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“The shots rang out, one after the other, outside San Francisco’s June Jordan School for Equity on Tuesday afternoon. At first, students shrugged off as a prank; that was, at least, until school officials triggered an immediate lockdown. In the end, four students were shot in the parking lot of the small public high school, San Francisco Police Officer Carlos Manfredi told CNN . . . According to police, four male suspects, all wearing dark hoodies and jeans, remain at large. It’s unclear whether they fled on foot or in a getaway car.”

A spokeswoman for the San Francisco Unified School District told “the shooters seemed to have targeted the female student.” So, not a “proper” school shooting. Still, is it worth pointing out that Bush the Elder’s Gun Free School Zone Act and San Francisco’s “no-issue” concealed carry policy means that none of the teachers or administrators were armed against a spree killer or terrorist attack? No? Too soon?


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  1. It’s not a “proper” school shooting, but you can bet the anti-gun social media pages will be lit up with bloody shirt waving anyway.

  2. Go to the website for the “School for Equity” and you’ll get a good idea why a shooting might occur at this campus. The Black Power clinched fist on the homepage is a nice touch.

    • The school’s name says it all. Ironically there is zero equity between unarmed students and illegally armed thugs. The anti 2A crowd will scream for firearms prohibition but won’t dare say a negative word about the “youth culture” which bathed in violence.

  3. I got the text alert about this yesterday. The school is in the Excelsior neighborhood, which is a bit sketchy (it’s gentrifying somewhat, which helps) and surrounded by some bad neighborhoods. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out this is gang-related.

    • That’s the San Francisco Solution to All Social Problems: Zoning laws, gentrification and shipping everyone who “ain’t like us” across the bay to Oakland. While perhaps keeping a tiny sample of dangerous animals in little petting zoos like “The School of Equity”, so they can be available for the latest social experiment that may look good on a “Proper, Liberal San Franciscan’s” Resume. And so that barren dykes have a pocket to tuck their politically correct, repressed maternal instincts into.

      And, as it has been since the 60s, SF is the role model for leftists, everywhere…..

  4. Gun Free School Zone Act and San Francisco’s “no-issue” concealed carry policy also mean that the killers were definitely not carrying the guns legally.

    Gun control disarms only the kind of people who don’t cause the problems.

  5. It is never too soon to disclose facts.

    And who anointed Progressives to define what is “appropriate” to say and when it is “appropriate” to speak?

    • Not absolutely, but that’s the way to bet.
      Sanctuary Anti-2A San Francisco (the whole Bay Area in fact) will spin this as proving the need for more gun control.
      San Francisco has some of the most regulated firearms possession and use laws in the nation but California (most homicides are in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego metro areas) still has a higher per capita murder rate than Washington, Oregon, Texas, Uath,Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota with much more permissive gun policies including constitutional carry.
      Yet California passed draconian regulations on ammo purchases coming into effect in mid-2018 as well as an Assault Weapons ban going into effect next year, and Lt. Gov Newsom’s infringing ballot initiative is leading in the early polls so far. The legislature, the governor’s office, the Cal DOJ, and the electorate in the large metro areas are tone deaf to reason, common sense, human nature, business jobs creation and profitability, and the constitution and it won’t change until they’ve turned the entire coast into Mexico ruled by corruption and gangs. The rich will hide, just like in Mexico City, behind walled communities, the economy will decline into recession, and the middle class will die off. California will become a bigger Venezuela.

      • Absolutely true. This incident will likely push Newsome’s ballot proposition to a landslide victory. Because “if they don’t have bullets, they can’t shoot anyone.” Riiight. Just like if we ban concealed carry for all residents of the City except the police, restrict the availability of legal firearms, eliminate the only gun shop in town through onerous regulation, have universal background checks and firearm registration, and eliminate EBRs, there won’t be guns for bad guys to use to commit gun crime. We don’t have to ask how that is working out–we already know.

  6. I think it’s less important to point out that the teachers and admins were disarmed by the law (those people would most likely be disarmed by their own choice, anyway), but more important to point out that this shooting occurred in spite of at least a dozen laws meant to prevent it. Surprisingly, it turns out that some words on paper don’t mean shit to criminals.

  7. This wasn’t a school shooting. As far as we know, the school did not sustain any injuries.

    This was a gang attack that happened to be at a school parking lot.

    • The antis do not care that the shooting is unrelated to the school, they count it any way simply because it happened on campus. Heck, they even count the ones that are near a campus as “school shootings.” I remember one they counted was a shooting in a school parking lot at midnight involving gang members running through.

  8. I know this area. It is rifle with gangs and drugs. Wondering why no description of the suspects is given except for being male? Hmmmmmmmm don’t say BLACK male because in California that’s racist!

    • Truly scary propaganda mill. Target impressionable children to turn out future politicians and community organizers. Honestly Karl Marx and Che Guevara can’t hold a candle to this.

  9. Looking through the comments section of southern California news sites carrying this story and am horrified by the amount of Anti-gun sediment. I really thought that something as straightforward as this shooting ie gang area/ hoodied young men/high drug area would bring about more discussion on social topics such as violence in the ghetto brought on by poverty and easy drug money, to many single parent homes with no future in sight but welfare and an early grave.
    But no, I see more liberal gun control and even full confiscation being discussed by these Californian liberals. One of the loudest is on 3 seperate comments sections pushing for forced confiscation starting with California and slowly spreading to the rest of America.
    This is not only scary, that these people actually exist in numbers, but that lawmakers in nearby states are pushing for California style laws.
    I fear if Hillary wins…. It will not be pretty.

  10. I call shenanigans. This just doesn’t happen in The Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia’s perfect utopia, where their tofu burgers are adorned with pixie dust and unicorns farting rainbows prance about.

  11. A gang attack occurred outside of a high school this morning…

    A shooting with a deadly firearm occured outside a high school this morning…
    *We must DO SOMETHING!!!*

  12. Don’t worry.
    You have plenty of Marijuana intoxication, crystal meth to improve your sexual experience, and gay pride parades with people wearing strap on dildos, run by the most popular anti-liberty homosexuals in the state.
    San Francisco got exactly what the population voted for.

    It was a great place my grandmother took me to. Today, I would never take my daughter there.


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