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Looks like TTAG is the first to get our hands on this interesting new device, and rest assured we’ll be writing up a full review once we’ve thoroughly tested it. I have a U.S. Air Force officer who used to train soldiers for close quarters combat coming in to help out, and a few other tricks up my sleeve. But for right now, all I can tell you is that it isn’t terrible. Not to say that it’s the bees knee’s, but it isn’t terrible. Here are my impressions so far…

First things first, my jaw still feels a bit funny after a couple aspirin and a beer or two. Or three. Or four. And I have a slight headache, but I can’t tell if that’s referred pain from my jaw or just the beginnings of a hangover. I think I need another couple hundred rounds through the gun before I make up my mind. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be recommending this for extended use.

But as for the claims made about the improved control of recoil and better handling above a standard AR-15 pistol, it looks like those might be confirmed. Everything feels a lot better than a pistol. I’ll have to defer to my USAF buddy for the final say on that front.

There is one major drawback that I’ve found so far, though. And that’s trying to fit it into a case. The thing doesn’t collapse down, so its always sticking out at an odd angle. Which is slightly annoying, but seems like it can be fixed rather quickly with a design change before this goes into full production.

Like I said, its not terrible. It makes the AR-15 pistol a lot more fun to shoot, and makes it much more controllable. But we’ll have to check back in a week or so for the final verdict, so stay tuned.

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  1. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but either way, attaching a boxer’s mouthpiece to an AR is the most bizarre idea I’ve heard since the Democrats announced their party platform.

  2. I can see an ad for this in the Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery – “This device not only increases AR-15 pistol accuracy, but it will generate extra chin-reconstruction revenue for your practice.”

  3. I would like to see some slow motion video of the device being used. It seems to pass quite a bit of energy to your jaw. I believe you when you say you had a headache after shooting it. If you put 1000 rounds through that on a weekend you would probably feel it afterwards.

    It looks like it’s similar to being slapped in the head after every shot. Did you find it to be distracting? By that mean mean, were you thinking “ok, here comes the next shot” every time you got ready to apply pressure to the trigger? If so, that’s probably a bad thing.

    I would love to see this device used on a Bushmaster 450 pistol. 🙂

  4. This seems like one of those things that one just has to prototype and test after thinking it up because you dont really know how it will turn out. I for one applaude the inventor, for even if its not a perfect system, or even one I would use, it’s agreat way to stick it to the ATF.

  5. Interesting, but not particularly useful I think. The recoil on your chin looks uncomfortable enough with just a .223, imagine when some nugget slaps this on a higher caliber AR.

  6. Anyone wanna slap this on an AR-10 pistol?

    But seriously… Why are the SBS/SBR laws even in place? I want to know the last time a crime was commited with either. Oh noes, it’s less accurate and has less velocity… but it’s a little more compact! Better ban it!… even though… uhm… high capacity handguns are just fine?

    So I need to go through 5 billion hoops to sbr an AR, but I could take a tiny glock 26 and jam a 33-rounder into it and go to town?

    Gun control laws don’t quite make sense. Just get rid of them all.

    • Because, you know, all those thugs would be able to get a $2000 SBR and commit crimes. Whats that, criminals dont follow the law, and already have illegally shortened firearms? Shut the front door!

      • There will be blood on the streets… As soon as they get through the six month wait for the tax stamps. Oh no!

  7. I have no sound at work, so the first time I watched it, I thought you were saying “Boom Boom” as you were shooting. Then I picked up on what this gizmo is. Looks to me like the perfect item to teach shooters to increase their flinch.

  8. I’ve never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the old circut, but I would think the answer to a stock for an AR Pistol would be something like the old wire stock from the M2 “Greasegun”.

    Of course I’m kind of at a loss for what one would use an AR Pistol for in the first place. To me an AR Pistol combines all the disadvantages of a pistol with all the disadvantages of a carbine.

    • The NFA defines a rifle as a weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder, and anything under 16 inches is a “short barrel rifle” (SBR) and requires a tax stamp. An AR-15 “pistol” attempts to get around this by not having a buttstock (“if it’s not fired from the shoulder the how can it be a SBR?”). You are very correct, AR-15 pistols are more of a novelty than anything practical. This new NSN chin stock thing attempts to get around this further by circumventing the definitions of both pistol and rifle, while attempting to stabilize the pistol platform. I’ll let Nick decide if this thing is a novelty or not (probably is). But “A for effort” to the designers for trying to find a way around the law.

  9. My parents spent a lot on orthodontics to fix my overbite when I was a kid. I don’t think I could dishonor them by using that monstrosity.

  10. OK, so show this clip to your dentist or a dental surgeon and get some feedback.

    Betcha their response (after they quit screaming) contains three letters: “TMJ.”

    This device has to be one of the more absurd ideas I’ve seen in guns recently.

  11. I happen to like my AR pistol, it is a great poor man’s SBR. I would not, however even consider that POS as an addition to it. That makes my jaw hurt just looking at the video.

  12. Would removing the suppressor and just having a compensator on it reduce the recoil impulse?
    I could see this being somewhat useful if you live somewhere you can’t get an sbr and have an AR pistol. (Iowa is like this, someone please fix it. I don’t know how to go about it. I can open carry but I cant get a suppressor or an sbr. I don’t get it.) but if the shtf I’d just replace the buffer tube with an adjustable stock anyway.

    The price is way too high and I agree with it needing the ability to fold down for storage.

  13. I’m going to start a business selling an upgrade for the NSN. I will invent an easily removable, long, height-adjustable arm that attaches to the NSN. Once attached, it will run at a downward angle and will rest squarely on your nutz to help absorb and spread the recoil away from the jawline. Problem solved. This can be yours for the low, low, introductory price of only $124. Less than HALF the price of the NSN.

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