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It’s a little embarrassing for animal right activists: big black bears are brutalizing fearful Floridians. The attacks – and the fear of attacks – has proven too much to bear for beleaguered residents. The scared suburbanites now want the Powers That Be to authorize bear hunts. In a state with strong support for the right to bear arms, the right to bear arms against bears should cause barely a ripple. Needless to say, the Human Society consider the idea inhumane. They maintain that a bear hunt is unbearable – at least for the bears. But it looks like they’re bearing the burden of proof. As for how hunters would hunt black bears, no details yet. Bear with us. [h/t NEIOWA]

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    • I’m willing to cut RF some slack, this is after all, his site. And what would we do with our time if he decided to discontinue (like that’s ever gonna happen, barring a horrific incident).
      I would encourage that puns don’t take the place of proofreading. (Is that the Human Society or the Humane Society?)

    • Right!? Greenbay dominated all game long then like just quit playing in the last five minuets and let those Sea Cows win. Hope the patriots wreck that mouthy ass team in the Super Bowl.

  1. The humane society just tried to pull that hogwash in Maine. It’s amazing how dishonest they are. They go to these states and pour in millions of dollars and create problems where there weren’t problems before. Mass is experiencing the consequences of their agenda with bears now having interactions in the outskirts of Boston metro. Now where are they? They’ve gone to the next state and leave the last one to fix the mess they created.

  2. The problem is that urban liberals always outnumber the suburban victims.
    It’s easy to be against a bear hunt when your only exposure is an occasional trip to the zoo.
    Perhaps some of the bears could be turned loose in urban parks, this might change a few minds.

  3. “As for how hunters would hunt black bears, no details yet.”

    They would be bearing arms, in fact loaded for bear.


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