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Dan Z for TTAG
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Many of the world’s glitterati have descended on Miami for the annual Art Basel exhibition where “leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia show significant work from the masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well as the new generation of emerging stars.”

So far, the talk of the show has been artist Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘The Comedian,’ a banana brilliantly duct taped to the gallery wall. The bold installation made such an impression on show-goers that it was quickly snapped up for $120,000.

What was the inspiration for Cattelan’s piece? As CBS News reports . . .

The artist first came up with the idea a year ago. He “was thinking of a sculpture that was shaped like a banana,” according to a press statement from (gallery founder Emmanuel) Perrotin.

“Every time he traveled, he brought a banana with him and hung it in his hotel room to find inspiration. He made several models: first in resin, then in bronze and in painted bronze (before) finally coming back to the initial idea of a real banana.”

As to the deeper significance of ‘The Comedian’ . . .

“Whether affixed to the wall of an art fair booth or displayed on the cover of the New York Post, his work forces us to question how value is placed on material goods,” he said.

A real banana, of course, will eventually turn to mush. What then?

The artist reported no clear instructions for buyers on whether the bananas start to decompose.

The good news is that the visionary patron who purchased ‘The Comedian’ can always send a servant to a local grocery store to acquire another suitable example of the fruit and affix the replacement to the wall.

The transcendent nature of ‘The Comedian’ sparked a flash of inspiration for those of us here at TTAG. Though some may criticize it as derivative, we’re now offering our own work of art we call ‘The Libertarian.’

You can see a current installation of the piece here:

The Libertarian TTAG art
Dan Z for TTAG

Purchasing patrons will select their choice of any commercially available handgun from a list we will provide upon request. TTAG’s skilled installation personnel will then travel anywhere in the United States to expertly install the piece in the patron’s home, office or other location of their choosing.

The Libertarian TTAG art
Dan Z for TTAG

Here we see an Italianate version of the work featuring the finest materials sourced from purveyors such as the centuries-old Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A as well as Home Depot.

Unlike Cattelan’s more transitory piece, installations of ‘The Libertarian’ will not require regular replacement of the primary materials. However, should patrons wish to re-locate ‘The Libertarian’ after its initial installation, TTAG generously provides an additional roll of artist-grade duct tape as well as detailed hanging instructions as part of the purchase price.

The Libertarian TTAG art
Dan Z for TTAG

For an additional $1000 fee, TTAG will supply one box of fifty (50) rounds of the appropriate caliber ammunition at the patron’s request. We will also offer consultative services as to the ammunition’s storage and/or display options.

Gallery and patron inquiries are welcome at [email protected].

Disclaimer: all applicable federal, state and local laws will apply. 

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      • Now hang on a second here –

        That installation isn’t compliant with common-sense gun safety storage! An innocent child could be hurt!

        And you conveniently didn’t say anything about background checks either!

        Oh, I get it! Those stupid rules are only for the knuckle-dragging Jethro’s! (trademark, Vlad)…

        • Geoff,

          You’re so silly. Dan’s instructions say you only need to install it 8 inches higher, out of reach of children. It’s in the fine print.

          I didn’t find anything that addresses the use of stepstools, though…

          • “Wait, wait, wait…since it is art, storage safety laws would not apply, correct?”

            Wrong, bucko. Such an artwork requires an artistic gun safe, even if one doesn’t exist yet…at least in Californication.

        • Sam I Am,

          So TTAG would have to tape the gun safe to the wall? Dan is going to charge extra for that.

          • “So TTAG would have to tape the gun safe to the wall? Dan is going to charge extra for that.”

            Only in states with “safe storage” laws. And…there is no requirement for an actual safe, just an artistic vision of one.

      • Silver duck tape isn’t art.

        Gorilla tape? That’s art.

        Also acceptable: certain colors of gaffer tape.

  1. Yeah, saw this on the news last night, and it made me think that maybe those Democrats weren’t so wrong proposing higher taxes on the super-rich. If you can afford $120k for a piece of fruit (does that include the drywall it’s taped to?) then yeah, you have more money than you know what to do with. Build me a new local range and we’ll call it performance art. You can have my used targets and take them home and frame them.

    • Eh. I’m more inclined to appreciate the capitalist method of removing a rich idiots money. Think, some rich dumbass payed 120 grand for a banana. The jokes on him. The biggest suckers in the world are rich people who inherited their money and have no clue how to management. There are tons of smart previously poor people who used their wit to remove that wealth from them.

      • ” Think, some rich dumbass payed 120 grand for a banana. The jokes on him.”

        Have been informed, by a single, ultra-rich person, it is not what you buy, but how much you pay for it that impresses the peers.

        These are the same type people who don’t go to certain brand name restaurants/clubs because, “Nobody goes there anymore; too crowded”.

    • I wish I could force this comment to the top. You are ALL missing the point.

      This is money laundering. All of it. The ultra rich or corporations need a tax break or a way to hide cash…buy “art.” Donate it to a museum. Entire wings of museums and galleries are “named” for their patrons. Look how nice they are. Gee they’re nice.

      Think the Sackler Family. The biggest drug pushers in history, all but single handedly created the opioid crisis in the US (and world), and have there generous names all over the place signaling their virtue.

      Until now. They are scrambling, trying to hid their money from law suits.

      Think again about crappy art. Now look at this:

  2. I see this as a piece of “static” art that can transform into a piece of “performance” art at a moment’s notice.
    Who the chimp that paid almost 1/8 mil for a banana and some duct tape.
    My guess is there was no food at the exibit venue, and someone was REALLY hungry.

    • Sorry, was looking at some handguns in the 120k price range on the Simpson LTD site before reading this TTAG piece. 1/16 mil.

      • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what James Campbell thinks of this issue. Now we know.

        Stay classy, San Diego.

  3. Sounds like someone needed to launder some money. That’s all most modern art seems to be for anyway.

    • So true.
      I sold my first Viper (’94 RT/10) to a Miami “businessman” back in 2005, he paid with a “fannypack” full of $100 bills.

  4. See?! Food prices through the roof! Only the rich can afford good food!! Climate change! Climate change!!!

    • While Hi-Point firearms are options, our sourcing list includes fine handguns from purveyors such as Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Cabot Guns among others, giving patrons a choice unmatched in the art world.

      • My wife likes colorful things.

        How much would the artist require for a circular installation involving all color combinations of the Taurus Spectrum line?

        • We would be more than happy to consult on a custom installation such as you describe. Please contact us at the address below so that we can discuss the specifics of what you have in mind.

  5. Duct tape…ugh! Personally, I’m going to use gaffer’s tape – it doesn’t leave the nasty residue that duct tape does. However, gaffer’s is much more expensive than duct and TTAG will have to institute a price increase to cover production expenses…

      • Thank you for a great tongue-in-cheek article on a dreary, wet and cold Saturday in the PacNW.

        • Yes. Thank you for a morning chuckle.

          (And yeah, dreary morning here SW of Portland. Gonna head into the shop, listen to some music, hang up my bear skin, a couple of skulls, hang cabinets and start some reloading projects that have been on hold.)

        • Between about October and April it does. Of course, the closer you get to Portland or Seattle proper, the gloomier it gets no matter what time of year.

        • Dreary? What happened, guys? Did that damnable, bright, round thing appear in your skies?
          Here on the Sound side of the Olympic Peninsula it was a beautiful day; overcast with drizzle and rain!

          • “Here on the Sound side of the Olympic Peninsula it was a beautiful day; overcast with drizzle and rain!”

            How was the weather in Sequim? And why don’t you live there? Read somewhere Sequim avoids all the dreary weather in the rest of Wash. State.

    • There’s better and more expensive tape than even gaffer’s –

      “EB Green”, said to withstand the pressure of leaking seawater on US Navy nuclear submarines…

    • Who’d a thought they have gaffer’s tape in Montana. Last time I was in Wyoming the wonders of gaffer’s tape hadn’t filtered south. My introduction to gaffer’s tape was a sea kayaker from Manhattan, who considered duct tape an inferior country cousin, hardly worth mention. He used it for temporary and emergency boat repair and truthfully it excels for this application. Gaffer’s tape has the additional benefit of not leaving nasty adhesive residue on the handgun, door, or any ammunition it comes into contact with. Gaffer’s tape probably ups the price to at least duct taped banana level if not higher, but a roll should definitely be included in the event the owner wants to take the gun to the range.

    • @Sam
      Live in Sequim? (pronounced Skwim) Gah! Too dry! That corner gets less than 20″ of rain per annum being in the precipitation shadow of the Olympics. I moved here *for* the rain. Down where I am we get about 70″. Compare to Seattle on the crowded side of Puget Sound which gets something like 35-40″. And it’s significantly drier East of the Cascades.
      A couple quick references:

      • “I moved here *for* the rain. Down where I am we get about 70″ ”

        Gah, even more humidity than in the south. Too hot, too wet. Visited Seattle once, a whole week. Things I discovered: it was the only rainless week of the autum to that point; no matter where you go in Seattle, you must pass a Boeing plant (probably the same one); 1600hrs on the freeway is like sitting in the parking lot with the engine running; Sequim was about an hour away by car, and I couldn’t afford a Starbucks there.

  6. So… I’m assuming that it’s like half a mil for two pieces of tape and an Hello Kitty AR.

    I’ll take three.

  7. I’ll take a Cabot. The one made out of meteorite of course. Then load it up with some of the black talon I’ve got laying around.

      • No, the Cabot will cost more because it is installed with the genuine duct tape used by T̶o̶m̶ ̶H̶a̶n̶k̶s̶ Jim Lovell to adapt the LM CO2 scrubbers to the CM on the Apollo 13 mission.

  8. You have to be a mentally ill, frustrated rich liberal to put that kind of money on such cr*p. The “artist” is probably mentally ill as well, but he deserves the “troll of the decade” award, and business is business good for him. I have heard he is working on his next piece, a framed turd and used condoms, it should go for $2 millions at least.

    • That is what makes this such a valuable piece of art. I know because I live in the heart of the Miami Beach part of Art Basel Miami and have to drive through the rest every day. I used to co-own an Art Gallery in the heart of all this with my ex-GF. We were actively involved with Art Basel for many years and contributed our own art to the exhibitions. There is some noteworthy art, but most is less creative than this banana. Yet, I have seen first hand what goes on; and you are likely correct that having been endowed with the creative juices of the artist I am sure elevated its esteem amongst collectors.

  9. @Dan Z….

    You (and TTAG staff) lose all credibility for anything if you don’t enter this at the next “Art Basel”….well, at least try. (show us the rejection notice)

    • Sam, as for many years a frequent contributor of art exhibited during Art Basel Miami, I assure you there is no rejection process per se. It is all about how determined you are to exhibit. If trying to go through a curated gallery (cheapest option), one could be rejected, likewise if trying to get exhibition space through a sponsorship (next cheapest). However, with the right bankroll, many of the exhibition spaces can be easily bought. We owned a gallery that exhibited our own works and held exhibitions and sponsored events for Art Basel at our gallery and thus gained Art Basel exposure in that way, and got free tickets too.
      If Dan wants any advice on exhibiting at the next Art Basel, I would be glad to share my experience and help in any way I can since I still have some connections. BTW, since the people buying are very left wing and hopelessly overburdened with expendable cash, dress garishly and wear funny glasses, I would suggest that in geometric proportions the handgun matches the banana, in liberals eyes you need (considering this is an international event) an AK, preferably select fire for maximal artistic effect.

      • “… in liberals eyes you need (considering this is an international event) an AK, preferably select fire for maximal artistic effect.”

        The key to recognition might be to take the obvious, and reverse it: .9mm AK in polished chrome.

        • Very artistic indeed Sam and creative. However a .9mm AK would be small enough to be lost under the duct tape. I don’t think the chrome would help visibility in this caliber. I know this crowd, they shudder and shake at the sight of an AK in 7.62 x 39 mm even a charcoal drawing or a plastic replica on some artist’s canvas.

  10. Sure if Warhol crap is worth $100000000 go for the gusto! I got $32000 for an Edgar Payne painting several years ago. Chef don’t judge😄

  11. P.T. Barnum was right…. there’s a sucker born every minute. More often now that DEMS control everything. It’s the only way they can STAY in control, rule a Nation of Idiots.

  12. I’m thinking that I’d rather have the banana than the Beretta. I could at least eat the Banana and then throw the peel under an attackers feet.

  13. Remember, in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, it must have a trigger lock or other locking device in place when not under the owner’s immediate control. 8>)

    (IIRC, after that stupid law went into place, the administration was “forced” to place a trigger lock on Captain Parker’s musket that hung in the MA Senate chamber.)

  14. Could this lovely piece of art be done with a Glock? Preferable a 19 of the 5th generation. Would that cost extra? Also, I’d like to have a custom version with an extra magazine and a tactical light artfully arranged around the centerpiece. How much extra would that run?

    • Not in CA, Robert, as Gen 5 Glocks aren’t on our safe roster.

      Oh, sorry…Rob.

      • My bad. I should have specified that I need the Texas version.

        More artistic freedom here!

  15. With a pricetag like that, you’re just begging the Chinese to flood the market with counterfeit knock-offs.

    • “With a pricetag like that, you’re just begging the Chinese to flood the market with counterfeit knock-offs.”

      Trump can put a tariff on that, and stop it in its tracks.

  16. It’s amazing how stupid the supposedly “educated” liberals truly are!!! How can we continue to allow the libiots to ruin OUR once great nation??? Paying $75,000 for a piece of duct tape and a soon to rot banana is all you need to know about the libtarded condition! Liberal ignorance, selfishness, hypocritical stances and one way mentality is a disgusting stain on America and Democracy. I’ve always wondered how good people living well in a mostly udemocratic society/country, can end up having civil wars, that can ultimately destroy everything that they live for. What can possibly be so valuable, that can make people willing to give up their good life and possibly the lives of family, friends and fellow countrymen?????
    Obviously, it is freedom!! Not…. just the simple freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. All of those freedoms that millions of our past forefathers and foremothers, killed and died for, so we can be free. Those freedoms that liberals shit on and take advantage of. Even the best of we Americans can take them for granted. How many people choose not to vote? How many times have we gone to vote and had to choose between the less of two evils?? How many times have we thought about the horrible status quo, in politics, then turn around and vote or not vote to continue the status quo? Something must change. Now back to freedom.
    During these last few years, the liberals have become close minded, intolerant, racist, wannabe fascists. They ignore any laws that they don’t agree with. They want to ignore and or delete everything that they don’t like about the constitution! We have people in congress actually working against the constitution that they have all sworn to protect. The worst thing about now and new liberals is not caring. Libiots see nothing wrong with corporations and/or the government illegally using federal agencies or their companies to suppress non-liberal ideas. Our dumb ass, greedy, selfish lifer politicians DO NOT CARE either. They are unwilling to compromise, obey their oath of office or follow the laws. AS A COUNTRY! HOW THE HELL CAN THINGS GET BETTER, WHEN 1/3 OF THE POPULATION, WILL NOT EVEN OBEY OUR LAWS???? I now see, why countries end up with civil unrest and even civil wars. If a group of people cannot work together with a common goal or similar dreams? That time in history may be doomed. If two groups can’t even agree on what’s right or wrong, legal or illegal? They are headed for conflict.
    It boils down to liberals wanting to take away our god given rights. We should be allowed to protect ourselves, our family, our religion, our homes and everything thing else, in any fashion we please. WE all have a right to SPEAK! Everyone has a voice and just because you or I don’t like what they’re saying, tough shit! I hate liberals but they have the same right to voice their opinions. The problem is that the libiots don’t believe the same. If a liberal doesn’t like what you say? They want to take away your freedom of speech! If a liberal doesn’t like guns? They want to ban guns from everyone! There seems to be one huge underlying “thing” about liberals. Liberals want to tell everyone else how to live their lives. I think that spoiled liberals believe that they can do whatever they want. The rich liberals used to be patient and thought that over the course of a lifetime or two, that WE THE PEOPLE would allow the slow destruction of our civil rights one town, one city, one county and one state at a time. Look at the liberal shit holes where libtardation has affected the populous!! California, New York, Chicago, DC, Baltimore Oregon and Washington are all shining examples of what complete liberal/social/communistic agenda and policies do. Crime is rampant, black on black murder and unemployment is off the charts and guns are pretty much outlawed!! It’s Christmas year round for criminals, illegals and those wanting to live off the government and steal from the good people! Sorry for the long rant. WHEN ALL OF THE GOOD PEOPLE LOSE FAITH AND HOPE, VERY BAD THINGS HAPPEN! When you stomp on the backs of the people who love America and work hard to keep it going? There’s only so much that people can take. Let’s hope for a change of hearts and minds before WE THE PEOPLE are pushed too far!!! Term limits in congress, the wall, deport the illegals, the environment, voter/voting fraud, enforcement of the law, the attack on CIVIL RIGHTS, and America first in our global dealings! All federal and government people must be held to their oath of office. WE THE PEOPLE need easier channels to impeach corrupt officials. Everything that REAL AMERICA wants and the future of America is in serious jeopardy. For 3 years we have watched THE SWAMP and lifer politicians from all parties do anything and everything to interfere with Trump! Federal agencies were used illegally to interfere with Trump’s election. For Three years congress has done nothing but try to crucify Trump and stop the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

    • Actually most of the participants and attendees here are of international origin and respond more “artistically” to an AK than a less familiar AR.

  17. You guys realize this crap is just money laundering…right? Sleazebags need to move large sums around, so they shuffle a few hundred grand through auction houses as ‘investments’ for their museum foundation slush funds, skimming a bit in the process. Same reason for all the million dollar bottles of old wine, paintings, etc.

  18. TTAG actually thinks that shit was art. Hilarious.

    Maybe you guys have ex police on staff, but clearly, no detectives.

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