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TTAG reader Jeff Anderson writes:

I’m a member of a gun rights organization called GeorgiaCarry.Org. I watched the social media site “Thunderclap” for several days this week. The Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ affiliate Georgia Gun Sense “group” started a page to “Tell Georgia lawmakers: more guns, in more places, makes us less safe.” Their goal: to get a hundred people to click “support” using a social media site. After seven days they came up 14 people short. Let that sink in. They were unable to get 100 people to click on “support” in a week. Let’s look at the GeorgiaGunSense Twitter feed panic in reverse chronological order . . .

Not to give anything away, but Georgia Gun Sense eventually got there – after an extension. The Twitter feed is a fun read for those of us who do what we can to create the so-called “enthusiasm gap” between gun rights supporters and gun control advocates. Again, we start at the end, and then skip around a bit, and then leave out the rest for brevity’s sake.






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  1. I bet if I set up a FB page called “Crack for Kids” with the express message of including crack in elementary school kids’ lunches I could get 100 likes in a few hours. When your “supporters” actually write a check, let me know.

  2. That’s the difference between us and them. It takes them 1 week to get 100 people to click on their page and it takes us 1 day to get 100 people at our state capitols to protest. Then there’s their “protests”… 1 month and 250 grand of uncle mikes money yields 3 “supporters” (the organizers) and 50 reporters. Meanwhile, we get 3000 people at a state capitol building and the headline reads “Racist pedophiles demand right to slaughter your children.”

    • Not to mention that TTAG can get 100 comments on an article in the neighborhood of twenty minutes…..

    • If you are TRYING to pass something on and can’t infect more than 100 people in a week I believe that qualifies as “transmittable”, but hardly “contagious.”

      And to be effective a venereal disease needs at least SOME aspect of sexual pleasure to move things along. We got gun pron – they got whiny, shrieking, Mom’s Against Gun Sense.

  3. Wait a minute… I believe that this fail goes deeper than it appears. It looks like anyone on earth can click on the like button thingie. They couldn’t get support from 100 people on the Earth in 7 days? They should go hang themselves now.

    • They got so few clicks because only the “elite few” that want all the rest of the “useless breeders and eaters” disarmed and those people that have no self-respect and don’t think their lives are worth defending would click on such a site.

      It gives me hope.

  4. This sums up what law abiding citizens in Georgia think about gun control and the people who enact laws that infringe on there rights. Man, Georgia Gun Sense is a thirsty bunch!

  5. It’s important to know more about this and how it affects Georgia and the biased media we have called the AJC.

    Melinda Ennis is married to an AJC editor(Atlanta Journal Constitution).
    – Ennis is married to Bert Roughton, a managing editor and the senior editorial director of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    She is the founder of Georgia Gun Sense

    Melinda is also a founder and steering committee leader for the Georgia Gun Sense Coalition.

    She is also a Co-Director of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.
    – “We do not believe guns are safe in public places,” said Melinda Ennis, a co-chapter head of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. “People are emotional and aren’t well-trained. You just can’t legislate it and you cannot control emotional people with guns.”

    She was promoted to Georgia Win List’s Executive Director
    -Melinda is the Executive Director of Georgia’s WIN List (women in numbers). WIN List is a political action committee dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training, endorsing and protecting progressive Democratic women for statewide legislative offices. She has an extensive background in the areas of strategic development, political policy, marketing and fundraising in both the private and non-profit arenas.

    Jay Bookman of the AJC is GA Win List’s Keynote speaker for their Jan. 30 Legislative Breakfast, and he has already stated his opposition to Georgia’s campus carry efforts in an article he wrote titled, “Is letting college kids have guns really a priority?”

    • “…has already stated his opposition to Georgia’s campus carry efforts in an article he wrote titled, ‘Is letting college kids have guns really a priority?'”

      As an adult who spends time in a college campus, I really hate bullshit like this. Those “college kids” are college adults by any rational measure. I’m not sure about GA specifically, but most states require a person to be 21 to hold a concealed carry permit. The civilian disarmament movement loves to clutch their pearls and use mental images of pimply-faced teenagers straight out of high school toting guns to class, but that’s simply not the way it is.

    • Mrs Ennis-Roughton in committee last year said:
      “We believe in the second amendment, we believe in your right to carry a weapon, but not when it comes into the space I’m in.”

      about moms demand action for gun sense in america, georgia chapter:
      Moms demand action for gun sense in america, georgia is a grassroots organization formed in the wake of the devastating mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. We are committed to enacting common sense gun control laws in america. We are unaffiliated with any political party.
      Our goals:
      1) ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds.
      2) require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchasers.
      3) report the sale of large quantities of ammunition to the atf.
      4) limit the scope of concealed weapons laws at the state level.

      • “Mrs Ennis-Roughton in committee…”

        And what committee might that be? Homecoming Queen Nominating Committee?

    • Oh and on her group GA Win:

      Our Vision

      Changing the face of power in Georgia by electing pro-choice Democratic Women in Numbers.

    • Jay Bookman’s editorials are so bereft of sound logic it is astonishing. He takes a couple halfway thought out lines of reasoning, draws a conclusion that is usually not supported by either his line of reasoning or the facts he cherry picks to support his argument.

      Bookman has been on the wrong side of just about every major issue I can remember reading his editorial on. He has replaced Cynthia Tucker as the AJC’s moonbat in residence commentator.

    • My daughter starts college next fall and I wish she could carry for her own protection. I think it is ridiculous you are an adult at 18, can go to war, vote, but not carry a CCW until 21.

      • And make babies…all those college kids screaming about doing something NOW!!! – calling for government action to infringe upon the Constitutional Rights of every American would be screaming twice as loud if just the colleges (not even laws) tried to ‘control’ or crack down upon:

        –promiscuous behavior
        –underage drinking
        –drug use in the dorms

        Point is not that colleges should crack down on that stuff or not, but that these “kids” are blind to their own hypocritical double standards regarding what they think the proper “use” of government is.

  6. Actually, it seems clear to me that most voters are sick of the gun grabber bullshit, the people trying to earn some publicity or donations whining about how the nice man down the street shouldn’t be able to carry a gun.

    Most voters (other than the neurotics, half of whom are prohibited persons because of the meds or drugs they take) know that the gun grabbers aren’t doing squat about the drug gangs in the core hard neighborhoods. They know that Mr. Smith isn’t popping his neighbors. They know the problem is hoodlums with anything (guns, clubs, garden hoses), and that MDA et al aren’t part of the solution, just a bunch of attention whores trying to build their own name recognition, their own brand.

    The same politically active people professing deep gun-grabber conviction are the same ones who militate against severe penalties for armed robbery and illegal gun possession by criminals. It’s a game. It’s played for money.

  7. “People are emotional and not well trained”

    Wow! This couldn’t be a clearer picture of projection if you tried.

  8. Ever notice all of these polls end up around 90% in favor of a pro-gun stance?

    Yet the BS about 90% of Americans wanting stricter control etc… perpetuates.

    I also like the newest piece of fabricated data that says that there is not an increase in households that have guns, but that the people that already have them are just buying more guns.

    I have seen multiple friends, family and acquaintances that previously have had no firearms purchase one over the past year. From personal experience, it boils down to about three out of five people.

    Political action, or should I say “wishful thinking” on increased gun control has simply forced the hands of those people that were on the fence previously.

  9. And the media will state “… a petition to restrict the carrying of firearms received 84 signatories but failed to persuade officials to implement their request.”

    Makes me feel happy when anti-gunners fall flat on their faces.

  10. When you control the pencil, it’s easy to fudge the score. Only the leftist run news outlets would think this is a thunderclap of support for their anti-gun cause. Always beware of the close in shoots of “crowds” gathered, they are designed to distort the reality of apathy.

  11. 100 people is a “LOUD message” to legislators? These people are demented.

    Will be writing my state legislators when I get back from this deployment.

    • Why wait, you can write now and again when you get back. I have and will continue. It is still a Constitutional right to contact you elected officials especially on issues like this. If they directly affect your chain of command then use caution.

      • If they directly affect your chain of command, contact the IG. There’s ALWAYS a FWA hotline number available. Barring that, contact your congresscritters. That always works.

  12. I need to join GeorgiaCarry.Org. They’ve started advertising on the premier News/Talk radio station in town, I suspect their stock is climbing.

    They managed to put a bill into the state legislature that gives churches an “opt in” choice for concealed carry (currently verboten in GA) as well as on college campuses. Give em hell GC.O.

    • Dave it’s the best $15 you’ll ever spend. As for bills, the one in the Tclap we knew was dead anyway, I found it odd they would go after that one. The bill you are referring to should drop very soon.

  13. Thunderclap?

    Sounds like you need to see a doctor and stay away from skanky chicks in dive bars…

  14. What I am surprised about is that no one mentioned that there where 146,461 people that read their petition when they only got 86 votes. That means that 0.00587% or about 1/200th of 1% supported it. Multiply that by the estimated population in Georgia at the end of 2013: 9,919,945 would mean there are only 5823 people in the entire state that support it.

  15. How long does it take to open a false facebook account (under a pseudonym) these days to give a like click or play one of those facebook games like farmville, 3 minutes? Two?

    What, you didn’t think we knew that trick?

  16. Thunderclap, huh?

    Gotta stay away from those strange chicks in dives… You’re lucky that’s all you got.

  17. So…. Has TTAG considered doing participation ribbons for these circumstances? I mean they didn’t get 1st place for getting the desired number of clicks without an extension, but everyone should get something for showing up right?! Think of the children!

    • I think a certificate with an official-looking seal and emblem would be nice. With a ribbon. A pink ribbon. And a cute pony…

  18. Ah, the eternal question has been answered, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

    I read the post and thought, “Thunderclap? That sounds so familiar… ” So I did a little checking, waiting for the caffeine to become effective, and yes, as I suspected, “Thunderclap” is a warrior skill for Pokémon. Go figure. All those weekend afternoons playing with my kids…

  19. I live in Georgia. I have for about 25 years.

    Georgia is more than just Atlanta, just as New York is more than just NYC.
    The main difference here, is that we prefer our gun laws not to have “common sense” in quotes. The common sense should be in the enforcement of the laws, not included as some media whore buzzwords. Down here, in VERY SOUTH Georgia, being anti-gun gets you a pat on the head, and wished well. Maybe with an emphatic southern “Bless your heart” throw in there. (For those of you not from the south, “Bless your heart” translates into “You &^%$#@* Moron”.) And anybody who has even done a very basic study of Georgian Society (Like, 45 seconds on Google.) Would have known that such a thing as this would fail.

    But, if you are anti-gun down here.. we accept you as you are. We will invite you out to try shooting for yourself. We will let you shoot anything we have, and will even provide the ammo, glasses, and earpro. And if you decline, we will let it go. Just know the offer is out there, should you eve change your mind.

    But here in South Georgia, we know better than to listen to the media on the subject. Sure, shootings happen. Violence happens. People die, and yes, even kids die. While this is all sad, and very true.. we also know that a gun can be used to feed your family. It can be used to defend your self and your loved ones. we know that pokin holes in paper or bangin lead off steel.. we know that this is a sport.

    Most of all, we know that the gun is a tool. And outlawing a tool because somebody commits a crime with it, is stupid. We know that common sense about the law, is to enforce the damned law. Common sense about mental health, is to treat people. And common sense about kids.. is not to let them grow up, but to RAISE them.

  20. Kennesaw GA has the best gun law in the country, every community should adopt a similar one.

    In 1982, the Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition.

    The crime rate in Kennesaw is far lower than nearby Atlanta.

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