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Have you ever thought to yourself, “ya know what would be cool? A semi-auto SBR MAC-10 look-alike in 5.7x28mm!” If you have, were you sober at the time? Yeah, didn’t think so. MasterPiece Arms, on the other hand, thinks that there’s enough demand for just such a firearm and they’ve introduced a brand new SKU for it and started shipping them. From the press release . . .

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, , introduce the short barrel version of their popular MPA570SST rifle. Built for maneuverability in close quarters while providing extreme accuracy, the new rifle appeals to both home defense individuals and law enforcement officers.

Based on the standard MAC design, the MPA570SST-SBR semi-auto rifle with side cocker is chambered in 5.7x28mm. The 8-inch threaded barrel has a thread size of ½ x 28 and works seamlessly with the MasterPiece series of suppressors (not included).

A Picatinny rail on the receiver top and scope mount allows for placement of any sight or laser system and the MPA short aluminum quadrail provides more area for additional accessories. The MPA570SST-SBR is furnished with an MPA low profile buttstock and side folding attachment and a Strike Industries foregrip. Additional features include an adjustable front sight and one 20-round polymer magazine. Fully American made, the MPA570SST-SBR, ships in a hard shell gun case and offers a lifetime guarantee.

As with any SBR rifle, all NFA regulations apply. See your Class III dealer for more information. MSRP is $799.95.

Right. Just a couple problems here.

First and foremost, the MAC-10 is nowhere near what I’d call comfortable or ergonomic. The sights suck, the placement of the safety is uncomfortably difficult to actuate and the thing just looks butt-ugly. Unless the gun is a real, full-auto MAC-10, there’s no way one is finding its way into my gun safe. Ever.

Second, who thought that 5.7x28mm was a good cartridge choice? Yes, it’s the same round FNH USA’s Five-seveN handgun and PS-90 rifle use. But with such a relatively limited user base, ammunition is damn near impossible to find. Federal only does one run of it every year, and while the shelves may be plentiful right now I guarantee they’ll shortly be looking like the Krispy Kreme box at a weight watcher’s meeting. If I want a MAC-10, I want it in the original 9mm flavor — cheap, easier to find and much more fun to shoot.

Lastly, why in the world would I want a factory SBR version? Now, not only do I have to spend my hard-earned $800 for the pleasure of owning this thing, but I have to wait a month for the ATF to send up a puff of white smoke just to get it to my FFL. And then it’s another 6 to 12 months for the ATF to sign off on the transfer paperwork so I can actually take it home with me. All the while, I’ll be sitting at home waiting with bated breath for the call to come in that I can pick up what may be the worst gun in the history of the world ever.

That statement isn’t just based on my intuition either. I had a chance to put my hands on one of these at a friend’s gun shop and hated just about everything about it. The stock was flimsy and didn’t feel solid against my shoulder. The grip was uncomfortable, as expected. And the whole package felt like it was made of pot metal. It was like someone took a bunch of Pringles cans and welded them together, then sold it as a gun.

Gee, I wonder why MasterPiece Arms doesn’t want to send us anything to review . . .

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    • There are more useless guns in the marketplace than we can count. New designs looking for an application are a waste of R&D. Identify a market and the players in it, then make something better. Production for production’s sake is pointless.

    • If we can come up with any niche to market this to apart from gullible CoD players or those annoying zombie survivalist dorks, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, it just looks like the newest item in a long line of solutions to a problem nobody really has, so why waste any nice adjectives on it?

      • Who cares? If there are any number of people out there that want it, great. If they enjoy putting holes in paper and converting money to noise as much as I do, why the heck should I care how anyone else spends their money?

        • Is there anyone here who can really say they HAVEN’T spent more money than they should on guns they have no practical use for?

      • “gullible CoD players or those annoying zombie survivalist dorks”

        Some of those people VOTE. I for one don’t relish the idea of alienating ANY voter that may help me keep my rights nor do I wish they would stop pumping money into the gun industry I love so much.

        There are enough “aliens” chipping away at our way of life as it is.

    • > I love the reviews here on TTAC, especially the honesty,
      > but this feels like we went from sarcastic to mean.


    • “Gee, I wonder why MasterPiece Arms doesn’t want to send us anything to review”

      Well it looks like you answered your own question, Nick: Your obvious closed-minded, biased attitude! You’ve condemned it with out even firing it.

      And how do you know the 5.7x28mm is worthless? Have you ever shot someone with one?

      • Right on. I own a mpa57 and like it. For the money, you cant beat it. Seems like all the people who don’t like it, are the people that don’t own one. So honestly, what the fuck do they know anyways?

        • I own one of these in the pistol version and other MPA firearms as well. By far the most affordable 5.7 and with the weight of this gun no recoil and easy to stay on target. Fun to shoot and a sparrow SS suppressor adds to the awesomeness. For practicality stick to your glock, xd, LCP, etc. This is for the fun of it.

  1. Pringles cans are mostly cardboard. But maybe the analogy still holds up? I dunno. I’ve fondled plenty of Pringles cans, not so much with the MAC-10.

  2. Meh, never liked wire stocks on anything(AK, M1 carbine) , feels like your trying to get a cheek weld on a metal coat hanger…

  3. At some point MPA was considering sending us one of these for testing; they repeatedly asked for my dealer’s FFL but never sent us a test gun. I would have been happy to take it for a spin, even though 5.7 ammo is more expensive and harder to find than milsurp .308.

    MPA has tried to bring the Ingram design forward into the 21st century with side-chargers and new calibers, but there’s a reason that it’s been phased out of use by anyone except mall ninjas and the occasional terrorist/criminal.

    • So now the question presents, is this review a form of revenge for not getting a freebie?

      I doubt it, but it was a bit over the top with derision. I’m sure the 5.7 has some people liking it or no one would make that round. Did TTAG even try to see another point of view?

      • The 5.7mm is a fantastic cartridge, with three VERY IMPORTANT caveats.

        First, the 5.7 is only ‘fantastic’ in the original penetrator loading, which is not available for civilian purchase. You won’t find it at and you won’t find it at your LGS, because about the only people selling it are crooked cops or service members who stole it from work. If anyone offers to sell it to you over the internet, it’s probably a sting.

        In its civilian-legal loadings, the 5.7 is a mediocre cartridge whose only advantage is its phenomenal magazine capacity compared to other pistol calibers.

        Second, the only fantastic 5.7mm firearms are the FiveseveN pistol and the P-90 carbine. I’ve shot them both, a lot, and they’re bloody brilliant: minimal recoil, huge magazine capacity, fantastic accuracy and extremely light weight. The P-90 is a great firearm, but shooting it with civilian ammo is like shooting roundnose .38s through your .357 Magnum. If you want an FN with that chewy caramel bullpup goodness, get yourself an FS2000 in 5.56.

        The FiveseveN is also an outstanding design. I’m not a world-class pistol shot, but I can routinely go 7 for 10 on a 3/4-scale steel silhouette at 100 yards with a FiveseveN shooting offhand. I cannot do this with any other pistol I’ve ever shot.

        Third, 5.7mm ammo is both rare and expensive. Most of it is made by FN, with Federal adding a batch once in a while. There are no commercial reloads, and handloaders must be *extremely* careful to stay well below the 50,000 PSI SAAMI limit. This is almost 50% more pressure than a 9mm, and the tolerances for bullet weight, seating depth and powder charge are all exquisitely tight.

        As much as I like the FiveseveN and PS-90, the civilian 5.7×28 cartridge is neither useful nor practical. It’s just not effective or powerful enough to justify its scarcity and expense. The excellence of the FiveseveN and PS-90 platforms is the only good reason the 5.7×28 cartridge still exists on the U.S. civilian market.

        • Not to bring up a sore subject that I’m sure might offend some people, but civilian 5.7 has been shown to be plenty effective in lethality… Fort Hood… I usually enjoy TTAG for most reviews, this one showed a strong bias however.

    • I have the MPA 57sst pistol and I bought it for one specific reason – reloading test mule. If I blow the damn thing up with one of my reloads, I’m out $400 and not $1200 like I would be if I blew up my Fiveseven. Thing is, the MPA is built like a tank, so I doubt I’ll ever destroy it. Also, I mounted a Bushnell TR25 on my MPA and given the fact that it weighs 4lbs, it has no recoil and is very accurate.

      • Careful! No room for facts, here! The MPA 5.7 is:

        A) A blast to shoot
        B) Damn accurate
        C) Feared by ignoramuses
        D)The cheapest way to shoot 5.7
        E) Very easy to find parts for

        Sure, it makes perfect sense why TTAG hates it!

        What I believe the author meant to say (but can you really call some twit with cheeto AND crap stains on his keyboard an “author?”), was that ANY gun in 5.7 is a novelty in civilian hands, as we are not privy to the good stuff Uncle Sham shoots at folks overseas.

        Furthermore, the author hates MACs so much, apparently, that having never had the 5.7mm MPA, he’s willing to call it “the most useless POS of all time.”

        While I understand that a $200 stamp is best used elsewhere, to each their own.

        If someone new to the NFA world likes 5.7 and wants an SBR, why not? Who the heck are you to dictate what has utility? What if I’m a MAC enthusiast, who’s never going to afford FA? Am I relegated to 16″ barrels and 9mm/.45 only, as one of the lowly groundlings? (Sire, am I permitted to lust for a .22lr?)

        For the record, I’d prefer a Krink, but I’d buy the MPA if I was a MAC dude.

        You’ve missed a BIG “usefulness” of this gun: It gets some younger enthusiasts interested in NFA items. Heck, maybe they graduate one day to the author’s EDC (a Pen Gun, I assume).

  4. If the PS-90 didn’t exist, I would say this thing is great.

    Knowing that they do exist, though, and aren’t even terribly difficult to find, I have to ask what the hell the marketing team at MPA was smoking when they thought this thing could compete with a SBR PS-90 in any way, shape, or form. I guess if you REALLY wanted a short barrel P90 but absolutely couldn’t afford to go over a grand, this would be your only option, but I don’t see that happening for very many people.

  5. Iraqveteran8888 did a quick video about it:

    My first observation was that I didn’t hear a lot of steel ringing when he shot it. Then he strapped a camera on the top for a “down the barrel” view, and he made the observation that he couldn’t really aim it in that configuration, because the camera mount obscured the sights. I found it pretty friggin’ comical that he hit the steel as much (if not more) without being able to aim than he did earlier in the video when he (at least theoretically) was aiming.

  6. I’m particularly a fan of how they just slapped some grip tape on the side of the magwell to help you hold onto the otherwise perfectly smooth piece of square tubing.

      • Oh wow, so it does. The dents are really subtle, and didn’t show up in Nick’s picture. I had to do a Google Image Search to find them.

        • I was pissed when I got mine until I realized they were there on purpose. I thought it was dented from shipping or something…lol.

          From personal use…. they do nothing at all.

  7. The 5.7×28 round is good in it’s original incarnation-defeating battlefield body armor using an armor piercing projectile, one illegal for civil sale.

    As a civil defense firearm, it would suck….unless your idea of home defense is dying as the bad guy soaks up 20 rounds of your return fire to no effect.As to the inevitable citation of Fort Hood, note that even a .22LR would have done the job, handguns being quite deadly against an unarmed person.

    • “unless your idea of home defense is dying as the bad guy soaks up 20 rounds of your return fire to no effect”

      What??? Have you ever seen what this round actually does to an animal? I have and I guarantee short of body armor you would NOT be “soaking up” even the civilian loads.

      I agree that it’s not an ideal HD load but that’s taking it waaaaay to far.

    • The pistol version of this does as well. It even came with a rubber “trigger condom” to ease that a bit(I guess).

      Not exactly the pinnacle of technological engineering…lol.

  8. Yes 5.7 is hard to find. But the more guns made, the more ammo will be made. Hell give it ten years and 5.7 may be a very common round as opposed to the oddity it is now.

  9. Ahh, another useless Leghorn review. You can save time and just post a picture and the words “Everything I don’t like is useless garbage, and if you disagree you are an idiot.”.

    • Two points there: First, it wasn’t a review. It appears to be an opinion piece. Second, I don’t see anyone being called an idiot.

      If you can get your hands on one and want to write up a full review, I’m sure we’d publish it.

      • “Have you ever thought to yourself, “ya know what would be cool? A semi-auto SBR MAC-10 look-alike in 5.7x28mm!” If you have, were you sober at the time? Yeah, didn’t think so.”

        The opening does a pretty good job of that, Matt. I’d also say as an opinion piece it is a smidge worse. Plenty of trash talk based on handling it, little to no fact.

        I stand by my comment.

      • You can’t prove an opinion.

        But such a derisive and sneering review is of limited value. It makes the reader wonder how any company can possibly spend so much money and time and reputation on selling something that no one could ever want and serves no purpose whatsoever. The reader is left to conclude that the reviewer was less than thorough. When I have to ask whether a manufacturer was completely insane or a reviewer was just being petty, I’m going to conclude the reviewer was petty.

      • Guns are fun. We should not forget that (KJW does a great job advocating for this). As a community I think we need to be sure that we don’t get pushed further into the corner of only being allowed to own guns that serve a specific purpose. We already have import restrictions requiring that a firearm have an ATF-approved “sporting purpose.” You know most of the gun grabber politicians and activists use this exact line of reasoning to try and ban “assault weapons” and guns with no “purpose” other than “killing lots of people rapidly” and follow all of these things up with “they aren’t used for hunting.” Now here’s a gun with, ostensibly, little other purpose than it being fun and unique. Well, sh*t, I happen to own a handful of firearms that fall into that same category. Hell, I have a couple of guns that are basically just paperweights (like my Cobray Pocket Pal) that I bought because they are weird or cool or unique or fun. Or funny. What the heck is wrong with that!?!? This MPA shoots expensive ammo, but some people like the caliber. Maybe they geek out on it or enjoy the required precision in reloading it or love that it’s loud but has no recoil or they personally believe it’s the most deadly thing since the mythical .45 ACP, or whatever. Who cares? Their choice. Sounds like you could build this same setup in 9mm if you wanted to. Maybe they’re a product of the 80’s and think this is the sexiest looking thing next to a DeLorean. It’ll certainly turn heads. I’d personally rather SBR an Uzi but there are plenty of folks who like this design better. I’d also rather buy it in rifle form and be able to possess and use it while the paperwork is going through for the SBR conversion, then just swap the barrel out. But whatever.

        That was a novel haha, but the bottom line is that “usefulness” or “uselessness,” as it were, is completely and totally personal. LOTS of firearms have no function other than novelty or fun, and those are legitimate uses! I mean, every day we all enjoy ourselves by doing things that serve no functional purpose, like playing golf or watching a movie. If this MPA brings somebody joy then it has a legitimate, real purpose. A gun doesn’t have to serve a defensive, hunting, or bullseye shooting function. Guns are fun. Let’s not ruin that 🙂

      • Nick, this is Phil from MPA.

        Obviously, you created quite the reaction by your opinion/desktop review of our 570sst-sbr based on the variety of responses generated by your readers.

        And yes, we typically have our PR group provide samples to industry writers that have an open mind and review our product based on the merit and features of the product itself. When the industry professional appears to have a pre-conceived idea about the quality or uselessness of the firearm – and questions whether the consumer was “sober” when purchasing one of our products, they typically don’t go to the top of the list.

        So I am offering you this challenge – next time you are in the state of Georgia, come to our plant. We are located 1 hour NE of Atlanta, near Athens. We will give you the full plant tour, showing our machining systems and techniques (45+ CNC Machine Tools), quality control systems (TS16949/ISO9000), design process and methods (Solidworks, Surfcam, MasterCam), barrel manufacturing technology (Spencer), etc. Heck, we may even have you hand lap some barrels. We will spend some range time on a variety of products, including this 570sst-sbr and the new 308BA bolt action, plus anything else you care to shoot.

        Come with an open mind, no pre-conceived ideas, and give us a fair and honest review. If you do this, I will provide any firearm we produce to your and your team at TTAG for review. Then you can provide educated and informed T&E to your readers on our current and future products.

        I hope you take us up on this offer.

        • Phil, your defender series firearms are fantastic! They’re so much fun to shoot, and built like a firearm should be. Keep up the good work up there

  10. While I am inclined to agree that this design is butt ugly and I’d never put one in the safe even if it was gifted to me, some of the AI have made the comment that the more guns produced chambered for the 5.7 ammo may lead to more 5.7 ammo being produced. I like the idea of finding 5.7 more often than once every 6 months. I don’t care much for this design, the pistol may be fun as a range toy. What I would really like to see would be a bolt gun chambered for it for those weekend warriors to punch holes in paper with… just my 2 cents.

    • Why? The ammo is way more expensive than .17 HMR or .22 WMR and the performance is about the same in civilian loads. It would be a very costly and limited plinker. The 5.7 round shines in only one application really, and we civvies don’t get the ammo that would make it effective for that mission.

      • As more guns are made for it we can expect more variety in the ammo types, as well as more availability, and a price drop because of the increased production.

  11. I was under the impression that most MAC-10’s were .45 ACP and the -11 was .380 ACP. Never heard of one being offered in 9 x 19mm, though it’s a pretty obvious choice for a compact subgun.

    Anyway this thing is thoroughly stupid but I’m sure it’ll snare some mall ninja types. Then again, most of those guys would probably rather have a PS90 SBR.

    • The M-11 was made originally in .380, but was also produced by Cobray as a 9mm variant. I have a relative who has a 9mm M-11. It patterns like a shotgun, it’s ugly as sin and it jams frequently, but when it’s working right it’s damn fun to spray with.

    • the vast majority of MAC-11s were chambered in 9mm. SWD M11/NINE being the most popular. it accounts for quite a bunch of the 180ish thousand transferrables in the registry.

      a whole cottage industry is built around them ( being one of them)

      as per this review? the m11 in 9mm as an SBR is pretty fun. pretty compact too (without the stupid rail). the REAL uzi stock this one is based off of is pretty solid. being that it is a subgun, cheek weld is secondary to compactness/concealability.

    • I had much the same thought. I was able to shoot a MAC-10 in .45 back in college and I remember it being heavy, inaccurate and a hell of a lot of fun. This opinion piece has driven me to Wikipedia (I know, I know) to read up on the MAC-10. I see they eventually made it a closed bolt design, which answered my next question about this gun.

      As for the gun in question… I’ll pass. I don’t need another caliber cluttering up my shelves. But that decisions is getting harder every month. I saw a 5.7x28mm upper for sale cheap recently… An AR that takes P90 magazines would be different, to say the least.

    • I had much the same thought. I was able to shoot a MAC-10 in .45 back in college and I remember it being heavy, inaccurate and a hell of a lot of fun. This opinion piece has driven me to Wikipedia (I know, I know) to read up on the MAC-10. I see they eventually made it a closed bolt design, which answered my next question about this gun.

      As for the gun in question… I’ll pass. I don’t need another caliber cluttering up my shelves. But that decisions is getting harder every month. I saw a 5.7x28mm upper for sale cheap recently… An AR that takes P90 magazines would be different, to say the least.

      • A few years ago I had the opportunity to shoot an AR with a 5.7 upper. It was the first time I’d ever seen the 90 degree P90 magazine, and at the time was one of the weirdest gun-related things I’d ever seen. It was more accurate than me, and had a report bigger than a 5.56 AR but the recoil of a .22, if that. It was a strange bird indeed, and someday I might have one, if it ever became reasonable to feed 50 rounds at a time.

    • +1 For the Starcraft reference!

      And you’d get your ammo about the same time a bunch of zerglings, er, disaffected youths with economic grievances, overran your base in a rush.

  12. 9mm is cheap and plentyful? Where are you shopping. 9mm is still hard to find. So it really wouldn’t matter unless its .40 sw or .45

  13. This review has really caused the butt hurt among some. We’re all adults here, if this rustles your jimmies then get one. Otherwise just let us chuckle in peace.

  14. It would be fun to be the listening and watching as the ‘fly on the wall’ of a Master Piece Arms executive management new-product meeting for about fifteen minutes.

  15. If someone had a NFA full auto lower receiver for a mac 10, couldn’t they put this upper on it and be able to fire full auto in 5.7×28? Thus bringing yourself much closer to ‘getting on the same level’ as an mp7.

  16. I have no idea on sales figures, but I assume Masterpiece ARMS is a small manufacturer serving small niche markets. Obviously FN 5.7 handgun owners have enough income to spend very close to or more than $1000 on their guns, so is it surprising MPA seeks to exploit that market?

    I have been fascinated with the FN 5.7 often reading and educating myself for 3 years but I’ve never “pulled the trigger” and purchased one. Well shucks, as I type I’m turning more and more against this MAC-10.

    Dramatic Statement ;^) — If i went to a garage sale and found a full pallet of 5.7 cartridges for 10 cents each, I’d buy the FN Pistol, then an AR57 upper. Then after the lottery win I’d buy a PS90, but at no point would I buy this MAC-10 in 5.7.

    However, to each his own!! Even stupid guns can be fun to shoot!


  17. It seems people are getting a bit snarky and mean about this without paying attention to the marketing aspect of it.

    This uses the same stock as the carbine, the same barrel as the pistol and the same frame/action is shared by both. They didn’t build a new “thing”, they just swapped some existing parts into a different configuration hoping to sell to a niche market without any added expense. They already make all the parts for them so why not put them together differently and sell a couple hundred more units to people who might think it’s cool? If they don’t sell… so what. It’s a no risk marketing device in a competitive market that has a MASSIVELY varied consumer base when it comes to style, usefulness, tacticool-ness or just the “neat” factor.

    Who says once you have your core guns to do the jobs you need them to do that you can’t(or shouldn’t) buy some stuff because it’s neat? Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it useless.

    I personally don’t like the thing. I have an MPA 5.7sst defender that I love for what it is…. a fun oddity(check my reply on the original ATACS article, it explains quite a bit). This is the same gun in a different outfit and I’m sure there are people out there that will LOVE this type of thing…. To each his own. Does your friends gun shop have a habit of buying things they think they’ll never be able to sell? My guess is that he knows somebody will like it enough to buy it or he wouldn’t have it in the store.

    Hear me out here Nick but this article makes you sound not only hateful but smacks to me of the same attitude that the grabbers use against us…. “I don’t like it so nobody else should”. I think the “people of the gun” need to have a more inclusive and accepting attitude than that if we’re going to survive with our rights intact.

    You’re an awesome writer and at times I envy your word-smithery. You also have a HUGE audience that reads those words on a daily basis. Because of that alone you might want to take a step back and realize that not only your opinions but your attitude actually affect people(like me) more than just another Tom, Dick or Harry at the LGS. You may not have asked for it but your opinions carry more weight than that of the average Joe.

    You also may not have meant to but for a brief second you made me feel like a total idiot for ever owning that 5.7sst I lost in the boating accident…. Then I came to my senses and remembered WHY I bought it in the first place…. because I wanted it, because it was neat, because it was half the price of an FN and because the cartridge fascinates me not because Nick told me it was ok.

    No ill will here man, just my thoughts,


  18. Why does MPA make this gun? To make money of course.
    If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. But stop criticizing people that will buy it, It looks like a fun range toy to me. If SBR were easier to obtain I would get one. The more guns people buy the better. We don’t all like AR15s and 1911s
    I have a FiveseveN pistol, would love a PS90, but at a starting price of nearly $1200 it will not happen for a while

  19. The only thing MPA makes that I really kinda want is the carbine in .460 Rowland. Seems like it would be nice for hog hunting or maybe some unrealistic defensive scenarios the likes of which I’m prone to plan for.

  20. Gents, I own several FN pistols, a PS-90 and a 5.7 upper. And yes I own a MPA 5.7 pistol. It’s ugly, heavy and cumbersome. But it’s built like a tank, shoot’s straight EVERYTIME and has never jammed even once. It also cost about 500.00 bucks for something that shoots 5.7MM very well. It’s the kind of gun you could count on in a mad max type of world. As for the 5.7 round, I carry it for a duty gun and trust it to do it’s job. As it has almost zero recoil accuracy is close to custom 1911. Last time I qualified with it I scored 250/250. Not because I shoot that well, but the fast little bastard does that well. I would like too see someone else build some 5.7 handguns. As for the MPA, for the money it’s a simple, solid gun.

    • I caught that, too. Apparently, he was too pissed off to do a little research on something that is extremely common gun knowledge.

    • It’s funny how many people post without knowing what they are talking about or Have the I don’t like it so, it sucks attitude…..I don’t own a MPA but I do have a NFA full auto Mac 10 in 9mm ( yes they made M10s in 9&45) ,NFA F/A UZI, 5.7 pistol and PS-90, I been reloading since 1984 and load a lot of calipers up to 50BMG……5.7 is a tricky cartridge to load for and the idea of a test mule for 5.7 reloads is awesome!!! I load and cast bullets for 300 Blackout in my SBR AR some people think it’s stupid ( 7 cents a round!) what ever… but the guys talking about how Anti gunners use that same arguements to ban Stuff hit the nail on the head! We need to a little more understanding , all the Fuds stayed home in 1992, not worried that Clinton would ban their duck or deer rifles and we had 10year drought ! BTW open bolt subguns with a red dot and a solid stick on them are a lot more accurate than most people give them credit for usually better than most people can shoot a pistol

  21. I just love you “know it all’s” using the term “mall ninjas”. I like my mpa 57, it shoots good and straight. But what I like most about it is that it was CHEAP and well made. Most people cant afford sigs and Colts or Kimbers. Mpa is bringing a wide variety of guns to the market that are well made and are very reasonable priced. So what if they aren’t as cool looking as a Cx4 or Fn herstal? I respect MPA for what they are doing and Im proud to own a firearm they made. BTW, looks nice in my vault beside my COLT defender and Kimber Pro Carry II…………………

  22. I have this rifle in the carbine instead of the SBR. I actually like it quite a bit. I liked it better when the ammo was $20 a box instead of $30, but that isn’t the fault of the rifle. I had a PS-90 and I like this rifle better. The PS90 was $1600 and had several serious flaws for a firearm that cost that much. The optic was awful, the trigger was worse, and it wasn’t especially accurate. It was fun but I had too much money tied up in it to tolerate its serious flaws.

    The MPA has no trigger slap, and the trigger is actually pretty good considering the type of rifle. The wire stock with the foam pad is surprisingly comfortable and adjustable several ways. Mine doesn’t fold, so its actually quite rigid. If you don’t like the stock, you can put any AR stock on it you like they have the same threads.

    Anyone who says the commercial ammo is useless hasn’t ever shot anything with it. It has plenty of power for varmint hunting up to coyotes. Would I use it for self defense? well it wouldn’t be my first choice, but that’s not what this rifle is for, but I think its better than a MAC in 9mm. You may not agree with this, but I’m willing to bet I have shot more things with both rounds than most, and I think its much better.

    If you like this kind of rifle, (I do) don’t feel bad about buying it. I has delivered everything that I thought it would, and a little more.

  23. I purchased a FN 5.7 when a friend won 1 from a NRA raffle several years ago came with 1,000 rounds $800. Shot 200 rounds been sitting in the safe since. I really don’t see a civilian use for the round. When it first came out the best review I saw was good for LEO if an officer couldn’t qualify w/9mm.
    Only reason I’m even keeping it is my son wants it for his collection & besides 1911’s FN
    pistols fit his.& wifes hands the best. + the factory is only a 2 hour drive & customer service is great. Locally a fellow has had the 8″ pistol online for sale awhile down to $500. After reading an honest piece gonna save the bucks. Besides the mac 10 copies are still $349 @ last gun show. Rather stay to easier to find calibers.

  24. To Phil from MPA I’m due to be in the White county area on business this Summer. E-mail me @ same + if you would be willing to extend the courtesy.

  25. The lack of understanding combined with uncalled for vitriol displayed by much of this thread is scary stupid and scary mean spirited. It explains much and speaks volumes to the current sad condition of this once great nation. I will enlighten those capable of learning.

    The 57×28 is absolutely brilliant and the best example of cartridge innovation in a very long time. It is a perfect example of a quantum leap in firearm technology. The 57 original design provides excellent capacity to defeat hard objects such as a car door or thick glass. It is very effective at defeating tough material such as body armor. And it delivers the maximum % of wounding and energy transfer. The 57 is the sole round capable of delivering near 100% energy transfer to a human or animal target. Hollow points can not by design deliver the same percentage of energy as the original and or early versions of the 57 bullet.

    Any deformation of a projectile requires energy. The energy attenuated by the projectile is NOT transferred to tissue and is NOT creating tissue damage. I will explain with an example. A car traveling at 100 mph and crashing straight into a steel wall incurs 2x the energy of a car of = weight traveling at 50 mph and colliding head on with another car of = weight traveling at 50 mph in the opposite direction. In each accident the same amount of energy is attenuated (mass of car x 100squ). In the first accident near 100% of the energy is delivered to the car and near 0 attenuated by the stationary steel wall. This is evident when examining the damage – all of which is incurred by the car. In the second accident each car attenuates 1/2 of the energy and incurs 1/2 the damage.

    The fact that the 57 bullet (original) tumbled to created wounding with zero expansion and without over penetration made it the most efficient round EVER. The fact that the ammo is currently watered down, expensive, or difficult to acquire does deserve aniomos. However, the animosity should be aimed properly at our bloated government and the liberals running it and passing illegal laws to emasculate the citizen — not at a firearm company trying to keep a great thing alive and or revive what should be revived. I may buy a 57 just because the libs don’t want us too. NO AMMO is more appropriate for civilian use than AP ammo. Only ONLY ONLY AP ammo keeps gov and gov agents on their toes and mindful of the citizen.

    I have read that Elite ammo is still loading the 57 to AP specs from a 5 inch barrel. Their ammo from 8 inches should be awesome as barrel length is critical for power from necked down rounds and small dia rounds. If this were not already enough for all of us to go out and bye as much AP and 57 rounds and platforms consider the following. The 57 has ridiculously low recoil (much less than a 9mm with = energy) and is the MOST accurate of all auto pistol rounds. If launched from an = quality platform the 57×28 would win every pistol accuracy contest hands down ( it is far more inherently accurate than the 9mm).

    The ideas incorporated by masterpiece are also brilliant and innovative even if not implemented with the highest degree of craftsmanship. MPA incorporates a fixed barrel and blow back design in many legitimate self defense rounds. I know of no other company offering blow back in so many calibers and in such powerful calibers such as the 45acp. This make them unique. The fixed barrel makes this weapon more accurate than almost any standard factory product. All auto pistols are inaccurate because the barrel is ALWAYS unstable and high accuracy can not be achieved with a wobbling barrel. My MPA is far far far more accurate than my Glock or my Kimber. My MPA is the most accurate pistol I have ever (and I have shot many) fired excluding my Rugar Mk III which is also a blow back. My 45 acp can shoot standard target ammo, self defense Double Tap, +p rounds, and even 45 supper with zero modification. In a single mag I can load all three types alternating between them and never jam ( I did perform a little smithing to get it right but its right now). I know of no other 45 that can shoot standard in fact weak cheap loads and 255 grain supers from the same weapon, and I can do this without changing a spring or mag. MPA makes the ONLY auto pistol that actually has a look that is not soooo boooreing and ubiquitous. There is no diff between a Glock and an MP or even much between either and any 1911. You may not like the look of a mack 10 but your stupid. The mack 10 loooks cool way cooler than my Kimber. I went through a lot of trouble and money to put a red dot on my Glock. I just placed a better red dot with a bigger sight picture on my MPA.

    60% of rounds fired from a hand gun in a gun fight are misses. You can practice with your 3 dots or upgrades to expensive night sights all you want, but I know when push comes to shove you won’t use them when your loved ones life depends on you doing just that. No when the bad guy is shooting at you – you will be waving and pulling and never even see the dots. 1 in 10 LEOs remember even seeing their front sight after a gun fight and that is from the ones alive to participate in the poll data. I can’t help but see my red dot glaring at me from atop of my MP 45. MPA weapons have the greatest ammo capacity and the lowest recoil. My 45 super which is 2x the power and energy of your 9mm kicks less than any 380 or 32 auto. My master piece is the superior to any bedside companion that doesn’t have a pussie and give head.

    Unique design and look
    super accuracy
    high energy transfer
    highest ammo capacity
    Red dot ready
    super low recoil
    super easy to clean and maintain
    and makes libs and commies crazy
    Yeah who the heck would want that

    written but not read

  26. They don’t send you any guns to review??????
    Could it be because you noticed their tiny litle 32 and 380 pistols-the ones from a few years ago, didn’t work? The Didn’t Work with such repeatable consistency that it appears that Master Piece arms quit trying to sell them.
    The amazing thing is that Masterpiece Arms continues to exist at all.

  27. so what i take away from this post. 1, the ingram design is horrible and obsolete. 2, the 5.7 round is horrible and obsolete. What i take away from reality. 1, the ingram design was used to guard the president’s life. 2, the 5.7 round is currently used to guard the president’s life…i think the writer is just mad he didnt get a free gun. or someone with a mac 10 touched him as a child.

  28. “From the Deepest Depths of uselessness” is a little extreme. A budget rifle that makes shooting an interesting round a little cheaper. It looks like a lot of fun and at the end of the day that’s all shooting is; An interesting hobby.

  29. I actually own the .45 ACP carbine MPA puts out. Aside from the weight being comparable to a Volvo, it’s a great rifle. When I bought it, they were around $500 out the door, and entry level ARs were in the $800 range. I would have recommended it to the man on a budget, then. Now, you can get a decent M&P 15 for less than the MPA. You take the issue with the weight and add the expense of Grease Gun magazines and more readily available accessories for the AR (or AK) platform … I just can’t see it anymore.

  30. Just SBR the shorter pistol version (no quad rail) by adding a folding stock, about a foot long of awesomeness when folded. SS Sparrow does the rest.

  31. Only thing that would be bad is if u had a 9mm an u run in to someone with the 5.7 u better just run cuz ud have no chance with the 9.

    • Gawd, I hope this is a troll.

      If not, please do not ever speak about guns in public again. Or in private, for that matter. Or really anywhere you have a chance of influencing someone. Whispering to yourself at home is still OK. Just don’t talk too loud, your neighbors might hear you.

  32. Did this retard actually fire the weapon? these are insanely accurate well made Weapons. very heavy duty. Ideal for ship boarding and taking a vessel at sea, Close quarters combat, room clearing, etc. Full auto is for suppression fire there Rambo,,,with the golden gun locker. … 30 or so nations around the world use the 5.7 and it’s becoming a popular round simply because it’s an Armor piercing round out of a pistol AND one of the most accurate pistol ammo standards available. The Defender DMG would be a better choice considering it has quick change Kits that can turn it into a carbine with a 16 inch barrel OR slap on the 9mm conversion kit to make it a 9mm pistol OR carbine……Only thing I dont like on the 5.7 is the grip…not real dynamic because of the length of the 5.7 round. there are reliable 40 round mags for these that dump time and time again without failure. Cynical fairly useless review.

  33. Wow, the author of this review must have dung for brains….MPA firearms are of EXCELLENT build quality and VERY much a useful firearm, IF you know what applications to use it for…
    This moron needs to stop reviewing firearms and get a F’n clue!!!!


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