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Earlier today we announced the launch of Advanced Firearms Accessories website and AFLoader Ingiegogo campaign. AFLoader is a robotic pistol caliber magazine loader that runs on a rechargeable battery and takes up very little space.

At the same time, AFA has announced a smattering of other new accessories currently available through the campaign. AFA’s CEO was nice enough to share a few photos previewing the products; here are the quick highlights:

AR Pistol Brace (Compatible with pistol buffer tubes)
Universal Pistol to SBR / Pistol Brace Adapter (Picatinny rail required)
“Unbreakable” Polycarbonate Holsters (OWB and IWB)
Aluminum Collapsible AR Rifle and Pistol Buffer Tubes

T&E samples are on their way so watch this space for reviews.

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  1. Their pistol to SBR picatinny rail attachment stock mechanism should have a picatinny rail on the bottom so you still have rail space down there for a light or whatever. Then you can attach your red dot on top and a flashlight on the bottom.

    Their pistol brace on their site is just $20. That’s a good price if it mounts solid.

    • That is already an option! We just didn’t want to make it look too busy

      The pistol brace has two set screws that will keep it from turning on the buffer tube. We also wanted to avoid any possibility of it being seen as a “stock” so it is one solid piece with no quick adjustment.

  2. The “Universal Pistol to SBR” device is the closest I think I will ever see to the actual “Shoulder thing that goes up”.

  3. Polycarbonate holster, huh? What would be really cool would be a pistol frame made out of that and a transparent aluminum slide. ETS transparent mags and you’d be able to see all the innards working together! Probably wouldn’t be cheap!

    • “What would be really cool would be a pistol frame made out of that and a transparent aluminum slide.”

      That’s *possible*, but not too practical.

      Transparent aluminum is a thing, but as a ceramic. Wristwatch dial crystals are an example of that…

  4. That automated magazine loader is stupid, unless you are disabled, or maybe run a machine gun rental place. I’m guessing it doesn’t really work with any mag though.

    Mostly I find it amusing because it loads ammo faster than some ranges will let you shoot it.

  5. I wonder if there’s any restrictions regarding caliber length and shape for the mag loader…like “coke bottle” 357 Sig and heavy load 10mm?

  6. The SBR adapter is very interesting. I notice there doesn’t appear to be an option for purchasing anything on your website. When could we expect these products to be available?

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