lead photo that there’s another holster pictured there. That’s Alien Gear’s Cloak Slide OWB rig, and I got it primarily to carry my PMR-30 in conjunction with my future CMR-30 (if it ever ships). It’s a fairly standard, cow leather hybrid holster with two strips of leather acting as belt loops.


The same shells fit this base as well, and the same spacing system can be used to adjust the tension on the belt loops, which I thought was a cool little feature.

aliengear_8And a complete Cloak Slide with shell runs $29.88. If you already have shells for a Cloak Tuck 2.0, an OWB base is just $17.88.


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  1. The day they stop using cowhide and or horsehide that’s as stiff as cardboard.
    They might actually make a comfortable IWB.
    I for one have tried at least 5 different companies products that are almost mirrorr copies of each other and all to the last stink for me.
    Once a small guy who made copies of say Crossbreeds which is more or less the model standard.
    Used a piece of rather soft supple leather.
    Its been the only holster worth a darn for me.
    So in my critique here. Guys use a softer leather and a lot of folks might be ALOT happier with your products

    • Yeah I gotta ask, Jay, did you even almost read the review? The Cloak Tuck 2.0 has no leather whatsoever. The backing is super flexible and soft. It’s neoprene touching your body. Literally none of what you said applies to this holster at all. 0%. 🙂

      • Read the posted article before firing off a comment?


        The Internet just does not work that way. That would cut down on people getting their daily dose of (self)righteous indignation.

      • Yeah, but he said “..rather soft, supple..”

        He gets points for the 50 Shades of Grey reference.

      • I have ti admit I got half way through it and made my comments.
        Reading the remainder about 20 minutes later.
        Too late for an edit or mia culpa.
        Guilty as charged on this one.
        I had just received a holster for my new Canik TP9SA from a certain maker who puts crosses on their products last week.
        My 1st one from them.
        I have many others that are 100% copies, all supposed to be premium cowhide and all stiff as a 2×4 board……
        Yah I blew it here.
        I may just give these guys a try. As I only can use IWBs here in Florida due to my job and dress.
        Im pretty sick of the discomfort involved breaking them all in.

        • LOL. No worries. If my reviews weren’t so freaking long it probably wouldn’t happen haha

          I’ve had a White Hat since like 2010 and it’s a great holster. I feel like it’s ultimately more likely to hold up over the long term than the Cloak Tuck 2.0, but I’ve carried the CT2.0 quite a bit and it’s doing just fine… plus there’s the great warranty. The advantage to the CT2.0 for me is that the edges/corners of the backing never dig into my love handles or hip or ass or whatever (depending on body position, like sitting in the car, squatting/bending down to get something, etc) and it was comfortable from day 1 with no break-in.

          How do you like the TP9SA so far? I really enjoyed how it shot just from putting two mags through it at SHOT Show range day, and I’m supposed to be getting a loaner in the next couple of weeks for a TTAG review. Desert tan flavor. Considering the going rate on them, I’d say I’m fairly likely to keep it if it runs well.

        • Jeremy as I have never owned a Hi Cap striker fired anything. Im a 1911 type only.
          After reading a review or 2 and seeing Hichcock45s video I ordered one.
          For $329 how wrong can one go for a range toy??
          1000 rounds so far just 124 ball it just shoots and shoots and shoots.
          It shoots a tad low with 124s at 15 yards for me, but windage is right on…….I did try a box of 115s and they are off too?? A tad lower but still off???
          Haven’t cleaned a thing yet.
          Unbelievable trigger. If it weren’t for the take up Id swear I was shooting one of my worked on 1911s,
          5 pounds out of the box. A bit lighter now Id say 4.5ish. Breaks real clean.
          Century Arms offices are around the block from my house so…….I wont have to travel far if I run into any issues.
 cheapest price around anywhere.

          Now as far as your holsters. Ive been told but don’t know for sure that holster for a Walther P99 should be OK??. You got one??

        • Nice! Sounds good. I don’t have a holster for it (or a P99). The Canik TP9 was popular enough that I’d expect holsters to be available from some manufacturers (and TP9 and TP9SA are the same externally). I see Alien Gear doesn’t have a fit for it yet, though (they do the Canik Shark). They do have one for the Walther P99 so maybe I’ll order that shell and see if it works.

          On the sights, I’d say that most 1911s are set up target style where the point of impact is above the front sight (dot on post) and a lot of modern pistols are set up more “combat” style where the point of impact is supposed to be directly behind the dot of the front sight. So actually obscure the bullseye with the dot of the front sight. As in image #3 in this picture

          Obviously your TP9 could simply be off and a different height front sight might be needed to fix it (or file yours shorter to raise POI if you’re aligning top of front with top of rear rather than aligning dots), but this may be the cause as well. It’s totally normal for different guns to be set up differently and you just have to adjust. Sig even has a FAQ about it on its website:

          All SIG SAUER production duty/combat pistols are set up to use a “combat” sight picture. This is where the front sight completely covers the bulls eye of the target. Using a six o’clock (“pumpkin on a post”) or center mass (“half’n’half”) sight picture will result in low impact. …..

        • I just bought 2 of the 2.0 holsters. One for my Glock and one for my LC-9. I just drove almost 2k miles in 4 days wearing my Glock and didn’t even know it was there. I also ride my motorcycle with it and have the same results. I, like many, have a drawer full of holsters I’ve tried over the years. Love the fit and feel of the 2.0. No others for me. Now if I can just get rid of that drawer full of other brands.

  2. I own two of the cloak side OWB’s and I love them! For the money you can’t go wrong with this thing! Jeremy is right about the rough edges on the kydex which can be solved with 5 minutes with sandpaper and elbow grease or 30 seconds on a dremel. Alien gear also has a vast selection of holster choices for to select from.I recommend this site to all my friends on a budget.

  3. Are all those metal bits exposed as in the photos? I would expect that could be one heck of an irritation
    source rubbing on skin.

    • Yeah they are. I did ask if they had considered installing the tee nuts under the neoprene instead of on top of it, and it sounds like it would complicated manufacture but they said they’d experiment with it. At any rate, it was also a big concern of mine when I first looked at the holster but I cannot feel them. Since the neoprene is compressible, the surface of those nuts (which is smooth w/ rounded corners and such, btw… no sharp edges anywhere on the bottom) is actually below the surface of the neoprene and this is likely why I’ve never been able to notice them at all. So agreed that it looks like a possible issue, but in practice you can’t feel ’em.

    • I carry a full size M&P in one of these, and I’ve never felt the metal. They are smooth and flush with the backing

  4. I love the idea of Alien Gear and I love the price, but the inner sandwich layer of plastic has broken on mine after about three weeks of use. I could send it for the warranty work – correction, SHOULD send it in – but I like my Crossbreed just fine.

    • Aliengear offers options for steel. My nylon ones work fine, I typically carry my P09 and it holds it fine

    • I’m not really sure I have much of a preference… maybe a slight preference for the steel ones as they’re often thinner. But, as TravisP mentioned, when you’re on the product page making choices from the drop-down for pistol type and right/left hand, you’re also presented with like 5 different clip options as well as the option to pick up additional kydex shells at the same time. There’s a page on the site showing the clip choices:

    • I ordered both my my Gen 1 Cloak Tucks with the metal clips. I have found that reaching for anything in my pocket next to the clip is kinda painful on my hand. I just ordered the accessory leather loop clips for mine. I plan on using one leather loop clip on each of my holsters and leaving the rear clip metal.

  5. At the risk of being the odd man out, here goes. I got the tuck 2 in November which was what?, 4 -5 months ago and the base is completely destroyed. There is a brittle inner lining that has broken into maybe 10 pieces and is tearing at the edges of the base where those breaks hit the edges of the base. In fairness I wore this holster 10 hours a day 7 days a week.
    I had correspondence with Alien and they had offered me a replacement base but they never followed through or even answered my e-mail, though when I wrote to them to praise the comfort of the Tuck 2 when I first got it they replied within hours. I don’t know to what extent you should have to poke a manufacturer for resolution but I’m fairly disappointed in both the company and the C/S at Alien.
    Your mileage may vary.

    • Additional:

      If you buy inexpensive, you get inexpensive. I’ll never skimp on a holster again.

    • I’ll try to direct them to the review here, and maybe they’ll assist. Sucks to hear about the issues! What I’ve seen online for backing up their warranty and such has been predominately very positive, though, and I do believe they have a small team of people doing customer service.

    • Sammy, we were disappointed to hear about your experience with Alien Gear Holsters. Please reach out to me directly with your contact information and I will personally make sure that you get a replacement base delivered to you at no cost. All of our products, from the shell to the clips to the base are 100% guaranteed for life.

  6. When it’s 98F, 100% humidity and not a cloud in the sky, pretty much anything other than OC sucks. I sweat on my 6 O’Clock IWB “bucket” holster just sitting here at 78F… It’s leather… It doesn’t breathe… Anywhere it touches, there will be sweat.

    That said, these may be the best compromise yet.

    • If you need breathability, look up the reviews (here and elsewhere) for Stealthgear. Expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

    • If concealed carry were “easy,” everyone would do it. (Or not.)

      I carry a full-size steel pistol in a CB Supertuck in conditions you describe. Gotta do what we gotta do sometimes, I guess.

  7. Personally, I like the leather backed kydex hybrid IWB holster I bought from a local craftsman for $35.
    The leather is very comfortable for all day wear. I always wear a heavy weight undershirt anyway. Even in the summer.Did that long before I got a CCH.
    This Alien system is tempting. But It’ll have to wait until after my next pistol purchase.

    • If you always wear a heavy undershirt (in all conditions) as you say, then don’t bother with the cloak; the neoprene backing’s only major advantages are the fact that it is nicer on the skin, and that it doesn’t require break in. Alien also makes a more traditional leather backed IWB holster as well, though it sounds like you already have a guy for that, as well as a holster that is already broken in.

      Don’t get me wrong; I love my cloak holster when I’ve worn it. But I don’t wear undershirts, so those advantages are pretty big for me; they wouldn’t even register on the meter for you, I’d guess.

  8. Just checked the web site.
    Their list of custom fit shells is quite extensive. First mass producer I’ve seen that has all 4 pistols in my home. 🙂
    Even for the new Walther CCP.

      • If my wife didn’t have Crohn’s on her carry side I’d get her one. But that condition means OWB only and loose shirt. She does fine her leather custom CCP holster.
        I wouldn’t ever carry the CCP because I’m lefty.

  9. Alien gear now supplies a sprue of molded neoprene spacers (in Alien neon green, of course) instead of the cut rubber tubing. Much more classy.

    I prefer the leather of the original cloah tuck to the stnthetic sandwich that is the cloak tuck 2.0. The leather is much more comfortable once it breaks in.

  10. Whenever I buy a new pistol I try to order a holster for it as well. While I am likely to upgrade later, that way I at least have something to work with at the range. And I’ve found that selling a pistol with a holster is easier than selling just the pistol.

    Anyway, for some time now my go-to for that first holster is Alien Gear OWB, if they make one for the pistol in question. The quality is good enough to get started. If it turns into a regular use gun I can – if needed – upgrade to a better holster; if the pistol doesn’t become a favorite, or I just don’t like they way the AG holster works for that gun, not a big loss.

    Their selection seems good for semi-autos; but not so much for “revolvers of size” if you will.

  11. I see that they make a shell for the CZ75B compact. I’m guessing that that will also fit my Tristar C100. I’ll confirm that with them, but if so, this holster is a no-brainer for the price.

      • It’s also possible to hit the kydex with a blow dryer or heat gun to soften it up enough to make minor tweaks for slight gun variations. I had to file a notch to allow for clearance on the SP-01 holster since I have the much larger, ambi, Shadow thumb safeties on it. Pretty easy to tinker with, really.

  12. I ordered one for my shield. they must have one hell of a back log. I got a message saying it would take three to four weeks to get it. I’m two weeks into my wait now. Its a good thing sneaky petes holsters had a quicker turn around or I would have been stuck pocket carrying.

    • To be completely frank, the S&W Shield is a perfect example of a gun that I think is far too small and light to justify a giant holster like this. The extreme ease of putting on and taking off a single-clip holster like the Cook’s, in addition to how small the footprint of it is, makes that style of holster by far and away my preference for a lightweight gun. Obviously everyone’s mileage may vary and opinions will vary and that’s 100% a-okay, but if you haven’t actually tried a small, single-clip holster like the Cook’s for a gun like the Shield I would highly recommend it. I particularly like the capability of leaving the pistol in the holster and still being able to very easily put it into your waistband and take it out. If the gun is out of the holster (such as right this minute while my Nano is detail stripped and in the ultrasonic tank), it goes into the holster while it’s off my body and easy and safe to holster with zero possibility of clothing getting in the trigger guard, etc, and then the whole unit (and I do typically treat gun+holster in this case as a single unit… they can go in the safe together, etc) goes into my waistband.

  13. I bought one for my G26. It was my first IWB holster. It’s held up well . . . because I never wear it. I have found wearing a holster at 4 o’clock to be very annoying. I’ve tried every possible variation and it’s just not something I like.

    Instead, I will continue to open carry, especially while at Chipotle.

  14. I just Got a pair in the mail for my Sig938. Very comfortable, Its my first IWB holster so i dont have much to compare it to, but it was pretty comfy right out of the box. It took a full 4 weeks to get shipped, but i knew that up front. Also the Rubber spacers that come with them now are better looking and you get a whole “kit” of parts that’s all put together on a plastic card. I will see how it holds up over time, but so far i like it.

  15. I got one for a G21 and G19….with out a doubt it’s the best holster I’ve worn. When they shipped it the put a G22 shell instead of an additional G19. Called ’em and had the right shell in my hands in 2 days and kept the G22 shell….in case I lose my mind and buy a .40 lol

  16. I really like the price and the ability to swap the shells for different guns but after using the N82 holster, I can’t imagine using anyoung else for IWB.

    • I bought a N82 Pro for my Glock 23 a few months ago and it’s the last IWB holster I will ever buy.

  17. I’ve tried(and still have) PILES of different holsters but my EDC Sig938 still keeps ending up in an inexpensive Sticky brand holster. I’m skinny and don’t like the thicker profile of the multiple layers but the Sticky(remora type) is HORRIBLE for larger, heavier guns like a 1911 because they shift around so much when you’re active. I’m a huge fan of Ross leather holsters and a few others but the good ones all seem to be so thick.

    What(best guess) total thickness would all of the layers add to a given firearm?

    • On an AG CT2.0, you’re looking at adding ~ 0.29 inches to the width of the gun. Or less, as the neoprene can compress a bit and this measurement (kydex thickness + base thickness) includes the full thickness of the base. I’d say holsters like this are a very good choice for a 1911 or other pistol that’s heavy like that. For a P938, I’d once again suggest something small like the Cook’s linked in another comment by me and up in the review here also. It adds (assuming you get the standard thickness kydex instead of the thinner, 0.06″ thick stuff) about 0.16″ to the width of the gun almost nothing to the footprint of it.

      • I’ll stick(pun) with my Sticky brand holster for the 938 because I can wear it in multiple positions and it NEVER moves no matter what I’m doing. The 938 is my deep concealment “work gun” but when I’m off the clock the opinions of others don’t effect my ability to pay my mortgage so I prefer to carry something full size. THIS seems like a great option for that purpose and with the swappable shells I think it will work even better for me. 1/4″ is quite a bit less than any of the GOOD holsters I have so I think I’ll be giving it a try.

        Thanks Jeremy.

        • Yeah for sure. BTW I have a Sticky for my Taurus 738 TCP and a Remora for my Nano. I use the TCP one for the rare instance when pocket carry is the preferred method due to attire and/or activity. Otherwise, neither will ever be used again since getting the Cook’s ones. Previously I went back and forth on the Nano between the Remora and a Foxx Holsters Little Fox, but the Cook’s has taken over 100% completely and totally.

  18. I love Aliengear Holsters. I’ve picked up at least one for each of my guns. I live in southern Arizona and I’ve found that the Cloak Tuck 2.0 subjectively “feels” hotter to wear than the leather backed 1.0. Just my $0.02

  19. How did you find reholstering? I found it virtually impossible because the soft backing collapses into the Kydex outline on mine. And I’m not that chubby.

  20. I bought the CT2.0 a few months ago. I wear it daily…never leave the house without my sidearm – a Stoeger Cougar in 9mm. a couple observations for this particular pistol – retention when drawing straight out is VERY strong because of the breakdown pin (similar if not exact to the beretta 92 series). This nub sticks out about 3/16″ on the right side of the pistol and the way the kydex (or whatever the plastic Alien uses for their holsters) holds onto this nub, it’s very difficult to draw straight out. HOWEVER, with an ever so slight twist to the grip when drawing, it comes out with ease (not in a bad way) and actually clears my right thumb to take of the safety while drawing the weapon. The holster is extremely comfortable provided i have the right belt on, cinched to the right tightness. I’m a big guy (6′, 245lbs) and I carry at 3:30/4:00 with the barrel just behind my EDC knife clipped to my front pocket and just in front of my wallet. Easily the most comfortable holster i’ve had for a “full size” pistol.

    Now the bad – again, i’ve only had the holster a few months. and i wear it daily. getting in and out of my car, sitting at the office with the holster on and sidearm locked in the car because my employer would escort me out for actually having the sidearm in the office, etc….i wear it ALLLLL the time though…and the plastic “shell” inside the holster base on mine has broken in half a dozen places now as well. I have not called AG yet, but plan to. I see their tuck3.0 now has a spring steel liner – this may be a worthy upgrade and I may indicate that the internet is a-buzz about the plastic lining failing on the 2.0 anyway…how about a no cost upgrade to the 3.0? I’m willing to try it and sing their praises…particularly when it took nearly a month to receive my holster in the first place?

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