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I just thought I’d leave that here. [h/t GT]

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      • And THIS my friends, are why NY and NJ are SOOOO Fk’ed up…These and several other NE states are controlled by labor unions that vote Democrat, no matter what…I know a bunch of union guys that are NRA members, but do everything their union tells them to, because they are told the Republicans will eliminate their gravy trains and there is no changing their minds. The NRA has written off NJ for good reason.

        • My union has already sent snailmail propaganda endorsing Hillary. Geez. We’re still a year out!

          Hillary sez: “hooray unions!” and mine fell into line. I sent a polite but scathing email to the head office telling them how f’d in the head that was.

      • To be fair, that law never went into effect. Though the fact that it was even seriously considered is absurd.

  1. Fool me once…shame on you…

    Fool me twice…well, in this case shame on me the first time, too.

  2. The Union said so. It must be true.

    It’s sort of like, “Someone posted it on the internet. It must be true.”

      • It was part of his campaign platform all the way back in 2008 at least. Living in Iowa you learn to sort out all the crap from the political ads and look directly at their campaign platform. One of his campaign workers came by my house back then and having never heard of him before I asked what his position on gun rights was. She was kind of flustered and said they had a kid working for his campaign that “was a hunter” and he would know more. The guy came by and had no idea what his position was and handed me some papers. In them it said the same exact thing he said after Aurora.

      • Before he ran in 2008, Obama was on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation, which, for those of us who are not newcomers to the RKBA issue, is well known for their hatred of the RKBA.

        I told people that it would be merely a matter of time before Obama showed his stripes.

        • Yep, and when he was a legislator in the Illinois Senate he voted for practically every piece of gun grabbing legislation he could.

      • I’m pretty sure Obama denigrated us as “bitter clingers” all the way back in 2008:

        You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

        And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

    • I’m confused. Obama protecting our gun rights? Someone educate me.

      No. This guys that he wants to protect his gun (and job). If a candidate who respects peoples rights and doesn’t consider the government a tool for funneling money to his campaign donors had won (e.g. Ron Paul or the Tooth Fairy), his gun and job wouldn’t be in danger, so he wouldn’t be able to protect them from anything.

    • Depends on how dedicated he is to his union. As someone above noted, if his unionism is the center of his life, no, he doesn’t feel any differently. He’ll tell you right now Obama doesn’t want your guns, he only wants to take machine guns away from crazies and terrorists. And as he sits at home nursing his unemployment check he’ll tell you it’s Bush’s fault. My step-granddad was the same way until just before he died and the lights finally came on.

  3. 4 years later, instead of his no skill job going to mexico the Mexicans are coming here and taking it. Irony

    • The man in the picture is a Firefighter from Maryland, the union referenced is the IAFF, he is the president of Local 1311. Hardly a low skill job or a worthless Union.

      I personally don’t agree with the sentiment of that mailer but he is certainly allowed to take whatever position he wants to.

      Having read some of the responses to this posting I have to say many of you are no better than Michael K. Day, Sr. when it comes to how you express your opinions.

      • Are you being /sarc, or do you just not know any firefighters, or their jobs?

        I know a dozen+ FFs, and half of them have worked for me on some of the 20-ish days a month they aren’t in the station. The majority of what you do as an FF is backup the EMTs – roll to the call and stand around. This isn’t some BS tv show, no matter where in the country you are (save DET), you might have some real action once a month. The rest is just putting in time. I thought I might want to do it as a kid, then I spent 2 weeks in a house. The boredom was overwhelming, and it was a “busy” district.

        Meanwhile if you’re in anything resembling a decent dept. you’re clocking well north of $50K entry-level, and around $100K+ after only a decade of doing a very simple manual labor job. One that is less likely to get you killed than being a manager of groundskeepers.

        • Medical calls involving the overweight and elderly are the majority of their job and are what justify their existence.

        • Even as only a volunteer FF/EMT, the overweight people who call 911 are a bitch. The overweight people who call 911 and live in tiny apartments or houses with tiny hallways? Oh, they’re incredibly strenuous jobs. I pump iron five nights a week to be able to hold up my end of the cot or backboard on some calls – and I’m only a volunteer in a small community.

          If it were up to me, I’d starve so many people in this country, it wouldn’t be funny. All these idiot MD’s on the TV peddling their sunshine blown up people’s backsides about weight loss? Yea, I’d be peddling none of that. Hand-holding and sympathy? Screw that. Call that quack Dr. Oz if you want sunshine and Smurfberries blown up your ass.

          I’d get weight loss results, and I’d get the results fast. I’d take away people’s cars, have them strap on a 50lb pack and hike both ways uphill to work every day while I feed them only 700 calories per day. If they didn’t have any job, I’d make them dig ditches, and if they didn’t need the ditch, I’d make them fill it back in.

          Weight loss would be quite rapid under my plan.

          The bigger issue for firefighters is time they have to put in merely to maintain their ratings. For a paid guy, this might not be that difficult, but for a volunteer, holy crap, the letter-salad agencies are making it increasingly difficult to maintain ratings. Every year, there’s X so many hours you need to do to maintain your EMT ratings. There’s refreshers required for the wildland firefighting ratings. There’s physical standards for structure fires. On and on and on and on.

        • would be funny rather than sad if not taxpayer money. Crazy paying someone $100k to work part time, with moonlighting, future pay and benefits for life, which, by any basic accounting would make many of these guys more than millionaires via us taxpayers. Sounds similar to teachers. Solid top 10%, not the “middle class” by any measure – just more welfare. Public unions are a huge problem for our economy, regardless of stance on 2A.

        • The firehouse dilemma. They get paid to spend a lot of time not doing much,people/the city complain about the money, so the firehouse gets closed. Then a fire happens and people die because there weren’t enough firefighters/couldn’t get there quickly enough. Turns into a cycle. They do get paid a lot of money for the amount of work they do, but in the grand scheme, they save lives and the money is worth being spent on what they provide. It could be spent a hell of a lot worse, and in many cities, is.

        • I had forgotten, that is the way you are most likely to get hurt – fat people. Hope this never happens to you, but I’ve heard a couple of stories about having to enlarge doorways just to get them out.

        • Very familiar with these goofs. Under-worked and over paid for the most part. I would probably fight too, to keep my gold plated pension and retirement at 50-52 years of age, and be able to double dip. Then I could lecture everyone about how hard I work and what a hero I am and how dangerous my work is, and how, oh boy, if I were in the private sector I could make so much more! Whenever I ask one of these public union goons exactly WHAT profession in the private sector has guaranteed pension benefits that have a value in excess of a million dollar 401k that requires a lifetime of sacrifice to fund, they have NO IDEA…because there aren’t any private sector jobs like that anymore. The reforms enacted in WI were very minor, and the process finally revealed just how lucrative public union membership really is. Goons like this guy were bussed in from around the country to piss and shit in the hallways of the capitol building in Madison and shout down any opposition to their stranglehold on government spending. I have no hatred for cops or FF’s, but when their union trumps all other considerations, it’s got to go.

        • The irony is, when these “professionals” are retiring, I got into the FF/EMS business at over 50 years of age.

          Taxpayers could do worse than deciding that they want more volunteer departments – and then standing up to do the volunteering.

        • It’s harsh to hear but when I heard our family doctor (yeah it was a while ago) posit the question to my dad one time: “How many overweight people do you think there were in Nazi concentration camps?”…It brought some reality into the conversation.

      • I don’t care if he’s pulling babies out of burning buildings every other day, that campaign ad was either disingenuous or stupid.

      • WRT ‘worthless unions’, I guess you need to define them as ‘worthless to society’, or ‘worthless to members/workers’.

        Public employee unions are harmful to society, but very worthwhile to their members.

  4. Obama has been the best thing to happen to gun ownership in this country in a long time…..It’s almost some Machiavellian reverse-psychology scheme where he constantly threatens to act against firearms and never does, driving sales and 2nd Amendment defenders into a frenzy

    • I never owned any until bam bam made a big deal of gun control now I own several. You are right and I make your point

      • Same here never had guns before Obama and only recently lost em all in that boating accident…… thanks Hussein for helping me to see the light and come out of the sheep herd

      • I’m another one. Kept talking about it, but it’s been less than a year and I’ve got three, a fourth on order, plans to build the fifth, and a Daisy for the kids.

        I do need to slow down though. I forgot we had some home upgrades planned, and I need to be careful with my allocations.

        • Wow, awesome to see your guys’ feedback! Inspires me to write a post for next week asking new gun owners to chime in in the comments and share what motivated them to join the club.

  5. Oh the irony. Now Mike the union guy has no job and soon he won’t be able to keep his gun either.

    BTW if you take advice from anybody who voluntarily joined a labor union, you deserve what you get.

    • With the donkeycraps pushing gun control and ruining the economy; the big bad soviet union man will lose both.

  6. Dumbfluck. BTW bury soetoro was not silent to anyone paying attention. On record since 1996…oh and he was my “junior” senator before being immaculated…

  7. Unions, at one time, were a great and very useful thing for workers in this country, much like the horse.

    But now, much like the horse, there are better ways to things done.

    • Not to mention that public-sector unions are really a different animal from private-sector unions. The private-sector unions are at least somewhat subject to restraint from really extreme demands by the realities of private sector profit-and-loss; the public-sector unions, funded by an apparently endless supply of already-extorted tax dollars, have no such restraints.

      • If it were paid for by tax dollars that would be a huge improvement. Pretty sure at this point it’s mostly paid for by debt owed to other countries.

      • How very true. There’s no representative of the taxpayer at the table when public sector union contracts are negotiated.

        This is why public sector workers should not be allowed to unionize.

        • Exactly. The president of Ford can say, “If we pay the floorsweepers $100 and hour and go up from there, we will be out of business”. The mayor/city manager and city council just say, “OK, we can always raise the sales tax again and float some more bonds”.

  8. If he is a firefighter in MD, maybe he’s confused because up there he is overwhelmed by their “common sense.” Then again, maybe not.

  9. He’s a firefighter union president in Maryland.

    As a staunch Maryland democrat, he has an entirely different definition of “gun” than anyone in the rest of the country.

    And as a union president, his job has probably never been threatened.

  10. Someone once famously said “There is not a single problem in modern society that you can not trace back to organized labor” or something to that ilk. Wish I could remember who.

  11. It’s ok, Union Man. I’m sure Barry will let you keep yours because you are a supportive lackey. Or dem voter. One of those I’m sure.

  12. I am a UMWA member. I have 10 years in between construction and prep plant. I am also a staunch conservative and a true believer in the Constitution, always have been, always will be. While I truly am grateful for my job and love what I do, the last ten years have had innumerable verbal confrontations and and several physical ones over my beliefs and values. Even now, when our plant is running one week a month because of the collapse in the coal industry, some of the old bastards I work with STILL support the piece of shit in office. Watching our brothers lose their jobs and fear for the future ( there isn’t much left in out part of PA) isn’t enough for them to see the truth. This is the greatest proof that some Democrats will die with blinders on no matter what happens.

    • Want to see the true depths of union stupidity?

      Go to Trinidad, Colorado. From Pueblo to the southern border of Colorado is hard-core union country. They looooove to talk about the battles with the government about 100 years ago, when the union “stood up to the man.” They have erected monuments and historical markers all over the landscape, singing the praises of the unions.

      And then you look around the towns. They’re dead and falling into their graves, or dead and they don’t know it just yet. Trinidad, Walsenberg, Colorado City… they’re all dying on the vine. Just over the border into New Mexico, Raton isn’t going great guns either. All union towns, all wrapped around their mythology of how the unions “stuck it to the man.” About one-third of the residents of Trinidad, CO are on welfare. But boy oh boy, do they let you know about their union history.

      • As a Coloradan, you’re description is spot on. Used to be boom towns. They also have some of the best anthracite coal in the nation that used to feed CF&I in Pueblo. All shut down.
        Only good thing is good hunting down there today if you can get access.

      • You speak truth DG. The largest Union group other than Denver, is Pueblo. They are hardcore about it. Recently having gone through Union proposals and contract problems in that area, it’s ridiculous how much faith and hope they put into these people.

      • Pueblo and Trinidad were part of my sales territory in the mid to late 80s. There was little understanding that the high cost of labor was a major factor in the closing of Pueblo’s steel mills and Trinidad’s coal mines. Pueblo’s great hope was the Fedgov opening a large fulfillment operation (remember the ads telling you to write to a po box in Pueblo for government brochures?). Trinidad became a center for sex change operations, which was the main thing that allowed them to keep their hospital open.

        DG, Joseph, and Jon speak the truth.

        • Well, now the sex change MD took his/her practice to San Francisco.

          When I’ve been in Trinidad, people told me “If you fall ill and need a MD or hospital, get to [Colorado] Springs ASAP. Do not bother with Trinidad, do not stop in Pueblo.”

          Other parts of southern Colorado are quite nice, IMO. I think the valley over to Alamosa is just beautiful, the town of Alamosa is much nicer than anything else in SoCO (mostly because they’re an agricultural community and not mining or influenced by the history of CF&I) and southwest of Alamosa is just some of the best elk country there is on earth.

        • Yeah, when Dr. Biber, the old country doctor that started the reassignment practice, died, they were in quite a tizzy until the new doc took over. Now that she’s gone, they’re in trouble. I used to get the same advice about getting the the Springs for medical assistance if I had a problem.

          Brings back memories of heading to Pagosa Springs and over Wolf Creek Pass into Durango-and not always in the best of weather.

  13. One time I was fooled by Obama’s promises of economic well being for all, and that he wouldn’t do anything to restrict our rights. But I was in sixth grade, so I give myself a pass for that naivety.

    • Dang your a young one 🙂 I voted 3rd party the first time he ran, but I had to vote R last time because I seen the writing on the wall. I have personally seen good results due to unions, but I have also seen them do nothing but siphon off a bit of my check and keep worthless humans employed..

  14. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were all over Bury Soetoro in 2007. And his record as the most left -wing senator was common knowledge to non-democrats…

  15. I’m a union guy so I vote union.

    I’m a homosexual so I vote homosexual.

    I’m black so I vote black.

    I’m white so I vote white.

    I’m republican so I vote republican.

    I’m democrat so I vote democrat.

    For myself I’m looking for a pro gun, pro liberty person to vote for. What the person looks like I don’t care about.

    • If you find that candidate now, he/she probably will not win the primary. There are a lot of people that are putting Trump out there as 2a friendly but what has he really done for the 2a? He has sons supporting the 2a but he bans employees from carry on his properties. He has not held office to show a history of voting in our favor, and the way he talks about kicking everyone out of the USA, doesn’t support the constitution. Now don’t get me wrong I am definitely voting him over Hillary, I just pray it won’t be those two winning the primary.

      • Trump is saying the right things. He is pising off the right people. He drives the establishment crazy.
        But Cruz is the best 2A guy out there.

        But the godless hate the proud christian Ted Cruz. They are Fudds. They will vote for Hillary or Bernie “free stuff” Sanders.
        I should have added: I am godless so I vote godless, to my list.

  16. All unions should be banned, as well as striking. Attempting to form a union or striking should be punishable by jail time.

    Unions are a relic of the past and there’s no use having them around anymore, they once had a purpose but that was over 70 years ago. These days all they do is help outsource jobs, bankrupt cities with their generous salaries and pensions, protect lazy workers, bully employers/employees to get what they want, and give money to Democrats that want to take away our guns.

    No tolerance for socialistic ideas like unions, the sooner we outlaw unions the better.

    • So you would deny people free association, mandate forced labor, and interfere with the right of private contract?

      Unions may not be worthwhile, but your position is not that different than outlawing guns because you don’t like them.

    • People should be able to strike if they want to. But then the employer should be able to fire them all instantly. If the owner of the business doesn’t want a union, then one should not be allowed to form. The workers are free to quit and start their own unionized business. Employers these days have very few rights. Everybody else feels qualified to tell them how to run their business.

      • I agree with being able to strike and with being able to fire them.

        But I disagree with the owner prohibiting unions. If the employees want to unionize, so be it. The owner has no right to dictate how their employees associate. The employer is welcome to negotiate with the union or not.

        If the owner decides that unions aren’t worth the hassle, fire the union employees and start over. If the owner wants to enjoy a single point of negotiation, fire the non union guys. If the owner is willing to go with a mixed crew, then employees can choose to join the union or not.

    • And even Lenin and Stalin knew enough to come down hard on unions in the Soviet Union when they threatened to strike. You REALLY didn’t want those two on your bad side – they weren’t even nice to people they liked.

  17. Obama will let me keep my guns. That reminds me of if you like your doctor or insurance you can keep them

  18. This was 2008, when the campaign visited my little Appalachian home town. Around the time of the bitter clinging remarks.

    “Working for the Working-Class Vote
    Will Gun-Toting, Churchgoing White Guys Pull the Lever for Barack”

    ” “I just want to be absolutely clear, O.K.? I just don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home and you talk with your buddies, and they say, ‘Oh, he wants to take my gun away.’ You heard it here, and I’m on television, so everybody knows. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away.
    “So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one!” Obama said, eliciting laughter and cheers from the crowd. “It just ain’t true!”

  19. He said gun, not rifle nor firearm.

    He was probably just looking forward to the days of mandatory health care for all, with everything covered.

    (Been a long time since I saw Full Metal Jacket, but that line stuck.)

  20. Also, keep in mind that until at least 2013 Farago was an Obama supporter, openly ridiculing folks that predicted Obama’s antigun turn.

    • I will admit that prior to Sandy Hook I was an occasional browser of the web sight mostly focusing on the firearm reviews which were the most unbiased I had found, after Sandy Hook I have read TTAG almost daily. I have seen some interesting things here but never seeing a post that was pro-O.

      • He wasn’t pro Obama… But he did write repeatedly that Obama wouldn’t come after guns. However, because this is a free-speech-ish zone, plenty of readers contradicted him and their comments stood. So what’s your point? He made a prediction that would turn out to be wrong… Something you’ve never done?

      • I’m with you Jeff. I got political after Sandy Hook. I did see TTAG then but thought it a bit odd. But in the last 2 years I’ve gone full gun goofy. I never saw RF say anything good about Bury. And I was never fooled into liking any democrat(or most republicans)…

    • Not to speak for RF, but he never – has not, is not, and will not – supported BHO. He DID, however downplay the fears of a gun control push or gun grab under this administration, figuring they wouldn’t be that stupid. Well, they are. And he’s admitted that he was wrong about that here, a number of times.

      • A lot of conservatives I know, including me, repeatedly said that we didn’t think he would go after guns or gun control in his first term. If it was going to happen, we figured it would only happen upon reelection. The thinking, obviously, was that any push for gun control would hurt his reelection efforts. I definitely saw a lot of comments on here to that effect.

  21. Sergeant Slaughter? Is that you?
    If it weren’t for Obama’s name one could place that pic back to the 70’s.
    Love the little-boy flat-top.
    I get it! The “special needs” look offers plausible deniability when he gets called out on his lies.

  22. The pro-gun Democrat; rarest of all big game. And still not worth a damn wheat-penny. When push comes to shove, he might as well be an anti.

  23. I don’t see the irony. He most likely still has his job. And since he wears blue to work, there is probably a carve-out so HE can still keep his gun, too. Just not you. He doesn’t give a rat’s eyebrow about your job or your gun.

    A totally truthful and totally misleading ad – all at the same time.

  24. Don’t worry. I clicked the link at the bottom of the article suggesting a correction. I let them know that, with 20/20 hind sight, we can see that the entire premise of the article was wrong. I suggested a retraction or a rewrite with the truth.

    I am sure that will be coming out shortly! (sarcasm)

  25. Ok I’m a union member, IAFF , just like that guy. The members of the IAFF are mostly conservative and outside of a gun club you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger group of gun owners . Few very few ever vote the way the union leaders want.

    It’s an ad by a guy on the executive board which never mirrors the memberships thoughts or votes.

    My local has over 500 guys, years ago they asked for a turnout when Kerry’s champaign came to town. 5 guys showed up , all members of the executive board.

  26. Mike Day still has his job and his gun. His full time job is running a public sector union for which he is paid by tax money. His gun is a single shot twenty-two.

    Oh Happy Day!

  27. It’s illegal to use union dues for political purposes . That’s why they form pacs, which contributions too are voluntary .

    Just like the NRA has the ILA, and political action committee , because it would be illegal for them to use your dues that way as well.

    So no my dues don’t go to any politician , dispite what Rush says……

  28. So…I come to this site to learn more about firearms and 2A issues. The cost for such information is to wade through diatribes about fat people, evil cops and lazy firemen, unions, abortion, gays, welfare, and on it goes.

    If I may say, you people need to decide just how important 2A is. Because if you insist on dragging an entire list of social and economic issues into the mix then you are going to lose. Again.

    One issue, no compromise.

    • Well, there is, you know, life out there. And, if otherwise pro-gun guys are voting gun-grabbers into office because their union tells them to, don’t you think that’s a fit subject for a 2A forum discussion?

  29. I am forced to belong to the I AM , biggest bunch of scab bastards that ever sold out the membership. And yea they use my Union dues to support politicians (democrats) that I do not or would.not ever support. They even tried to get me fired job, because I did not think that my Union dues should be.going too support a self proclaimed Marxist Leninist country that out lawed unions. F’ n scab eastwards.

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