Herbig virginia wife muder shot paralyzed
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The gun control orgs in this country love to use domestic violence as one of their rationales for limiting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. The cite the number of spouses — usually women — who are injured or killed by husbands, boyfriends and exes.

What they somehow fail to mention, though, are the women who don’t rely on court orders to keep them safe. Women who arm themselves in case an abusive significant other decides to attack.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this month in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

From live5news.com . . .

Henry Herbig, 65, spent weeks planning to kill his wife, according to investigators.

On Sept. 8, Virginia Beach police found two women attacked and Herbig suffering from a gunshot wound at a home.

They found a journal in the front seat of Herbig’s car, which was parked out front. Details of an alleged plan to kill his estranged wife filled the pages.

Herbig drove to Virginia Beach from his home in Florida to carry out the attack, police say.

They said he went through a lot of steps to ensure he couldn’t be tracked.

Herbig had obviously put a great deal of thought into planning the attack on his wife and intended to get away with it. He drove to Virginia from his home in Florida intending to killer her after she filed for divorce and moved north to live with her daughter.

He left his phone at his home, so he couldn’t be pinged by GPS; he used cash to avoid credit cards; he only stopped at mom and pop shops, so he wouldn’t be recorded on security cameras; and he avoided tolls.

Prosecutors say once he was in Virginia, he put on a disguise, which included a wig, and went to the house with a gun and a large wrench.

But he didn’t plan on his wife or his stepdaughter being armed.

Investigators say he first attacked his stepdaughter, hitting her over the head with the wrench, and then used the same weapon on his wife.

Investigators say he first attacked his stepdaughter, hitting her over the head with the wrench, and then used the same weapon on his wife.

She suffered severe injuries to her face.

His stepdaughter stopped the attack when she shot him, which severed his spine.

It is believed Herbig will never walk again.


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      • Take it easy with that Kaiser and Hun bastard shit. Losing the Kaiser gave the world Hitler. and a whole lot of other tragedy.

        • It’s a popular theme in alternate history, but I don’t agree that a German WW1 victory would’ve avoided a WW2. It would’ve avoided the Nazis and holocaust, yes. But Germany was hell bent on becoming the singular dominant world power, and the Kaiser even had insane plans drawn up for a surprise invasion the US eastern sea board. They also liked to spread and support Marxist insurgents to destabilize their opponents. This hypothetical Imperial Germany also would’ve likely developed the atomic bomb first (Jewish German scientists would’ve had no reason to flee Germany), and would’ve had no problem using it as a threat to expand globally. There still would’ve been a WW2, just a very different one. Now, I’m not arguing the world is a better place with the Nazis existing, I’m just arguing against the popular notion, that’s often brought up, that the world would be a better place with a German dominated 20th century.

        • Merlo 0, Imperial Germany simply didn’t have the resources. The battles of Verdun were to grind the French into taking so many losses they would have to capitulate. But Verdun was just as big a meat grinder for the Germans as it was for the French.

          Their last throw of the dice was the Spring Offensive which was stopped. By this time the blockade was really having bad effects on the German economy which collapsed under the strain.

        • Would the world be better off with a dominant imperial Germany and no Soviet Union, Communist China, or Nazi Germany? Is that a serious question?

        • Serge there would still be a Soviet Union and spreading of communism. Imperial Germany knew the ideology was destructive and supported its rise in Germany’s adversaries. Germany greatly influenced its success in Russia.

    • Don’t bother, D Hogg will just run and hide like the little bitch he is. It’s his signature move to avoid a rational discussion with empirical evidence/facts/stats backing up the TRUTH about gun ownership. He only deals in BS and lies, as does ALL the gun ban gangs.
      He’s been invited to discuss/defend his position by numerous 2nd A supporters, but his handlers (democrats, Satan Soros and the like) keep him crated like a little cow. Don’t worry Hogg, the left eats their own, Soros decides he want some veal, your gone.

      • He was quoted as saying this event has changed his demeanor. In the future he hopes to become a stand-up kind of guy. 😄

        • “In the future he hopes to become a stand-up kind of guy.”

          Being paralyzed in a hospital prison means he’s gonna forever be a bend-over guy… 😉

    • Geriatric especially physically compromised wards of the state are very expressive compare to ‘normal’ prisoners. Got what he had coming but ultimately the taxpayers will get the bill after the victims.

  1. Gun control orgs in this country dont want the fact that the gun is mightier than the wrench ,so to speak. Imagine what would result in the gun grabbers efforts , if the truth of lives saved every day by ‘DGU’ was plastered on the front of every news paper. Guns save lives, that’s a fact. I applaud the mom and daughter.

    • Agree!; If these DGU’s were reported in the mainstream, the anti-gun people would be in the position of saying this MOM and daughter should not have been able to defend themselves.

      Agree, also, on kudos for these two women.

      • I can’t imagine being paralyzed for the rest of my life in a hospital prison. It would have been kinder if he didn’t survive the confrontation.

        And been far cheaper for society…

    • Good riddance?

      Not likely. We the taxpayers are probably going to be paying for his food, housing and medical care for the rest of his life, which could be 20 – 30 years.

      • At 65 and with this kind of injury, he is unlikely to live more than 10 or 15 years tops.

      • Other “news” organizations stated that he had some bank so perhaps the State of Virginia will tap into that.

      • Tax payers aren’t paying for anything! Our government just prints more fiat currency. The whole Income tax system is a fraud and has been created illegally to maintain control of those who conform. There is no law requiring filing or paying of personal income tax, and the Supreme Court has established that it is unconstitutional for government to tax personal income. The taxes paid by individuals doesn’t even come close to paying the government’s annual budget, much less pay down the national debt. It was designed to keep us subservient.

  2. According to a related story (at the Virginia Pilot), Herbig also only has partial use of his arms, is unable to feed himself, and is already considered to be at risk for bedsores.

    He’d have been luckier if the shot had killed him. No prison sentence is going to be able to match the hell he’s brought upon himself. Karma dropped a truckload of whoop-ass here.

    • Unless he is very well off the state will care for him. Which means a low rent care facility with a staff that just doesn’t give a shit. His suffering will be real and prolonged.

      • Since when do aggravated assault and attempted first degree murder not land you in jail? Doesn’t matter how rich he is, the taxpayers are going to foot the bill and will be wiping his arse for him as well now that he can’t.

        • My bet is the judge convicts him then throws him in the state care system, perhaps for the violently mentally ill. If he can’t feed himself he probably ain’t gonna be a threat to anyone and why go to the expense? It’s not like he’s gonna have a good existence any way you toss it. She killed him his body just hasn’t caught up to it yet.

        • Doesn’t matter how much money he has, considering that his wife is NOT divorced from him yet and because of the assault he will likely be sued for everything!

  3. I am going to start a wrench control movement. You must need a reason to own anything larger than a 5″ wrench of any kind. Only plumbers and mechanics will be allowed to carry wrenches but only after they pass a background check and attain competence certification from their respective professional associations. They will also need to re-qualify annually.

    Homeowners will be allowed to apply for a premises wrench license for DIY projects, but they will not be allowed to remove the wrenches from their property except to go to home repair classes at duly licensed Home Depots.

    ALL wrench licensees will be required to store their wrenches safely, in locked, affixed containers when not in use. Loss or theft of a wrench must be reported immediately.

    All wrenches must be serialized. All unserialized wrenches will have to be brought to the authorities to have a serial number etched. Anyone caught with an unserialized wrench will be guilty of a felony.

    You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a wrench longer than 12 inches. All wrenches will be sold ONLY by Federally licensed hardware stores. Private sales of wrenches will not be allowed unless a Federally licensed hardware store brokers the exchange and manually transfers the wrench.

    Wrench control will fall under Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Wrenches.

    There is no constitutional right to own a wrench, therefore, wrenches will be considered a privilege granted by local regulators.

    • Unfortunately that will make 50% of the DIY folks criminals overnight!!! Think of the children that will never be able to live on when dad or mom breaks out a crescent wrench and decides to terrorize the neighborhood.

      • @ LifeSavor and Russel L Davis:
        My gawd! I only have few guns, but I don’t even KNOW how many wrenches I have after a long career in industry. If your scheme becomes law, I’m REALLY going to be in deep do-do.

  4. Good for the ladies.
    The jerk got what he deserves life as an invalid.
    Since if the shoes were on the other foot. I doubt if he had killed her. He would have gotten the death penalty.
    The only ones I feel sorry for are who ever the taxpayers are that will have to house this jerk the rest of his life.

  5. Shot the piece of crap through the spine after getting clobbered in the face WITH A LARGE WRENCH!
    Liberals love to champion ‘strong women’ why aren’t they hoisting this girl/woman up on their shoulders; THAT’S a strong woman!

    To the stepdaughter:
    May your words heal fast and may any scars be worn with pride as proof of strength, courage and righteousness.

  6. I spoke to 2 neighbors after a repairman innocently went to the wrong house—one actually wanted to legally purchase a firearm—my local range does sales, training, ccw class etc.—after, I reminded him to vote pro 2A—I was unable to do the bring a friend to the range for the last 2 months, so I am trying to make up for it————–as a second note, why isn’t the south florida sheriff’s picture, along with the head of the local school board, and local fbi office being used in any pro 2A messages——just the sheriff alone should change a lot of votes——-

  7. “They said he went through a lot of steps to ensure he couldn’t be tracked…”

    Yet he kept a DIARY in his car. People really are stupid. Guy looks a little like Stalin, too.

    • He wasn’t counting on getting shot. If that had not happened, he would have simply disappeared, made his way back to Florida in the same under-the-radar manor, destroyed the diary, probably come up with a good alibi, attended the funeral, and laughed about it until the day he died.

      • No, he wasn’t counting on ANYTHING going wrong. If he gets in a car accident and someone glances at his diary during a vehicle inventory? Done. If he gets pulled over for a taillight out and the cop has a reason to search his car? Done. Someone steals his car and either finds his notes or dumps the car and it gets searched by the police? So much for that plan! Any chance of trying to argue about mens rea and suggest a defense? Nope. Not with that little journey or written premeditation sitting there. Works fine until something goes wrong. Seems like the kind of risk I would label unnecessary but, then again, I’m not going around murdering people.

        Don’t get me wrong, I hope that all criminals continue to assume their plans will go off without a hitch and that they should never think about hiding potential evidence.

        • ” Good thing most criminals are not too bright!”

          There’s a good chance he was plenty bright, and arrogantly thought he’d never get caught…

        • No criminal thinks he’ll get caught, they all believe they are the magic one who will succeed in their crime.

          That’s why the death penalty is not a deterrent, they all think they have the perfect plan to avoid capture and incarceration.

          • With all due respect…you are wrong.

            The death penalty is an absolute deterrent.
            That particular “justice-involved person” will never commit heinous crimes again.

            I believe in personal responsibility…whether or not a punishment deters another person from crime is irrelevant.

        • Killing someone so they don’t kill others is not ‘deterrence.’ It may be justice, it may be preventative, but deterrence means to dissuade others through example. And capital punishment doesn’t work to that end. Nobody says “well, I was going to commit this crime for which I would be thrown in prison for life but I’m not going to do it because there’s a chance they might kill me (eventually). Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have capital punishment, but we should be more honest about it.

  8. I’m glad the girls shot him but there are larger issues here such as mental health and a poor educational system because Florida Man actually planned this and this crap was the best plan he could come up with????? And Florida Man actually wrote these plans on paper and carried them in the vehicle with him?????

        • Since it was post-retirement and was not service-connected, he gets to keep his pension. Of course, if his wife was married to him for all or part of his military service, she gets a share of the pension.

      • It would be more impressive if he could juggle tennis balls. There are plenty of morons in the Navy and there are plenty of pilots who outside of a plane don’t have the sense to change a lightbulb.

  9. It is hard to imagine how gnarled, how scared and calloused, how miserable and sick and confused someone must be to get to this point. We cannot know, but there could not have been any prayer, any love left in this man; only seething, consumptive anger eating away at his humanity. Maybe there was neurological or bio-chemical damage, but there is always choice. And he made his choices.

    He earned his new life by giving in to his anger and hate. Still, he deserves a prayer; no one is beyond redemption.

    Please, accept my apology if this sounds like I am moralizing. My intention is only to express how I am thinking and feeling about this.

  10. Seen it the other way around too. A couple of frequent fliers. She shot him in the neck with a S&W .357 magnum. They actually walked into the office and apologized for all the trouble they had caused over the years. She never spent a night in jail. A few years later her son was shot and killed at a party. Rock on a couple of years and we raided the suspects parents house. Meth lab. You can’t make this shit up. All of them in prison today.

  11. Ok, I’m calling BS. That’s not floridaman, it’s Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg, on his deathbed, dying from lung cancer.

    • James, you can call bullshit if you want, but if you’ve never been an L.E.O. you won’t believe the shit you will see. Go ahead. Try it. See what happens.

      • I was calling BS as a set up to my joke about floridaman looking like von Hindenburg.
        I totally believe the crazy stuff that goes on, especially in FL. The license plates SHOULD read “The FREAKSHOW State”.

  12. Perfect example of why I taught my spouse and daughters to fire in double-taps.

    Bullseye targets to develop eye-hand-trigger coordination / accuracy…followed up with life-size photorealistic bad-guy targets to help overcome the natural human reluctance to fire at another person.

  13. Went through a lot of steps to cover his tracks, yet he writes a lengthy manifesto….
    Doesn’t make sense….
    And I’m ALWAYS skeptical about these “defensive” uses of guns on the significant other….
    Obviously, if he is guilty of what he’s accused of, then sure, he deserved it….
    The story contradicts itself from the beginning…..js

    • So you think, what, they shot him in the neck, wrote and planted that manifesto in such a way that it wouldn’t be contradicted by his actions (traveling, phone, etc) which they could have no knowledge of? And then didn’t finish him off?

  14. “Investigators say he first attacked his stepdaughter, hitting her over the head with the wrench, and then used the same weapon on his wife.

    Investigators say he first attacked his stepdaughter, hitting her over the head with the wrench, and then used the same weapon on his wife.”

    Did investigators say if he attacked his stepdaughter and wife with a wrench? I bet he planned to hit them over the head with the wrench.

  15. Too bad he’s not a quad so he’d have plenty of time to consider what he attempted and not be able to commit suicide>

  16. Jeesh being a Florida man, you’d think he would have given her the Gulfstream divorce!

    Proves that being armed to protect yourself definitely threw a wrench into his plans!

  17. It’s not often that I get to dust off this oldie…

    Since she severed his spine with her shot, he probably doesn’t have voluntary control over his rectum.

    Rectum? She dang near killed him!

  18. Not the first time someone’s traveled a long distance to Virginia, to attack someone.
    Wonder what became of that guy from New Zealand that tried to rape a Virginia teenager a couple years ago, and was shot in the neck by her mom?

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