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For several years now, Mossberg has been hanging gi-normous Barrett muzzle brakes on some of their 12-gauge Model 500s. Short-barrel shotguns can deliver impressive recoil, but I’ve still never understood why you would mount a massive Barrett muzzle brake on anything less massive than a Barrett .50 BMG. It must be working for them, because Mossberg is now taking aim at the style-conscious and (pathologically) recoil-sensitive by putting both a Schnabel fore-end and a Barrett muzzle brake on a Marlin-Glenfield Model 60. The point being…?

I love Mossberg, and they make darn fine guns (their 702 Plinkster is based on Marlin’s ageless classic) but any gun that screams I can’t handle the recoil of a .22 rifle! should ship with a paisley-patterned purple stock and a brown paper bag for the shooter to wear over their head in shame.

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  1. Oh, come on Chris…. be nice. You nailed it when you said “style conscious” – you know that there are a lot of gun-related products out on the market that are there simply to look “kool.” Don’t you remember being 12 and wanting to put a flash supressor and folding stock on your Ruger 10/22 ?!? I thought mine was the koolest thing ever. I think I was 35 before I looked at that rifle critically and realized that a “tacti-kool” .22 was kinda lame.

    • Joe, you ought to post a picture of your Technicolor 10/.22; it’s about as untacticool as you can get. (And as sweet to shoot, I have to admit.)

      • One of these days I have to get around to finishing the 10/22 project – I want to get “Harley” flames painted on the scope – like they put on motorcycle gas tanks, etc.

  2. There’s something exceptionally fun about shooting a firearm with no recoil. It’s not about being able to handle it, it’s about having nothing to handle. Everyone should own a .22 with an efficient brake at some point in their lives, just to have that experience. That said, it doesn’t have to be this ugly. But if you don’t mind the appearance, this one will qualify. I predict it’ll put a lot of grins on a lot of faces.

  3. I -really- don’t believe this gun is intended for the older shooters. I think it’s marketed more towards the our ten year olds who want to shoot a gun that looks like the ones in their video games. I personally wouldn’t own one but if I had a kid, and he though it looked cool, that would be enough reason to buy one and get him into shooting.

  4. we all know that a muzzle brake on a 22lr rifle is truly like putting pasties on an a-cup stripper. useless-yes. stupid? yeah kinda, but we can’t help ourselves. this is the male equivalent of dressing up barbie, without the odd glances from everyone in the room. i am not hampered by some form of machoness, i’m currrently looking for a muzzle brake for my marlin 60 rifle, and my ruger 10-22, as well. after all,why not have some fun? besides, who’s it really hurting? except some wabbits, or squirrels somewhere out there.

    • Recoil slows regaining of sight picture, slowing accurate follow up shots. Yes, we can all handle the punishment of a 12 guage magnum…’s not about manhood. Speed of accurate fire reigns supreme.

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