If you’re a fan of the The Ramblin’ Wreck, you’ll remember Javaris Crittenton. He’s the former Georgia Tech star b-baller. More firearms-oriented fans will recall that Crittenton was the Washington Wizards player who pulled and/or threw a gun at Gilbert Arenas. Both playas plead-out to a misdemeanor gun possession charge. Arenas returned to pro-ball. Crittenton? Not so much. But he didn’t lose his gun-totin’ ‘tude. Crittenton is now wanted for [allegedly] attempting to shoot a gentleman who [allegedly] stole some of Crittenton’s bling-bling. One of Crittenton’s retaliatory .22 caliber bullets struck the target’s companion, mother-of-four Jullian Jones, who later died of her injuries. If only we’d had more gun control! Oh wait . . .


  1. RF, this Jarvis Crittendon of yours bears a striking resemblance to Javaris Crittenton. And they are both wanted for murder. What an amazing coincidence.

  2. Me thinks that certain demographics over-represent themselves in gun crimes. It would explain gun control laws being prominent in urban centers like Chicago.


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