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The Firearms Policy Coalition writes:

Four-term Governor Jerry Brown conspired with other members of the State’s corrupt one-party majority to make it easier for criminals and terrorists to kill innocent people, said civil rights advocacy organization Firearms Policy Coalition.

Brown signed six and vetoed four of the eleven anti-gun, pro-terror bills that were passed by the Legislature.

The “Gunpocalypse” legislation signed by the Governor today will create new criminal liabilities affecting millions of law-abiding people, cost the state tens of millions of dollars in new fees and fines, and eviscerate fundamental, individual rights.

“These are constitutionally-illegitimate laws passed by a patently illegitimate government that had the audacity to attack and criminalize millions of its own people in Stalin-esque fashion,” said Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs.

“We expect mass non-compliance with these laws and encourage good, peaceful Californians to carefully consider the risks of voluntarily identifying their firearms, magazines, and ammunition to law enforcement officials, especially the California Department of Justice.”

The Legislature suspended nearly every procedural rule to rush these anti-gun, ISIS-enabling bills through to Brown before he left for Europe, a place that may have served as the model for his unconstitutional firearm policies.

Now that the first phase of their year-long campaign to support violent criminals and terrorists is complete, the members of the Legislature who passed the bills have left Sacramento for a month-long, taxpayer-funded vacation.

“The Legislature ignored every rule in the book to fast-track their civilian disarmament agenda and herd the people into a state-wide gun-free-zone,” said Craig DeLuz, the director of public and legislative affairs for Firearms Policy Coalition.

Continued DeLuz, “There are still a dozen anti-gun bills pending in the Legislature, and while Governor Brown’s actions today were disturbing, Firearms Policy Coalition and our members will continue to fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment in California.”

With Senate Bill 1446—a statewide, confiscatory ban on lawfully-possessed “large-capacity” magazines—law enforcement interests once again cut shady deals to exempt their retired members from the long reach of the new gun control laws.

Earlier this year, Firearms Policy Coalition, two other civil rights groups, and a number of individuals filed a federal civil rights lawsuit–captioned Garcia v. Attorney General Kamala Harris–that challenges California’s gun law exemptions for retired law enforcement officers on Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection grounds.

“Jerry Brown and the California Legislature have openly declared war on gun owners and the Bill of Rights,” continued Combs. “By signing the bills that he did, Governor Brown showed us that he has no respect for the rule of law, reason, or law-abiding people. I submit that he and his ilk deserve the same contempt in return.”

“The government would be wise to remember that there are more California residents with guns than there are government officials to take them away. To coin a phrase, ‘come and take it’,” Combs concluded.

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  1. Governor Moonbeam.
    Glad I am not old enough to have been a Hippie.
    Always did believe in working for a living.
    Haa !!!
    A concept not well received (or understood) by many in this country any more.
    I almost saw a money tree once, but then I woke up.

    • He got the name Moonbeam not because he was a hippie, but because he backed plans to colonize the moon. Now he wants the build a multi-billion dollar bullet train to run between LA and San Francisco.

      • A vehicle carrying hundreds of passengers at speeds well in excess of 150 mph and entirely dependent on the absolute integrity of hundreds of miles of dual three-inch wide steel rails to keep it on course? What could possibly go wrong?

        Were I a terrorist that would be an almost irresistable target.

        Just sayin’.

        • Well, they work brilliantly, safely and reliably in the 3 other countries that have them. Exactly 4 accidents. Ever. The only useful arguments against HSR (high speed rail) in Kommiefornia are that the need isn’t there along the planned route and that California as a whole does not stand to be a gainer of efficiency with HSR being used to span widely separated population centers because the average population density of the state as a whole is too low to justify it and the cost of gasoline here is too low to make it a viable competitor especially with the necessary airport like security protocols in place jacking up the time per mile. If they wanted an efficiency gain then they should have run the train from Sacramento to San Jose along the bay’s western coastline and another from Palm Springs to San Diego via L.A. That would massively loosen the gridlock on freeways, cut enormous amounts of automobile pollution hours, increase productivity, double the reasonable commute distance to our urban centers from bedroom communities, open new employment markets to widely a distributed work force and improve overall quality of life.

          We do need HSR. Just not from LA to San Francisco. That’s the last farkin thing we need.

        • Solve most of the problems with Komifornia? Water, traffic, nutters

          Send home every illegal and fraudulent “immigrant” for the last 40yr. “Birthright phony citizenship being the leading example of such fraud.

          Sign up and leave in the next 12m and you can keep all your assets. I we have to track you down you loose it ALL. The landlord has “generously” allow them to receive the benefits of residence in the US. Now LEAVE and fix your 3rd world cesspool. You may copy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        • Combined with Moonbeam’s fascination with “ISIS enabling”, I guess quite a lot…..

          Less flippantly, high speed rail is awesome. It won’t work in Cali, because the state is ran by welfare queens in the legal, finance and real estate rackets, rather than people capable of doing something minimally useful. Hence, of every dollar spent on “high speed rail”, one dollar will be diverted to members of those three. Not a single member of whom are capable of even basic math, much less figuring out what something as complicated as a “steel rail” is. Thinking it is probably racist. Or homophobic. Or something similar. Something suitable for processing by their feeble brains, IOW.

          By pretty simple (for those with enough math and logic chops to not need to fall back on law school) extrapolation from real estate pricing/population density gradients, absent the above mentioned useless hacks, pretty much the entirety of California’s population would live in a virtual;y unbroken row of 60 story towers lining the coast from Cape Mendocino to Cabo San Lucas. With high speed rail service to the entire corridor essentially out their back door. With a few tens of thousands TTAG commenters paying essentially nothing for leftover land further inland, so they could drive their trucks and have room for rifle ranges in their back yard.

          Considering California’s geography, climate and demographic, it is probably THE place on the planet best suited for high sped rail. By the standards of 90+% of the population, the immediate coastal strip is the most desirable places to live. The same 90% believe in minimizing energy use, and in the benefits of urbanization/minimized sprawl. While those who don’t, want remote and rural with space. Not 2 hour, logjammed commutes back to roach and gang infested dumps with postage stamp “yards”, that cost $50K to build, but saddled them with $750K in debt, just so the lawyers, banksters, apparatchiks and real estate hacks can live fat off of fleecing their betters.

          But of course, as in all proper dystopias, the scum rises to the top, get to call the shots, and leave behind the only result they they are capable of envisioning: unmitigated hellholes making Shariastan seem positively enlightened.

  2. If the non-compliance will be as massive as suspected (and expected), is there any way to sue the state of California to enforce the law they enacted?

    Can they be compelled to ‘clean up the mess they made’, so to speak?

    • Likely not. They’ll probably claim sovereign immunity, essentially telling you that if you wish to sue them you must have a permission slip that they won’t provide you.

    • Coastal CA will be the first police state. Give it just a bit of time and between illegals and jihadists, folks will eventually clamor for the police state they’ve been wanting for decades. And they’ll get it too.

    • Connecticut gun groups tried to demand their state government enforce the laws, and were met with…..silence. Same with New York when it was revealed there was even more widespread non-compliance. That mob boss from Queens who is Governor in New York had his people fight until the bitter end to not release the compliance numbers, and it was only after they lost a lawsuit to a gun rights group that they finally did. It was even worse for the state than expected.

    • No. Enforcement of laws is a discretionary act that cannot be compelled. Which is why APPS (The Armed Prohibited Persons program) has been a total failure: the only persons against whom it is being enforced are those who may have landed in a mental institution or are subject to a DVRO. Criminals are not being pursued–tht would be dangerous.

  3. OK, where do I go ro turn in my 30 round mags, oh wait I’m not in CA. God what a terrible nightmare.

    • If you read the law its a $100 fine (max) to have a standard cap mag….. It cost me $500 going 10mph over the speed limit and $600 rolling a stop sign. I do that crap every day without thinking about it…… I’m keeping mine.

  4. Amerikans will mostly comply. Maybe Hitlery will give us a few more Waco’s, but other than that it won’t be a big deal as long as there are no mass confiscations. The banners know they can do anything by increments.

    • They haven’t complied in either NY or CT.

      This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it…endquote.

    • Any anti-American weasel, weak and worthless enough to comply with this CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER/ATTACK on freedom and liberty (like walking into a police dept. and turning in 30rnd mags, etc…) is WORSE than the evil, traitorous, leftist monsters who passed these tyrannical laws. Careful, libtards, or you just may create such a police state that you’ll one day find yourself naked in a fake shower while being asked to “inhale deeply”. God, all for the pointless, useless attempt to grab a ten cent plastic box with a spring. Is it REALLY worth the potential death (sadly) of thousands of police, military, govt. officials on all levels if the 2nd Amendment (use of asymmetric-guerilla-warfare against a potential future tyrannical govt. entity…the purpose of said Amendment) is enforced? God, I hope that awful day does not come.

      • If I were in California (I’m not), I would not enjoy being a test case, but it seems to me that simply quoting the Second Amendment when charged would be an irrefutable affirmative defense.

        I seem to recall that either SCOTUS or some other federal court has already ruled that a firearm is not a firearm if you are prohibited from owning ammunition. Therefore, if you need to get a permission slip from your government just to buy ammunition you are being deprived of your Second Amendment protected right to bear arms. And that doesn’t even address the tax they charge you for the privilege.

        But I am not a lawyer.

        • Great points, Cliff. But, when did logic get in the way of emotion with these loony leftists. It takes a lawyer to parse out the common sense of a given subject. Sheesh

        • This has nothing to do with emotion. Emotion is what they use to sell it to the dumb masses. This is about the state government getting money by taxing ammo (which people are going buy)…. Money they didnt get from internet ammo sales. And control…… Money and control…… Its almost like they want to drive conservative gun owners out of the state so they can consolidate their power base.

        • I certainly cannot argue with the reasons you just brought up, Richard, and yes, they do indeed use emotion to sell this garbage to the sheeple.

  5. The courts will not negate these. Lower might rule against but the 9th will overturn and SCOTUS will refuse the cases based on Heller.

    So the question is: do you have enough votes to throw the traitors out of office?

    • Next question: Will Congress ever get enough balls to use their Constitutional authority to impeach an out-of-control president or Supreme Court justices who make ideological rather than Constitutional rulings?

      • We want to save that silver bullet for HillBillary the Crooked witch, as Barry is a lame duck with only a few months (thank God) left.

        • True, but there are four Supreme Court Justices that are entirely ideological in their rulings and need serious scrutiny by a Congressional impeachment trial. If nothing else it will prove once and for all that they are not untouchable and above the law. They and the American people need to understand that we have three co-equal branches of government for the purpose of each branch keeping the others in check. So far the SCOTUS has seemed to be untouchable and that is the impression the people seem to hold. Once a Justice, always a justice – until you quit or die, no matter how big a jerk you are or become.

        • And to think, Cliff, what a few more leftist firebrands will do to the Constitution, and America, if Hitlery gets in. It is the left who views the Constitution as “living/breathin”….read CHANGEABLE. The Republic is in danger.

  6. Like the graphic.

    These people either do not read history, or are so ignorant and naive that they think it could never happen again.

    If there’s one thing history teaches us, it’s that it usually does happen again…

    Scary thought for us peace and freedom loving Americans. Change like this that would take generations to effectuate, they are trying to shove down everyone’s throat all at once. Sooner or later, something is going to choke back up and it could get ugly.

    • I remind those who seem to believe that tyranny can’t happen here that history repeats itself because human nature hasn’t changed. I am always amused that those who think it can’t happen here are usually of the same ilk who most loudly proclaim that there is no such thing as “American exceptionalism.” If there is nothing exceptional about us then we are subject to the same corruptions of our public institutions as everyone else. And if that is the case then clearly the worst things that happen in other places can and will happen here. I won’t let them have it both ways. They either have to admit that it can happen here, or that we are exceptional. It generally shuts them down since their little hive minds have no idea which is the correct answer.

      • I think it’s called “normalcy bias”. Or at the very least, apathy. People won’t wake up until they are right at the edge of the cliff, then they’ll realize that they can’t go back.

  7. Yeah- bloodshed. “Choose you this day whom you will serve”…BTW how much non-compliance is going on in CONnecticut, Washington or NY???

      • A lot in CT, too.

        The proggies are de-nutted in those states. They pass these stupid laws then don’t enforce them. They get all the laurels of passing the stupid law, but then take none fo the risk (real or political) in the enforcement.

        Kinda disgusting if you think about it, but NY and CT have shown the politicians for the cowards they really are.

    • Yup. Both the traitorous leftists trying to destroy the 2nd A. by not enforcing this Marxist swill, and the citizenry, who will NOT (hopefully) turn in the mags. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  8. Not in Commiefornication either……anymore, but if I was, well let’s just say it wouldn’t be the first time I ignored the law because I didn’t agree with it.

  9. My question is how they would go after people who don’t comply.

    Here in Colorado the attitude of gunsmiths and ranges is “We ignore stupid laws”. In other words unless a cop catches you at the range you’re not gonna get turned in. I don’t imagine Cali law enforcement is going to put cops at every range to inspect every mag just to make sure you don’t have a scary 12 round mag for your pistol.

    On top of that the way our mag ban was written it’s unenforceable unless they catch you in the act of smuggling in a mag, it’s a mag that was invented after the ban went into effect (I’m not aware of any as of yet), you have a sales slip for it from out of state on you or you’re stupid enough to tell them that you illegally imported it.

    Even better, they banned the sale of mags but not the sale of “repair kits” so you can buy a bag at some shops that contains 1x of each: mag body, follower, spring, floor plate and simply assemble the damn thing at your leisure.

    • The last part would have been correct a year and a half ago but unfortunately sense then repair kits and magazine parts for standard cap mags were banned in a law so vague some places won’t even ship parts to fix a neutered legal 10rd mag. This latest law outright bans possession on previously legally owned, pre ban, standard cap mags. I hate myself for knowing this. Long past time to pick a different state for me.

    • @KC in Nor Cal:

      I was speaking of the law here in Colorado. I’m pretty sure the “repair kits” are still legal here because my local gun store was selling them yesterday.

      The overall point of my post is that gun people are not going to turn each other in over this and for the most part no one else is gonna know.

      If you spy someone at the range with a G21 sporting it’s standard 13 round mag are you gonna turn them in? Is the range master going to? Are the cops actually gonna show up at the range and inspect the every guy’s mags to make sure they’re not standard capacity?

      • That will depend entirely on how the local “alcalde” feels about his subjects. Regular criminals will be given a free pass while the overlord enforces the laws.

      • I can do you one better. Here in NY we have the “SAFE Act”, which banned “assault weapons” and made it so those who possessed them had to register them. But here’s the problem for the anti’s – it’s a cosmetic ban only. You can no longer buy a semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine with features like a pistol grip, flash suppressor, collapsible stock, etc. The spirit of the law was to do away with AR-15’s. Didn’t work. You can still buy an AR-15; there are featureless versions that look funny, but don’t have any of the banned cosmetic features. They have detachable magazines. Because they lack the features, they aren’t “assault rifles” and don’t need to be registered. Or, you can buy an AR-15 with all the naughty parts, but it has to have the magazine “fixed”, which means the mag release is disabled. It also doesn’t have to be registered, because it’s considered a fix mag rifle. Unless of course you open up the gun, disassemble the mag lock, and install a mag release. You’ll be breaking the law, technically, but you now have your ultra evil AR-15. And here’s the best part – you can just buy a stripped lower at an FFL, and then order your entire build kit off the internet and have it shipped right to your door. You can then build your own AR-15 and make it compliant in NY (or not, if you choose to be naughty). Almost every single one of my friends bought an AR-15 AFTER the SAFE Act was passed, just because New York didn’t want them to have one.

        Isn’t the tremendous ignorance liberal lawmakers have of firearms great?

        • It was the same thing out in Cali for a long time and the same thing under the federal AWB. They ban these things without understanding what they’re doing and since there’s a demand someone alters the rifle to make it technically legal. Out in Cali they called them “California Legal ARs” and making them was a cottage industry.

  10. I don’t know about revolution. But when you make everyone a lawbreaker, lawlessness will become the norm. Why report lawbreaking to the authorities when it just invites their scrutiny on your own once legal practices. California neighborhoods that traditionally supported the police will become unhelpful if not hostile to police. The increasing monopolization of force to the State in conjunction with a surly public will cause the State to act more aggressively towards the citizens. Basically this another big step to turn California into a neo-feudal state like Mexico. I expect the middle class flight of Californians to other states will accelerate. Amerco the company behind U-Haul is doing gangbusters.

    • California now resembles South American countries like Brazil. The fabulously wealthy living in their coastal enclaves surrounded by a mass of poverty and a disappearing middle class.

  11. Pick your targets, it should be property first, people second. No mercy (even though this is the year of it).

  12. The new gun laws may not be his fault, but Saint Andrew may yet save California from leftist politicians!

  13. Where is two months? We need him here to tell us this is what gun owners in California deserve because they are out-numbered.

    • Yeah I thought I was the only one who picked up on that tone. Frankly, non compliance/civil disobedience is the key to continued gun ownership everywhere, given the current legislative and judicial climate. That’s why I think that cody wilson and his ghost gunner are so important, to allow anyone (who don’t have drill press or mill skills) to manufacture ar’s, regardless of majority opinion.

      Question: would cali’s proposed ammo restrictions include reloading equipment and consumables?

      • Just a tip on tools. If you’re careful with them you can do a lot of metal work with the bench top tools by Ryobi such as their drill press and 9″ upright band saw. I’ve seen people on YouTube say the band saw won’t cut steel under any circumstances. That’s pure bullshit. Buy a Milwaukee blade for metal and cut slowly. It’s not powerful enough to just rip through an inch of steel the way a $3000 unit will, but it will cut through it if you know how to use a bandsaw properly, have some patience and some WD-40 and don’t mind a mess (which you’ll always get cutting up metal anyway).

        The two combined will run you about $230 at Home Depot.

      • The wording is really really bad – there’s no restriction on loading equipment, but it mentions “bullets” and “projectiles” interchangeably with “cartridges”, so nobody is really going to know until the first case goes to the Supreme Court.

    • Two Months may or may not be MIA, but our points that gun owners need to stick together still stand. As do our points regarding tyranny by the majority – or any segment of the population for that matter.

      There are a lot of cops who are just as pissed off about these new laws – so hopefully there’s plenty of “taking the appropriate enforcement action” and respect for the Constitution on both ends of the spectrum.

      • The need to stand together is critical, but the fact is you can’t expect to triumph in that situation if you can’t form a majority of voters. And if there is no expectation of triumph or victory The masses of gun owners in CA are enormous compared to many other districts in the US, but they are dwarfed by the coastal cities. Yet that huge, monstrous body of bodies only gets two –say again, two, senators. And the representatives they have derive from total population. In other words, if even a fraction of CA gun owners emigrate to areas like CO or TX that have been inundated with gun-ambivalent or gun-hostile arrivals to the point that freedoms are being lost (CO) or are in danger of turning that way in time (TX), if they can do this and direct their previous activist efforts in CA to local advocacy, these battleground or potential battle ground states will be once more firmly in safe hands. More senators will be elected at the behest of those who value gun rights & civil liberty, and more representatives will be apportioned to these states as CA depopulates. The state’s course is untenable, I’m certain most sane folks of working age in CA are aware they’ll be moving shortly in any case when the state finally makes it impossible for individuals or non-government-linked businesses to make money there & the economy collapses. Might was well beat feet while your house values are stupidly high (and you’re still allowed to sell it)

      • Accur81 – I know you’re one of the good ones, but this is California we’re talking about.

        I highly doubt CA cops are doing much more right now than practicing their shouts of “COMPLY, CITIZEN!”

  14. More selective enforcement laws from the Progressive Cartel and the Democratic People’s Republic of California. Everything is illegal unless they say so… calling them liberals is a slap in the face to true liberals… but then again, pretty much everything they give labels to is oxymoronic marketing: gunsense, assault weapons, mass shootings, safe act, affordable care act. What else would you expect?

    • Thomas Jefferson was a liberal.

      Regardless of what these folks really are, their claiming to belong to the party Jefferson began is insulting to humanity and common sense.

  15. Like a ” BAN ” on alcohol , this ” we know what’s best for you …” Prohibition on guns will be ignored. Time to open the NEW speakeasys !! How many bootleg toys will flood the market ? Black Market = Freedom & Privacy .

    Legal question : How can a formerly legal item , gun , magazine , or component be declared illegal without Due Process ? …… or even the pretend ‘ grandfathering ‘ clause ? How many parts of The Constitution did they just violate ?

    • Technically, any law like this is not constitutional. It is by definition an “ex-post-facto” law, meaning that it is a law after-the-fact. This was a favorite tactic of kings like George III.

      But words no longer mean anything apparently.

      The Clintons really screwed the US. Everything now comes down to what some statist judge says the meaning “is” is.

  16. Non compliance: In NY State there are about 16,000,000 people, only 8,000,000 (outside of NY City) are allowed to have guns. Outside of NY City, the representation of gun owners is about the average in the US. I’ve read where there are 7,000,000 AR 15 style rifles in the US.

    Taking NY State with no NY City, we get about 165,000 AR 15’s in the State. Assuming about 340,000,000 population of the US.

    The NY State SAFE Act which Democrat Gov Cuomo pushed through required the registration of all AR 15 style rifles. The NY State Police refused to reveal how many AR 15’s were registered until a lawsuit was filed and they were directed to release the info. There were about 40,000 registration.

    That’s a compliance rate of about 25%. California’s will be less.

    • Noncompliance is for chumps; civil disobedience is what actually matters in the end. Ain’t none of that from gun owners forthcoming (and hard to blame them, it’s a veritable death sentence, blood in the streets at the OK Corral, or so we’ve been told by the same despots who proclaim this of any gun freedom)

  17. Unfortunately, California is different than any other state in the fact that the State maintains it’s own Police Force through the Department of Justice- The Armed and Prohibited Persons Bureau ( I may be a little off on the title). Their job is to locate and confiscate illegal weapons. The State just increased their funding. I can only assume in anticipation of enforcing these new laws.

    I personally know two people who have been victims of this. Both similar circumstances, got a DUI, checked into rehad as ordered (Cali considers this checking into to a mental institution), a few weeks later, DOJ agents showed up and took all of their guns and ammo. Of course, these guys can “apply” to get them back in five years.

    These radical lefties here are serious and, here in the valley, we fight them tooth and nail, but Southern Ca and the SF bay area have the numbers. We can’t get these clowns out of office.

    I’m out of here in a few years. Till then?

    • Why not make the lives of these DOJ agents miserable. Hold protests in front of their homes, publish their names and home addresses on social media. Wait, that`s probably illegal too.

  18. Recall that during the Prohibition, treasury agents were ridiculed, insulted, co-opted and generally treated like scum. And Prohibition was promptly repealed.

    However, the law-and-order fetishists of today will refuse to do the same with the police, and this will lend credibility to the ban.

    • Also remember that prohibition led to a massive criminal black market to supply the people with a product they wanted. Those criminal gangs made fortunes supplying those demands (corollary=bullets/ammo for unregistered guns) and with those fortunes were able to corrupt police forces and politicians with ease. Al Capone OWNED the mayor of Chicago, many judges, and large portions of the Chicago Police Dept.

      Black markets and corruption will always spring up where the public demand is greater than the government prohibition.

      • I prefer entrepreneurs and government-defiance markets. All government-defiance market violence is the responsibility of the government that created it to begin with.

        As such, I can’t wait for the day that the California governor is entirely owned by gun runners.

  19. “Firearms Policy Coalition and our members will continue to fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment in California.”

    WELL YOU, YOUR TEAM AND MEMBERS ARE DOING A SHITTY JOB. How much more coin do you need to loose again to gun grabbers.

    Your organization and ALL others are ineffective, worthless pond scum incapable of fighting your way out of a wet paper bag. And please wipe your ass with the next legal brief your proposing.

    • Slap yourself. Their numbers alone would be a tremendous game-changing asset in literally any other state but NYC in securing gun rights. Distributed across multiple ‘battle ground’ areas, we’d be looking at up to five more friendly states on our side, and consistent election of representatives, senators, presidents, and even SCOTUS appointments more likely to be respectful of our freedoms & work to re-establish those we have lost.

      We desperately need these people to continue fighting for gun rights. We do not need them in California. Calguns needs to stop begging for more Californian money (and to REALLY stop begging for out of state funding), shut down any internal discussion about how to live & function as a gun owner despite the new/future laws, and transform its organization into a (for now) ‘above ground railroad’ that works to coordinate and encourage the exodus of gun owners from California to where their presence would be most strategically beneficial. Work to find jobs for liberty-minded Cali’s so they don’t go to the generic libtard refugees first, given them tips on good towns/neighborhoods to move to that need the RKBA to be protected by renewed activism, in states where the new population might actually be able to secure federal election victories.

    • Really… you do know you could drive out there and put your money where your mouth is.

      • Careful, as these laws are so insane, dangerous, and EVIL, that there are more than a few who would feel the need to implement the 2nd Amendment by “watering the tree”. I certainly feel that now is NOT the time to do so. These laws seem to be a kind of “staging” phase, non enforceable now……..but later……after a few more draconian edicts…..At this time, we can only parrot LOGIC, in an attempt to thwart liberal EMOTION.

  20. The problem here IS “enforcement”, just how will the bureaucrats choose to make sure POTG (people of the gun) comply with their UNCONSTITUTIONAL decrees. Other than going banning sales/importation into their states and/or going “door-to-door” there really is no way to ensure compliance. Oh they can exploit the system as they typically do conducting “motor vehicle stops” on firearm owners using “DWI/DUI Checkpoints” set up around “firing ranges” while using their willing accomplices in Liberal Media to promote the prosecutions of those found possessing so-called “high capacity magazines”. The reality is save for those aforementioned actions officials will be powerless to enforce compliance. We MUST also not ignore the possibility of certain jurisdictions subpoenaing the credit card records of ALL gun owners in the state/city then having their minions scour the receipts for indications that citizens may have purchased a now “illegal” magazine then cross-reference that with their records to determine if the mag has been surrendered or order members of law enforcement to go to the buyers home and conduct an interview and inspection.

    The real problem here is though an overwhelming majority of gun owners support members of law enforcement we ALL have seen badge-wearing cowards more concerned about their jobs and/or threatened with disciplinary actions (or Federal “Civil Rights” investigations/prosecutions) obey “illegal” orders issued by their superiors refusing to protect law-abiding Americans in Baltimore, Ferguson and at a number of Donald Trump rallies across the USA.

    Make no mistake about it the optics of those who took an oath to protect us violating that oath IS a carefully coordinated effort by Leftist politicians to engineer a “split” between us and police nationwide and delegitimize law enforcement in our eyes. The counter-culture already hates police routinely engaging in violent attacks upon them during protests and the traitors holding office want, nay, need us to abandon and oppose police in order to further their agenda which as we all know is the total disarmament of the populace after all they, “the Left” win when we are rendered incapable of fighting back.

  21. How in the name of God do you stop (in an age where you can make 3D guns on computers) a 10 cent plastic box with a spring? Ahh, the loony left (they would be hilarious if not so evil and dangerous).

    • You don’t need a 3D printer. 10 bucks at a blue or orange store and you have a gun.

      • Even WORSE, Mk, what in the name of God (if these leftists even believe in one) are these lunatics thinking…or is it just emotion? This is a massive staging tactic. Unenforceable now, but in the future, with new laws…………….. If you lose the 2nd A…you lose all the others.

      • Then they’ll pass a law saying you have to be a state licensed plumber in order to buy iron pipe and fittings.

  22. Rebellion wouldn’t be worse, it was a mechanism our founding fathers saw as necessary to preserve liberty in this country, which is why they made so many provisions for it in the Constitution and other supporting documents. We are called criminals and lose our rights when we break the law, even when the law is made on fiat and against the will of the people AND against the Constitition, but when the government breaks the law it has no recourse? No, the American people are to remove the criminals from their positions, by force if necessary, to restore liberty. This one-sided game is tyranny and nothing more. This nation cannot have law and order when the side we elect to represent us and run the nation as WE see fit with our permission decides that we need to take permission from them. A line in the sand needs to be drawn, even if it means trudging through anarchy to restore the Republic.

  23. I’m old enough to remember news stories during the L.A. riots that featured angry Californians who tried to buy a firearm to defend themselves and found out, all-of-a-sudden like, that there was a mandatory waiting period. They didn’t care about their rights being infringed until they wanted to use them.

  24. Mass non-compliance of New York and Connecticut gun laws. And the states did what, exactly? Oh, yes. Nothing. The answer is nothing.

    To my sisters and brothers in California. Do not comply.

  25. Isn’t non-compliance something gun grabbers would expect of us? They would love nothing more than to prove there are no good guys with guns, only armed people waiting to demonstrate they are really bad guys with guns. Non-compliance would make us instant criminals. The original civil rights activists were publicly ignoring discriminatory race laws. They openly defied authority. Secret non-compliance would seem to not be in the same league. Wouldn’t a large rally of openly defiant gun carriers/owners be more worthy of notice and respect?

    • That’s right. Everyone in California should throw a rifle over their back and march to the Capitol.

    • Nice one. All that hot air (or flatulence) adding to Global Warming. What would Fat Al Gore do?

  26. I don’t doubt that there will be plenty of informants (paid or otherwise), who will be trolling Youtube, FB, and other social media sites looking for Californians who have posted pictures/videos of their now-illegal rifles & magazines.

    When they start busting otherwise law-abiding gun owners for posessing banned magazines or rifles during “random” traffic stops (or when a coworker/vindictive ex/etc drops a dime), I’m sure the following will be heard quite often;

    “Well, we [em]could[/em]send you to jail, but if you find us X amount of people who have illegal assault weapons or magazines, we might be more willing to let you slide with a plea deal & fine. You don’t want to lose your job & not be able to see your children, right? So give us names, and they’ll never have to know it was you.”

    I highly suggest that people in California start scrubbing their social media and cloud-based firearm photos ASAP. I personally wouldn’t keep pictures on my phone, either.

    Don’t tell [em]anyone[/em] about what you own, no matter what. You never truly know someone, until you meet them in court.

    And FFS, please get out of California ASAP. Start looking for jobs elsewhere, even if it means taking a pay cut and uprooting your families…. unless you don’t mind the stress & worry which comes with hiding under ever-hardening tyranny. Don’t think of it as retreating, think of it as advancing in another direction. And for those considering just buying PVC and trying to wait out the storm, you’ll be dust & your cache long forgotten (or stolen/compromised) by the time things get close to being better. Besides…. the old maxim is becoming ever more appropriate; if you’re thinking about burying guns, maybe it’s time to start thinking about using them. Practicing Irish democracy alone is only forestalling the inevitable.

    Most of all; become part of the III% (OK’ers don’t count), and prepare for what’s coming. There’s too much at stake for so many to continue being hopefully complacent.

    • Even if it looks like you may take a pay cut – check the details. California has an insanely high cost of living and state income tax and high sales taxes. Nevada has no state income taxes and the sales taxes are not excessive IMO. Yo may find yourself in a better state (what could be worse) with a lower income and the same or better standard of living.

  27. I will be so bold as to say most of the people on this thread are missing the point. This kind of gun control is not about guns. It’s about control. There won’t be mass confiscations. There’s not enough manpower and it would be too messy from a PR standpoint. There may be token actions by LE to put the threat out there, but that’s it. It will be passive enforcement, meaning they will enforce every time the owner of a prohibited gun comes out in the open.

    If they ban a kind of gun, most people will continue to keep them and even get new ones under the table. But all they will be able to do is look at them. They won’t be able to take them to most ranges, they won’t find training classes for them, they may not be able to get ammo for them and if they use them in an SD situation, they will go to jail along with their attackers. And the gov’t will be able to crow that they’ve done something.

    I think they want us protesting that we won’t follow the law. I think they want us threatening armed resistance if confiscators come. It plays right into their hands. The only way to really deal with this is get people in office that are more pro-2A than the ones we have now. No politicians are clean on 2A, but we at least need to get the rabid antis out of office. If more gun owners were single-issue voters and actually voted, that could happen.

  28. Mass noncompliance will not make a difference if it isn’t public. Most Gun owners in New York, Connecticut, and even Australia didn’t comply, and look what it’s changed: nothing.

    Quiet noncompliance isn’t enough. It needs to be made very clear to law enforcement, the government, and the people that these laws are tyrannical and will not be followed.

    Here’s an idea: massive armed, open carry protest marches with hundreds if not thousands of Californians carrying loaded guns with “high capacity” mags and without bullet buttons and signs that say “we will not comply”.

    Massive public civil disobedience is the way to go here.

    • I am with you on that plan but personally i think just shooting them will be more effective.

  29. I have got bad news for you. The Supreme Court ruled that all the gun bans on the East Coast that were passed after the Sandy Hook killings are completely legal which means any State can ban ownership of any and all weapons.

    Also the California Court ruled that self-defense is not a legal right so therefore concealed carry can be banned. It deliberately did not rule on open carry because that would have contradicted Scalia’s early ruling but in reality many cities for decades have outlawed open carry so therefore depending on where you live you do not have any right to self defense once you leave your home European style which made it so easy for last years Friday the 13th massacre in Paris, France. The California Court declared all gun owners were a danger to “the ruling elite” so therefore that was their justifiable reason for banning concealed carry.

    One political hack on the East Coast claimed as long as a person was allowed to own only 1 bullet that was legal and more than enough ammo to defend ones life with so it was not a violation of Constitutional rights.

    Hawaii has just put all gun owners on the FBI criminal watch list so that if you are stopped even for a minor traffic violation it is legal to break your door down in the middle of the fog and night and confiscate all your weapons (which in Hawaii are registered naturally for confiscation).

    The Supreme Court rules according to popular opinion not on the Constitution. In the past due too popular opinion Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps in WWII losing their, jobs, homes and businesses and the Supreme Court sanctioned it even though it was a clear violation of human rights. In the past un-constitutional laws prevented people from inter-racial marriage and other laws prevented people from going to the school of their choice, going to the restaurant of their choice, sitting in any seat on a bus or voting in elections if you were female or just voting period, just to name a few, and it was because of popular opinion in direct violation of the Constitution so it is nothing new. The Supreme Court can and has justified its actions on some of he most ridiculous premises imaginable. They are appointed for life which makes the Supreme Court an unregulated dictatorship regulated by no one.

    As one can see the last few weeks have put the final nail in the Second Amendment as now States are free to ban anything and everything at will and confiscate anything with no legal recourse for the proletariat. The “ruling elite” know only too well that when you have an aging population as the majority of people you can do just about anything and fear no protest or retaliation when their rights are taken away. One must remember that unfortunately there are more non-gun owners than gun owners in the U.S. and the non-gun owners do not understand what the big deal is and could not care less that their Constitutional rights are being raped. They believe the police will protect them and that the Government will never take all of their rights away (just some of them for their own good).

    I look for more and more states to ban and confiscate all semi-auto weapons, pistols, shotguns and rifles and all detachable magazines no matter how many shots they hold even as few as 6 and of course ammo bans as well. All it takes is an eager News Media filming a broad daylight raid and attack on a helpless gun owner complete with a Wako style burn down of the house probably with the people in it and the majority of gun owners will on the appointed day throw all weapons out into the street to be scooped up by front end loaders (Australian style) to be carted away in dump trucks to the local smelter with cheering anti-gun crowds bussed there free of charge by the Government to make a display for the News Media to film North Korean style.

    Even Kim Jung Un will now openly embrace “the new Socialist Order” in the U.S. as his friend and Ally.

    And if you think the above was the ranting’s of an alarmist or paranoid lets just see in the near future how much of this does indeed come to pass, look at the fact that the California confiscation has already been past by our Dear Leader Jerry Un Brown of the Peoples Republic of California.

  30. The Magazine “Archeology Today” reports the discovery of an ancient statue unearthed in North America. Its name and purpose is unknown at this time but it was from a lost civilization that actually gave its people the right to run for public office and own firearms for defense of their liberties. An archaic idea from the dead hand of the past.

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