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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
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From The Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project:

Prosecutor suspended by DeSantis for incompetence also violently anti-gun 

If you looked at State Attorney Andrew Warren’s social media, you might assume he worked for Giffords, Brady or Everytown, not the people of Hillsborough Country, Florida.

Warren is an anti-gun zealot.

In post after post on Twitter and Facebook, he railed against the Second Amendment, gun owners and Florida laws dedicated to keeping us safe. 

On Florida’s Stand Your Ground law: “As we said then, this law protects violent criminals & wastes resources by taking officers off the street and making us try cases twice – and has nothing to do with responsible gun ownership. And it’s slowed down the system, delaying justice for victims and their families.”

On Constitutional Carry: “Don’t let them fool you. This is ‘permitless carry’ – zero limits on who can carry concealed – and has nothing to do w/ the Constitution. This makes our neighborhoods less safe, and law enforcement doesn’t want it. You can’t claim to support cops while supporting this. No sane person thinks the 2nd Amendment protects owning a nuclear weapon, which means we recognize the Constitution clearly permits reasonable regulations on right to bear arms. The only issue is whether it’s reasonable to require permits to conceal – and it definitely is.”

On Modern Sporting Rifles: “Another mass shooting using a military-style assault rifle that has no place in our society. Another opportunity for us to do something. Another inevitable disappointment by our elected ‘leaders.’ And another difficult conversation with my children about their safety.”

On Florida’s preemption statute: “Who in Tallahassee is more hypocritical – extreme pro-lifers who oppose common sense gun laws that save lives, or so-called conservatives who profess local control but routinely bind cities & counties from solving local problems?”

Things changed yesterday, when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an order suspending Warren for “incompetence and willful defiance of his duties as a state attorney.” 

DeSantis said Warren had put himself “above the law” by choosing which laws he would and wouldn’t prosecute. 

Warren had signed public statements promising not to enforce restrictions limiting abortion or transgender treatments. In 2020, he declined to prosecute 67 people who were arrested during violent anti-police protests. 

Warren described his suspension as a “political stunt” by DeSantis, and he accused the governor of “using his office to further his own political ambition.” 

Warren was escorted from his office Thursday afternoon. He’s already been scrubbed from his official website. Now, it’s up to the state senate to decide whether to make the suspension permanent. 

The tone and topics of Warren’s social media posts have also changed. He is no longer fixated on guns, gun rights or gun owners. Now, he’s fixated on blasting DeSantis and getting his job back. 

“Just because the governor violates your rights, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Warren tweeted yesterday. 

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  1. I am curious about who elected this far left loon. Is Hillsborough Country, Florida a bastion of left wing politics?

    • Probably not. I am willing to bet that Soros money made its way to this communist SOB, and that money is what got him “elected” (that and Dominion election-rigging machines)!

      • There were some Dominion machines (actually Sequoia purchased by Dominion) in FL. in 2020 but should all be replaced by now; they were the center of attention in 2018 when Palm Beach County tried to throw the Gov election to Gillum which would have been a disaster for FL.

      • Reasonable is a buzzword Gun Control zealots use to sugarcoat the Rot inherent with their Gun Control.

    • This was one of the many Soros-backed jerks all over America. I don’t know the politics of that county, what I do know is that these kinds of prosecutor races have historically been low-key, they never attract a lot of money or attention – until Soros decided to upend everything. Throwing in piles of money in races that never attract money, you can make a tyrant look like a crime-fighting superhero, and your cash-starved opponent can’t fight back. Then you just sit back with the power of incumbency and watch cities burn to the ground.

    • Not really, it’s pretty well split in the Tampa Bay area with pockets of heavy red and blue in the outer county, but overall, SLIGHTLY Left leaning.

    • “Is Hillsborough Country, Florida a bastion of left wing politics?”

      Yes, for as long as I can remember.

      Watching the state-wide results come in on election nights, Hillsborough (Tampa) and Pinellas (St. Peterborough) consistently vote for Leftist Scum ™.

      Along with Orange county (Orlando)… 🙁

  2. This guy was such an ass, good for DeSantis. Wish we had 49 more governors like him. He makes mine (Abbott) look like Greasehair Newsom.

    • Thanks (/sarc). I almost went an entire news day without seeing/hearing mention of Governor Hair Gel. And it was such a nice Friday up until now… 😉

      • Boo hoo. Better get used to it. If some idiot prog doesn’t assassinate him on the short list for future President.

        • neiowa,

          Not disagreeing, but . . . what does it say about the Dimocrat Party that Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom is pretty much on EVERYONE’s short list for Dim Pres. nominee??? Their bench is THAT shallow???

          That’s freakin’ pathetic. Newsom would lose a debate with a moldy sponge (about what he’s likely to face in the Dim primaries). Pete Bootyjudge? Kamel-toe “Heels Up” Harris” AOC (America’s Dumbest Bartender)? Liawatha?? Bernie “Socialist Millionaire” Sanders?

          The Republican bench isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be, but they purely s*** all over anything the Dimocrats have. Of course, for the purposes of protecting the 2A, neither side is going to do anything other than virtue signaling. Politicians USED to be honest whores – once bought, they stayed bought. Nowadays, it’s more like “sure, I got your campaign contribution last week . . . what have you done for me, lately??”.

    • Agree with you about Abbott. He talks a lot but delivers next to nothing. Hoped we could primary the RINO out but he somehow got back in. Wondering if he got a bunch of Dem votes. A good gov. would have secured the border a long time ago.

      • Only problem is that Abbott is no RINO. He has produced. You just don’t like his production. Remember the LEAST government is the BEST government. Could it be that you expect more government intervention in your life?

  3. Be more like DeSantis. Cast these gaslighting, manipulative scum aside.

    Stop fighting fair and stop extending your principles to those who openly disrespect them.

    • He’s showing how it’s done. Why has it taken this long for a conservative to govern like that? They always run and hide at the first threat of losing that sweet corporate money. DeSantis stared down Disney. He’s staying on the offensive instead of just defending. He’s very politically savvy. He stays in the news by tackling national issues at the state level.

  4. It’s time that America makes tar & feathers great again, starting with THIS piece of helicopter ballast!

  5. Florida Gov Suspended and Removed Strongly Anti-Gun Prosecutor

    He didn’t dump his ass because he was anti-gun, he got rid of him because he was another one of George Soros’ do nothing “let em all go” prosecutors.

    • If you’re 100% correct, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, all these Soros-bought-and-paid-for prosecutors are anti-gun to the core, and governors like DeSantis are removing them. We are the beneficiaries on every level, whether it’s about guns or about removing tyrants and JBT’s.

    • You’re right. The article implies the State Attorney was suspended because he was Anti Gun, when that’s really not why he was suspended. He was suspended for refusing to prosecute criminals and ignoring Florida’s Statutes. The fact that he’s also Anti Gun is a secondary benefit of his termination, not the reason for his termination.

  6. DeSantis for the President of the United States. Except, we don’t want to loose him as governor. I’m sitting at a sushi bar in Tallahassee as I write this. I’m about to drive to Red Hills Arms and pick up one of those bad old guns. Second one this week in the same store. Good people.

    • Good thing you’re not in DE you might be getting a visit from a friendly local ATF agent just, you know, wanting to check some serial numbers and make sure you didn’t “lose” them in a boating accident or something. Might happen in FL once but the Gov and most local sheriffs would set them straight rather quickly.

      • Maxx, I worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 25 years. The Sheriff is not my best friend, but his personal cell number is in my contacts. He answers when I call. Some of the other guys are my best friends. I can tell you what they would tell the Feds if they wanted to come to my house. “You’re on you’re own.” Not that I’d engage them violently. It’s just if they asked to see the Wingmaster and 181 series Mini-14 I bought this week. I’d just say no and close the door.

      • Let me tell you something. I’m not special. If the government wants to kick down my door, they will. They will also kill me as fast as anyone else.

  7. That sort of removal should have happened 20 years or more ago, reaching down from the federal level. Sanctuary cities blatantly defied federal law. Mayors and city councils should have been removed, at gunpoint if necessary. Governors who resisted should have gone as well.

    Today, we see 2nd Amendment sanctuary states and cities, and I hate that as well. If liberal sanctuary cities had been dealt with properly, we wouldn’t be seeing the stupidity leading to 2A sanctuaries today.

    Portland sure as hell needs it’s mayor and city council removed, along with Chitcago and GayBay.

    • The usual crap, “fascists, commies, UNCONSTITUTIONAL with much wailing and gnashing of teeth”…. But under FL constitution the Gov can remove any state official for negligence or dereliction and a Prosecutor who won’t prosecute is negligent in his duties to protect the people. Just like the Palm Beach County election supervisor who tried to throw the 2018 Gov election. DeSantis fired her as soon as he took office.

      • Most states have s similar section there State Constitutions. I know NYS does.

        • Hopefully we will get to see Zelden use it.

          From what I’ve seen he’s going to need a lot more money and some real help from the outside. Hope he can pull it off but I don’t see any major changes coming in the State legislature, so he’d just be treading water for the next four years.

        • That would be a massive improvement from our current situation and some actions do not require the legislature. Honestly the control of how the budget is set up is the larger factor for NY and very different from most other states re governor’s role

  8. “….No sane person thinks the 2nd Amendment protects owning a nuclear weapon….”

    For the sake of argument I will say “Yes, it does.”

    As long as you store the device in a safe and secure manner, as long as no one or no one’s property could be harmed by detonation, that includes fall-out, sure go for it.

    So if you have the land and can do so….Bill Gates comes to mind owning much land.

    After all the Fed Gov has done it and they caused harm….because National security blah blah..”let’s just move these people away from their homes…”

      • I’ve said this before.. DeSantis/ Noem ticket, or Noem/DeSantis ticket, don’t think it would matter either way.

    • The topic was about constitutional/permitless carry and warren throws in, “No sane person thinks the 2nd Amendment protects owning a nuclear weapon”.
      warren and those like him can’t stay on subject. Carrying concealed has absolutely nothing to do with nuclear weapons. Guy 1, hey guy 2 you packing? Guy 2, yep got a nuke on my hip!

      warren is everything and much more that he accuses POTG of being.

    • And the “legality” is what most people focus on. Which would be stupid, if it weren’t pathetic, first. Can I “legally” own/make a nuke? No. “Can I” make a nuke? Well, subject to getting the fissionable material (which is, admittedly, an obstacle – but NOT an insurmountable obstacle), yeah, I pretty much can make a fission device. It was a “big f***in’ deal” when the Manhattan Project managed it. Nowadays? It’s a logistical issue, at best. The engineering is something any smart high school nerd could do.

      But there are other, easier (and arguably equally or more effective) weapons that ANYONE with high school level science knowledge can easily do in their kitchen sink. Poison gases, contact explosives, contact poisons, improvised explosives, bacterial infectious agents (viruses are more effective, but harder to manufacture and deploy) – these are all achievable by anyone whose IQ is larger than their shoe size.

      Making something “illegal” does NOT make it “impossible”. Humans capable of normal functioning are capable of arming themselves with weapons of MANY varieties. “Gun control” advocates are morons, who are focusing on the WRONG problem. Must be a day ending in “y”.

    • The ‘McNuke’ argument is kind of a pointless exercise. Nuke require constant maintenance. The radioactive elements in them are constant breaking down, not to mention the weapons systems used to deliver them are highly complex and they themselves need constant maintenance. You can just put on in a box and set it in your basement for a ‘rainy day’.

      Don’t get me wrong… I don’t even specially say they should be regulated. I’m a 2A absolutist. I’m fully down with being able to not only buy something full auto, but buying a untraceable 3D printed full auto grenade launcher that you’re going to mount to your unregistered pickup truck that you bought from a guy on the on the dark web. Those weapon systems are all things that don’t require an entire industrial base to keep them maintained.

    • I won an argument with a lawyer at a family reunion that the second amendment says it is the right of the people, not the right of the militia. When I quoted the second amendment by memory and emphasized it was “the people” he told me didn’t think that’s what it said! He shut up after checking Google but then after a while started grilling me if I had memorized the third amendment. No, I have not. But if Fort Knox lands a chopper in my field I’ll go pick them up in the truck and they are welcome to stay in the house and drink beer for a couple nights.

      I would say I lost or at least scored no points on the Nuke argument by saying I theoretically support your right and trust you more than the government. I think next time someone asks me about nuclear weapons I will treat it as a deflection and say let’s confine our discussion to small arms that can be used defensively.

      Since I started reading the comments on here, listening to YouTube personalities like Coluon Noir and Ben Shapiro, and continuing to educate myself on firearm topics I have become a far more effective 2a advocate.

  9. Florida and Georgia are running these ridiculous political ads attacking Kemp and DeSantis for permit less carry. They keep calling it ‘felon carry” because according to the ads the govs made it “easier for felons to carry guns.”

    Now, how exactly it can ever possibly be easier for somebody not following a law to continue not following a law escapes me but I’m sure those ads are hitting plenty of not-so-analytical idiots out there watching the Wheel each night.

    The party that brought you bail reform and social justice purge weekends is selling themselves as the “law and order” crew. At least in GA and FL.

    • They are “jumping the gun” a bit early for DeSantis, he hasn’t got constitutional carry done here yet. Wants it up for a vote next session but not yet.

    • It is just another Leftist anti-gun radical propaganda ploy claiming that felons can obtain a firearm and carry with Constitutional carry. It’s another bold faced LIE. I guess they have never heard of NICs..

  10. “Now, he’s fixated on blasting DeSantis and getting his job back”

    Duh, Annual salary of $154,140. The twit isn’t going to make this is he was in private practice.

  11. “Just because the governor violates your rights, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Warren tweeted yesterday. This slug is a typical leftist communist that has no problem violating the rights of the citizens selectively according to his idiotology yet whines and lies when he’s called out in a totally legal and just manner for dereliction of duty.

  12. I love it when a Lefty’s Ox gets gored and they scream like a 2-year-old when it happens. These people violate the Constitution, make decisions that adversely impact the general public (ie: releasing criminals without bail, cutting sentences short on people who don’t deserve to be released, not charging people who commit felonies, constantly making excuses why you should not be able to protect yourself when in many cases they have private security or no problem getting a firearm permit for themselves). It’s an old Lefty scam, beat on the good people because most of them won’t complain too much, give lip service to minorities about how you back them while at the same time taking advantage of them, and then yelling like a banshee when they encounter similar treatment. I really feel good when they show their true colors. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

  13. It seems the United States has leaders now. Something we haven’t had in a very long time. Governor DeSantis will run into the same people who hated Donald Trump. The Libertarians, the Liberals, the Left, and the RINOs. They do not like leaders. Ron DeSantis is against legalizing drugs just like Donald Trump. So the drug legalization crowd will never vote for them. Including the pothead gun owners. They would much rather have Nikki freed as governor in Florida.

    Some people seem to think that the states all have “a suicide pact”.

    That if one, or two, or three, go over the cliff. The rest of the states must follow. Well it does seem that California, Colorado, and New York state, are in the process of committing a slow suicide.
    And it’s interesting to see so many leave those States and come to pro-life States like Texas and Tennessee. They are “pro-life” in more ways than one. Being a constitutional carry state definitely makes you a pro-life state.

    • Actually, Chris T- I’m Libertarian and I would have no issue voting for DeSantis. Why? Well- because your facts are just a little bit off.

      I have a good friend whose job puts him into very close contact with the Governor every time he’s in our area of the state- and he tells a slightly different story than yours.

      First, he allayed my fears about DeSantis getting shot in the foot by standing too close to Trump- he said DeSantis is determined to win on his own merits alone… he doesn’t need (or want) to ride on anyone else’s coattails to win (especially when another’s coattails can get you defeated).

      Second, when I told him that if Trump screws up DeSantis’ run for Pres it would be unforgivable- he agreed with me completely… and he’s a life-long Republican.

      Third, when I mentioned the immorality of keeping cannabis on the Federal Schedule 1 list, I was pleasantly surprised by his response- he said DeSantis fully understands the importance of cannabis for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain (especially for veterans, first responders, victims of crime, accident victims, etc… like me- I’m paraplegic due to a criminal DUI offender), and that DeSantis supports all Americans having legal access to choices other than opioids for pain management- he doesn’t think our choice of pain relief should negate our Second Amendment rights.

      It’s funny that you mention Nikki Fried.. she openly brags about having both a FL CFL and a FL Medical Marijuana card- which makes her a felon according to Washington, but nobody has come down from D.C. to arrest her yet. You’d think with her party running the show up there they would have decriminalized cannabis already. But no- they haven’t done a thing about that. Hmm… go figure. And I would never vote for Nikki Fried- not no way, not no how.

      I like pretty much everything DeSantis does, and I’m all for him stopping the lunacy with cannabis laws and giving deserving citizens better choices than opioids to deal with our injuries and chronic pain… without the threat of us losing our Constitutional Rights over it.

      DeSantis looks to be just the kind of leader I’d be proud to vote for… imagine that, Chris T.

    • Libertarian is just another name for Leftist. Most of the so called “libertarians” are further Left than most DEMONcRATs.

      • Good grief W.E.B. the Turd, do you have to work hard at being wrong so often- or does it just come naturally? Don’t be afraid to seek help for your cognitive dissonance- seeing a professional can really ease your mind. We’re all pulling for ya, man.

  14. Can we get Biden and Harris removed for Dereliction of Duty? Or Gross incompetence?
    Most State Constitutions do allow for such moves by the Governor. With permanent removal approved by state Legislatures/Senates. Now we need to see more Conservative Governors using such tactics to get incompetent or otherwise under performing officials out of office.

  15. Can we get Biden and Harris removed for Dereliction of Duty? Or Gross incompetence

    Yeah, It’s called impeachment. But then what? Madam Speaker? or (God forbid) Kevin McCarthy? Better to get the Dems out of the chairs in the House and Senate and just ride it out til 24. Braindead can do no more harm (executive orders are NOT law) and if Kamaltoe should get in the Oval she’s too stupid, too lazy and too busy playing rock-star to do any real damage.

  16. Rick De-insane-ous is out to get Trumps job but he is far more dangerous than Trump because unlike Trump Rick is not a complete Moron, he is insane undoubtedly , but that is why the Far Right love him.

    Rick screwed himself big time when he attempted to silence Disneyland from having and making a political viewpoint known (which is right out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook). As a result when election time comes Disneyland with its millions will be out to get De-Insane-ous and we Liberals are cheering Disney on.

    It remains to be seen if De-insane-ous can get away with throwing out a prosecutor because he did not prostrate himself on the floor at the feet of the self-anointed dictator De-Insane-ous and tow the Jackbooted party line.

    • Asshole — who the hell are you talking about? The name of our governor is Ron DeSantis.

      Silencing Disneyland — wrong. The governor took away special tax status for the corporation, something that the Demorats have been screaming to do to nearly every corporation in existence for decades. When the governor did it, legally I might add (to borrow a phrase), they all yelled like stuck pigs. “Rules for me, not for thee!” they shout. Corporations do have a right to free speech, but they do not have a right to spread disinformation and outright lies about legislation (“Don’t Say Gay” bill has absolutely nothing to do with the bill but they have to lie about it since the law that protects underage children from being exposed to immoral groomers is widely supported by most Floridians.)

      Throwing out a prosecutor because he refused to uphold the duly-passed laws of the state numerous times is clearly within the governor’s powers under our state constitution.

      Don’t like it? That’s a bonus to the rest of us reasonable and knowledgeable people on the forum. You can go pound sand — that’ll accomplish as much as your bitching and moaning since you can’t vote in our state elections.

      • “Democrats have been screaming to do that to nearly every corporation in existence for decades.”

        The Left figured out a way around that. They just promise to end significant weather events. No more floods or tornadoes if we could just add a bunch of solar farms. Are you familiar with the Green New Deal Light Inflation Reduction Act (LOL)? Dem voters are so far gone, their masters have convinced them that throwing hundreds of billions in cash and subsidies to wealthy corporations is what will save them. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Of course a Nazi like yourself, herr dacian would cheer the corporations on. They bought your movement and converted it to fascism. You’re too stupid to see this.

      Remember how liberal the founder of Disney was?

      • Of course he wants the massive corporations to tell parents how their children should be taught in school. Wealthy corporations know best. He’s a typical “for the little guy” Democrat.

  17. Seems I read in this article that Warren is a Hillsboro County STATE Prosecutor. Translated, that means he may have been elected by voters but works for the governor’s office and may be fired by that authority. If this kook so easily misinterprets Florida law, he’s not fit to serve anywhere in the state where laws must be understood.

    But most observers know what’s really going on here. Andrew simply wants to serve the socialist band of thieves. He’s a — d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t — and he owes allegiance to the CIC (Coprolite in Chief) and the CIT (Chief Inside Trader). How do I know that? Very simple. They pay more. Soon, we’ll see this crumb living in Washington, D.C. and commuting in a limousine.

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