“The boy was first spotted sitting on the apartment’s roof armed with the rifle,” sbsun.com reports. “He got off the roof and ran inside when officers arrived.” Sensibly enough. “The Fontana Police Department helicopter helped officers on the ground follow the boy,” confounding my previous assertion that police helicopters are a waste of taxpayer cash. Or not. The cops chased the youth into an apartment on Mohave Drive and, without a SWAT team or anything, apprehended the lad. And found one slightly used anti-tank weapon. “Police said the anti-tank gun had been fired, but did not say where or what time the weapon had been fired. Police contacted military officials and confirmed the weapon had been taken from a military base, but did not say which one.” ‘Cause that would be telling.


    • not only that it was marked as one of those especially dangerous “inert” rocket tubes.

      Oh California with your dangerous inert rocket tubes and assault clips and automatic revolvers. No wonder you want gun control. You obviously need someone who knows what the f**k they are talking about regarding guns to show you which end is the dangerous one.

  1. While others may find this disturbing, I think it is sad that they have to inflate what is basically an empty shell casing into an “antitank weapon”. Fired AT4 tubes are literally trash. They can’t be reloaded and if someone tried the weapon would probably blow up.

    • Are the expended tubes illegal to possess?

      I expect they’d be roughly as illegal as spent brass, but ATF has been known to make counter-intuitive decisions on occasion.

      • Idk but I doubt it. You can buy spent artillery shells online. They make great table legs and ashtrays btw lol.

        • A friend of mine has an extensive collection of shell or casing art that uses used mortar and artillery shells. It was a project sponsored at the VA helping veterans to transform and re-associate their destructive military experiences into something more creative and artistic.

  2. Man, rocket launchers in gun buy back programs, anti tank missiles on rooftops, no wonder crime is way, way up! Oh wait, it’s as low as it’s been in 50 odd years.

    PS – Does this bazooka have ‘practice’ written on the side too?

    • no just inert. Since apparently no one in California owns a dictionary, they don’t know what that means.

  3. I would love to be a reporter at that press conference and basically “ask are you stupid or what?”

    • That’s one of the reasons you are not a reporter.

      These days, reporters are little more than parrots, echoing whatever a government source tells them to. When is the last time you remember a reporter asking anything critical of some government mouthpiece – at any level?

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    Actually, same goes for posting from my computer. Something weird in the caching makes it not show up until you manually refresh.

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      • For the record, RF, all three comments I made well-predate the conversion to the newest version of WordPress, so they don’t have to be piled on SM’s plate right now. I always assumed the “not posted” screen on my smartphone was due to some momentary loss of connection on my end, anyway. As far as the weird caching, I used Firefox to browse this, and only this, site for a while, because it always worked correctly (except when it didn’t, rarely), but that became too much of a hassle, so I’ve just gotten used to refreshing.

    • I am working on this now… I was not aware that it was this bad on mobile devices. Give me some time and I will get this straightened out.

  5. Tubes are junk, doesn’t matter if its a LAWS or anything else, this episode is crap.

  6. We need to ban all forms of guns and weapons. This way we will keep our people safe!
    Don’t you understand if you make it illegal the criminals will disarm themselves in mass!
    Ok yeah it is a tube! basically cool looking scrap metal, but I think since it has a serial number it needs to be tracked, soooo… in any case really stupid hysteria.

    Hang in there Stephen, my one weekend alone with the wifey, and no children got shot out of the water because our wiki server pre me died! The wife got a cool tour of our data center though!

  7. from the linked article:
    “A BB gun and a replica 9mm handgun were also found in the apartment.”. .
    —- Imagine that. A child alone with a BB gun. Even worse a replica 9mm handgun. Bottom line: a non-event was turned into an event.

    Based on what little I know of them, those empty tubes are about as potentially re-usable as a spent mortar round. The police should know that.

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