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See? I didn’t say anything about FPSRussia shooting without eye or ear protection. D’oh!

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    • Of course you have. I have only been out shooting clays three times now and I can hit three that I have tossed myself. It isn’t hard.

  1. wear safety glasses because if a bullet ricochets and a fragment hits you in the 5 inch square section of week plastic protective, you’ll be okay………

  2. I know Oakley Monster Dog glasses can resist a 12 gauge shot from 15 yards (well that’s what they claim, can’t find the picture that I’ve seen in an ad).

    But you guys are missing the point: he’s a professional Russian! haha

  3. Now with all the complaining aside about ppe, and the fact you have seen better the whole point would be that it is all amateur video and shooting. Its view worthy and not that inaccurate, besides being a Gunnersmate and force protection member in the navy, I didn’t always use PPE during training because in fact in a real life combat situations, PPE isn’t available or even mission recommendable. But all aside its a web show just for entertainment and maybe give the joystick jockeys an idea of what the real deal is all about.

  4. oh rofl, you guys have so many posts ranting on FPSrussia’s work.
    Hope editors aren’t getting paid to watch youtube and troll. If you wanna troll, put it on his video comments. rofl

    So, how safe is your office? If you care about safety that much, why the hell are you interested in guns at the first place? So dumb.


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