FN Now Offering the M249S in Both PARA and Standard Configurations

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From FN . . .

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the FN M249S® semi-automatic belt-fed rifle is now available to order in both the Paratrooper, or PARA, and Standard configuration. After a manufacturing hiatus, these new rifles are now in production and available for order.

“Since it was introduced, the FN M249S has outpaced our expectations in terms of customer interest and sales,” remarked Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “After a hiatus in manufacturing to focus on other core FN products, we are extremely excited to make these available to our customers and loyal brand fans again. We are expecting new inventory to be readily available at retailers by the spring.”

The FN M249S semi-automatic belt-fed is part of the FN Military Collector Series, introduced in 2015 to bring to market classic interpretations of the firearms that FN designed and sold to the U.S. military. The line also includes the FN Military Collector M4 and M16, semi-automatic versions of the military’s M4A1 and M16A4.

The closed-bolt FN M249S Standard is the classic FN M249 SAW configuration with an 18.5-inch cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel made from FN’s proprietary steel with quick-change capabilities, an ergonomic polymer buttstock with hydraulic recoil buffer, crossbolt safety and feeds from a disintegrating M27 linked ammunition belt. The Paratrooper model, or PARA for short, is the compact configuration of the M249 SAW and features a shortened 16.5-inch barrel along with a telescoping and collapsing buttstock.

See the FN M249S series on display at the 2022 NSSF SHOT Show at the FN Booth (#11860) January 18-21, 2022, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center or visit fnamerica.com for more information.

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  1. I need more money.
    I see no practical purpose for me to have something like that, but dad burn it that’s just to cool.

  2. “The closed-bolt FN M249S Standard is the classic FN M249 SAW configuration…”

    sorta a contradiction in terms ain’t it

    • With the right connections in Mexico you might find them at half price. Well itd be full auto but I’m sure we all could keep that on the hush hush.

      • The taco-fed SAW you’d get from them would have the rock n roll option as you’ve noted. Have to go through Eric Holder to purchase, he still works for them. Operation Faster and Furiouser.

        I think you get a free SAW with every 6 kilos. Not sure about the ready ammo, though.

        Me? I think I’ll get one of those old GMC Dillion Aeros. Got about 225K on my Buick.

  3. So the only non ‘I just want it’ reason for these is that they are beltfed semi-autos. For $10000. Check.

  4. A belt-fed semi-auto makes exactly zero sense. I want one. Can’t wait to roll up to deer camp this fall.

  5. I’m guessing that means they finally managed to re-engineered them so that the ATF was satisfied that you couldn’t put modified M249 parts in them and make them full auto like the previous ones…

    • If that was the case then why wasn’t there a recall like Tom Bostic (Tommy built tactical) T36 line?

      • There is. Last week, I think. Don’t know as anyone got ATF letters but FN put out a “mandatory recall” over it.

      • Tommy is a “Little Fish”, FN is an international powerhouse and supplies the vast majority of all small arms to the United States and NATO militaries.

        The BATFE are generally idiots, however the leaders are cold, calculating bureaucrats who’s main goal is to retain and expand their power. Going after a large firm with many friends in the government and Congress is a fail. That’s why they play “Nice-Nice” with the big boys.

  6. Anyone who purchases one of those beasts (23-pound semi-auto?!) is the classic candidate for a photo next to the “more money than brains” definition in Webster’s Dictionary.

    • Plus however much the ammo belt weighs.

      If you’re going to lug it any farther than from your trunk to the range bench, you’ll want a crew.

    • Collectors Collect. Most want at least one of everything. The full auto M249 and M240 are basically only available if you have a SOT license. Yes, there are a few fully transferable guns for $100k to $200k. Based on that $10k is a bargain. The conversion for the old M249S was pretty easy and most SOT’s just registered the Bolt as the Full Auto Part, so they can move their stuff to other guns if needed and the naked M249S remains a legal semi-auto.

      I’d love to have one. Same as a Barrett M107, useless for just about everything. If you are free of Wants or Desires and only focused on Needs, which are easily met, pat yourself on the back. Most of us are just Big Kids, who like toys and the M249S is a Cool Toy. If I had the means I would mount it on a tripod next to my Colt 1877 Gatling Gun, that I can’t afford either.

      To each his own. Do what makes you happy.

    • I carried the older version for years as a Marine grunt. Would be happy to carry one again if I ever needed the firepower.

    • Humped the M60, but the Deuce is fun to shoot, at about a 130 lbs with tripod plus a shitload of ammo you need a lot of help!

      • Just mount it to your Armored HUMVEE, which you can still buy without a government permission slip. I’d rather drive my guns to the firing range than hump them. I’m too old for that shit, besides that’s what I have kids for, LOL.

      • Humped 60s as well, and remember when the SAW started getting issued. Always considered the SAW a cute LMG, and the 60 as a real workhorse.

        • I never saw the SAW (play on words) it wasn’t around yet, think 12-15 + years later early 80’s it was put into service. We had a bunch of SMG’s (submachine gun) to choose from for LMG type of weapons, but off grid not readily available to most regular infantry units such as Beretta m12, S&W m76, Sterling, m3 grease, Madsen 50/9mm, Thompson’s, m50/55 Resin, Uzi, Mp40, a few Ausi Owen and f1, captured RPD’s and a few really old stuff in a couple of old Army conex containers dated from the 50’s. Would love to pick through that now!

  7. Friend had a son getting married. Mutual pal has rather extensive Class III collection. For bachelor’s party guys got to spend a couple hours out shooting everything from a Thompson to a real Ma Deuce. They had a real, once-in-a-lifetime blast, at least without having to enlist.

    Way better than strippers or a hooker- WTH? Can get one of those anytime, at any age.

  8. Cool to look at, but after shooting the real thing out of a helicopter, this would just be an expensive disappointment.

  9. makes me want to spend my tax refund on a mag58 kit. The trees scream in rhodesian and all that. I am however married.

  10. Even if it was chambered in .22LR I doubt whether they would let me on the range with somethin’ that looks like that!

    • That’s where private property / friends with benefits come in handy. Shooting range on the back of the farm can’t chase ya off.

  11. Last I remember of the M249SAW is that the weapon was a jam-o-matic. I would rather have a reliable M240. Don’t care if the civ version is is semi-auto now.

    Short story time: I half-cocked a 240 once, did the training, then poofed off the firing line so fast. I think someone came around shortly after trying to find ‘that guy’ that fired off a round. Dodged the ole safety violation and ninja punch.

  12. I was done with “reimagining” things when Ford reissued the “Mustang” and turned it into just another matchbox toy.

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