FoldAR Folding AR Upper Rifle and Double FoldAR Pistols to Ship in October
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Texas-based FoldAR claims their Double FoldAR pistol is the most compact AR-platform gun in the world. At an overall length of just 10 3/4 inches (with a 9-inch barrel) that seems hard to beat. The Double FoldAR lets you easily drop a fully functioning AR and a handful of mags into a small backpack for ultimate portability.

FoldAR also makes their standard FoldAR15 16-inch barrel rifle that has a folded length of just under 18 inches. Here’s their press release:

FoldAR is excited to announce the highly anticipated shipping dates for our series of folding AR rifles and pistols! The FoldAR product is the latest in small arms technology giving the user ultimate in concealability and compactness. All our uppers and firearms are proudly built here in the USA!

FoldAR Folding AR Upper Rifle and Double FoldAR Pistols to Ship in October

Using our own patented technology, FoldAR offers truly revolutionary products. The initial release of folding AR uppers and complete firearms will come in a wide variety of calibers (.223 Wylde , .224 Valkyrie , .300Blackout , 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8SPC) along with different barrel lengths! Firearms will be available in both rifle and pistol configurations, along with our highly anticipated Double FoldAR which is the most compact AR-style firearm in the world at an overall length of only 10-3/4” when folded! MSRP for complete rifles and pistols is $1495, rifle and pistol uppers MSRP at $850, and the Double FoldAR MSRP is $1945.

FoldAR Folding AR Upper Rifle and Double FoldAR Pistols to Ship in October

We will also be attending the Association of the United States Army Show October 8-10th (booth#2939) and the NASGW show in October 16th-19th(booth#547). We will be giving away firearms at both events so if you are attending either show be sure to stop by to see our products, and a chance to win something!

FoldAR is officially accepting pre-orders from consumers and dealers. If you are interested in purchasing a FoldAR or to become a stocking dealer, please visit us at First shipments will be going out on October 30th! Pre-orders will be highly recommended as we do not expect our first production run to last very long!


FoldAR was founded to introduce truly revolutionary products that meet the trending demands of high quality compact/stowable AR platform firearms. FoldAR is a Veteran owned and operated company, and all parts are proudly built in the USA! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @officialfoldAR and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest announcements and releases!

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  1. Want a rifle that folds? By a AK underfolder…It even shoots a .30 caliber round as opposed to a glorified .22

    • “It even shoots a .30 caliber round as opposed to a glorified .22”

      That rifle does fire a .30 caliber round, the .300Blackout, if you had bothered to read the announcement :

      “…will come in a wide variety of calibers (.223 Wylde , .224 Valkyrie , .300Blackout , 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8SPC)…”

      • Yes, it DOES come in .300 Blk, for all of you who like to pay 3x the price for identical ballistic weight and performance to use in a DI gun….I’ll stick with my piston AKM thanks.

    • .30 cal is so much better than a Glorified .22 huh? That must be why both the soviets and China switched over to 5.45 and 5.8, respectively after seeing the 7.62×39’s performance in Vietnam and other regional conflicts.

      • Performance had absolutly NOTHING to do with the caliber change…more the fact they were now fighting a desert war at longer engagement distances in afganistan as opposed to a jungle war in Viet nam where 7.62×39 was a far superior performer in thick jungle folliage at shorter engagement distances ….or have you not read the countless stories of Seals and Special forces picking up AKs to use? Another know-it-all know nothing dipshit heard from. Clown.

        • RAAAWWWWRRR! Look at me! Look at me! I get angry on the Internet at things that don’t matter! RAAWWWWRRRR! My AKM is better than your AR-15!!! RAAAAWWWRRRRR!!! I get mad at other people’s opinions!!!! I am highly correct!!! RAWWWWRRRRR!!!!!

  2. I’m kind of annoyed at the FoldAR people for this ridiculous double folding nonsense…
    Actually the only reason I’m annoyed is that when I first heard about the folding upper F&D was doing (same unit, FoldAR is just selling direct now) I thought “let me chop the barrel and handguard and pair it with a Dead Foot Arms right folding stock adapter. I’ll have an AR that fits in shoebox!”
    I thought I was so original haha. I still plan on buying one of the builders kits when they are available (I just want the upper/handguard folding combo) and putting in a 6″ 300blk barrel with a Sandman K. Even with the suppressor attached it will still be less than a foot when double folded. Can you say shoebox AR?

  3. Man that’s pricey…I just visited my favorite pawnshop. He’s got 4 brand new “used” but never shot S&W Sport 2 Ar’s. He dropped 50bucks off immediately so I may have to take the plunge. Anyone know if Smith & Wesson guarantees used Ar’s?!?

    • I think Smith & Wesson’s warranty is only honored for the original purchaser of the gun.

      Very few companies warranty the gun itself for life, usually it’s only the original owner.

  4. $800 for an upper that folds? GTFO, I can buy a high quality and complete AK for that money, or grab a cheap ass Mini-14 and put the folding stock on that.

    It’s an exciting concept, but as usual these new designs always get released at an astronomical price. I know, the R&D costs and such, but you’re asking a lot of money for something that’s not been proven yet. The only way I would even consider spending money on such a thing is if it came with a full refund, no questions asked policy.

  5. I don’t get all the hate, other than maybe jealousy because you can’t afford it (which is the camp I’m in). If I had the cash, I’d pick one up for sure. I have a second generation DOLOS setup that is pretty cool in its own right… fits in a normal Swiss Gear backpack, but this seems so much easier to deploy and though I’ve yet to damage the gas tube on mine, this design looks to eliminate that concern altogether.

    No real need for it, but it definitely appeals to me on a gadgety cool sort of basis.

  6. I think a lot of people on here are not understanding what MSRP is and that street price these things will probably be going for a lot lower once they hit shelves.

    • Agreed. There are TONS of specialty AR’s and other guns in the same boat. Most people just keyboard warrior but given the chance to use one, hold one, own one or all of the above, they would be all teeth ear to ear.

  7. I can’t wait for some in-depth reviews of that deadfoot folding buffer tube. What I really want is the proven Law Tactical folding adapter but one that folds to the right. Why would anyone (other than a lefty) want a folding stock that folds to the left? Seems sinister…

    • I’ve had the DFA side folder for a while now. Works great – relies on a proprietary modified bolt carrier group system but it will fire when folded.

  8. I support nearly any effort to innovate, because even ideas that are themselves not a good destination often end up being part of a path to other, better destinations. And the whole “different strokes for different folks” thing.

    BUT I will be very curious to see how this design addresses its “opening up” of multiple new places for dirt and debris to enter the working parts of a firearm design that is already high in vulnerability to dirt and debris. Unless that is addressed in some unusually effective and ingenious way, this will not ever become high on my personal list of “oooh I really want one of those someday.” In contrast to, for example, the LMT MRP- first time I read about it, its brilliance was self-evident and I resolved to own one someday- and now do.

  9. Viewing this through the eyes of one in the field of “executive protection,” I absolutely see the benefit of such a design. If I were one to collect firearms, visit the local range every weekend, or frequently find myself in arguments over which caliber has the most “knockdown” power, this gun may not make sense to me. As far as comparing a full-size AR15 to a handgun, I think you may be missing the point. The handgun is already very concealable.

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