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Full30 has been fortunate enough to gain new ownership over the past few months, and we thought it was time to release an official statement on the subject for the sake of transparency. As with everything business related, a lot has been happening behind the scenes that could not be openly discussed until negotiations and discussions were finalized. We are past this point now and are ready to discuss our ownership overhaul, and with it, our new management team.

First, we would like to introduce everyone to Jeff Kirkham, the new majority owner of the platform. Jeff spent 28.5 years within the United States Army Special Operations community. After retiring from military service, Jeff Kirkham moved into the firearms community where he has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to improving the community in every way that he can.

Jeff is a firm believer that the industry needs a cohesive platform that connects content creators with manufacturers and provides both with the digital infrastructure needed for industry growth in today’s new ever-advancing technological world. The first amendment protects the second, and Jeff recognizes the need for a platform free from the censorship and oppression of “Big Tech’s” ideological crusade against both.

Next, we need to introduce Jarrad Markel, the new CEO of Full30. Jarrad Markel is the son of Professor Paul Markel from Student of the Gun. He grew up fully immersed in the firearms world and has spent his entire adult life working in the firearms industry promoting a cohesive learning environment for shooters of all skill sets. Jarrad has also helped multiple people begin their own career in the firearms industry through a multitude of classes and lectures centered on promoting the health and well-being of their companies.

Jarrad is an industry leading expert in the growth of businesses inside of the firearms industry. He understands and believes in the potential of Full30 as a platform to connect the industry and build a strong community of like-minded people who believe in free speech. Also, Jarrad brings much needed perspective to the team, having lived and operated as a small content creator himself. We look forward to having him on board as one of our top decision makers moving forward.

We are extremely excited to welcome both of these people to the Full30 family. Since they have come on board, things have taken off at an exponential pace behind the scenes. Projects that we previously thought would take years to complete have come to fruition and are nearly ready for a public facing launch. Before we close out this press release, we would love to leave you all with a message from our two newest family members.

“Without the second amendment of the American Constitution, there can be no first amendment. In contrast to this, our first amendment right to free speech protects our ability to peacefully inform law makers on the opinions and stance of the average gun owner. Big Tech has failed to recognize this and has instead opted to censor the average gun owner. We’ll forge our own path forward without them.” – Jeff Kirkham (Owner)

“I am ecstatic about the opportunity to be a decision maker in the industry’s leading content delivery platform. Full30 provides the infrastructure our industry needs to break away from big tech censorship. Our goal is to bring together a community of freedom of speech lovers. Together we are stronger.” -Jarrad T. Markel (CEO)

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  1. Maybe they will find a way to sort the videos by date. Mostly I visit ‘Forgotten Weapons’ channel. Do miss having new stuff from STB410.

    • Maybe they’ll find a way speed up the videos, like on Youtube, so you can watch the videos at 1.25 to 1.75 speed…to get the slow talkers up to a tolerable pace. That is, overwhelmingly, the one indispensable feature on Youtube that currently makes it the best video hosting service. If I was trying to run a video hosting service, that feature would be priority #1.

        • Its an enormous help, its indispensable. Click the gear icon at the bottom right, and it gives you the option of speeding up to 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, or 2.0 speed.

      • I concur. If there was a Nobel Prize for interweb site usefulness, YouTube is up there as a form of national ‘show and tell’. Ability to speed up videos not only saves time for research, but have read something about how faster speeds aid information retention. Most videos are too slow anyway, intentionally sometimes for production effect or to hide what little information they actually contain.

  2. I’ve been with F30 for a few years now. It’s been up and down and all over. Lots of frustration on my part. But I’ve been talking with the new owner for a few months now. He’s been very open to ideas and has been working hard to improve the system. Still has a ways to go, but there’s been a lot of positive changes. Here’s the link to my channel, I like the platform better than screwtube who deleted my large channel and kept the funds I had earned for that month, which was close to a grand a month.

  3. Is it possible to get Full30 on a smart TV? I watch a kajillian gun vids on YouTube but realize it can be censored. Anyone???

    • Use a Google Chrome dongle to cast from your computer browser or phone to TV. Full30 is good, but tough to navigate, a better, more user friendly interface would help, I don’t mind the ads if they keep the site free access

    • DO NOT use google anything if you can help it. They mess with your feed and run tracking cookies with the intention of selling your info.

        • This is not singularly true. There is a couple of Android OS’s that are security & privacy based custom builds that expunge everything Scroogled does. Currently the best is Graphene OS, which is a high security version that goes head to head with IOS on the above issues. Daniel Micay (formerly the dev behind Copperhead) builds all of the apps within himself to ensure no malicious code enters the ecosystem.

          Only problem is, it’s only available for 3a and earlier Pixel phones due to certain aspects which allow for total application isolation (encrypted containers per app, zero cross-communication without express permission granted from the user). He won’t build for the 4 because of time constraints in versioning maintenance. If infosec, privacy, and avoidance of Apple are important to you, this is head and shoulders above anything else in the Android arena.

          There are Chromium based privacy browsers that have had the spyware removed, btw.

          • Good to know, thank you. I’m not tech savvy enough to get into these weeds; and I’ve been using Apple since getting my first personal tracking device, I mean smart phone.

      • A pox on giggle. There are other search engines. To hell with those statist progs. Do NOT support the bastards.

    • Hey, just wanted to pop in here and answer this question. I’m the lead editor, social media manager, and one of the account executives over at Full30.

      This feature is coming once we have finalized the closed beta for our mobile app and launched it to the general public on both the Android and IOS app stores. (The app will be free.) Currently we are waiting on Apple to approve our closed beta for IOS. Android has been in a closed beta state for almost a full month now.

      We anticipate about 60 to 90 days in closed beta, depending on user participation and the amount of bugs that are discovered during the process. It’s going to take time, but that’s because we’re building everything from the ground up ourselves instead of renting services from third-party providers. We could expedite this process by simply renting a service, but that doesn’t fit in with our ethos of trying to forge a path free of Big Tech jamming their ideals down our throat.

      • OK…right after I forget you exist. I occasionally watch the gun collective. Very occasionally. Liberty Doll once.

        • I miss the days when Adam was doing vids for TGC.

          Liberty Doll is hawt. I like to just watch…

        • If full 30 would have an app , esp one I could use on a smart tv or fire stick etc, it would be used a lot more.

          Same with bitchute.

      • Excellent! Good luck. Will y’all try to attract non-firearms content too? Lots of good stuff out there that I’d rather watch anywhere but YouRube.

      • Thank you.

        May I offer one person’s wish list:

        Get a dedicated channel on Roku (so I could watch on my smart TV).

        I don’t like watching videos on small screens (phones, laptops). I try to avoid everything Google spyware — no Android phone; no Android / Google OS in my smart TV; no Google streaming stick, etc..

        But for now I’m forced to use YouTube for firearm videos (amongst other subjects) as it’s the only game in town (at least on Roku). The only reason Full30 has not been my “go to” for firearm videos is because I can’t watch on a big screen.*

        *I’m on a Mac and screen sharing from Mac to Samsung doesn’t appear to be available.

  4. Hopefully they’ll go the full-featured route, to compete with the WPSN more than with Gunstreamer. I agree with Jon Patton of TGC that re-creating platforms for gun-only audience is a doomed idea. But when a site is horizontally integrated, its brand is no longer a cojoined twin of the deadweight platform.

    • I’ve said similar. Gun only websites are fairly niche and will not draw more than the most hardcore gun video watchers. The reason gun channels do well is the variety of content on the platform, along with their content. Sure, a lot of their income is through stuff like Patreon and Subscribe star, but Youtube gets the eyeballs for them. You need eyeballs to make it a viable platform.

    • Hey, thanks for taking a minute to read this. Just wanted to respond to this comment. I’m the lead editor, social media manager, and one of the account executives over at Full30. We totally agree with Jon Patton’s video as well. The Gun Collective is one of our first creators, so we take their feedback very seriously.

      Our platform is centered on firearms, but that doesn’t mean firearms are the only type of content you’ll find on the platform. We have numerous creators in the prepping, outdoor and hunting space on the platform, and are always looking and hoping for more. We also have political commentators like The Liberty Doll, and several podcasts that aren’t just centered around guns as well utilizing the platform to distribute their content.

      If you know of anyone who you think would be a good fit for the platform, feel free to send them our way. We’d love to have them. Our platform is open for any creator of any size who wants to be on it. For security purposes at the moment, each individual creator has to be vetted and verified manually, but it’s a fairly painless process for the creator.

      • Looking forward to seeing the new Full30 format. I hope it gains some better traction under the new leadership. Content creators will be more apt to post their videos if/when they become confident that Full30 won’t pull a “YouTube” or a “Patreon” on them and change up the monetization parameters down the road. Nobody wants to put the time & energy into the investment of building a presence if it’ll be mooted down the road.

      • How about using your platform to help reelected DJT POTUS? How about taking the racist label off the necks of gun owners and placing it around the necks of its rightful owners the democRat Party? After all gun control is rooted in racism and genocide and that fact makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda.
        After you and your staff cover the above how about holding the democRat Party liable for Monetary Reparations payable to the victims or descendants of victims of democRat Party race based atrocities? After all the democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.
        You may not know it but advising people on DIY Gun Smithing was targeted by democRat Gun Control Zealots during the era of obama/obiden. Have a nice day.

        • Grow up and learn how to write Engrish goodly, Debbie. Then come back and try to make some sense for us. We’ll wait.

          Even ‘enuf’ is laughing.

  5. Serious query for Full30 upper echelon:

    Preface: I sincerely hope you guys are wildly successful.

    What is your strategy regarding the potential of “woke” entities suppressing your site on the core Internet itself?

    Some examples:
    1) A cellular carrier decides that Full30 has “bad stuff” and punitively limits traffic to/from your site on their network.
    2) A regional carrier decides that Full30 has “bad stuff” and punitively limits traffic to/from your site on their regional network. (cough, Comcast – Netflix feud, cough)
    3) Staff at regional carriers sporadically define black hole routes for your site.
    4) Staff at a regional carriers sporadically define excessively long routes for your site.
    5) Staff who manage authoritative (and possibly even second tier) DNS servers sporadically foul-up your DNS info.
    6) Staff at regional carriers refuse to promptly suppress distributed denial-of-service attacks directed at your site.

    And I imagine there are additional ways that “woke” people who operate core Internet functions can really screw you guys.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to be Debbie-Downer. I mention these possibilities because I believe Progressives will start doing this sooner or later to websites that have what they deem “socially unacceptable” content and I really want you guys to succeed.

  6. Hmmm…….never heard of Full30. My rock is comfy. Writer missed most important opportunity to raise awareness for potential supporters…..far more important than advising someone never heard of is joining something never heard of. Major DUH…..

  7. You currently cannot properly format your comments into paragraphs on Full30. That means if you post a longish comment under a video – say a detailed explanation of some gun related issue – it gets all jumbled together into one massive body of text with no line breaks at all. Messy, ugly, hard to read.

    See, this sentence is the start of a second paragraph. This would be impossible to do on Full30. I realize not many people bother to comment, and this primitive limitation certainly seems to ensure that even less people do since they cannot properly format their text for easier reading, so maybe that was the point. (?) YouTube of course allows line breaks and even allows bold and italics (put an underline character “_” immediately before and after the text you want in italics, i.e. – _this would be in italics_ and this would not. And use an asterisk, “*” immediately before and after the text you want in bold, i.e. – *This would be boldface* and this would not. You will not see these changes until you _post_ the comment.)

    The Full 30 comment section of course has none of this, and is downright primitive to the point that it dissuades people from commenting. Imagine this comment all jumbled together into one giant unbroken body of text, and that is how it would look on Full30. This stops people from even bothering to comment, so FIX IT! 🙂

    • “See, this sentence is the start of a second paragraph. This would be impossible to do on Full30.”

      We sometimes see this problem on TTAG, as well. Fortunately it is not the norm.

  8. I watch Full30 as an alternative. I always look their first.
    1. Search. Fix it.
    2. Scrolling, improve it.
    3. Promote favorite channels over the just recently downloaded.
    4. Get Colion Noir, Armed and Feminine, Well armed women, She equips herself over there. We need all the 2nd amendment community there. Well, no YM.

  9. Whenever I have the option of watching a gun review / hunting / shooting video on Full30 instead of Giggletube, I ignore the latter. I understand Full30 is being improved, but these are good guys who are trying to offer a pro gun alternative> I am happy to support them to the extent that I can. At the end of the day, temporarily giving up a little convenience to support a business that stands for the same principles that I stand for, means a lot to me.

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