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From FN:

FN America, LLC, maker of the world’s most battle-proven firearms, is pleased to announce its Forged from Freedom campaign honoring veterans of the U.S. military. The campaign, launching November 1 and ending on November 11, Veteran’s Day, features a six-part video series that explores FN’s deeply rooted connection to the U.S. military and its veterans through the voices of its veteran employees and customers.

“Veteran’s Day is a particularly important day for our company,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC. “In just about every major conflict around the globe, an FN firearm was deployed alongside a U.S. service member, serving faithfully and reliably. It’s ingrained into every fiber of our business and is part of who we are as FN.”

“I’m incredibly proud to showcase the stories of our employees as they share their perspectives as veterans,” Cherpes continued. “My hope is that we all take time this November 11th to show our respect and give thanks to those who have served our country with distinction.”

The Forged from Freedom Series will be released on FN’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, as well as available on the FN website.

The series includes:

  • Born of the Battlefield | A reflection of FN’s legacy and current relationship with the U.S. Military and her allies, this short video will show key historic moments from the company’s history producing the world’s most battle-proven firearms.
  • Voice of a Vet | Viewed through the lens of a prior servicemember, this series of four videos featuring FN’s veteran employees showcase their unique perspectives after having served in the U.S. Military. To be released November 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th.
  • Operation Thanks | As the culminating feature on Veteran’s Day, this tribute to all of the veterans who have served in the U.S. Military will feature personal images and videos from FN’s veteran employees and customers. To be released November 11, 2020.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity for followers to enter to win a grand prize of an FN 15 Military Collector M16, part of FN’s Military Collector series and faithful replica of the M16A4 service rifle, as well as eleven gear bundles featuring a commemorative Veteran’s Day t-shirt and decal. To enter to win, please visit www.fnamerica.com/veterans-day.

For more information about FN’s Forged from Freedom campaign, please visit fnamerica.com and be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    • I’m sure Colt, Geissele, LWRC or Noveske could start. Although and LWRC are probably the only ones currently that have the manufacturing ability.

      • There are so many companies making military grade weapons for foreign military contracts, the US military and domestic sales in the USA that I’m too lazy to list them all.

        Some of the bigger ones are Barrett, Beretta, Colt, FN, Glock, Knights, LMT and Sig.

    • FN does manufacture US defense weapons in the US.


      The FN Manufacturing LLC plant in Columbia, South Carolina, is part of the military division of FN. It is primarily responsible for the production of U.S. military weapons, such as M16 rifles, M249 light machine guns, M240 machine guns, and M2 machine guns.[1]

  1. The new FN built service rifles reset the standard for me. And I mean that. I now judge other AR manufacturers more harshly because if what FN is churning out. They reset the bar for “MIL STD”.

      • Really.
        CroMolyVan salt bath heat treated to 80 Rockwell C IIRC. True machine gun grade barrels.
        No chrome lining that shoots out after a few k rounds.
        San Bernardino PD put over 70k rounds thru one of their POF, still shot around by 1 moa.
        Frank D and the crew have done a few durability tests. The 10k rounds in under 10k seconds is interesting.

        Trump/Pence 2020

  2. I have never liked any foreign weapon as issued for the AMERICAN MILITARY. the M14 altho a little light will still hold up in close hand to hand mixup, the plastic pig M16, is to fragile ,to much plastic. the mac 10 in 45caliber in my opinion is the best for real close defense work , small dependable and if nessary you can slap someone up long the head and get the job done MAKE THEM HERE AND KEEP THEM HERE…

  3. FN makes some very innovated products. I just love how they made the left side of the slide the sear pin retainer on my FNX 45.

  4. Vote Trump or kiss your ammo goodbye.
    Taken today from Bidens website:

    “End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.”

    If you think ammo is expensive now just vote for China Joe Biden. Try 100.00 bucks a box or more is what I am hearing. Extra taxes for ammo to support his gun control programs. No longer will you be able to buy ammo or parts or magazines online. No inexpensive accessories for your Glock or Sig. New laws limiting gun ranges. Gun manufacturers will be sued out of existence because they will be open for frivolous law suits it’s the guns fault you know.

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