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 Wonkette doing the succubus thing with Hollywood gunslinger Clint Eastwood (courtesy

“Some total fucking a**hole armed his 12-year-old son with a semi-automatic pistol, and himself with what witnesses described as an assault rifle, for a fun and peaceful good will to men not at all threatening and sh*tbirdy trip to the Phoenix airport,” Rebecca Schoenkopf [above] writes at, sans asterisks, riffing on news of entirely lawful open carry at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport from ABC15. “Mr. Big Brave Manly Macho claimed he’d brought the guns because he was askeered for his safety. You know who else was scared for their safety? Everyone who saw you and your son, who should probably be sent to live with Bristol Palin or Levi Johnston as a better alternative to you.” Wow. Anger issues or what? Someone make sure that young lady doesn’t get a gun. Just sayin. But Ms. Schoenkopf is just getting warmed up . . .

“The vibe that I received from them was that they were rather smug about what they were doing that they knew the law. They knew what they could and could not do,” the woman who witnessed the incident explained.”

Of course they were. Have you met these fucking weasels?

Phoenix police say even though it may not be the most common sense approach to guns, they do have the right to carry them in public areas even in an airport.

Oh, DO THEY? Do they have a right to carry guns in unsecured areas of the airport? DO WE REALLY?

Sure, why not! It’s all fun and games till a “lone wolf” kills a TSA agent because Janet Napolitano’s a dyke. Go f*ck yourself you “patriot” piece of s*it.

Somehow I don’t think Becky “gets” the Second Amendment. Or the meaning of civilized discourse. Saying that, man would I love to debate her. [h/t SS]

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      • I don’t believe it’s you. There’s not a single all-caps or profane word in that comment.

        On the off-chance it is you, why should he rethink it?

        • Really? That I “earned” my spot in a murder-suicide letter?

          You all do have a funny definition of what it means to be American, if you think death threats are okay for those who disagree with you.

          • Oh, you twigged to the “earned.” I guess I flew right past that word. Shrug. I don’t necessarily agree with him. I might even think what he said was stupid. My question is why should he rethink the comment simply because you showed up and said “Hi.” So?

      • Were you aware that Mr. Eastwood is an avid firearms enthusiast? And if yes, would you be afraid to socialize with him in the future? Would you call him the same names you used for 2 men exercizing their constitutional rights? I’m sorry for you, that you can’t tolerate free people obeying the law in your presence.

        • better yet – help us understand why you are so bitter and angry? Can’t get laid? Blind date from internet saw you at the bar at 5 pm wearing the red sweater you think makes you look sexy and he walked away? Favorite vibrator died? Seriously, why are you so pissy? Plenty of people open carry – that is their right and to try to deny that right, is well, racist Yep. I called you out. Do some research on the Black Codes and the true origins of the NRA and the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. Hell, take a look at the decision in Dred Scot about the right to bearing arms would make a Black man a citizen.

      • It really is her. Check her twitter feed, she’s out in full force whining about it.

        Seriously though Rebecca, you spend you time calling people names and trashing others who don’t share your view point. I think you’d have some tougher skin than this. Maybe this is your first rodeo, but there is this new thing called the INTERNET that allows people to say ridiculous sh!t without thought or any attempt to be a decent human being. Oh, wait you already know that based on your whole internet life.

        Get over it. Grow up. The guy made a sarcastic remark. He didn’t threaten you. He simply pointed out that hate filled rants like yours tend to piss people off one day you may push some crazy guys buttons. Is that really some sort of epiphany?

        • I say, let’s see your tits. If it is really you, do a Weiner and post a photo of the twins with “It is me TTAG” sign.

        • Oh Dirk, why must you make my day?! And you should be happy, Rebecca. We let you spout your nonsense on our little home-away-from-home, unlike the way Ms. Watts treats us on her website.

      • Awwwwwww….all the exclamation points in her first response make her seem so cute! Too bad we have her picture.

        Just curious, should all of the rabid commenters on your Wonkette article also “rethink” their comments? Skimming the first dozen or so reveal several fine folks suggesting “that guy and his kid should be shot!” Gracious, but those seem like terrifying threats to me!

        Oh, and regarding the ridiculous implication that you (all powerful internet commando you undoubtably are) would hunt down mlopilato for his comment… I am sure that none of us use any form of anonymizing technology. The interwebz are a big scary place, and we are all just knuckle dragging Neanderthals compared to progressives like you.

      • It’s okay Rebecca 🙁

        If the editors of this site had selected a similarly unappealing photo of me, I would be angry too.

      • Oh look, the crazy comes out to play… How are your meds treating you? I hear paranoid hoplophobia requires quite a regimen to keep you sane. Have you been skipping?

      • Rebecca,
        why should he (or anyone for that matter) rethink anything that he has written about you? You’re an awful, vapid, hatable person. I use the term person loosely, of course. I am not sure what’s worse, the fact that you’re so biggoted and intolerant or that you’re such a BORE. I am not kidding; you’re so painfully boring and predictable that it’s tough to read any of your literary vomit without getting douche chills. The whole “young and fired up for a fashionable cause” routine is getting pretty tired, by the way. Worse, your transparent need for attention borders on the pathological. Your value to society would have been greater if you had started and ended life as a bl0w job.

        If you run your mouth like that on the internet, you should probably grow a thicker skin. In the meantime, f*ck off and don’t forget to see Mr. Diggler on your way out.

      • How about you rethink your entire premise?

        If legal carry was allowed in the airport, that moron who shot up yours the other day would have been dissuaded before he got there because it wouldn’t have been such a soft target.

        If legs carry was allowed on AIRPLANES as it was up till the 1960’s, 9/11 WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED.

        You are aware that virtually every “gun massacre” has occurred where LEGAL CARRY of firearms by LAW-ABIDING PEOPLE has been banned, leaving only the drugged-obama-philes and nut jobs to bring theirs?

        On the off chance you are also a typical JINO, perhaps you should consider that:

        1/ Any Jew who endorses “gun control” has either forgotten the lessons of the Holocaust or never learned them in the first place.

        2/ There was a great Jewish movie about “gun control” where only the police and the military were allowed to have firearms:

        Maybe you saw it, it was called “Schindler’s List.”

        3/ There is a term for a society where only the police have guns. It’s called a “police state.”

        And if you still insist on supporting more “gun control”, why don’t you:

        Put this bumper sticker on your car:

        And put this flyer on the front door of your home and at your place of business:

        And be sure to put this sign on the front door of your kid’s school:

      • Oddly enough, I have read of no such referneces in this site. Admittedly I have not checked yours so…… Still your inflamatory rhetoric and generalizations are terrible, but still we who are in the right should not stoop to your level.

      • Would you prefer we discussed the size of your vagina?

        That’s more in line with the crowd you’ve got on Wonkette…

      • You can always go back to wonkettes and hang with the big dick no gun metrosexual men that post there.

      • Do you not understand that a firearm poses no threat to you if the person holding it has no ill will? I hope you realize that the barrier one faces to committing murder has absolutely nothing to do with the weapon he is holding and everything to do with his value for human life. If you were holding a loaded firearm, and had the sense to keep your finger off the trigger, would you then pose a danger to those around you?

        I don’t understand your obsession with guns, they are a proven societal benefit, saving more lives than they are involved with taking.

    • Seems to be a very large number of people concerned about penises. I know I spend a lot of time thinking about boobs, but I don’t base all of my comments on them.

    • I gotta be honest, though. I laughed out loud at the comment over there that just said, “Your move, Florida.”

  1. “Phoenix police say even though it may not be the most common sense approach to guns, they do have the right to carry them in public areas even in an airport.”

    Oh, DO THEY? Do they have a right to carry guns in unsecured areas of the airport? DO WE REALLY?

    Yes, we do, you nasty, profane, caustic bitch. Your epithet-filled rant has absolutely zero impact on things that are allowed by law.

    I feel like if you went off like this in person, one of those movie-type face slaps would be perfectly appropriate for you. Not in the “abusing a woman” way, but in the “she’s completely lost her mind and is raving like a lunatic and someone needs to bring her back to ground” way.

    Oh, and I like how, once again, “patriot” is used as a pejorative term by a left-wing wacko.

  2. I’d say the photo summarizes her view on personal safety: Tuck up petite, young, and grinning submissively next to the torso of a larger and more powerful male.

    Not all women make that choice. Nor are scared by machines that can be used for self-defense and protection of a woman’s social mobility/right to move through the world unaccosted.

    Such as the one in the background of the photo.

    I found it interesting that she has reflective tape on the apparent strap of her backpack. I presume that’s to protect her from being hit by cars while a pedestrian.

    Come on, Wonkette writers, let’s hear some incensed and profanity-laden diatribes against auto injury and death statistics!

    • yes, it is one of those days for me. I live in Los Angeles, where a “hero” just mowed down people at the airport.

      Oh, but if we’d all just been packing, right?

      • Who called him a hero? He was a messed-up-in-the-head loony who has absolutely nothing in common (beyond gun ownership) with myself or most anyone else commenting here.

        Your reaction is like banning all Toyota Camrys because someone went on a murderous rampage through a farmers market in one.

        • I know you probably get this, but It’s important to understand that there may actually be no difference in her mind between the guy peacefully carrying the rifle in AZ and the loony that shot innocent people in LAX. Prog strategists understand, I’m sure, but they have been working very hard to indoctrinate uninformed people into believing that all gun owners are raving psychotics, and it’s actually working to some extent. Very scary.

      • Yes, actually. If most law-abiding Californians weren’t forcibly disarmed by our state and local governments, then an armed private citizen could very well have intervened before the LAX shooter killed anyone.

        If I had been there, carrying a concealed firearm, I would absolutely have shot the LAX shooter if the opportunity presented itself. Clear enough for you?

          • You know many states allow you to carry a gun (concealed or open) into the non-sterile area of an airport, right?

        • And nobody here said we would take guns ONTO the plane. We may just be dropping off a friend on the way to the range, being responsible gun owners by not leaving our weapons unattended in the car.

        • you do know you’re not allowed to take guns on planes, right?

          Rebecca, the origin of this discussion was your attempt to draw a parallel between the LAX shooter’s crimes and the lawful (however tone-deaf) act by two AZ residents openly carrying in the public area of an airport.

          Since you appear to have missed my point completely, I was suggesting that if CA had the same laws as AZ, then it is VERY LIKELY that a lawfully armed private citizen would have been close enough to engage the LAX shooter, who was (drum roll please) in the public area of the airport when he opened fire.

          If CCW were permitted in CA airports, you’d better believe I’d be lawfully armed any time I was there to pick up or drop off. I’m a responsible adult and I can out-shoot my relatives in law enforcement 9 days out of 10, so why shouldn’t I?

          Please stop conflating possession of firearms with criminal intent. Despite your fears, there ARE good people everywhere you go, and making a decision to carry a firearm, or a sharp knife, or even pepper spray, does not change that person’s nature. If you look at the statistics, I believe you will find that people licensed for concealed or open carry are several orders of magnitude more law-abiding than the US population as a whole.

      • Yes. If you’d had a heater you could have rectified his lead deficiency before he brought you to room temperature.

        Thank you for admitting it!

      • Ma’am do you realize all these mass shootings have one fact in common?? They all occur in areas were carrying a weapon, concealed or not, is illegal. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t have shot had someone been armed, I can’t read minds or predict the future, I can however say that the death toll would have been lower at Sandy Hook had the school had an armed faculty member, parent, or policeman in the building. That the Naval Yard shooting would’ve been a non event had the troops been armed. That had that TSA officer been armed he maybe would have survived. That is why we carry we want the oppurtunity to defend ourselves from muggers, rapists, gangsters, criminals, dogs, cats, rabid squirrels what have you we want the oppurtunity to meet a threat with force up to and including lethal force. If you don’t like it there are plenty of other nations you can go hang out in, I’d suggest England so you can see what happens tp un armed people. Oh one more point before I go most Defensive Gun Uses do not involve a shot being fired.

      • “Oh, but if we’d all just been packing, right?”

        Well having the most anti-gun laws on the books didn’t stop him. Cowering clearly didn’t stop him either. So why not, I don’t know.. try taking steps to ensure your own safety? Because as hard as it is on your fragile mind, GUN CONTROL LAWS DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS, as we’ve seen countless times.

      • Silly girl, your “hero” got himself mowed down, and that was pretty much the extent of the death you so wholeheartedly crave. Move along now.

        And please be quiet while the adults are speaking.

      • Sorry it’s one of those days for you. Sorry that you live in LA. You must feel bad that you can’t hook up with anyone remotely approaching your own age. Don’t you feel lonely? Why did you single out a family carrying at the airport? Did you feel jealous that your father didn’t do things with you? Don’t you feel lonely now? Why don’t you lie down on this nice comfy couch and tell us all about it?

      • Rebecca, thanks for showing us you are a flat earth type. Are you also anti-vaccine?
        Gun owners prevent 500,000 to 3 million crimes per year (that is from President Obama’s ordered CDC report of seven weeks ago).

        By your logic, since all cimres are not stopped that is meaningless? since vaccines don’t stop all disease does that prove vaccines are also ineffective?

  3. seems’s to prove Tom Gresham’s point right here… it’s sad they can’t see the irony of their own hate-mongering

    • Why? Ah ha ha!
      That is right up there with Uncle Buck. “Here is a quarter for you, go down to the pet store and buy a rat to chew that thing off your face”…to the principal with a large growth on her cheek.

  4. I have mixed feelings about the timing of the guy open carrying a rifle at an airport. On the one hand, might be best not to freak out the sheep right now. On the other hand, it’s good to let people see that rifle need not equal spree killer. I remain neutral regarding whether what he did is a net plus or minus for freedom, because I honestly don’t know.

    • I am also ambivalent on this point. At the very least it is tone-deaf to do this immediately after an airport spree shooting.

    • I agree, I don’t think that was a wise move. It’s funny, though…I got my butt chewed here by a select few people because I thought it was a bad idea for some dude to OC an AR15 at the state capitol. But whatever.

  5. Jeebus, Mary and Jobus. She’s that worked up cause the guy wasn’t breaking the law? Is she that angry cause what he did was legal or because he didn’t go wacko and start a massacre?

  6. I rather stare at that nail fungus ad to the right, than read anything related to wonkette on ttag.

  7. Dear Mrs. Crazy Lady,

    The right to free speech isn’t the only right you have. You also have the right to get the F**k out of this “horrible” country where you’re surrounded by those evil “patriots”. I’m sure they’d love that dirty mouth in Germany, everyone sounds angry there.

    • 20 Shekels says her Bubbe and Zayde warned her not to go there. At least I truly hope they were around to warn her….

  8. Yeah, sorry sweetie, but hysterical bitches don’t get to shame me into giving up my rights. Have a nice day!

  9. It is getting cold here in the Northeast. 29F this morning as I woke up. I live pretty much in the woods, which means no matter how much I try, a few field mice will find a way in. While 90% of the time, the cats easily dispatch of the mice and happily wag their tails as they bring me a dead present and look for praise.

    Every so often — one sneaks in before the cats can find him.

    This morning I awoke to shrill screams like you would hear in a good horror film. Yep, one of Mickey’s cousins snuck in and ran across the kitchen and over her toes.

    Why do I write this little story, because that women in the post has the same exact irrational fear of guns as my GF has of the field mice and has a similar reaction that is simply projected in a different way. But the irrational and illogical fear is just the same.

    All is well now as I watched my two cats show me what Darwin termed ‘survival of the fittest…good kitty, good kitty!

  10. One has to wonder if the bigoted progressive intellectual-elitist know-it-all better-than-everyone-else Rebecca Schoenkopf is fully aware that the freedoms she enjoys today (including the freedom to publish her personal *diarrhea* thoughts) exist only because countless armed fathers and their young sons (also armed) defended them through necessary violence just over 200 years ago, many sacrificing their own lives, for Rebecca Schoenkopf’s freedom today.

    What a wonderful gesture, one We The People should never take for granted and never fail to appreciate in our daily lives. Wouldn’t you agree, Rebecca Schoenkopf?

  11. I apologize if my comment was out of line Rebecca. I didn’t mean any harm by it. It was not meant to sound like a threat. I’d delete it if I could. Maybe Robert will for me?

    • Careful now, if you keep it up her other eye will go all crazy as well, and you wouldn’t want to see what will happen then. That’s right, she’ll call a big man to talk to you about it over coffee at Starbucks.

    • I tried to have a rational engagement with her on twitter, she simply called me “stupid”. Oh well, like I told her, It’s the internet! Some guy on a blog making dumb comments shouldn’t be a cause for concern. It the commenters right to say dumb stuff. (Not you Matt, the death list guy) I don’t particularly care for what she has to say, but I will defend her right to say it.

      • I think the old saying goes like this:

        “I may not like what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. On the other hand, you’re full of sh1t.”


    • Yay Matt! The butthurt is strong with this one…Rebecca is just another closed minded, antigunner with personal issues and flawed logic…..whats new…

        • I once organized a group of several hundred people to request samples of prep-H, all to be mailed to the same address under different names and made-up apartment numbers.

          The recipient was increasingly irate and confused about this as more and more samples arrived, posting their displeasure to multiple overlapping online communities.

          My revenge was complete when, from an anonymous account, I posted the following in multiple forums simultaneously:
          (1) a quote from the hate-screed which set this in motion
          (2) A picture of a tube of prep-H
          (3) a love note best summarized as “with love, hope your butthurt heals quickly as it appears to be posting evil stuff while you sleep”

          The recipient never did figure out who did it.

    • her twitter is @commiegirl1, ARE YOU FRAKKIN KIDDING ME? any wonder why this is happening now ha, better dead than red sweetheart 😀

    • Apparently comments closed: Hola wonkerados.

      To improve site performance, we did a thing. It could be up to three minutes before your comment appears. DON’T KEEP RETRYING, OKAY?

      Also, if you are a new commenter, your comment may never appear. This is probably because we hate you.

      Yeah, bitch, hate the 2nd, abuse the 1st…

      • Clearly she does not. I had halfway forgotten until you said that.

        “I sent my response to them, but they didn’t even have the balls to respond!”

        “That’s because you sent it to the wrong address.”

    • Once again, some illusory, feel-good, histrionics. She doesn’t “let” her commentors threaten violence? Nah – she just censors them if they post a threat. Of course, she has no control whatsoever over their actual actions. Sort of like gun control laws don’t “let” people commit murder – until they do.

    • Why is her twitter account name ‘commiegirl1’? last time i checked, we lived in ‘merica.. We don’t do commies here.

  12. I find the picture choice to be extremely hypocritical. It is used to deride the father in the story and yet it perfectly sums her own views. She chooses to rely on “big strong men”, as pictured, for protection.

    Irrational fears or opinions are not a legitimate means to effect policy. It is my opinion people only need one purse and one set of shoes, they should pass a law to limit shoes and especially purses to one per person. Oh wait, that would be “tyrannical”, but getting rid of all guns from public sight and private ownership isn’t because that’s their opinion. Is there anything they write or say that isn’t pure hypocrisy or hyperbole? Didn’t think so.

  13. Hey uh, Rebecca? Pause – please – Seriously. I feel (from my own experience, that you’re not speaking from a tone of rationality, but one of anger. I just need to say “stop for a second” and consider. I understand the ‘seeing red’ anger. I’ve been there, and that’s not the best time to hit the ‘post’ button. Sure know that I’ve written up documents and oh-so-wanted to put them online in my moment of anger…

    I used to be an anti, and I still am rather liberal. And I know when the anger gets behind you, you see what happened at LAX and you think that these guys in this airport are of the same thread.

    They really are not.

    Just like I -used to- think that all Republicans had to answer for every little thing Rush Limbaugh said, and it’d make me seethe, (and I was wrong) – as Matt mentioned the only connecting factor is gun ownership.

    I understand that you, yourself, couldn’t comprehend the want or need to own, see, touch or even be around a gun. I get that! And you don’t ever have to be a gun owner. You can keep them out of your household – but, the crux of it is this:

    These guys were NOT going to hurt anyone. Really really. What broke my ‘reactive’ shell at first *was* going to the range with people I knew were “good people”. It forced me to reconcile in my head the disconnect I had between “only evil people own guns” and “wait, some of my good friends own guns.”

    I’ve been on both sides of this line, and I can say from *my own experience deep in it*, the outrage is not from a rational place. These guys were not going to harm anyone; proven out by the fact that they didn’t harm anyone. The gun really is NOT the corrupting factor. They were not standing up for the LAX shooter – even though it can appear that way on its face.

    The fact is, whenever a nut goes nuts, (because that’s what nuts do) – people come out of the woodwork to paint all of -us- as a clone of that nut. (such as the LAX shooter.) So people think of ways they can make a ‘political statement’ on that prompt, and I’m betting that that’s all these guys were really doing. “I’m going to go exercise these rights and show a few people – try to normalize it, and fight back (politically and symbolically!) on what people are saying we’re about; which we’re not.”

    In short, they were probably trying to say, “See? It’s not the machine. I can carry a rifle through an airport and nobody gets hurt.”

    THAT was likely their point, (even if you disagree with it!) NOT some kind of solidarity with the LAX shooter’s feelings about Janet Napolitano.

    You’ve probably met gun owners, and you didn’t even know they were gun owners. You may have even met people who were concealed-carrying.

    There are other political trappings that may be ‘generally common’ with gun owners that you may not agree with. (Chances are, I don’t agree with them either!) – But that’s not what this site is about. Yeah, the commentary devolved, but, when you enter a debate with a given tone, folks are gonna respond in kind. That’s the nature of discourse, and doubly so online.

    Anyhow, to wrap this up: We aren’t LAX or Newtown or Aurora shooters. We *really* don’t like those guys. (I was at a movie theatre a mile away from the Aurora shooting on the night it happened. We got out of our movie to be greeted with a string of screaming police vehicles, and had to drive past the incident on the way home. I lived in Littleton during Columbine.) No really. We *REALLY* don’t like those guys because since we (as gun owners) are generally the only ones left standing after the event that share any commonality (the gun) – we get the “Explain yourself!!!!” invectives directed at *us*.

    And really, the only answer we have is, “I got nothing, the guy was a nut” and with our ‘anti’ friends we even have to trot out the demeaning phrase “… and I’d never do anything like that.” Wow. As if that even needs to be said. :\

    Anyways, Rebecca, I can’t say I’m perfect in explaining a point of view. That’s rarely done in a single post. It usually takes discourse.

    But really, we aren’t evil. From an inside view I can assure you of that.

    • This is awesome, michi, but I don’t think she’s listening anymore. Sad, too, I do actually respect her for coming on here and commenting.

      • Even if she was still reading the comments here, none of what Michi said would reach her. Nor will facts, or any speech that doesn’t reinforce her paranoid, hateful perspective.

        Sad, really.

  14. Rebecca who? And exactly WHY should I put what she says or thinks on the list of things I give a sh1t about?

  15. Those comments range from hilariously stupid to disturbing, such as the example below:

    “DrShitferbrains: Repeat after me: All gun enthusiasts are pedophiles”

    What an apt name.

  16. I know most of you disagree with me, but open carry is a quick way to cause animosity, and inspire more anti gun legislation.

    • The animosity already exists, and the anti-gun legislation is coming eventually anyway. Would you rather pick the fight when you’re ready, or have to deal with it on their timetable?

      • There’s also something to be said for normalization and confronting head on that it wasn’t the device that caused it. Step 1 was “a gun at an aiport caused death”, whereas Step 2 is “a gun at an airport didn’t cause death.”

        I’m not saying it was tactful. It probably wasn’t considering the timing. While it may not further our position en masse it might make one or two people have a second thought.

        • It didn’t normalize guns one bit. It DEnormalizes the gun-movement, though, in that it makes ‘gun people’ look like out of touch whackos who just seek attention. It did no good, and possibly did some bad. Think about someone who is undecided on the general topic of guns, and probably doesn’t know much about them yet: do you think this incident will make him or her more or less positive about people carrying guns?

    • You think the commiegirl1 wonky wacko is a-ok with concealed carry and only hates open carry? Lol. She hates anyone who owns a firearm without a badge on their shirt. The hate will always be there and I’d rather not have to hide my firearm like a criminal in an ultimately doomed attempt to appease her.

    • Why do you advocate that a Constitutional Right must not be seen in public? Seriously, that’s about as vile as any anti-gun screed, and just as useless.

  17. You do have to give credit for coming here and “engaging the enemy.” Most people, on any side of any issue, tend to like preach to the choir venues.

    I am not going to say combox comments are a glory to our side. But comboxes tend to be nasty anywhere, regardless of side.

    What I do note, is that the actual content on this blog (again neglecting comboxes, which are the audience’s reaction) is generally civil, and attempts to use rational discourse

    Ms. Schoenkopf’s article…not so much. Just vulgarity and paints the image of one frothing at the mouth insane. No attempt at rational discourse.

    Comboxes are one thing. They are what they are, and everyone expects to find nasty surprises. But Ms. Schoenkopf, you know what you can do? Actually write articles that make some attempt at rational discourse. And give nod to the fact that this blog, even if its readers can be crass, has engaged you rather civilly.

    But that doesn’t work for fear mongering, does it?

    • Most of the time we try to comment on other site, usually to correct patently false comments, and our comments are quickly deleted. TTAG doesn’t delete comments because they don’t match with the author or editor’s views. Most venues are echo chambers because they literally don’t allow any other comments.

    • I’d give her credit, but she’s gone now. Her first comment was at 1430, and her last at 1448.

      Her star burned bright for but a short while.

        • not yet. . . . . .but I did pick up a bottle of water, a fifth of Jack Daniels, and am prepared to do my duty . . .

        • actually, I still have some from my bachelor party years ago. . . . my best man picked me up at the airport, handed me a prescription bottle for cipro and one for viagra, a box of condoms, and a bottle of whiskey. . . . and all he said is “we are on a holiday like a conquering roman army . . . “. 10 yrs ago, but I still have some pills.

  18. if you dont have any facts or new insight, just swear a lot. Hey, it worked for my Dad. But then, he swung a hammer for a living and was not running a “wonk” blog.

  19. I don’t get the “It’s all fun and games until……” bit, other than the swing-and-a-miss attempt at raillery. What exactly do these people expect to happen? Yes, sometimes some people freak out and go on a murder spree. Yes, and I really do not intend to sound glib here, but so what?

    What do such maniacs and monsters have to do with me or 100 million other law abiding firearms owners? What does it matter if someone lawfully carries in the unsecured part of an airport? Is it really their contention that merely possessing a firearm subjects a given person to a risk of spontaneously and accidentally transforming into a spree killer?

    If someone irrationally wants to trade their life and liberty for a murder spree, then they will, regardless the means available to them. Soooo…..why disarm the sane and hassle the lawful? It offers answer to no valuable purpose. It makes about as much sense as looking for your keys under the street lamp, not because that’s where you lost them, but because that’s where the lighting is better.

  20. Wow this thread degenerated quickly. It would have been more interesting had no one called her names and just asked her why she felt threatened.

    • We don’t have to ask. Cali-style bimbo in Arizona expects the people there to act like California candy-asses. Sorry, sweetheart (her, not you) but Arizona has a different culture.

      This is a culture war. End of story.