FN 510 545 Tactical Pistols
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From FN America

January 10, 2023) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of two new striker-fired pistols – the FN 510™ Tactical, chambered in 10mm Auto, and the FN 545™ Tactical, chambered in .45 ACP. These two big bore pistols feature industry-first capacity, with a standard 15-round capacity and 22+1 rounds of 10mm or 18+1 rounds of .45 ACP from the extended magazines. Styled after the FN 509® Tactical, the two pistols also feature a threaded barrel for muzzle devices, optics cut for red dot optics and suppressor-height night sights. Whether hiking in the backcountry or defending the home front, the FN 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical handily deliver the capacity to confront any possible situation with accuracy and precision, in a highly controllable package.

“There has been significant interest from FN owners in pistols chambered in big bore calibers over the last several years,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “We are excited to announce the release of the FN 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical pistols, chambered in 10mm and.45 ACP, that advance our flagship striker-fired line of pistols and complement our FNX-45 Tactical and FN 509 Tactical.”

Chambered in two of the most popular personal defense calibers, 10mm and .45 ACP, the FN 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical pistols offer industry-first capacities in an overall package not much bigger than the FN 509. At just 1.45 inches wide and just 6 inches tall with the standard magazine, these powerful defensive pistols pack serious performance into a full-sized package that can still be concealed and comfortable to shoot.

“We pioneered the Tactical feature set in the FNX-45 and FN 509 Tactical pistols, introducing the industry’s first pistol that shipped from the factory with a threaded barrel, optics mount and extended capacity, and until now, the FNX-45 Tactical had the highest capacity of any .45 ACP pistol available from the factory,” said Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Pistols, for FN America, LLC. “This expansion into new, big bore calibers has been a longtime in the making and we are excited to offer these pistols with this unprecedented capacity – 18+1 in the FN 545 Tactical and 22+1 in the FN 510 Tactical – along with the features our customers seek in an FN Tactical pistol.”

The signature styling and ergonomics of the FN 509 family of pistols like the enhanced grip texturing, interchangeable backstraps and slide serrations enable superior control to manage the recoil of these powerful cartridges. Weighing in at just over 30 ounces, these heavy-duty defensive pistols efficiently tame the recoil of both 10mm Auto and .45 ACP. The double-action only pistols produce a crisp pull weighing in at approximately 6 pounds. Effective recoil management and crisp, repeatable trigger allow users to stack rounds on target.

Equipped with FN’s patented Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™ that is compatible with every major optics footprint, consumers have the ability to direct-mount nearly any optic in minutes with the included hardware. The tritium inserts of the suppressor-height night sights co-witness with mounted optics, offering a viable back-up sighting option in the event of optic failure.

The 4.7-inch barrels are cold hammer-forged and threaded with 0.578″x28 thread pitch, making them compatible with a vast majority of available muzzle devices. The barrel also features a recessed target crown to protect the rifling and maintain accuracy. The serrated sight wings that sit atop the slide protect the rear iron sights from shifting should the pistol be dropped or jarred, and act as a slide racking surface.

These powerhouse pistols are available in both black and flat dark earth (FDE) and ship with one 15-round magazine and one extended magazine – 22+1 for the FN 510 Tactical and 18+1 for the FN 545 Tactical. They ship with a premium soft-sided ballistic case that provides ample storage space for the pistol, spare magazines and other accessories.

Learn more about the FN 510 Tactical, 545 Tactical and other FN products at fnamerica.com or see them in person at the FN Booth (11860) during the 2023 NSSF SHOT Show, held January 17-20, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    • The provided specs say “DAO, striker fired”. I’ve always considered “striker fired” as a firearm having a hammer but one with no “cocked” position. Striker fired pistols I own or know of have a shorter trigger stroke than DOAs because their “starting point” is generally “half cocked” with the striker partially compressed.

      • A word of caution about FN pistols.

        Before you buy, check out FN’s prices for spare magazines. Very very expensive.

        And those 22 and 18 round extended magazines, as per their pricing strategy, will likely be priced even higher. Crazy high.

  1. “Chambered in two of the most popular personal defense calibers, 10mm and .45 ACP…”

    Where did someone come up with that statement???

    I’m a fan of both, but for personal protection, as in: EDC, I have to believe an overwhelming majority of both regular citizens, as well as LEOs pack some sort of 9mm.

    • Craig, I would bet a pile of real American dollars you’re correct, sounds like marketing to me. HOWEVER, I do not carry 9mm myself (.38 sometimes), so I find this intriguing.

    • How many people buy a 10mm or .45 ACP for their first gun (in modern America, Old Timer)? 1% would be generous. I used to browse the ammo shelves during the recent shortage. I could usually find 10mm. Sometimes that’s all I would find.

      I feel like 10mm guns are the new red dots for the industry. They decide to make a marketing push for something you don’t have, and usually don’t need, so they have more products to $ell to you.

      • Unless someone finds most full sized pistols to be a bit small probably a fraction of that 1%. Love that 10mm is getting easier to find in quantities that are relevant but it is a popular niche caliber that will probably stick around like 44 magnum (in being the entry level powerful option not in actual ballistic energy)

      • So I cant’ find data on first time gun buyers, but 9mm firearms outsold 45ACP guns 3 to 1 over the last fiscal quarter.

      • My first handgun was a Ruger P90DC chambered in .45ACP.
        I just liked the way it fit in my hand, and pointed well.

        I would like a 10mm, but more for the fact I have a 15second vid on a game cam on the back 40 of a roughly 300lbs black bear.

    • Oddly enough, some of the industry sales data for the last quarter were released this morning.
      Auto pistol calibers sales ranked by caliber:

      If you were to include revolver calibers, 10mm would be replaced by .38SPL.

      • I wonder what the longer term trend is for 10mm? I feel like it’s probably increasing in popularity due to the current marketing push. I bet they’re being purchased by existing gun owners.

        • I think the 10mm’s particular uptrend recently has a lot to do with availability. 9mm was getting picked up so fast, at least some 10mm was available on the shelves. At least that’s how it looked on my shelves locally.

        • I would imagine a bit of both as ammo and firearms have both increased in 10mm. Wild to see it is a bit under 38 special and still above 380acp (would have figured that would be edging out 40sw by now).

        • Range and penetration. Flexibility, especially if you reload.

          Hands down superior to 45 for us rural types. Makes the old punkin chunker into an indoor gun.

          T’aint marketing.

      • I reckon that puts .45 and 10mm in the top five personal defense calibers; including revolver and rifle calibers. Out of possibly thousands of cartridge specs out there I consider that acceptably honest marketing.

      • To my way of thinking:

        1) the important questions are whether the barrel is fully supported?

        2) Comparatively the strength of the CHF barrel compared to the FNX?

        3) If the trigger has been improved over it’s predecessor? Which is kinda crap even with the Apex upgrade.

        Which for me mostly leans on it’s suitability as a Rowland conversion in my mind, like my FNX-Tee. For which I am otherwise happy with, except for the aforementioned.

        • If it can handle 45 super as is and 460 Rowland with the typical upgrades I would consider it as a USP competitor for the first 45 I buy.

        • Agreed. Would be my third overall. 1st h4ndgun I ever bought for myself was a 2011, Para P12 way back in the day when they were pretty new, and I was newly discharged.

          FNX-Tee with an immediate conversion to Rowland was #2. Super, SMC, four60 big fan here. Greatest thing ever was the V.2 recoil assy.

          Who needs 1ten?

        • No threaded semi auto pistol barrels allowed so for cost and availability 10mm wins out currently here in NY.

        • Awwww, that is so lame. Gawd, I overlook sometimes exactly how bad it is for you all up there. You have my sympathies.

      • Thanks for providing that data, although I reckon it’s common sense. Realistically, there aren’t many semi-popular pistol calibers. Good to see 10mm making a resurgence.

    • So, a lot of “know no better” (idiots) play video games and buy mouse vs .45! What’s your point.

      10mm? The FBI round their girls “cops” couldn’t handle. Nah.

      I purchased 9mm for all the women in my household. The guys get a real handgun (.45).

  2. I got halted halfway through a (metaphorical) yawn when I read the capacity. Very interesting. I don’t own any FN products, not because they aren’t excellent, but at their price range any semi-auto handgun I’m buying is going to be older and probably have a pony on the side. This though I find intriguing…

  3. “At just 1.45 inches wide…”

    That’s a meaty gun. The full size Glock G17 (and variants) is 1.25″ wide. Adding another almost-quarter-inch is nothing to sneeze at. A holster with that FN in it is going to be a bit thicker.

    “Chambered in two of the most popular personal defense calibers, 10mm and .45 ACP…”

    Those are certainly valid calibers, but is 10mm really common enough to be considered part of the “most popular” group? I would imagine the venerable 9mm would be top of that list, with .40 S&W and .45 ACP rounding out the top three. Then .38/.357, .380 ACP, and such. 10mm is certainly worthy of mention, but I myself have only encountered one other individual in all my years of shooting and training who has shown me he carried a 10mm. Nearly everyone else is EDCs with 9mm or .40.

    My 2 cents.

    • This is why I really wish everyone would standardize on grip width, so we could get control levers sized for manipulation with shivering, sweaty, or gloved fingers.

      Instead, advertisements and articles haphazardly report overall or grip width without specifying, leading manufacturers to make controls as small and useless as possible. I don’t think 1.45″ is the grip width (the swelled, palm-filling wood grips on my 10mm Witness Hunter measure 1.39″).

      • Right, and Glocks use chonky plastic magazines.

        G17/23 mags are .90″ wide; 10mm Witness mags only .84″. I think FN’s are also steel.

    • Unfortunately for our “hero”, it looks to me like he started firing as the perp was leaving, and thus the risk of injury or death was already declining. Then he continued firing after the perp was going down, further complicating his case in court. Not a comfortable legal case in my opinion.

    • Like I posted yesterday…He left because he could and to go get an attorney. Only way this goes beyond a grand jury is if the grand jury is corrupt.

  4. FN makes good stuff especially chrome lined barrels. That said I am not a fan of the center hinged trigger design or its looks and that’s a deal breaker…and probably the price too.

  5. FN’s 10 sounds interesting but they must be nuts if they say it’s not difficult to conceal. My EDC is a Glock 20 but most Glock 20 owners say it’s too big to hide… and that new FN is a lot bigger than a Glock 20.

      • Actually the G20 is not bad in summer depending on what you’re wearing… I usually carry it in warm weather in a GFI Ronin OWB holster under one of those oversizish loose fishing shirts you find at places like Cabela’s.

        • I tend towards business casual during the work week so………..more the 365L or a silly 320 contraption of full size slide and subcompact grip.

        • @Safe

          We’re pretty similar in length, carry 320’s the X-compact with the 4.2″ + Herrington brake. Started life as the RXP with all the goodies. R01Pro (SRO now) and suppressor height night sights. Actually about everything’s been replaced except the irons, only need them and a new fcu to build another entire gunm, lol.

          My best AIWB holster snapped right at the claw a couple of hours ago… Fired off a warranty claim (lifetime), we’ll see how it goes.

        • William that 320 started out as a joke until we realized that the subcompact grip was perfect for my wife’s hand, concealed almost as well as a 365xl , and thus far is quite reliable in 40sw despite a partially exposed recoil spring. Very much a stupid but it works setup that has standard magazines at NY capacity limits.

        • The X’s sub (medium) grip is pretty much perfect for my medium hands. Far better imo than the previous sub models grips with a significantly lower bore axis. Additionally stock, one of the few I don’t have to flip sideways to engage the safety or slide lock which speeds up administrative tasks significantly.

          Still I put the Wilson replacement and the Keres offset button in play for even more reliable and secure grasp in operation. Although the unfortunate side to mine is the base X-c0mpact RXPee is only offered in nine, with no x-change kit available disappointingly.

          Honestly, never expected to like it so much until I put a few hundred rounds downrange of a friends which had the GG comp trigger. Typically I hate strikers, just to provide a hint.

          Had the GG myself for a few months running the intermediate springs, until I ran across the Tact!cal Tr!ggers, which smokes GG by a country mile. Highly recommended, and super nice in every respect.

  6. Depending on if the .45 ACP version is super rated or not I’d think both of these would be pretty good as bear guns.

    In terms of your typical CC crowd, not so much. Chunky bois as the kids today say.

    • Super, SMC, and Rowland is all that’s on my mind, really. Rowland is extremely good for bear, gator, hogs, moose and about anything < Asian elephant.

      Middling .44 mag power levels on .460, with 18+1. What's not to like?

  7. I think this will be a great option for the FN fans. 10mm is rapidly growing on people. I’m gonna stay with my G40 but hopefully this will be a good option

    • Don’t love my G40, too damn ugly and I don’t hunt with it like I thought I might, even with the Leupold DeltaPoint optic. If I handgun hunt it’s still the Ruger SRH. Don’t see that changing. I’ll sell the Glockzilla at some point.

  8. Something that doesn’t make sense to me about these two new guns. The flush fitting mags both hold 15 rounds but the extended mags hold 18 and 22 rounds. Why isn’t the 10mm flush mag like 17 rounds or so. Everyone knows you can get 2 to 3 more rounds of 40/10mm in the same size grip of a 45acp. So in the extended mags you get +3 (45acp) and +7 (10mm), what am I missing here?


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