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From the Keystone State, Mioduszewski sends his Friday Carry.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

It’s pretty basic and simple, but that’s okay.  Including an Olight S80.  And a Fortius Arms Keybiner and a Sunnto Core watch.

For the Roscoe, Mr. Mioduszewski (common spelling) carries a Heckler and Koch P30KS 9mm.  Not exactly common, but that’s the great thing about America.  Neither is his blade, a Collins Custom.



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  1. Nice stuff…but that light is bigger than his Roscoe.

    ….and no idea how he carries it….I assume in the console of his Mercedes.

    • Hey, if we are going to open up the topic to include weapons carried in vehicles, then NOTHING beats a Trunk Monkey!

  2. OK I am confused – what is a H&K P30KS??? After looking on the H&K website, and a closer look at the photo, it appears to be a H&K P30SK.

    How good can it be if he can’t remember it’s name?

  3. I really like the P30SK. I have an LEM P30SK and usually CCW it with the 13 round magazine that HK sells for it and the VP9SK in a single clip kydex holster. Soft shooter for its size too.

    • Boch is a glock owner, you can’t expect them to get to many things correct.

  4. If you new that if you got stopped by LEO and frisked and they found a gunm and that you’d go to jail. Would you still carry a gunm. ? , , , ,Sometimes the streets are scary out there, specifically during a full moon.

    • Always. Only reason they have to frisk is if you give them that Right. Otherwise, they can pound sand.

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