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Full Metal Coloring A Book of Down Range Reflection is being promoted as an “Adult Coloring Book for Veterans & Hunters.” Yes, well, you and I know that The People of the Gun are going to set this bad boy down in front of their young ‘uns. And so they should! Culture eats strategy for lunch.

At the risk of being labelled a “gun fetishist” — that’s Mr. Gun Fetishist to you Shannon Watts — Full Metal Coloring is a welcome step beyond “gun normalization” (as practiced by open carry). It’s a celebration! Which is even better.

To celebrate good times (‘cmon!) TTAG will give a free Armed Response training video of your choice to the best coloring from Full Metal Coloring. (The image must to be from a template other than one of those in this post!) Send a jpeg to [email protected] with COLORING (all caps) in the subject bar. Deadline September 1.

Here’s the press release via


New Castle, VA – Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Reflection (Lamplight Press) is now available on Amazon.

Filled with humor, history and iconic images, the new book appeals to the military, veterans, and shooting sports enthusiasts.

(courtesy fullmetalcoloringcom)

The artist, Sergeant First Class Kimberly Kolb Eakin (Ret.), competed as a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and served as a military firearms instructor. Her book combines amusing quotes with educational statements and firearms related images to provide the therapeutic effects of coloring. Kimberly designed Full Metal Coloring with veterans in mind. It retails for $9.99.

She says:

“Adult coloring as a means of relaxation is calming, meditative and provides the quiet Zen feeling similar to that needed for competitive success on the range. The themes in Full Metal Coloring are comfortable for members of the military, veterans and shooting sports participants.”

Kimberly lives in Roanoke, Virginia and invites you to her website,

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  1. That’s awesome. Now, I’m not a fan of adult coloring books, any more than I am “graphic novels” (you mean comic books?) or “brain training games” (sure, it starts out with thinly disguised toys like Lumosity, but it detours quickly to Pokémon Go and driving over a cliff). That’s OK, though, because as the man wrote, this will find its way to impressionable young minds soon enough and impress upon them a healthy respect and curiosity for firearms. I’m all for it.

    • Hi Jonathan! This is Kimberly, the author. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I intended the book for adults, namely veterans, law enforcement and hunters. There is no other book like it with this type of strong, patriotic, Americana iconography. We have two school-aged children and they indeed like coloring in my book. But I should also say that the pages have a fair degree of detail (as is the style of adult coloring books rather than children’s) so young children (under 10) will not find it nearly as appealing.
      Appreciate your kind words. If you get a chance to look at it, please let me know what you think!

  2. Man am I full on into old fogeyism. I don’t get this. At all. And I was something of an artist as a youth(particularly nekked women)…different strokes.

    • I hear that, this is my artistic interest as well. Anything that promotes guns AND the arts is a huge thumbs up.

    • Hi! This is Kimberly, the author. You’re totally right, it’s not for everybody. My intention is to bring a little fun and amusement to our lifestyle. Even I need a break from defending our rights in these tumultuous times. I hope it brings a little light to those who open its pages.
      And I promise it’s not just a coloring book. Jerry Miculek, Tom Gresham, Brian Zins, Michael Waddell (The Bone Collector), Massad Ayoob and many more world-class shooting professionals contributed to the text/images in the book. They were kind enough to spare their precious time and drop some of their wisdom to this project.

      I’ll be on GunTalk in the next few weeks. Love for you to listen in and tell me your thoughts. Appreciate all the valuable feedback!

    • It used to be viewed that coloring books were just for little children, not something for adults. But then it’s like someone just called this into question and realized that it is not grounded in anything. There is no reason why adults cannot do coloring books as well. So now many people color.

  3. Adult coloring is a great way to meet hte ladies. I did it with the wifey a few months ago, I was probably one of two guys there.

    That said it’s a nice activity to reduce stress. Kinda like the range is 🙂

    • For her next project Kimberly needs to release a series of Paint by Numbers pictures of iconic handguns and rifles. Some shotguns with the complex field camouflage designs would be interesting.

  4. Oh, man, I can see where this is-a-gonna lead.

    I can already hear the harpy-like shrieks of menopausal women that demand action equating this to ‘Joe Camel’ and how we’re trying to indoctrinate their young.

    Hey, Water Walker, I don’t see anything in the rules about a tasteful female nude not being allowed on the contest entry.

    Add a rear-view of a woman loading guns into that safe. Way, way in the back of that safe… 🙂

    • My artistic skills are sadly not up to par in my sunset years. The wife spends most of her time creating works of art which she sells through her shop(etsy) and antique shows. I guarantee she’s NOT interested in a coloring contest:)

    • Oh no this is just evil, perverting young minds. Combine this with the assult 64 piece crayron boxes and it will be bedlam. Nobody need more than 10 crayons. Think of the children.

    • Not specifically FDE but you can come close with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 132 Pack. You will have to blend it.

      Don’t ask, my gf and my nieces are all into the coloring books. They watch TV and color during the commercials and have a blast. I had a full rid to art school and instead went into engineering but still know the basics so I get called to help blend colors.

  5. I had a GI Joe Marine Coloring Book when I was a kid. The Marines were fighting the Japanese for some island. They really need to re-issue that coloring book for the kids today.

  6. “Crayola Crayon announces massive roll out of adult/firearm coloring colors”.

    “A spokesperson indicated the groundswell of adult coloring of everything from muskets to weapons of war has eclipsed Pokemon Go and Crayola is responding to the trend.”

    “Colors in the new “FMJ Box” will include: FDE (without mixing), Cerakote Winter Pattern, Black Powder Residue, MuddyGirl Camo, Zombie Zero Aim, S&W Model 29 Cold Blue Steel, CZ Black Polycoat, Burnt Powder Umber, Harvest (deer) Gold, and a special two crayon system to replicate true Nickel Plating.”

    “The IN BOX crayon sharpener will be fully Magpul compliant with 6 separate sharpening adjustments (Round Nose, Keith 158, Hollowpoint, Spitzer, and both Wad and Semi Wadcutter.”

    “In response to Muthers Against Guns and Former Mayor Bloomberg, all purchases of “FMJ” will require a full psychological background check, only available to those over 21, no sales in California, NJ, and NYC.” “Crayola is working with appropriate groups to close the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ so that the product is not sold next to ‘weapons of war’, John Wayne bumper stickers, and those horrible paper targets that feature Islamo-insensitive graphics”.

    “Shares of Crayola were mixed in after hours trading, analysis showed strong Crayola stock purchases centered in Flyover Country, the South, and other “Red States”. New York City based Hedge Funds seemed to be taking a long position shorting against the stock in overseas trading prior to market openings in Asia and Europe.”

  7. I like the idea, but the huge warning heading into the book’s site is rather offputting.

      • Yeah, I got it. It’s from Mozilla, creators of the Firefox browser. It says the site “has been reported as a deceptive site.” This comes up when someone (wonder who? Bloomberg minions perhaps?) reports the site as containing “phishing” or malware scripts. Easy way for the anti-rights groups to mess with a company’s online presence. Doesn’t necessarily mean they actually have any malware on the site, though.

    • So I clicked through, and Firefox gave me an “alert bar” at the top of the page with an option to click a box that said the site is not a phishing site. Once I did this another tab opened that offered the opportunity to submit a report on why I think the site is safe. I explained in the comment section that I believe the site was falsely reported as malicious by an anti-gun rights group due to the images of guns in an adult coloring book. Don’t know that it helped, but I took a shot at it.

      • This is Kimberly, the author. Thank you so much for trying to “unphish” my site. I’m disappointed to learn that there is a problem you are experiencing. I welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. Negotiating the new landscape of “political correctness” online is tough.

        Once again, thank you for having my 6.

    • Hi, Peter! This is Kimberly, the author. Thanks for the heads up on your experience with my website. I will take a second look at what I can do to prevent the same from happening to others.

  8. This would be absolutely perfect for long hunting trips or camping trips with my older kids. Of course, my sons and I would take at it with glee, only to be stared at in disgust by my daughter, not because of the material, but because of our ability. The last time I colored something she just looked at me like I was Frankenstein’s monster and asked, “Why would you do it like that?” She’s 7.
    Sad panda.

    • Hi, jwtaylor. This is Kimberly, the author. Taking on camping/hunting trip is exactly what I was thinking too!

      Your daughter’s comment cracked me up!

  9. My wife has been using adult coloring books following a stroke she had last year. I just ordered the Full Metal book off of Amazon for myself. Might be another thing to do during slow times at work.

    • Hi, Avid Reader. This is Kimberly, the author. My website helper is on it! Thx for reporting!

  10. This is going to my daughter as down-time entertainment for her deployment! Thank you SFC Eakin!

  11. Make one explicitly for kids and see if Moms Demand Action throws a fit 😀

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