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I recently posted a Question of the Day asking TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia┬áto suggest some firearms-related experiments. After looking over the responses both here on the blog and via email, I decided to use a factor-based model to rank the ideas and try to prioritize them . . .

First, I eliminated any ideas I considered too dangerous (throwing a gun) or already tested adequately (birdshot through drywall). I then ranked the remaining ideas based on how much effort they would require, how much money they would cost, and how interesting the results would be.

The results fall into three categories; “priority” experiments I will focus my efforts on completing in the next 6 months, “delayed” experiments I will try to get to within the next 12 months, and “optional” experiments I will only attempt if the right materials and equipment are available or I get some help.

Vented barrel = blinded at night
Match Grade Ammunition v. Handloads
Milsurp Accuracy
Short v long barrel pistols
AR-15 Magazine Deathmatch

Direct Impingement v. Piston Operated AR-15
Effects of crimping ammo
1 grain difference in loads?
Russian ammo for Russian guns?
Reduced power shot shells effective range
Laser sight test

Poly rifling v. regular rifling accuracy
Black powder guns v. ballistic gel

If you think I’ve missed any interesting topics, unnecessarily discarded a topic you suggested last week, or have some input on any of the items listed, I would love to hear your feedback. Meanwhile RF is sending three revolvers (two ported, one not) and Wilson ammo.

The longest journey starts with a single step, Thanks to you, I’m on my way.

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  1. Laser sight test made it. ­čÖé Ask ten people about laser sights, get twelve answers. Definitely looking forward to some a/b/c comparisons.

  2. In contemplating my proposal to test *thrown* guns, I hope you didn’t think I was suggesting that it be done with loaded guns!

    I imagined that they would be meticulously unloaded in an ammo-free ‘sterile’ environment, and safety-secured with zipties or duct tape to ensure that what started empty stayed empty. My biggest concern would be the cost of destroying two (already-useless) pistols like .25 autos and Philippine-made .38 snubbies.

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