Robert Mondragon
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When we saw the photo of the man who had been arrested for dumping dead animals on the memorial for the students and teachers who were killed in the Parkland school shooting, we wondered why the Prime Minister of Canada would do such a thing.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Then we read further and discovered that the suspect wasn’t, in fact, the head of government for our neighbor to the north, but rather a 29-year-old Florida Man who was reportedly obsessed with school shooters. According to the AP, Mondragon’s firearms were confiscated in 2018 under Florida’s “red flag” law.

The Broward County Sheriff’s office issued this statement . . .

Robert Mondragon is currently being held without bond on charges of removing or disfiguring a tomb or monument (three counts), violation of probation for battery and indecent exposure (five counts) and violation of a risk protection order. 

BSO Threat Management Unit (TMU) detectives said on July 20, a school crossing guard discovered a dead duck with its chest cavity cut open on a bench at the MSD Memorial Garden, located outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. On July 21, the school crossing guard found a dead raccoon on the same memorial bench, and on July 31, a deputy found a dead opossum on the bench.

From surveillance video, detectives saw a white Nissan with all black rims or tires with no hubcaps arrive at the memorial shortly after 11 p.m. on July 30. Detectives said the male driver got out of the car and walked to the passenger’s side, then entered the memorial for several minutes before getting back in the car and leaving.

Late Sunday night on July 31, a vigilant BSO Parkland district deputy saw a white Nissan Sentra with illegal window tint that matched the vehicle description from the surveillance video driving slowly in the area of Pine Island Road and Holmberg Road, and he conducted a traffic stop. The deputy said Mondragon was the only person in the car, and the deputy saw bird feathers and blood on the front passenger side floorboard. Mondragon told the deputy he had the dead bird in his car because he likes “the metal and blood smell that emit from the dead animal.”

BSO V.I.P.E.R. (Violence Intervention Proactive Enforcement Response) detectives received information about Mondragon’s whereabouts from BSO B.A.T. (Burglary Apprehension Team), and they arrested Mondragon Thursday night, Aug. 4, for violating his probation for battery and indecent exposure and for violating his risk protection order.

This photo provided by Broward Sheriff’s Office shows Robert Mondragon. Mondragon has been charged with leaving dead animals on three separate occasions at a memorial for the 17 victims of the Parkland school massacre. (Broward Sheriff’s Office via AP)

TMU detectives said further investigation revealed Mondragon’s obsession with school shooters, both real and fictional. They said Mondragon’s facial tattoos resemble those of Tate Langdon, the character from the television series American Horror Story based on the Columbine High School massacre. They said they also found text messages about school shootings and internet searches about school shooters, how to break into steel doors, shootings involving multiple victims, pipe bombs, as well as slang terms for killing cops. Further concerning evidence revealed that two weeks before the end of the 2021/2022 school year, Mondragon walked the path the MSD school shooter took from the high school to Walmart on Feb. 14, 2018.

During their investigation, TMU investigators received valuable assistance from Coral Springs Police officers based on their previous encounters with Mondragon and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agents, who are pursuing possible federal charges against Mondragon.

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    • “behind bars”?

      Wait a minute, I thought red flag laws were bad, this fellow was probably just a hunter who enjoys displaying his trophies, what’s wrong with that?

      “a 29-year-old Florida Man who was reportedly obsessed with school shooters. According to the AP, Mondragon’s firearms were confiscated in 2018 under Florida’s “red flag” law”

      I’m waiting for the chorus of “red flag laws are unconstitutional!” All together now!

      “Mondragon told the deputy he had the dead bird in his car because he likes “the metal and blood smell that emit from the dead animal.”

      Clearly, he’s a hunter, just trying to feed his family and offer a little extra to the community.

      “the metal and blood smell”

      • Wow. miner. You just swallowed what little pride you had left in that statement.

        Is being a fascist eating at your soul that much?

        • It’s really simple JWM.
          This is all the progtards have.

          An election is weeks away, and their masters have ZERO checks in the win column on major issues. Over 70% of the voting public is fed up.

          Watch for false flags. These scum need an excuse for Herr Hairsniffer in queef to declare Marshall Law and cancel the election.
          DOJ and FBI leadership are in for the steal.

          So is Mitch M, proven by the fact he’s pushing the abortion issue. He would rather lead the minority party then see his party take the majority. Truly a world class turd.
          No more ‘go along to get along’ RINOs.

        • MajorStupidity had pride???? Over WHAT, exactly??? That boy is dumber than Balaam’s off ass.

          At first I thought you were going to say he sacrificed his credibility, but he never had much of that, either.

      • I’m sorry, MajorStupidity, what part of “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty” is opaque to you, retard??? Heed the wisdom of Samuel Langhorne Clemens: “Keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool; don’t open it and remove all doubt.” But, then, you and wisdom have never had much interaction, have you???

      • I’ll bite. All gun laws are infringement. This guy shouldn’t have had his guns taken. Red flag laws are unconstitutional

      • You are pretending that Florida could not remove weapons from maniacs prior to the passage of R Scott’s atrocity. Gosh, that’s clever…

  1. I’ll bet this guys parents are real proud. Unlike the two daddies and party favor mommy of our idiot manchild in charge who, almost undoubtedly, actually are proud. Thanks for that (second) picture of the assclown who is demanding I sell him my guns for other people’s money. Think I’ll order some more ammo now and try lifting my new level 1V steel plates with 160rnds of 308 on the front over my head again, almost made it last time…

    • Well, I don’t see Jerry in the Florida sex offender database.
      Looks like they need to add a failure to register as a sex offender charge.
      Rumor has it the Ohio chapter of NAMBLA is flying all flags at half staff…….lost their BEST recruiter.

    • jwm,

      At first I was trying to decide if it was a picture of dacian the demented or MajorStupidity. The MO and appearance (the “crazy eyes”; it’s always the “crazy eyes”) could fit either of them. Then I realized I was probably wrong – the perp looks like he MIGHT have gotten laid, once upon a time . . . an event that never has, or will, happen in the lives of dacian the demented or MajorStupidity.

      • At first I thought it was face paint but the later photo confirmed it is tattoos. Clearly an incel with a face like that. Is he a member of the local antifa chapter?

  2. AM I missing something here?
    What the hell has the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA got to do with an incident concerning a crazy man in the USA.
    Is Justin Prudeau somehow involved with the USA gun ownership scene? If he is first I ‘ve heard about it. And anyway a what the hell has CANADA got to do with America or indeed America to do with Canada as far as gun control issues are concerned.
    Or is the average American stil ignorant enough to believe that THEIR US laws and customs over rule, and are somehow superior to, those of every other nation on Earth ?

    • “What the hell has the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA got to do with an incident concerning a crazy man in the USA.”

      The mug shot of the Florida suspect bears a very strong resemblance to the famous picture of a young Justin Trudeau in blackface, you insufferable douche-nozzle :

      “Justin Trudeau Says He Didn’t Remember Blackface and Brownface Photos and Admits There Could Be More”

      You’re a very special kind of stupid, aren’t you, Albert?

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “AM I missing something here?”

      Yes, everything.

      Its like you can’t comprehend the English language.

    • “AM I missing something here?…..”

      Yes. Everywhere, and at ALL times!

      Congratulations All Hail!🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
      Admitting it is the first step towards getting help.

      Could this possibly lead to a thoughtful comment from you on TTAG?
      Time will tell.

    • What does a self professed limey have to do with American gun laws? Why do the faux brits believe that english gun laws should apply to every nation on earth?

      Are you actually this stupid?

    • Look Johnson, you don’t get it because you don’t get it, so just accept it.

      And I know I doesn’t has to call you Johnson. I can call you Ray, or Jay…

      Didn’t we just discuss this?

    • Prince Albert the Poncey Fake-Brit, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      “AM I missing something here?”

      Yes, as usual. You’ve been missing brains since you were whelped.

      “What the hell has the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA got to do with an incident concerning a crazy man in the USA.”

      Because the boy-child, idiot “Prime Minister” of one of YOUR Commonwealth nations is a flipping racist idiot, with a long history of cavorting in blackface (and he has the same “crazy eyes” as the perp). Typical of wanking “subjects” – racist, stupid, and insane.

      Do try to keep up, shortbus.

    • jack a z z ….. British piece o garbage…..
      you might just be the most ignorant s-OB I’ve had the displeasure of reading comments from….
      get your idiotic self back to being a SUBJECT to your welfare recipient royal queen….

      *1776 FOREVER*

  3. See, we don’t need asylums and institutions. Society is richer for having this man walk among us and participate, as it were, in civilization.

  4. Look, it was just one of those drunk, high, stupid things.

    Nothing to get all wound up over, O.K.?

  5. “on July 31, a deputy found a dead opossum on the bench.”

    OMG, I hope that wasn’t our Possum. He hates benches.

    • EpsteinDidNOTKillHimself,

      His facial tattoos PLUS his split tongue tell you everything that you need to know about that man.

    • That he was even passingly and remotely connected with being in any way whatsoever minutely mistaken for so much as a nanosecond as bearing even a distant similarity to the idiot manchild tells you way the hell more than anybody needs to know about this assclown for all eternity. Longer even.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibits A (screen capture of the linked YouTube video) and B (photo at end of article). Those two exhibits show a person who has embraced evil and given himself over to Satan.

    Notice in Exhibit A that Mr. Mondragon split his tongue like a snake. Notice Mr. Mondragon’s facial tatoos in Exhibit B. That is the face of evil, plain and simple. That is why you should be armed for self-defense every day and everywhere that you go that you can be armed.

    • He’s not evil, uncommon, he’s just yet another idiot playing at being evil. Lord of the Flies syndrome with a tiny audience of other idiots.

  7. “reportedly obsessed with school shooters”

    There is a large ‘cult’ following of school shooters. For example, the Columbine Cult >

    Its all over facebook, reddit, other internet forums, all sorts of messaging platforms, and even on some dating sites — all over social media. Mostly in vague references and ‘code’ phrases in discussions between people so it doesn’t get flagged, sometimes outright saying it, sometimes its more private depending on the communication method, sometimes its face to face, and they also meet others like them by visiting the sites of school and mass shootings obsessively. A fixated cult.

    • .40 cal,

      Pretty much ALL serial killers have cult-like, devoted “fans” – Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker had dozens (hundreds?) of women sending him marriage proposals. Marriage proposals to a deranged, psycopathic murderer/rapist. People can be strange.

      • @LampOfDiogenes

        Why of course they do. Its not just in the U.S. either, all over the world there are these mentally ill and deficient people who worship killers, its more than ‘fandom’ and is downright fanatical worship. Its not just the U.S. either, the U.K. is a big spot for it, Japan is another, Germany is another, every country in the world has their cultists devoted to killers.

  8. Don’t trust anyone with a tattoo. The rapid increase of people with tattoos mirrors the increase in mental illness afflicting society.

    • I remember a chart that said any tattoos on the neck or face stated “the cost of my incarceration will exceed any taxes I may pay”.

    • “Don’t trust anyone with a tattoo.”

      Fuck you, you narrow-minded asshole!

      So in your twisted world, anyone with a tattoo anywhere on their body is mentally ill and can’t be trusted? What a prejudiced piece of shit you are…

    • @dprato

      This is not a new thing. There have been numerous study’s since 2016 that have pointed out the same thing for both MSM and the various anti-gun groups/politicians.

  9. I know what I’d do with that guy along with every gang member in every city. I’d take care of the gang problem in 6 months if I had my way.

    The problem I’d face is the US Constitution and that little thing called “due process”

    • All you have to do is identify as a Progressive Democrat during those six months, experience your epiphany and resume life as what you currently identify as.

      The Progressive Democrat moniker gives you immunity for all actions conducted under that identity…seems to work for Joey, ‘Beto’, Swallowswell, Buttgag, Hellary and the rest of the authoritarian perverts.

  10. I didn’t figure it was that bad. One time I was draining 11 gallons of oil out of a semi tractor and accidentally dropped the oil filter into the pan and splashed oil all over me.

    I thought maybe the same thing happened and he wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion

  11. Surprisingly, here we see Florida police actually stopping a mass shooter ahead of time

    though I’d check his basement for bodies…

    • Hannibal,

      though I’d check his basement for bodies…

      And the trunk of his car. And his yard. And his parent’s yard. And his parent’s cabin the woods. And …

    • Probably only because he was previously disarmed. BCSO’s record against the armed is…

      Less than exemplary.

      • My grandfather got that when he got off the boat from Sweden circa 1910. He wanted to be an American. What a mess. He always wore freshly laundered long sleeve white shirts.

    • …and worse news yet, our tax dollars will pay for his upkeep in whatever swanky prison he’ll end up at, where he’ll just get more face tats.

  12. A perfect example of the good that red flag laws can do. There’s no sane person that thinks this psychopath should have access to anything.

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