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The case involving Mexico’s lawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers and retailers for violence south of the border is beginning to see some action from pro-gun rights organizations.

On Wednesday, both the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking a review of lower court decisions regarding Mexico’s attempts to impose its gun-control preferences on Americans.

“Mexico’s frivolous lawsuit to impose its draconian disarmament policies is a bald attempt to wage war on peaceable Americans and our constitutionally protected rights,” FPC President Brandon Combs said in a release announcing filing of the brief. “As our brief makes clear, the Supreme Court should enforce the law, put an end to this radical anti-rights lawfare and protect the right to keep and bear arms.”

“Mexico’s attempt in this litigation to impose a foreign nation’s policy preferences on the American people through judicial fiat and exact a financial penalty that would cripple the American firearms ecosystem would be deeply troubling even if it stood alone,” the FPC brief stated. “It does not. To the contrary, this action is merely one of a phalanx of recent, abusive lawsuits brought by anti-Second-Amendment activists, organizations and governments.”

In the end, the brief requested that the Supreme Court grant a review and intervene in the important case to protect gunmakers and the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). In an earlier ruling, the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the PLCAA does not bar Mexico’s lawsuit.

“The situation has accordingly become dire, and the time for this Court’s intervention is now,” the brief stated. “In the four-and-a-half years since this Court declined to review the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in Soto, the chief development has been the contrivance of ever more devious and extreme methods of evading the Act Congress passed to save the firearms community from abusive litigation. If the Court allows the lower-court’s treatment of the PLCAA to ‘percolate for another four-and-a-half years, there may be nothing left of the firearms marketplace to save.”

In the NRA brief, the organization stated: “Mexico has extinguished its constitutional arms right and now seeks to extinguish America’s. To that end, Mexico aims to destroy the American firearms industry financially.”

“This case exemplifies why PLCAA was enacted,” the brief continued. “Mexico seeks billions of dollars in damages and the imposition of extensive gun controls in America while relying on shoddy data and false allegations to exaggerate the impact of Petitioners’ firearms on Mexican homicides.”

The lawsuit is named Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. v. Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

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  1. The Louisiana legislature has passed Senate Bill 208 authored by none other than the author of CC, the honorable Senator Blake Miguez which: Provides for sanctuary policies. SB 208 prohibits the creation of sanctuary cities in Louisiana. Ref:

    And SB 388 by Senator Valarie Hodges which: Creates the crime of unlawful entry or reentry into the state of Louisiana by an alien. Ref:

    Plus this jewel: SB 371 by Senator Barrow: CRIME/PUNISHMENT: Provides for surgical castration of persons convicted of certain crimes when the victim is under the age of thirteen.
    OUCH! Ref:

    All will be heading to Governor Landry’s desk this coming week where he surely will sign 2 of the 3 and most likely all 3. Louisiana now has a governor with a backbone.

    Guess which political party voted against the above bills across the board? Yep, you guessed it and it is the same politicians across the board on any legislation of real value to the good citizens.

  2. Allowing an entity not governed by US law standing in US courts to attempt the destruction of any American enterprise is national suicide. If they win, it counts, if they lose, they ignore the decision and launch another attack.

    How could a commie judge resist?

    • The States should ban together and sue Mexico out of existence for all the drugs and illegals they allow into the country. Then we can take it into receivership and fill to top 1/3 with anti- personnel landmines.

          • How about we turn every illegal around and give him an m16 to take with.

            NO. How about 20 years minimum and permanent reentry bar for 1st offense.

            Second offense 40 years minimum, permanent bar to entry.

            3rd offense, natural life in prison, with the body being sent to Mexico.

  3. Over the years stampedes to blame the The Second Amendment instead of blaming the Criminal Misuse of firearms, knives, vehicles, etc. have been left unchecked and allowed to continue. Every time a school shooting or similar crime happens it’s become an automatic Salem Witch Hunt to burn the Second Amendment at the stake.

    I.E. Following the Nashville shooting marchers demanded state lawmakers end The Second Amendment. How ironic it was when not one marcher demanded ending the First Amendment over the shooter’s manifesto which laid out the how and why and plans for the massacre.

    So when Mexico sees no pushback against tantrum throwing drama queens going after The Second Amendment instead going after Criminals it’s nothing more than Mexico monkey see monkey do.

    But from the looks of the cozy political stupidity on this forum that denigrates Republicans and the election of POTUS DJT some people are holding hands with Mexico and marching drama queens whether they realize it or not…

  4. “The sale and trafficking of .50 caliber rifles within the United States is a significant contributor to cartel violence that drives instability and forced migration in Mexico and other nations,” the members of Congress state.

    These weapons are most often acquired through straw purchases in the United States and trafficked across the border to Mexico, the lawmakers argue.

    In response, Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16), and Congressman Maxwell Frost (FL-10) have introduced the Stop Arming Cartels Act.

  5. Leaked Mexican military intelligence provides detailed information on the southern flow of firearms from the United States, including which types of American-made guns are most likely to end up at a crime scene.Trace data provides the make, model, serial number and first point of sale for weapons recovered in Mexico, offering a window as to which are most in demand.

    The firearm most commonly found at Mexico crime scenes in the 2018-2020 dataset is the Anderson Manufacturing AM-15, a variant of the AR-15 chambered to shoot the popular 5.56 x 45mm ammunition. Mexican officials recovered more than 500 of the weapons, which are made in Kentucky and sold in gun stores in 16 states.

    • Does that number exclude recovered weapons that were initially sold to the Mexican government? I suspect that number is much higher.

      Or is this one of those tricks that only counts the ones they recovered and pretending it is actually the total ones used in all crimes.

      • Historically, you’re correct. Mexico loves to take the subset of “collections” that they believe can be traced and send those to the ATF. Last I looked it was around 8-10% of total “collections”.

        Go page through some of the more interesting cartel social media. M2’s, RPGs, RPKs, even the occasional LAW or FIM-92. They’re not getting that stuff from US civilians.

        That said, there have been numerous raids that have turned up ad-hoc machine shops that specialize in taken stolen/straw purchased semi-autos and making them FA.

        I’d be more interested in where they’re getting these professional/industrial grade pill presses and stolen Rx medication boxes along with they’re using them for, but that’s just me, always curious about things that no one else is.

    • “The firearm most commonly found at Mexico crime scenes in the 2018-2020 dataset is the Anderson Manufacturing AM-15… Mexican officials recovered more than 500 of the weapons

      Sum total of the claim pretty well proves that this is a jiggered dataset.

      A country with 140K gun deaths annually, which the vast majority are claimed by the Mexican government to be handgun-related, and the most common gun picked up is an AR? Buuuuullllshit.

      The claim itself shows it’s a manipulation too. It’s not even remotely clever.

      Choosing the largest group of guns that are picked up, submitted and then successfully traced is a triple filtering process to produce that “dataset”.

      This is Krugman level nonsense. Quite frankly the kind of thing that should be responded to with immediate and extreme, life ending violence directed at those who push it.

      “Look, we beat inflation, it’s gone! See, I simply remove everything from the dataset that shows major inflation. Which also happen to be the things that people buy regularly and therefore are the major drivers of inflation. But bro, trust me, cause, see, ex food, shelter, fuel and clothing the numbers look good! Check it out, the cost of heavy machinery and durable goods are pretty stable!”

      And, filter that a few times to make some soundbites, repeat it in the media ad nauseum and just like that the species gets a bit more screwed.

  6. Mr. Obrador,

    Please keep your people and the traveling caravans on YOUR SIDE OF THE BORDER!

    And if you do indeed wish to sue someone, sue Obama and Holder for their so-called “Fast & Furious” gun running operation. How many Mexicans did they kill?

    Until then, shut up and suck it up!

    • “Fuck you, Gringo. You will be held accountable during the Revolution.”

      -AMLO, after a couple drinks, probably.

  7. Gunms to cartels, sounds like Mexico has a problem with cartels.
    Probably be a good idea for the Mexican government to do something about the cartels. Like maybe go to war with them, I don’t know?
    Jose must like Hunters velvet paintings of Jesus.
    My girlfiend said she’s making tacos tonight 🙂

  8. Mexico is leftist and corrupt. But I repeat myself. The crime is because they allow it and enable it.

  9. The irony of this story being on the same day as the T&CI story is so thick and rich you could drizzle it on your pancakes.


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