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Fresh off yesterday’s make-believe carry ensemble, today we have returned to the real deal.  Mark, the HR guy, sends his “Field Trip” submission from Everyday Carry.

Nope, no butterfly knives today.  Instead, we have a far more practical (and likely more legal) Boker Plus Kwaiken.  Nice.  As for the North American Arms .22 Mag mini-revolver?  Not my speed, but to each their own.  Beats a .45 back home in the safe my friend always told me when I gave him some gentle ribbing about his NAA mini-revolver.

Everything else is pretty much standard fare.  Seiko 5 watch, light, wallet, phone…  no reloads, but that’s not exactly a combat masterpiece handgun there.





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  1. That ribbing was only justified if you had left your .45 at home. Micro .22 for a primary? No thanks.

    • nobody carries it as a “primary”….but it goes everywhere I go…and you always know it’s there…

      • Well….if you always have it and sometimes dont have the 45… is your primary.

        My primary is an LCP.

      • Check out the NAA forums:

        You’ll fine plenty of people that carry the NAA pistols as their primary firearm. You’ll also find those that carry a NAA as both a primary and a secondary “New York reload”, and I know of at least a couple of people that carry more than 2 NAA revolvers regularly.

      • Dang read the story, they sold the conversion parts for $20 !! That would make a fun accessory for you Glock!

      • From that article;
        “They’re not for hunting,” she told CNN. “They’re not for home protection.” Rather, Snyder said, she worried they may appeal to criminals interested in “drive-bys and mass shootings.”

        I’m somewhat surprised the ATF is so openly against machine guns in civilian hands, seeing as the legality of their registry scheme hinges on it not being enforced as a ban. It’s not like the ‘lawful’ transferables are any different than illegal ones, with regard to hunting or home protection (which is also an indication they don’t support defensive use outside the home)

        Hunting is probably the least common recreational use for firearms (in terms of numbers, or in terms of rounds fired, compared to ‘target practice’ of whichever sort), and home defense is probably the least or maybe second-least likely place a person would have need of a firearm to defend their life (comparing the number of violent break-ins with an occupant present vs. the number of violent muggings/robberies outside of homes). It figures the anti-gunners would claim these are the only two legitimate uses, even while they try to deny these breadcrumbs through other measures (lead bans, safe storage, etc.)

  2. @ JB The holster has a pocket for a 5 round reload. Look closely at the flap on the lower left of the pic.
    I prefer the rubber grips as they are slightly bigger and more grippy than the pearl or rose wood.

  3. As long as you train with your gun. You will be an effective defender. If You don’t master your gun you might end up dead at the hands of a criminal. A glock will not help you if you don’t train with it. A north american revolver will not be seen in your swimsuit. Its the only gun you can conceal in any type of clothing.

    If a hand full of swimmers in Tunisia North africa had these tiny guns, they may have been able to stop a terrorist attack. At least long enough for people to escape to safety.

    North American Arms 22 Mag Mini revolver 18 minutes long from Hickok 45

    • A few years ago there was an article about a female being searched in jail and a NAA was found during the cavity check.
      Yes, you can hide one almost anywhere.

      • “A few years ago there was an article about a female being searched in jail and a NAA was found during the cavity check.”

        Miss Dallas Archer, or, as we referred to her at the time, “Ralph’s next ex-wife” :

        “The Tennessee woman who had a loaded gun hidden in her vagina when she was booked into jail last year has pleaded guilty to an assortment of criminal charges that will cost her several years in prison, court records show.”

  4. I always have a naa in 22lr in my fifth pocket as a why not and when I go adventuring I put 2 pest loads as the first 2. I use it once a year maybe but I really keep it to fiddle with it’s built so well and it’s SO CUTE!!!

  5. What’s in the Otterbox? The NAA hammer is not sitting in a safety notch, obviously unloaded or just unsafe and the watch band looks new and unused. The knife is handy to either carve a tinder stick or clip off the end of a fine cigar and the matches would light either if either were available or necessary.
    I put the NAA rose wood grips on my Black Widow since they are the largest offered (back around 2011) and offer more purchase and she rests in a much nicer leather holster also from NAA.
    Reloading is near impossible under stress since you have to use the cylinder pin to remove at least 2 or 3 of the fire formed cases. If you succeed in reloading and reinstalling the cylinder as a combat reload you accomplished as your last effort on earth providing a perp with a freshly loaded gun. Congratulations. The new top brake would be to die for. Literally! Like, what was already said, better than a 45 in the safe. Personally, I disagree, as I said above, I own a Black Widow and I would never, ever carry it as a deep or second or ever entertain the thought of it as a primary side arm. A sharp stick would be better. Not even if I were very fast and very agile, which I am not. Maybe the owner is, so, if so, Nikes, New Balance or Adidas. With kits like this they always leave out the most important items for discussion. Also, the knife is a little small and narrow. Oh, no, I thought that just for a second the owner might be a midget; the wallet is for a full size butt. I hope you get a something caliber with at least a first digit of 3 very soon. Until then rethink your routes and try to stay home as much as possible.

  6. Not sure what he means by field trip but in my neck of the woods that means a jaunt in woods with bears, mountain lions, coyotes and maybe a wolf or two. Good luck with that mini revolver.

  7. I could never go as small as the NAA as I cant manipulate them fast enough when I’m plinking let alone fighting. But I’m sure many folks can pop off round pretty quickly.

    If I was going smaller than the LCP, i guess a Seecamp 32 would be the minimum.

    Kudos to the Streamlight (I like em).

    I wonder if they make a holster like that for a 6 inch Python……asking for a friend.

    • this gun…and I own several…is a last ditch weapon designed to disable…or even kill… an attacker at very close range…like just out of arm’s reach…[head shots are recommended].

      • I have no doubt its deadly….just not to the attacker in my hands.

        I’d be lucky to get person shots, let alone head shots.

        Like trying to defend myself with a Pez dispenser with the arthritis in my thimbs.

        I need something bigger in a single action……like a Vaquero.

        • “Like trying to defend myself with a PEZ dispenser…” That comment was worth reading all the rest. Thanks for a hearty chuckle…

  8. Out of all these EDC dumps I will say that I don’t get how the Streamlights always look new. The one I have is practically smooth and shiny I’ve worn so much of the anodizing off.

    • I have carried my Stylus Pro for a year and a half.

      I wear it clipped inside my left front pocket.

      It has a slight shiny ring around the outside of the bezel..(from running on key?)….and that’s it.

      My friends often ask if I have a new light.

      One reason I like me some StreamLight.

  9. An NAA mini wouldn’t be a good choice for me. In my big and kinda clumsy mitts, my chances of effectively deploying it in a “Rule of 3” SD situation are very low. But it might be a decent pick for others.

    One thing I’ve heard about these little guys is that they are LOUD, especially in .22 mag, but even in .22 LR. That might be a plus in certain situations.

    • If you get a NAA pug (with it’s 1-inch barrel) and fire 22 mags out of it, not only is it LOUD, it’ll also throw a nice fireball even with ‘Speer Gold Dot- Short Barrel’ ammo designed with a faster burning powder. Just a 22LR in the Pug will ring your ears easily.

      One advantage with the NAA revolvers that many people don’t consider is that if you find yourself in a situation that you are unsure about, you can have a small NAA in your hand at the ready without brandishing a firearm as some NAA models (such as the Pug) are small enough to fully conceal in your hand.

  10. I can shoot my NAA minimaster with it’s 4inch barrel, oversize grips an adjustible sights well. my little 22lr and it’s slightly bigger brother 22mag I can hit a barn if I’m inside said barn!

  11. shot placement is King
    penetration is Queen
    all the rest don’t mean Jack

    The NAA revolvers have some strategic advantages, and it is my opinion that if you DON’T have one of these, or some tiny equivalent like the Seecamp .32, then you aren’t really serious about concealed carry.

    • Let’s see:. Shot placement is king. OK, unless you are standing in someone’s face the NAA is going to be poor.

      Now if penetration is queen a 22lr or 22 WMR is going to come up short here.

      So it looks like if you carry one if these things you aren’t serious about concealed carry.

      If you want to carry a BUG the LCP is far superior to either the NAA or the Seacamp.

      And if all you carry is one of these plinkers then you definitely not serious about concealed carry.

      • The NAA’s aren’t long range firearms. But with practice you can shoot them well beyond “in your face” distances.

        Penetration with the NAA revolvers might surprise you… if you pick the right ammo. This video is one of the reasons I chose the ‘Speer Gold Dot – Short Barrel’ 22 Mag rounds for my NAAs:

        By the way, I do own a Ruger LCP II and still chose to carry an NAA as a backup.

  12. I carried the identical NAA 22 Magnum revolver as a secondary pocket holstered gun for a couple of years. I had over 2,500 rounds through it when the cylinder pin began popping out when firing. The little spring loaded ball had actually worn the barrel hole enough that it no longer would stay in place when firing the gun! I had to push it back in before each shot…. especially when shooting magnum rounds. NAA has a lifetime warranty, and they were VERY GOOD about replacing the barrel and returning it in less than two weeks. But, I lost confidence in that design. I no longer want to trust my life on the gun. I should say that NAA make quality firearms, but they have other firearms that have better designs for cylinder retention. I also understand that not everyone will put over 2,500 rounds through one. Maybe mine was a “fluke”…. I don’t know.

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