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I’ve just received a letter from Kris Carson, Remington Ammo’s Manager of Product Services. They’ve tested the bullets involve in the previously reported Ruger SR9c double feed problem. Mr. Carson couldn’t have been more helpful in this matter. OK, he could have sent me 1000 replacement rounds instead of 500. To be fair, I only returned 400 or so. He couldn’t very well replace bullets already fired—even if they were from the same batch—could he? And Remington did send me a free box of Golden Sabers to test the Ruger. You can read Mr. Carson’s letter after the jump. Bottom line: there was a quality control problem with the Remington 115-grain UMC ammo that caused the double feed. As suspected, the bullets were too short [see: above]. So, for the record, the Ruger SR9c is cleared of all wrong doing.


I apologize for the feed issues you experienced with the Remington 9mm rounds that you were using with your Ruger SR9c. As we discussed on the phone, we have discovered there was an equipment issue which caused some of he bullets to be seated deeper than they should be. Adjustments have been made to the loaders to correct this type of issue.

We do work hard to provide quality products to all our customers. Loaded length and bullet retention forces are checked on every setup and several times per shift as part of our ballistics testing program. We also test fire our 9mm ammunition several times per shift in pistols form various manufacturers. We apologize for the problem rounds and the inconvenience.

For our error, I am sending you two full replacement Mega-Pack boxes of Remington 9mm ammunition. We appreciate you choosing Remington products for your evaluation and hope you will continue to in the future.


Kris Carson, P.E.
Manager-Product Services, Ammuntion

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  1. Cool. I was hoping the SR9s would work out. (Still not a fan of the manual safety…) Now if they only shared magazines with my P95?

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