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Shall issue for some, may issue for others, fuhgeddaboutit for most.

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  1. Wonder where his honor got his gun? Well, according to the Town of Freeport’s official website, their recent gun buy-back program “was a major success.” I guess it was.

    • why would a self proclaimed good honest well loved mayor carry a pistol (hope he doesn’t pull a burgess with it).

  2. I find it absolutely incredible that he not only has to pack a gun, but has a bodyguard paid for by the citizens of Freeport!
    If he is so worried about his safety then perhaps he should stop using unethical tactics to run the village, and start worrying about the village. I have had enough of this Jim Dandy!

  3. “…..and as of a month ago, the mayor carries a gun.”…… The question is, what was his next sentence? I want to see this in more context. His next sentence could very well have been, ….”this is what people are saying, but it’s not true”, or any number of other things.

  4. I know the village of Freeport NY. Since the early nineteen thirtys this town
    has always been under the control of the Republican party. Every mayor this town has had including the racist police department has been Republican. All people of color
    who live in this town know how racist this town really is. Now you have a black mayor who is trying to clean up this mess the Republicans have made. The threats
    made to Mayor Andrew Hardwick came through the Freeport police department and they know it. The Freeport PBA president knows about this but has remained silent.
    The mayor has done the right thing to protect his family. Anyone in his position would do the same thing. People of Freeport NY stick by your mayor, he is the only pure and honest thing that has happened to your town in a long,long,time.
    Don’t go back to the stone age and let the Republicans steal,and rape your town like
    they have been doing for so many years.Help this mayor fight corruption in your village hall and your police department.Help him to protect his family because he is fighting for you.
    ( A concerned citizen of the UNITED OF AMERICA)

    • Sir, you are full of it! Just like this incompetent mayor when confronted to show proof of the allegations that you claim and he claims, he completely went silent. Instead of providing us with your unfounded allegations show us the proof. I bet you can’t because like this mayor you are a typical agenda driven kool-aid drinker! Come on, I’m calling you out…Prove it!

      • This is not bull this is real just google Glacken and joe edwards they have been found guilty in a court of law of organized crime and racketeering. The old police chief was making close 300 the village attorney was making 300, Glacken’s wife’s law firm was getting most of the village business and read the latest state comptrollers report where they describe the 5 million that was missing the 160 million debt where spend and bond for day to day expenses. Check out you tube where 8 police officers in Freeport pulled over the Mayor’s vehicle and said they didn’t know on camera that it was the mayor vehicle. That boy better get a rifle and not because the color black it about the color green!

      • You must be a part of the old administration I hope they are paying your for the support because a blind man can see what going on in Freeport. The latest law suit is pretty horrible too. Why are they saying that Chief is not white they have it all over the internet it pretty crazy what happening.

  5. Ok, so the Mayor carries a gun, his village attorney carries a gun and so does one of his trustees. So, let me get this straight. At a Village board meeting, up on the dais, the Mayor, a trustee, the village attorney Coward Holton and the Police Chief are carrying guns. AND, there are two armed police officers at the door. AND the tall cop running for Mayor and the woman cop suing for discrimination are also sitting in the audience. They are carrying guns too. Seriously Folks!!!! There are more people carrying guns at a village board meeting than there are police officers working the street. Where would you find this at another town hall meeting I ask. NO WHERE. And that’s the truth. Can anyone explain this to me?

    • @ Seriously Folks – Which Trustee is supposedly carrying? Cops in the audience you mentioned 1) Zagaja not there most nites and 2) “tall cop running for mayor” isn’t carrying while there. More ppl carrying in the audience than cops on the street – you MUST be a Freeporter…

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