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Long story short, a bad guy kicks in the door of a Florida mom’s house and enters. Hearing his attempts at forced entry, the mother of two was waiting for him with a shotgun on the other side of the door. The bad guy sees the gaping business end of the boomstick and has a sudden change of heart. He leaves. Quickly. Result! Only . . .

Some of you might suggest that the home invader — who posed a credible, imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death — needed shooting. I couldn’t possibly comment. But according to, the homeowner did: ” She said her kids were the only reason she didn’t pull the trigger.”

Because she didn’t want them to see the resulting mess? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: she was lucky the bad guy didn’t break in on his first attempt. Instead, she had time to retrieve her scattergun. Which leads me my usual point:

Home carry, people. Home carry.

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  1. A little tough to walk around the house with an 870 if that’s all you’ve got. That’s why you lock the doors as the first line of defense and own a paranoid and very noisy dog as an alarm system. That gives you enough time to get to the shotgun and convince the bad guys that they really don’t want to be there.

    • I would have peppered it.
      I’d rather explain to a judge that it was for positive ID vs being killed in my sleep from a returning invader.

  2. Good for her. I won’t judge her on the fact she didn’t blast him. I do wonder how much legal trouble she’d be in if she’d ventilated his “Mercury-D” though.

    • Am I the only one who considers it unlikely that Mercedes is owned by him?

      (Hey, RF – Is that your model car?)

    • Legal trouble?? In Florida???

      Not a chance. Angela Corey is gone. She rode off on her broomstick.

    • I would have peppered it.
      I’d rather explain to a judge that it was for positive ID vs being killed in my sleep from a returning invader.

  3. I’m sure a shotgun fired inside the home would damage the hearing of everyone involved.
    Plus blood is not only hard to clean up, but usually a little traumatic.

    I propose an integrated DU cleanup kit, AND liberalization of suppressors. We shouldn’t have a larger criminal populace that threatens lives than necessary because of hearing or cleaning issues.

  4. Good job, situation ended with probably minimal violence. Real, contemporary version of the end on Night of The Hunter.

  5. I never want to blast a BG in my home with a shotgun. Ever. It would be hell on earth to get all that blood out of my carpet.

    • Exactly. Comments are broken for me- I was trying to make this point before there were more than 3 comments.

      I’d LOVE to see “The truth about defensive gun use cleaning”, about how exactly you’re supposed to clean up blood, brains, and bone fragments. Crime scene cleaners are paid very well, so it’s apparently not as easy as hiring an illegal immigrant housekeeper.

      Also, come on. A shotgun fired INSIDE the home? She was thinking of her kids. This is why we need the hearing protection act. I’d definitely hesitate to fire a shotgun inside for that exact reason- even if just for myself.

      • I nominate TTAGs Mr. JWT for that article.

        Or any of a number of the combat veterans here.

        We also have a number of EMTs and a handful of MDs here that can also do a respectable job of it.

        To be honest, I’d probably just rather contract that job out to one of those ‘Crime Scene Cleanup’ companies…

        (I can imagine Katy’s contribution from an EMT (and lawyer) and mom’s POV – Baking soda and vinegar before the blood sets, and don’t talk to the cops before calling her, perhaps? ) 😉

        • We almost always have professional cleaning crews come in. Not only does it address the biohazards as well as crime scene documentation but it helps break up the memory of the event instead of solidifying it more so.
          Many things will totally remove blood as its a bio mass, if not cleaned properly though the stain will stay for a long time.

      • I’ve read, and can well imagine that it’s true, that blood can get down into the gaps in old oak flooring (like I have) and in underneath. That’s not going to be easily cleaned up and it’s going to smell. As for hearing damage, I don’t doubt that a 12 ga indoors is not good for the ears, but I remember that the Cold Blood killers fired four shots in committing their crime and I never saw mention of them being deaf.

        • “I’ve read, and can well imagine that it’s true, that blood can get down into the gaps in old oak flooring (like I have) and in underneath.”

          A roommate of mine from years back was (and probably still is) a Civil War geek.

          He and a buddy of his took a trip to Gettysburg. Wandering around Gettysburg with a map in hand, they got to talking with a local who lived in a period house of the time.

          Seeing my roommate and his buddy were fairly well-versed in the battle, the homeowner invited them back to his house where he gave them a quick tour of the place, pointing out patched bullet holes and battle scars on the brick chimney and whatnot.

          The house had been commandeered for the battle, using the downstairs as a field hospital.

          The homeowner asked them to give him hand moving a heavy table off the throw rug in the center of the room.

          Table out of the way, the homeowner rolled up the rug and showed them the dark stains in the wood flooring.

          That room was one used as a makeshift operating room…

      • Get shovel, detergent, rags, water and go to work.
        There’s nothing that won’t wash off or wear off.

    • Area rugs my man, area rugs. With the outlet stores all over you can get a good sized one cheap. I have dogs, when it just goes to hell, throw it out and get a new one. So no worries, no more stains.

      Somebody starts kicking, they ignore the dogs, they won’t get far. I usually have a 357 or 40 cal on me at home. The shotties are in the back. One 20, two 12’s 1 pump and one single. I like Sellier and Bellot double 00 with 12 pellets. That’s 7 shells with 12 approx 32 cal lead projectiles = 84 holes. Gotta hit something. The shottie though is backup to whatever pistol I got on me.

      I am a gun hoarder I got, last count 40. ) No wifey to say no.

  6. He’d be dead. With that much time to pick and choose my weapon, I would have grabbed my AK47 variant and when the door came open, it’s body bag time.

  7. I empathize with the mom and understand that she was reluctant to shoot the home invader.

    A part of me is also concerned that the home invader will target someone else … and may end up brutally beating, raping, or killing the home occupants. That being the case, it would have been helpful if the mom had incapacitated the home invader.

  8. If you don’t have to fire, don’t. Once you pull that trigger there’s no turning back.

    I’m not going to second guess her. I wasn’t there. She and her kids are safe. All that matters.

    • It would be real nice of you if you saved the people he would rob and kill in the future, but be certain you recall that our current society/culture will do its level best to put you in prison for the rest of your life, if you do. I’ll pass.

  9. Must be a rather bad area of town if he can attempt to break down her door multiple times in broad daylight with traffic passing by in the background…that coupled with the multiple security cameras makes me think she has had her house broken into before. Good on her for arming up to protect her kids. Hopefully they catch the scumbag before he has a chance to return or victimize someone else.

  10. Not to steal the thunder of the editors but Fox news is reporting that a 19 year old in Tulsa that made three dead burglars with an AR 15. Not that this isn’t up to snuff but…

  11. Good for her. Yeah deafening yourself is a thing. I wouldn’t shoot my 12gauge indoors without a great reason. Unfortunately the lowlife lived to commit more evil acts…

  12. If the intruder turned and ran as soon as he looked into the muzzle, there would have been no need to shoot. With the surveillance video, it shouldn’t be too hard to find him.

  13. Peroxide removes blood immediately from carpet. My dog accidently ripped out a toe nail running in the yard and came in bleeding. Wife tended to the dog and called the vet while I got out the peroxide. Red goes to clear. Clean up with a towel and your done.

    • Yeah blood isn’t that tough. Cold water and a good wet dry vacuum will get most blood out unless there is a huge puddle I suppose.

  14. Another Florida “Din du Nuthan” that didn’t get a chance to do something courtesy of a prepared woman.

  15. Walt Kowalski (AKA: Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino”) would’ve shot him with a Garand or 1911 just for parking on his lawn.

  16. “She said her kids were the only reason she didn’t pull the trigger.”
    She probably didn’t want them traumatized by all the blood and brain splatter, or deafened by the blast.

    That’s why the first round in my 12-gauge shotgun is a non-lethal “pepper blast” cartridge sold by Firequest ( I tested the pepper blast cartridge outdoors, and it’s as quiet as a BB gun and has a range of at least 60 feet (both the wad and the pepper hit our back fence 60 feet away)! Of course, it might be hard to wash pepper out of the furniture, but not as hard as cleaning blood out of the floorboards!

    The second round in my shotgun is “less-lethal” rubber buckshot, in case the “pepper blast” doesn’t stop them.
    All subsequent rounds are 00 law-enforcement buckshot, 100% lethal.

  17. the real purpose of black lives matter is to make crimes like these celebrated and encouraged as

    “reparations for slavery”

  18. I holster carry my 9 mm PPQ M2 at home in a remote location in a similar house. Texas Heritage IWB from Tucker Gun Leather.

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