Florida Online School Fatal Shooting
This booking photo provided by Martin County Sheriff’s Office shows Donald Williams. Authorities say a Florida woman was fatally shot Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020, by her ex-boyfriend as her daughter started her first day of online school. Williams has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Maribel Rosado Morales, 32. Investigators said Williams shot the woman multiple times at her Indiantown home in front of her four children and their two cousins. (Martin County Sheriff’s Office via AP)
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From the Associated Press:

A Florida man stormed into a house and fatally shot his ex-girlfriend as her 10-year-old daughter took an online class, with the girl’s teacher and other students hearing part of the commotion before the slaying, authorities said.

The school year’s first day of instruction had just begun when a Warfield Elementary School teacher heard some kind of domestic disturbance from the girl’s video chat Tuesday morning, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said during a news conference.

The teacher muted the girl’s audio but then saw the girl cover her ears before the screen went blank; investigators later said the computer had been struck by a bullet. Schools in Florida that have reopened are fully or partly doing online classes because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Donald Williams, 27, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Maribel Rosado Morales, 32. Investigators said Williams shot the woman twice in the chest at her Indiantown home in front of her four children and their two cousins.

“There was some type of argument. He went in and confronted her with something to do with a video,” Snyder said. “He says she actually started to smile at him, and he became enraged and shot her.”

An arrest report shows that one of the victim’s sons tried to stab Williams with a kitchen knife after the shooting, but he fell during the attempt. The boy told detectives Williams pointed his gun at him, so he dropped the knife and raised his hands.

The children in the house were not injured.

Williams then fled on a bicycle and went to a nearby laundromat, officials said. He then boarded a commuter bus, but his erratic behavior prompted the driver to leave the bus and call 911, Snyder said. Williams was arrested shortly after that.

Martin County school officials said Wednesday the teacher and students who heard the commotion are meeting with counselors.

Besides the murder charge, Williams also faces two counts of aggravated assault, one count of burglary and one count of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He was being held without bond. Jail records didn’t list whether he had an attorney who could comment on the charges.

Florida prison records show Williams served two years for burglary, being released in 2014.

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  1. Dollars to Donuts the Powers That Be probably let out of jail because of ‘Rona. Or, at the very least, didn’t prosecute him for an earlier crime.

    It’s funny how law-abiding citizens arouse more suspicion than proven felons.

    • The Left wants thugs to murder their ex-girlfriends in front of children over petty domestic squabbles? Come on, I don’t think any of us really believe that. The Left wants total control of our lives, but not this.

        • If the left ever gets control, these bottom feeders will be sent to camps, never to be heard from again. After they use these idiots, they will be fertilizer.

      • The left absolutely wants chaos and violence and if you don’t understand this by now you shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Irony is they will blame law abiding gun folks for this and every other gun crime.

        • No, I disagree. The Left/Marxists want upheaval of the current political system so they can attempt a coup, and are choosing chaos as their preferred vehicle of social change.

          Moronic thugs killing women in front of children over squabbles is not conducive to any political theory. It’s simply pure criminal conduct.

        • And part of the breakdown of law and order which will allow the rise to power of the crazies. Thinking this prize of a human is not a deliberate part of the master plan is deluding yourself. Observe! Did you catch that the State Atty in ILL has dismissed over 25 THOUSAND felony charges? Is this not what that would leave you to expect? Whatever you do, there will be no consequences.

        • I’m a big fan of both/and.

          “Moronic thugs killing women in front of children over squabbles is not conducive to any political theory. It’s simply pure criminal conduct.” AND this is exactly what we’ll all get more of, the more the Left gets its way.

          Do they explicitly want violent cretins to murder their ex-girlfriends? No. But you’d best believe they’re prepared to take full advantage of all the consequences that flow from their corrosive ideology.

      • Like I said yesterday: This is a lose/lose for us. One Democrat voter killed, and an other Democrat voter sent to jail. That’s two Democrat voters that we have to fraudulently compensate for in November. The people we let out of prison and jail, and all the criminal cases we dropped, so we could keep people available to vote for us in November are just driving voters to the Republicans. We just had a haul of fake I.D.’s seized at the port coming in from China. The DNC didn’t pick me as the Presidential candidate and Uncle Joe didn’t pick me for V.P. …… this year just keeps getting worse and worse.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • I’d have thought you would have been drooling at the prospect of being Biden’s anti-gun czar Eric. What went wrong there? Nukes a not good enough final solution for the party du jour?

      • If they don’t want it, then why do they keep promoting violence via tarnishing the reputation of ALL law enforcement and not acknowledging the existence of violent riots? Then there’s the whole releasing violent criminals ideology thing…



        These outcomes were 100% predicted and avoidable.

        • Simple. Nothing is what they make it out to be. LE is largely middle class, majority of gun owners are middle class, same with most businesses that are losing their asses to these “peaceful” protestors rioter’s. Claims of systemic racism are leveled against which groups most often? Which class group has been more affected by the up shift of the disproportionate redistribution of wealth to the elite pocketbooks over the past 20 yrs?

          Think it over. Seeing the common thread? It’s an all out war on the middle class, with the strings being manipulated from above. A play, as I’ve said before, to usurp the power of the middle class by disarming them, and turning all against. The question is, to what end?

          I think we all know the answer to that, the Founding Father’s were in perfect clarity when they predicted it. And what to do about it.

      • The left can prove it by demanding that dangerous criminals like this dirtbag go to prison for the remainder of their lives.

        Unfortunately, the left seems intent on protecting the rights of criminals without giving a damn about the rest of us.

        • Because ro the left criminals are the real victims of a cruel and unjust society and we, as members of this society, need to punished so we can atone for our crimes.

      • It doesn’t really matter what they want, it’s what they are going to get. If you do away with Juvenile Detention all together and reduce the size of the Jail by 70% along with drastically reducing the number of Police Officers (Seattle is seriously considering this) and refuse to even prosecute crimes like theft, you will not have a good outcome.

        Too often the Left engages in ‘Magical Thinking’ and is then somehow surprised when their policies end in disaster.

        Currently NYC is seeing an exodus of upper class residents, because in addition to the riots and looting the Mayor housed homeless drug and sex offenders in Luxury Hotels in their neighborhoods. In Chicago they just looted the Miracle Mile again and in Portland the downtown is a Hellscape with rioting and arson attacks every single night since Floyd was killed. The new DA there has said he won’t prosecute for Felony Riot and will decline to prosecute Assault on Police if it’s in conjunction with an arrest during a riot. A year from now you will see these Mayors crying about huge budget shortfalls because they drove the people who actually pay taxes into the suburbs. The BLM Activist will be crying Racism because all the businesses left and there are no Jobs. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see how any of this is going to end.

      • Yes, the left does want this.

        The lefts wants as much rape, murder, looting, rioting, and mayhem as possible. This is their desire to destabilize the nation so they can swoop in with a final solution.

        FKN OPEN YOUR GD EYES!!!!!

      • I’d argue that they don’t, or at least they genuinely believe they don’t. However, look at Chicago’s DA and her actions in letting free rioters after this latest BLM fisaco on the Miracle Mile. It’s really just the latest in a series of her and nearly every past Chicago DA creating a “revolving door” justice system for violent felons. Seriously, look up the next shooting in the greater Chicagoland area if you see one pop up where one or both criminals get capped/caught. Dollars to doughnuts they have in the ballpark of 50+ arrests and at least a dozen convictions between the two of them for anything from burglary, assault, man-slaughter, to murder. Frankly, those are conservative estimates btw. Check out HeyJack@ss sometime.

  2. Just wait — any second now, the mainstream media and anti-gun lobbyists (as if there’s any difference!) will classify this event as a “school shooting” in 3, 2, 1…
    I’d bet my bottom dollar on it! Any takers?

    Naw, it’s too easy a bet to win, as it’s a certainty, because they’re always adding “school shootings” to their list even for situations that aren’t shootings, don’t take place in schools, and/or don’t even involve a gun (possession of a knife or a toy cap gun on a bus has been classified as a “school shooting” in some of these lists!)

    How about we take bets on how long it takes before this event is classified as a “school shooting”? Days, hours, minutes, or have they ALREADY classified it as a “school shooting”?

    Just watch and wait.

    • Of course it will. Remember the TTAG article a few weeks ago about the kid who had Nerf guns in the back ground during Zoom class? His Karen @$$ teacher called the cops to his home because she said it was the same as bringing a gun to school.

  3. “Williams then fled on a bicycle and went to a nearby laundromat, officials said. He then boarded a commuter bus, but his erratic behavior prompted the driver to leave the bus and call 911.”
    Worst escape route of all time?

    • Florida Man does Florida Man stuff – if the original act hadn’t been the brutal murder of a woman in front of her children this would be something rather funny. But it isn’t. And even though this “person” deserves a long drop at the end of a short rope he is a symptom as well the plague – another failed human being as the result of a failed system.

      Shame she wasn’t armed – long ago coworker put three .357 rounds through the center of mass of her armed with a knife ex after he kicked down several doors to get to her and her daughter. Not even charged after the hearing. Her only words after it was all over? “This is what happens if you come after my baby or me.” She said that clear-eyed and cool as a cucumber…

  4. It was just another peaceful protest….did she have health insurance?
    Just an example of what you can expect under the “CamelToe Joe” duo!

    • Taco Bell? You’re thinking of Taco Bell too? My thoughts are constantly preoccupied with Kamala Harris these days and she smells like Taco Bell. They say smell is the sense most attached to memory….. Taco Bell….. well,… Taco Bell AND cheap perfume.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Now you’re inviting strangers to insert things where they feel appropriate?

          That’s a party invite.

        • “Now you’re inviting strangers to insert things where they feel appropriate?”
          This is how Cameltoe Hairyass got into politics.
          Can I get a witness? Looking at you Willie Brown?

  5. Joe and Kamala have promised to take on white supremacy so stuff like this won’t happen. Joe couldn’t solve the problem during the 8 years he was Vice President only because Obama was the one calling the shots. It will be different this time. Build back better.

      • Wrong! You can ALWAYS scream racism. Why do you think this black man was in this position in the first place? It all goes back to the legacy of slavery. White people don’t ever have problems because no matter what, they still have their whiteness.

        • It’s a long shot but Morales is also a cuban name. Cubans can be black. Lot of slaves brought to cuba by kamala’s forbears.

        • Like JWM says, Hispanic is not a race, when you fill out government papers it’s totally independent of race. Hispanic, yes or no? Race, white, black, asian…

          So, if you’re dark complected, with a South American Hispanic parent and a Jewish parent, the media might call you a White Hispanic, which news anchors can say with a sneer in their voice, as they pretend you’re a White Supremacist Neo-NAZI, because all medium dark skinned Hispanics with Jewish surnames are obviously NAZIs.

  6. Here is a prime example of a worthless human. Felony conviction for burglary plus how many arrests for violent crimes that he managed to beat through uncooperative witnesses or just plain bad luck. People like this guy should not be walking our streets (or riding on them on a bicycle). Now a woman is dead and her children are orphans because of this man. The Left will let this man out of prison at the first opportunity and call you a racist if you object.

      • Lol… no…. he will be martyred by his “peeps”…
        Chauvin will get the death penalty…. Americans will sit by while it happens….

    • I can’t be a cop because I would take that guy out to the woods and leave him for the animals tied to a tree. How police resist the urge to end these people for these crimes is beyond me.

    • Boy’s father was home, saw this happen? No way the cops would have gotten there in time to save that POS if it was my son.

    • Another example of guns in the hands of low IQ ghetto trash…..
      Who lets their child play outside unattended with this literal animal nesting in the “house” next door?

  7. Nobody gives a damn as long as you don’t have any unPC items in view, wear your mask, and ask for permission to use your bathroom (ALL OF THIS IN YOUR OWN HOME).

  8. The children in the house were not injured.

    Ginormously important correction:
    1) The attacker did not PHYSICALLY harm the children.
    2) The attacker did PSYCHOLOGICALLY harm the children.

    And the level of psychological harm that the attacker inflicted on the children is off-scale on an increasing scale of harm from 1 to 10.

  9. If anyone has earned and DESERVES the death penalty, it is this worthless scumbag.

    Keeping this worthless scumbag alive causes wholly unnecessary perpetual pain to the surviving children. It also causes wholly unnecessary perpetual financial penalty to the rest of society who has to pay the expenses to keep him incarcerated and fed.

    • nothing twenty cents worth of ammo wouldn’t solve.
      yet corporate punishment, with appeals, etc. costs more than maintenance?

      • I have also heard from many sources that the total cost of capital punishment ends up costing more than lifetime incarceration.

        • Irrelevant. Our system is not based on utilitarianism. And don’t even start with the it’s not a deterrent argument either. If this “person” is tried, found guilty, and executed HE will NEVER murder another defenseless woman in front of her children. That’s a deterrent worth the taxpayer’s dime all day everyday.

      • Yeah.. and only use some cheap .22LR ….
        No need to waste good perfectly good ammo on that pathetic excuse for a sub-human POS!

  10. Williams then fled on a bicycle and went to a nearby laundromat, officials said. He then boarded a commuter bus.
    A real pro. He has a get away bus driver.

  11. Agreed. All I’d add is we need a higher standard of proof to eliminate the cases of false convictions.

    Some animal murdering a woman, on camera, with online witnesses?

    The hanging on live TV, mandatory coverage under the law to all streaming services, should be ready to go by noon the next day.

    No long drop, slow hoist with a winch.

  12. Because there have been wrongful convictions the death penalty needs a higher level of proof. This case meets that by anyone’s definition. A murder committed live on camera, in front of witnesses on the scene and watching online. What more is needed?

    The hanging should have been done noon local time the next day, carried live by local news.

    By the way, the point of Capital Punishment should be clear and unambiguous. It is about revenge and punishment. I’m good with that, makes sense. Do evil on a scale to cost you your life, the harm done to decent people earns them the right of punishing that evil and exacting some revenge upon that evil.

    All this “Deterrant” stuff is nonsense. Capital Punishment only deters the criminal who wouldn’t have killed anyway. Those who would kill are not thinking about the legalities.

    Be honest, Punishment and Revenge. Society could benefit with a bit more of that applied to the truly evil.

    Such as man who would gun down a mother as her children, perhaps his children too(?), cower in terror and fear for their lives.

    Why is he not dead yet?

    • Yeah, ever since the fuss over death penalty started, I have considered that “higher standard of proof”, and it seems obvious to me, “guilty beyond any doubt”. And yes, this fits that bill. Note that a sworn confession does not. But when we trade the evidence standard, we should also, in all fairness, drop any idea that being crazy will get you out of it, we will hang you.

  13. Felon in Possession: (assuming you’re the sort of dirtbag the law was designed to keep unarmed for the safety of society)

    1: Generally, it means the cops take your gun and send you away (to go buy another on your way home).

    2. After a serious violent crime, like murder in the present case before us: It’s a bargaining chip in the plea agreement. Nobody ever stops to think “I can’t murder the bitch, or I’ll get charged with murder AND felon in possession”.

    The only value to the law, and a dubious one at that, is in using it to mess up the life of a reformed felon who isn’t a total dirtbag.

  14. Another outstanding Government Plantation Dweller brand enhancement. It’s not about the skin color. It is all about what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart…….that’s their brand. Skin color is merely the brand identifier…..as in the Nike Swoosh mark; the Ford blue oval; the Chevrolet gold cross…….

    If one doesn’t like how others view one’s brand……CHANGE YOUR DAMN BRAND!!!! YOU CREATED IT!!!! Quit being seen on the evening news in your arrest mug shot!!!

  15. I’m surprised he didn’t blow away the kids, too.

    On one hand, it would have gotten rid of witnesses. On the other hand, he probably would have gotten caught anyway and would have had a worse time in prison for being a kid-killer.

    • What a sick take- away….
      Do you happen to live in the ghetto and are currently fighting for reparations?… lol…I’d bet you are.

    • “You can take that off now.” ,, “No it’s cold in here and this pickle suit is warmer then them G damned jumpsuits.” ,,,, And I thought they said gin pop, not gen pop. I’d rather have the gin pop

  16. It’s not the fault of the ghetto-man…. his IQ is so low you must feel sympathy…. it has been taken from its natural habitat and placed in a modern civilization with humans….
    What could POSSIBLY go wrong in that scenario?
    Now then, who brought this creature to terrorize civilized humans?…. THERE’S YOUR REAL CRIMINAL…. THE EVIL THAT ALLOWS THESE CREATURES TO MULTIPLY WITH ABANDON IS THE REAL PROBLEM….


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