Ted Deutch HR 1263 NFA regulation long guns magazine
U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
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Last month, Rep. Ted Deutch, civilian disarmament advocate and Florida Man extraordinaire, introduced HR 1263 in the US House of Representatives. The bill would amend the internal revenue code to bring any “semiautomatic rifle or shotgun that has the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device” under NFA regulation.

Translation: If passed into law — and passage in the House seems a sure bet if it comes up for a vote — anyone who owns an AR-15 rifle would have to register it as an NFA item. But wait, there’s more.

It’s not just those scary black weapons of war that Deutch wants to keep track of, either. Own a Ruger 10/22? Register it. Mini-14 or Mini Thirty? Register them. How about that non-frightening Browning BAR hunting rifle? Register it, too. Because if you don’t…congratulations, you’re a felon.

courtesy Browning

You can read the bill here. This is the important part:

Any person who, on the date of the enactment of this Act, lawfully owns or possesses a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun (as defined in section 5845(a) of such Code, as amended by this Act) that has the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device (as defined in such section) shall, not later than 120 days after the date of enactment of this Act, register the semiautomatic rifle or shotgun in accordance with section 5841 of such Code. Such registration shall become a part of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record required to be maintained by such section. The prohibition on possession of an unregistered firearm under section 5861 of such Code shall not apply to possession of such a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun that has the capacity to accept such a detachable ammunition feeding device on any date that is 120 days or less after the enactment of this Act.

Because do something. Because you can’t get to confiscation without registration. Because guns.

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  1. Come and take them.. I dare you. Coward will send a bunch of LEO to die in his place. We will not comply.

    • I believe everyone looks at all these laws from the wrong point of view. It’s not going to be up to them to do anything about them yet. They’ve enacted these laws in NY, CT, NJ, VT and CA but there attempts have fallen flat because most gun owners are not complying.

      And that’s the view that should be taken by everyone. It’s not “come Take them” It’s I’m not going to obey an illegal law.

      Maybe you all might think that’s a point without a difference but I think it’s a very important one for everyone to realize we don’t have to hide in fear. Waiting for the State to come after us. We are numerous enough that they don’t dare so they will try to compose laws that will make it seem simple and unimportant for us to obey.

      But that’s not true and should be recognized by everyone from the die hards to the Fudds.

      It’s called civil disobedience. And you do it by not obeying the law. Making the law justify itself or be made harsher more intrusive which is always a losing proposition.

      • Actually, even in NY we don’t have this insanity… not that they won’t try at some point. People in FL, wake up: your state is being hijacked like mine was long ago.

      • NY only requires registration of “assault weapons.”

        And nobody registered those anyways.

      • Spot on. The more laws they pass, the less each one means to anyone. Eventually they’ll realize they’re yelling into the void and become even more enraged by that realization. Declare enough people to be criminals and sooner or later they might decide to be the best criminals they can be.

    • Not many.. a lot of them are Patriots and will resist with us… Somes other ones will walk away because they want to live.. After that, it only leaves the traitors to die like they should.. Law enforcement can only exist in a society that wants Law and Order..

  2. Because nothing says “assault weapon of war with no place on our streets” like my uber-deadly super-duper-tactical Henry Survival Rifle. In 22 LR. Which I’m sure the Huffington Post will tell you stands for “Lethaler Rifle.”

    • The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a Henry survival rifle is a good guy with a Marlin Papoose.

      Bad hombres: kindly wait until I assemble the barrel to the receiver.

  3. Teach everyone you know how to shoot, make it fun, be informative but don’t preach, encourage gun ownership, be a good ambassador. This is a cultural war, One we can’t afford to lose.

  4. deutsch is one of the worst. Either completely ignorant or lying but he spouts some moronic crap over and over.

  5. This is a broad enough bill that it could just backfire on the anti-gunners. Every gun owner should see this is an attack. FUDDs, collectors, target shooters and self protection types have to see this as the affront it is. Make sure to tell your congresscritter that this will make sure that they are never elected again.

    • This useless grandma glad handing at Century Village every 2 years POS is my Congresscritter. One of the most useless ones we have ever had.
      This is the best crap he can come up with in 2 terms???

    • Don’t forget veterans who own Garands and M1 Carbines who would be required to register.

      • Depending on the wording, the Garand may be exempt, as it doesn’t use a magazine, as it were.
        I know, I know, moot point, but still.

  6. Hmm, if ALL semiauto rifles become NFA items, and since we cannot purchase NFA items in California, would the law mean an automatic ban of all semiauto rifles in the state? Given the antigun AG Becerra, I am sure that his interpretation would be that it does.

  7. “Unpossible! This can never happen here!! I left KKKalifornia 10 years ago because of this crap!! From my cold dead hands!!!…… anybody know what the weather is like in Montana?”
    -That Guy-

  8. ZERO COSPONSORS. ZERO. This bill is as much of a loser as Deutch himself. He can’t even get his Communist friends to join him.

    • Doushbag needs to stray from his lane, and stand in the high-speed lanes, to be clobbered by a semi tractor-trailer load of Kel-Tec Sub 2000, coming out of Cocoa, FL.

  9. Notice that the Deutch’s proposed law does not apply to illegally possessed semi-automatic firearms. Thus, if you possessed a stolen semi-automatic firearm, you would have no legal obligation to register it.

    Also, as I read the text of the bill, it does not apply to semi-automatic firearms that someone would lawfully acquire more than 120 days after the law goes into effect. (The text of the bill says that it only applies to legally possessed firearms at the date that the bill would go into effect.) Am I reading that right? If so, just make yourself an AR-15 lower receiver 120 days after the law goes into effect and you have no legal obligation to register it.

    • “The prohibition on possession of an unregistered firearm…” doesn’t kick in until 120 days after enactment. That’s your four-month grace period to register such arms.

  10. Remember this pearl of wisdom ladies and gentlemen: when it is time to bury/hide your firearms, it is time to use them.

  11. This man is so f@#%^ing useless as a congressperson. He has written no legislation. Votes his party line no matter what and now as my representative thinks Im going to register my guns.
    NO F@#$%^&*ing way. Shove it.
    Ill take 3 hots and a cot and he can pay the bill.

  12. President Trump should vow to declare an NFA amnesty (thus opening the machine gun registry) if this abomination somehow manages to pass both chambers and override his veto.

    At that point, every semi-auto rifle manufactured before 1987 would suddenly acquire a full-auto sear. Imagine how many semi-auto SKS, AK-47, and AR-15 pattern rifles (not to mention countless other semi-auto rifle designs that are easy to convert to full-auto) are out there that were manufactured before 1987!

    • Now there is a fun “Question of the day” article: name a semi-automatic rifle that was in production before 1987 that is fairly easy to convert to full-auto.

      Sure, such a question borders on mental masturb@tion: so what!

      • The M1 Carbine is fairly easy to convert to select fire. All the parts are out there. It is legal to make and possess these parts, as long as you have one less of the required parts in your possession. I’ve sold many of these parts, and it doesn’t require any machining or a gunsmith. Thirty round mags are all over. Tape two together and fill with hollow points and you’re good for pretty accurate fire to more than 100 yards.

        • Full auto is over rated. Life ain’t a Stallone/Chuck Norris/take your pick movie. You take your M-2. I’ll take my ’03-A3 and wear your ass out at any kind of real rifle range.

    • Seemingly a good idea, but you still have to register it as an NFA weapon. Which, given the sparkling efficiency of the BATF, should only take them about three or four millennia to work through the backload. They do such a fine job with SBRs and silencers, imagine the gridlock when [in theory] millions upon millions of eager gun owners rush to file for their NFA permission slips.

      I didn’t bother to read the bill, but I’d be relatively certain that there’s no funding mechanism to ramp up the ATF to actually process those registrations – so, having sent in your application and egregious processing fee to get your stamp, you have to wait, what, a couple of decades to get your stamp? During which time you have no proof of application.

      The guy’s a dunce, beyond doubt. Virtue signalling at its finest.

      • “They do such a fine job with SBRs and silencers, imagine the gridlock when [in theory] millions upon millions of eager gun owners rush to file for their NFA permission slips.”

        Which might have an unintended consequence in our favor.

        Back in the day the 55mph national speed limit caused people to form convoys to run speed traps. To do this they needed communications and CB was the answer but CB radio required a license. Millions upon millions of people applied for that license through the proper FCC channels and clogged the system up so badly that the government gave up and gave back CB bandwidth to the public. It’s use has been free and without a license requirement ever since.

        • Actually it was suppose to be free from the get go and a court ruling forced them to abandon the licensing scheme and the charge that went with it. I had a CB license that I accidentally fast tracked by telling them I needed it for up to 15 vehicles, so they assumed I was running a small taxi service and sent me the license quickly.

      • Defens,

        In the general case, amnesty means, “that which was illegal is now legal”. An NFA amnesty pretty much has to mean that your unregistered machine gun becomes legal to own/posses as soon as you send the required registration form and $200 check (and if you are not a “prohibited person” of course). This is the only sensible realization since there is no practical way to “dispossess” the NFA item while waiting for ATF to receive your registration form and $200 check — and return your tax stamp.

        If that is true, then all you would need to be “legal” is a copy of your registration form, copy of the $200 check made out to ATF, and certified mail receipt showing that you mailed that stuff to ATF.

        Disclaimer: I am not an NFA expert nor an attorney. The above is my under-educated opinion and NOT legal advice.

    • That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. LOL. Do you even NFA, bro. LOL.

      The NFA amnesty provision that is in the 1968 GCA only applies to pre-ban machine guns, as the NFA registration requirement with the amnesty provision and the machine gun ban are two completely different laws.

      A general amnesty on the machine gun ban that would allow the unlimited legal conversion of semi-autos to full-autos would essentially be a non-enforcement of the machine gun ban by the executive branch. For that, a pre-ban semi-auto would not be even needed. Any new semi-auto could be converted or new full-autos could be purchased.

  13. From a purely historical academic perspective this is kind of an interesting turn of events with the original draft(s) of the NFA including all handguns and whatnot and with a view towards the NFA as a “tax” rather than a “ban”.

    From a practical point of view it’s not going to happen. It would require changing other federal laws to allow for a registry and a complete overhaul of not just the NFA branch of the BATFE but also major overhauls of the ATF and FBI in general. And that’s before you get to the real nuts and bolts of the logistics of registering tens of millions of rifles.

    Then of course there’s the issue that this doesn’t ban continued manufacture to dry up sales and these rifles are VERY popular meaning that the NFA Branch will have millions of applications a year to deal with. And there’s the fact that they have no idea what this could cost which is why the appropriations section says “…such sums as are necessary to carry out this Act.”

    On the other hand this could end up being a good thing if it were to pass. Much like the 55mph national speed limit eventually forced the FCC to abandon licensing for CB radio due to a complete inability to process the number of applications. If this led to the NFA being treated the same way…

    • “On the other hand this could end up being a good thing if it were to pass. Much like the 55mph national speed limit eventually forced the FCC to abandon licensing for CB radio due to a complete inability to process the number of applications. If this led to the NFA being treated the same way…”

      It could also motivate SCOTUS to declare semi-autos with detachable magazines are “in common use” and are not subject to NFA registration. Thomas, Kav, and Gore would be on-board with that, Alito as well, the only problem is, would Roberts be???

  14. Isn’t it weird when the boat tips over and only the box magazine fed semi-auto guns fall out? I can’t explain it.

    • @MyName – No man it ain’t wierd, its just physics. Like when you drop toast and it lands butter side down. When you are in a boat with your guns, and the boat tips over they always end up Black Rifle down. Jeez everybody knows that! 😉

  15. I’m getting too old for these constant attacks on the rights that my family fought and died to secure and maintain since 1632. All these aholes can go straight to hell. I’ll even make the reservations for them.

    • GunnyGene,

      We might need some grumpy old men to speed along the process as well!

      • Grumpy is the understatement of year.

        It’s more like this clip. Warm it all up. Everything you got!

  16. I don’t have an AR-15. Thank God, but I do have a few real rifles. I will not comply. Fuck the government!

  17. Is like to point out that, if this law applies to gun sales after it’s passage, then all such future gun sales would be registered. A gun store that refuses to do that paper work would be put out of business and the owner jailed. Gun owners would have a choice of either appearing on the registry, or never buying a newly manufactured gun again.

  18. I knew there was a reason I wanted a Garand!

    Okay, it was really just the ping. But here’s another reason.

    • Hannibal, everyone should own an M-1 rifle. Hurry though. There are more people than there are M-1s. Tell you something else. M-1s are deadly at both ends. Butt stroke someone with an M-4. You know what you’ve got? A broken rifle.

      • The loose definition used may cast a wider net:

        An en-bloc clip for the M1 Garand is a detachable ammunition feeding device. As is a magazine extention tube for a Remington 1100.

  19. As I keep saying,

    More gun laws to be ignored by 98% of the gun community.

    They’re just practicing Government Masturbation. Passing a ton of new laws that no one will be complying with, no law enforcement agency is likey to ever enforce.

    • It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes.

      Also note that it’s Broward County.

  20. if i’m wrong i’m wrong, but i don’t think the house has the stones to pass this. plenty of new democrats in not deep blue districts who would end up 1 termers

  21. I dont mean to complain but his name is spelled Douche, and for the record his midelle name is spelled Bag.

  22. This idiot better get his ducks in a line and pull that bill those people down south better get him under control of course the only gun with detachable is a old remington 760 30 06 pump yea thats right

    • You mean an MLK special? Seriously, the man should not have been assassinated. Regardless of how you feel about him his murder sent him into martyrdom.

  23. According to the CDC, more people die falling out of bed each year that are killed by all long guns.

    With that in mind, I think we can expect a HUGE decrease in crime if this becomes law.

  24. So a 10/22 needs to be registered with the BATF, but a pistol brased AR-15 is fine…

    I mean seriously to they think this garbage up while sitting on the John and rush right into the chambers to make it a bill?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that’s how the process works. In any case, I sincerely hope they at least take the time to wipe before rushing their half baked shitter bills onto the floor.

  25. Dan, why do you make a distinction between a mini14 and AR-15. I know that there is one from the anti-gun point of view, but you should really know better.

    • I think his point is that the progbots no longer see any distinction. All self-loading rifles are evil, and if you have one, so are you. Incrementalism hasn’t been working, so they’ve doubled down on hating ALL the guns.

  26. This a$$clown is from Broward County which is the big Demorat County that screwed up the elections for Governor and Senator!! He is playing off the Parkland incident as that is in his district.

    • His district is the southern part off Palm Beach County. Boca Raton and Northern Broward Coral Springs.
      Mostly displaced retirees Northerners and a few middle aged tossed in Broward. Parkland is just a smallish town or area. Population is about 25k folks if you look at a map.
      Douche is just a nice boy all the jewish grandmas voted in. Hes useless.

  27. Again, sever the peninsula just south of Ocala. Let it drift into the Caribbean. Deport all that migrated south from the north. We really don’t like you. At all. Tell Trump to build the wall on the Mason-Dixon Line. We like the illegal immigrants from south of the border better than Damn Yankees.

  28. You passem, I breakem. To me those sworn to uphold the Constitution then passing laws to infringe on those rights must be infiltrators of a most evil persuasion. The State Militia should do something about that.

  29. “FL Rep. Ted Deutch’s HR 1263 Would Register All Detachable Magazine Semi-Auto Long Guns Under the NFA”

    So, is he going door to door, or…??? If so, he won’t make it very far…

  30. Out of 400 Million or so firearms in the U.S. even if just 10% were long guns with a detachable magazine, weel, that’s 40 MILLION! The ATF has enough trouble with the NFA Registry getting the other items registered which amount to only 10 thousand a year or so. How are they going to register 40 Million? It would take DECADES!
    As usual, Dems come up with unworkable solutions to non-existent problems.

  31. With rock ribbed leaders like Mitch McConnell, and Trump having vowed to protect the RKBA, sleep well knowing your gun rights are safe!

    Pssstt…wanna buy a bumpstock?

  32. Yeah how are you going to register 300 million semi-autos and about 5 billion magazines? How much staff and cost is that going to require? How many hundred years?


    • How it will work is thru attrition. They pass the law, overnite all the black rifles are banned. You say, hell with them, molon labe!

      Then one day you are shooting at the range and a snitch calls you into the ATF. Or, out in the woods on your acreage and the old hippie leftist a mile away hears 30 rds in a row and calls 911. Or, your wife decides to get rid of you and calls in a domestic violence call, tells the cops you have MACHINEGUN THINGYS in the closet. Or, you get pulled over for speeding and voila, cop finds your now illegal magazines in the trunk. Or, the feds get all the online vendors to turn over their sales lists for the last 10 years.

      You see, communists/Democrats think in terms of decades. In that respect they are truly “progressive.” Whereas “our side” only puts up the most lukewarm opposition and thinks in terms of the next election.

      And thats how it will go down.

  33. “Any person who, on the date of the enactment of this Act, lawfully owns or possesses…”

    There’s the key. If you possess one unlawfully, you don’t have to register it. When the bill comes into effect, if you refuse to register, you are then in unlawful possession…and therefore don’t have to register. Of course you’re a criminal at that point, which has some drawbacks…

    • In today’s crazy political climate, being a criminal seems to have advantages too. The sucky part is if you get caught.

  34. If the millions of these guns people already own suddenly become NFA items, then why wouldn’t they conclude they should just build SBRs and other NFA items while they’re at it? If the government wants to make honest men into criminals, then why should those honest me bother paying attention to NFA regs anymore?

  35. Include repeal of the Hughes Amendment,
    designate all firearms as “protected Second Amendment Arms of the Unenrolled Militia,”
    federally pre-empt the state laws in NY and CA
    … and I’ll think about it.

  36. Kavanaugh’s dissent in Heller II looks better and better every day.

    “In any event, the proper test to apply is Heller’s history- and tradition-based test. Because most of the Nation has never required – and even now does not require – registration of all lawfully possessed firearms, D.C.’s strict registration law is not “longstanding” in the United States. After Heller, some licensing requirements remain permissible, and some record-keeping requirements on gun sellers remain permissible. But D.C.’s registration law violates the Second Amendment as construed by the Supreme Court.”

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