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I’m a pocket dump fan. The best place for my daily fix: Everyday Carry. As I’m not the only TTAG reader afflicted with this fetish, we’ve teamed up with Everyday Carry to feature gun-related pocket dumps for your entertainment and edification. Today’s EDC comes from maintenance worker and SIG P938 owner Trevis Overocker. You can ID the rest of the gear and check out more EDC photos at, who welcomes your submissions. We’re sending them ours today!

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    • Same idea. I dumped my little notebook and pen for much the same reason. The only difference between this guy and me is that I normally carry an extra knife these days. The knives on multitools suck for most uses.

      • Same here, I don’t wear a watch anymore either. Agree on the knives, a small dedicated blade is much easier to use for heavier use.

    • some people are slow at typing on a phone. also it’s easier to take numbers down when you are talking on said phone. you can also doodle if you need to.

      • Yeah but the phone in the picture is a Galaxy Note 5. It has a pull-out stylus and you can write notes just like you would on a notepad (and the phone will convert your writing into text, address book entries, etc), including making doodles with the ability to change pen/pencil/paint styles and colors, etc. It does seem redundant to me. If I wanted to carry a notepad I’d choose a smaller, sleeker phone that isn’t oversized specifically due to its notepad functionality haha

    • TravisP, you could say the same thing about the wristwatch.

      EDIT: And, as I was typing this, TravisP says he doesn’t wear a wristwatch either.

      Great minds, and all that…

      • The no-watch-thing is definitely a youth thing, more specifically, if they grew up with the internet and smartphones, they tend not to wear watches…

        Since I’m middle-aged and don’t trust technology, I wear a damn wristwatch.

        (I *LOVE* technology, I just don’t trust it…)

        • “What I hear you saying is that you wear jewelry, and I don’t.”

          I’m throwing the BS flag on *your* ass.

          You posted pictures of you wearing your NAA mini belt buckle, and you’ve actually *posed* with that tiny wonder in your jeans 5th pocket.

          As Cheech and Chong once said on their classic comedy bit ‘Let’s Make a Dope Deal’…

          “You’re BUSTED!” 🙂

          My ‘jewelry’ is a 15 year-old Timex that cost ten bucks, keeps fair time, but the real bonus I like is that it uses a standard ‘coin’ battery like motherboards use.

          The damn watch runs 5 *years* on a battery change, I’m a happy boy…

        • LOL. Just giving you a hard time. I flew for work a few months ago and while going through security I started taking my watch off and the TSA agent said “you don’t have to remove jewelry.” And I was like f**k yoooouuuu

    • For me, its usually quicker to whip out and write something on a pad than unlock the phone, open the app, etc. Plus its easier to rest the pad on something and write on it one handed (while my other hand holds/does something) than it is to type on a phone one handed without looking. The main reason though, is sketches/drawing. Or really, anything that’s more freehand than a simple piece of text. Its a lot easier to do an accurate sketch of a circuit, mechanism, thing, etc in pen and paper than on a screen. Or underline. cross-through words, draw arrows connecting certain phrases, numbers, components, etc… all things i do routinely when taking notes or writing something shorthand. I’m pretty smart-phone savvy, and for recording info, setting reminders, etc its usually my go to. But for “taking notes” as described above I find an actual notepad invaluable. Oh, also there are several closed areas at work where phones aren’t allowed, so out of necessity its old-school.

      • I used to carry a small notebook, but I never found one that wouldn’t die after a couple of weeks in my pocket. Spiral bound, baby composition, heck, I even tried a nicer faux leather one, and they all started breaking in my back hip pocket. I mean, maybe my daily routine is naturally abusive to small notebooks, but how do you manage to keep yours intact?

        • My go-to is Moleskine brand, they make good shit. I usually get the “reporter’s” pocket notebook (3.5″x5.5″). It flips to the top, rather than the side. For some reason thats usually easier for me to use and seems to last longer. I also get it grid/square ruled (think graph paper), though that doesn’t do anything about durability. I tend to keep mine in either my shirt pocket or my back pants pocket. I think they get too crunched/bent if they live in your front/hip pants pocket

        • I love Moleskine too. If you can handle a slightly larger notebook (4″ x 6″) the Miquelrius flexible notebooks are truly ‘da bomb. They are extremely flexible Unlike the Moleskine this thing WANTS you to bend it. You can easily keep it in your back pocket without noticing. It will actually mold to the shape of your butt over time. You can even bend the cover back and write in it using only one hand to hold it, an impossible feat with the Moleskine hardcovers,

    • I keep a tiny moleskin note pad in my back pocket with my wallet, i decided to do this after i was involved in a minor accident when my our was rear ended. paper and pen was way more useful than a smartphone, especially if you needed to use the phone while writing down any kind of valuable info.

      The notepad is way more beat up then used but you never know.

  1. Where is the tacti-cool knife???

    I won’t give you sh*t for not having a back-up mag with such a limited capacity gun, but not having a good, American made knife to stick someone with is just poor etiquette in the EDC world.

          • saw a knife at pep boys with a 2.8in serrated blade. when the serrations become dull, another can be had for $3.00. at those prices you don’t need to worry over sharpening stones.

        • I carry two knives, one for each front pocket. My other one is a China-made one dollar disposable for most cutting tasks.

          I think I’ll stick to a good Japan-made Spyderco, thank you…

          (It’s my if necessary additional body orifice installation tool)


  2. OK, so I just scrolled through a few pages of EDC posts, and I have to say, some folks’ EDC are pretty lame.

    I mean, posting your sunglasses, keys, and necklaces – come on!

    Hell, why not post pics of your socks and undies, too. I may have to submit my EDC and show these ninnies what’s up.

    • That gave me an idea, but I’ll let someone else do it that actually has one but, take a picture of your daily carry, your phone flashlight etc and have in the shot one of the small purple pills of Viagra®

  3. Always wondered what those big cargo pockets on tacticool pants were for. Looks like you make good use of them. Good choices.

  4. I dumped wearing a watch. Cell phones have taken care of that need along with carrying a pen. Shopping lists, quick notes, all go to cell phone. No need for a lighter. Heck, even flashlights are becoming secondary as cell phones have the ability to use the LED for the flash as a flashlight. I however opt to carry a Surefire light, especially at night, sometimes two flashlights in case of failure.

    • All true, as I don’t wear a watch nor carry a flashlight. However, a phone’s tactical capabilities is very limited. The LED lights on the phones, while decent up close for short uses, do not project any distance worth beans, esp. outdoors. Also, it’s really annoying shopping with a list on my phone, as the screen shuts off frequently, and it’s easier to cross things off on a real piece of paper. I’m probably faster typing on my phone than writing, but I really don’t like typing on phones.

  5. I’ve got a pocket dump photo with about triple that stuff. Two guns, a spare mag, two knives and assorted other goodies. Today’s jeans aren’t big enough for all that gear, though. I’ve got a similar load out with a bigger knife, Glock 27, and no note pad.

    • “Two guns, a spare mag, two knives and assorted other goodies.”

      A man after my own heart.

  6. I’d like to see a pocket, bag, vehicle carry series for TTAGers. I still think of primary, secondary, and tertiary lines and outfit accordingly.

  7. Pocket dump photo from the nudist camp:
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    Get it?

  8. Does a boot count as a pocket :). I’ve always kept my heavy use knife there , after your phone and other assorted things (especially a pistol carried in your pocket) there’s no room, not to mention I don’t want too look like Dundee in work clothes. Not very customer friendly.

  9. Let me add a suggested flashlight carry – Streamlight’s “Nano Light” – $10 from Amazon or at Cabela’s. Slightly larger than a pencil eraser, hangs on my keychain without a large lump, and bright enough to light up a room. This LED light will run about 8 hours on the 4 mini watch batteries. Machined aluminum, and even available in pnk if you don’t care for the standard black.

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