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  1. Ha! yeah ok I get the point, or do I?
    Is it that Mr Z is technically a free man or is it that he has a bounty on his head, and him and his family now need protection 24/7?

  2. She’s slamming HIM for bringing gun rights into this? Has she watched, geez, I don’t know, ANY other mainstream media report calling the gun rights into question?

  3. Establishing such a fund now makes sense. Hiring warring audio experts, suitably clever video editors, and a few gun-fu fighting pros to illustrate all possible sequences of punching and head-banging would be useful right now. And actors to cry for help. Ah, the world for a stage! Yep, this has been pretty much staged so far. Seriously, this guy needs major legal eagle eyes on any interference by the other side. Daily briefings covering MSM distortions might be an excellent idea. Query: If I’m Irish and find myself shooting an Italian guy to survive, will I face this kind of barrage?

  4. I’ve been holding out on this whole thing as to not choose a side but at this point based on what is shown in mainstream media its not longer about justice its has become a race/gun issue and regardless of weather or not Zimmerman is found guilty or not the scum that is the ethnic/political parties will use it to push their agenda which has been happening for a long time now, not only in America but a lot of other places too. I can’t honestly make an opinion on the matter due to the fact that the media has pretty much pushed facts/evidence to the side to promote their on agenda. At this point if you acquit him go people will be mad, if you convict him people will be mad. In this day in age are we really going to let personal feeling/agendas interfere with justice sadly we are. And like I said I can’t make a judgement on the matter because the media wont show any real facts on the case it all its a black and white thing or its a gun thing or ETC. Its to the point now no one really cares about what really happened its about how they can use this event to push their agenda.

  5. Earlier today, I read a piece by a politically progressive black man. The gist of his piece was that the shooting was not a racial hate crime and what it was can be better called a prejudice or fear against men wearing a ‘hoodie’.

    • There are plenty of kids in my town wearing hoodies, and believe me I keep my eye on them, especially if they have baggy pants. And they are almost all white. Look like a gangbanger, people will assume you are one until proven otherwise.

      • Good for you. If it walks like a duck then it probably is one or should be treated like one. If it swims like a shark best not to look too close.

        The ‘Flight or Fight’ survival response mechanisms are ingrained within our nervous system. Progressives want to re-define much human behavior to learned social constructs (that can be re-learned in the name of human social equality, etc.) when it goes so much deeper.

      • Mark N., I concur. White boys in hoodies, low-slung pants and shaved heads give me the creeps. They may be Mensa members or studying for the ministry, but that’s not the way to bet.

    • Lol, I am a sixty year old white disabled Vet who wears a hoodie sometimes. My wife, who is 64, just bought me a new gray one, with the fuzzy stuff on the inside, and my ears get cold easy, so I wear it up. I worry more about the Tyrone Dale David Woodforks, who rape and murder elderly couples, like in Tulsa. But we don’t hear about that because “N” on White doesn’t count as a crime in today’s Leftist Sicko Society or with the Racist Holder and Obambi! I do wish one would come to my house, my 1200 Defender is just itching to eliminate some lowlife scum!

  6. Zimmerman had every right to shot this little scumbag. Martin attacked him and deserved what he got! The parents didn’t bother to claim the body for two days, until the Race Baiters, Sharpton and Jackson told them they could have 15 minutes of fame and make a buck. I felt sorry for the parents until the Trademarked the little gangsta,s name. Now I figure, one less Obama supporter and entitlement scum!

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