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Ferguson, MO teen Michael Brown (courtesy

The Ferguson, Missouri police department have named the officer who shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown [above], setting off days of looting and rioting. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson gave a timeline for the shooting, then named the Officer who pulled the trigger as six-year veteran Darren Wilson. We will update you on information on this incident as we receive it. Meanwhile, we hope that Ferguson residents remain calm, that outside agitators hold their tongues, that the police maintain order with suitable restraint and that officer Wilson is protected until he has a chance to defend himself against any charges related to the shooting.

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      • Without knowing anything about the particular officer here, a lot of police think in general that after about five years working the road, you have filled in the big gaps in your knowledge. That’s when you kind of know the basics, and have come to understand how vast is the body of relevant information you don’t yet know. Not things like “what is a murder,” or “when does my department say I can start a pursuit,” but the practical nuts and bolts of how to do the job well.

        Anyone who works with their hands, plumber, machinist, finish grade carpentry, will probably agree with me that there’s a difference between an apprentice, journeyman, and master craftsman, and that it takes more than a few months to get from one stage to the next. Same idea.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Taking an oath and putting on a uniform certainly does not make one an expert or a “veteran” in the subjective sense. The word, technicality aside, has connotations of experience. I’m an engineer, technical definitions are very near and dear to my heart.

          I spent a mere 6 years in the Navy. Does that make me a veteran? Yes. Had I spent only one day in the Navy, would I still be considered a veteran? Legally and technically, yes, but by our subjective (and not unreasonable) definition, kinda not really.

        • It takes a couple of minutes to work when you are told what to do, but these people are usually watched like a Hawk until they establish confidence from the trainer. It takes years to develope the ability to perform your duties proficiently, accurately on a repetitive basis and relate that knowledge to others in a safe manner. Good Tradespeople didn’t just Graduate from Trades Training School. And I think this rule applies to all Professions and Specialties and Policepeople are no exception. Some people no matter how hard they try never master their trade they just plunder through.

        • The same could said about other jobs especially something as IT. You can learn the basics in school such as protocols and such, but until you start working with them, your not going to understand them.

    • Well, to become an expert in something, they say it takes 10,000 hours of practice. Assuming 40 hour work weeks 52 weeks a year, he has over 12,000 hours of time on the job. So. Lots of experience.

  1. More reviled than Zimmerman, I’d say.

    That police chief was bumbling under the pressure; has been interesting to see PD in this. I’m guessing the MRAPS/tear gas we’ve seen have long been a part of their established protocol for controlling riots of the urbanites of Saint Louie. Been very interesting to see PD play out their idea of war on their constituents, and public reaction to it.

    • The kid was a bully per store video before he tried bullying a police guy, so he was trayvonized!

      • This incident is in noooo ways similar to Travon Martin! Please review the video by” Fox 2 Now ” news. I want to preface this rant by saying I believe this WAS excessive force, however I am a critical thinker and I find it hard to believe this officer had the agility to pull that young man into the vehicle or control any physical contact with him.The Black Community can’t continue to condone NEGATIVE behavior and expect POSITIVE results. If your son’s favorite color is red, and he is photographed with his fingers twisted…. unless he has palsy, arthritis, or is deaf…you guessed it…He is in a GANG!

  2. I want to say the rioters aren’t stupid enough to go after him, but I hope he’s long gone already.

    • Darren Wilson should get the same protection GZ got….a prison cell at first and then when released a big fat nothing.

      • Darren Wilson confronted a FELON and THUG who had just committed a hate crime and felony assault and robbery against a diminutive Pakistani.

        Michael brown was fleeing a felony he had just committed. Wilson may not have known it but Brown knew he had just committed a felony, It sounds like Brown thought Wilson knew and was first to attack when confronted.

        I think Wilson is likely a hero

  3. This will end in tears.

    But seriously what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Everything is prejudged and tried in the court of public opinion these days. Why on earth was it necessary to release a name until you’re willing to release the results of an investigation?

    • If you or I shot a person who was running away from us (regardless of reason), our names would be published before the investigating officer’s signature was dry on his incident report.

      Why should badged civilians be treated any differently?

      • Don’t get me wrong , I agree with you… but two wrongs used to not make a right, although these days they do seemingly.

        • it has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has to do with equal treatment under the law. either cops are treated like unbadged citizens (and get their names in the papers), or the great unwashed are treated like cops (and are protected until the investigation is complete).

          we’re all civilians, we are all due the same process.

    • “But seriously what happened to innocent until proven guilty?” Tell that to the dead kids family, see how far it gets you.

  4. I’m going to believe the 3 eye witnesses who all have the same story over the lies the police department come up with.

    • Uh, they don’t have the same story. One basically says the dead guy talked back to the officer from the street and the officer got out and opened up on him. Another says the guy DID end up at the police car and there was some sort of altercation.

      One (the first one I think) says the dead young man was “fleeing with his hands in the air.” That right there is a load of crap as anyone who has ever tried it will tell you.

      • One (I watched) said the officer ordered the kids to the sidewalk, then reached out the window of his patrol car and grabbed the kid around the neck. The kid who was 6’4″ tall. Around the neck. Through the window in his patrol car. I need to see an autopsy of that cop to determine what exactly allowed him to perform what clearly was a superhuman feat. Unless somebody is lying! But that couldn’t happen, could it?

        • One of the posts mentioned the officer was in a police truck (a pickup or SUV), so that would be high enough off the ground he could reach a guys neck. Not saying it’s true, just saying it’s possible.

        • You left something out. The witness said the door was open when the cop grabbed Michael Brown. That means he was getting out of the vehicle and standing.
          What looked like the cop pulling Brown into the window was likely Brown pushing the cop in order to escape.

        • Or he could have grabbed him as the kid leaned down to the window. Impossible to say without having been there.

      • I am surprised Robert has not posted this. I’d hate to think that he is avoiding telling us that Mr. Brown had just committed a crime and was in the process of being arrested when he was shot. Perhaps the police are telling the truth that gangbanger Brown did not want to be arrested and indeed went for the officer’s gun. However, like George Zimmerman acting in self defense did not fit the narrative, this story does not fit the faux Libertarian anti-police narrative.

        See news story below:

        • In a recent press conference the Ferguson Police Chief stated that Officer Wilson was not and could not have been aware of the robbery because of the timeline in between the robbery and the shooting. That being said while Officer Wilson would not have been aware of the incident if Mr. Brown is indeed the individual in the surveillance footage he, Mr. Brown that is, A. would have been aware of his role in the robbery and B. would not be aware of Officer Wilson’s lack of knowledge. In an attempt to avoid arrest for the robbery it is not unreasonable to assume Mr. Brown would have made a poor choice to fight and/or flee.

          I would be quite interested to know if there happened to be any cigars (the item stolen from the QT) on Mr. Brown’s body.

    • There’s no worse evidence than eye-witness evidence, except for no evidence at all. And even no evidence is better when the eye witness is lying.

      • How abut a quick tour of those boys’ homes to see if there are any still-in-the-box flatscreen TVs, high end stereos, etc lying around. Like, perhaps, an ulterior motive for their eyewitness news. And I see we now have pics of that poor baby involved in a strongarm robbery minutes before he sweetly surrendered, only to be gunned down by the evil LEO who was treated for undefined injuries at the hospital. I wonder if those witnesses are visible in any of those surveillance pics? Hmm?

      • Amen to that! Unfortunately, eye witness testimony is held to a higher regard than forensic evidence that is referred to as “circumstantial”.
        I almost always disregard eye witness accounts unless there is no other evidence to go on.

    • FWIW, normally I tend to side with police in a situation where a young man, often a good kid in a bad enviroment or simply on the virge of turning his life around, is shot down while not correctly complying…

      …but this entire event has turned into something ugly and reeking of desperation by the boys in blue. I don’t know which witness story is correct, but I believe them all far more than I can of any officer who’s on the other side of this entire travesty.

    • Im gonna believe the forensics evidence after the investigation is complete and not people who typically lie right after robbing a gas station.

  5. Given the police chief’s revelations regarding a strongarm robbery and dispatch sending out descriptions of a suspect, I would be very interested in hearing the chatter between dispatch and Wilson.

    At the end of the day, though, even if Brown *did* rob a convenience store, even if he matched the description sent via dispatch, and even if the cop was 100% certain Brown was the right guy it does not justify the shoot. If the police story is accurate, which is partially corroborated by another witness, there was a justifiable window for a shoot if/when Brown was immediately adjacent to the cruiser and was possibly reaching for Wilson’s sidearm.

    After that, though, and particularly after he raised his hands, there is zero justification.

    Of course, facts are still being brought to light, but as they stand right now, not a good shoot.

    • Boy, are you ever gullible. What makes you think that ANY of what you’ve heard on TV is true? If the police officer’s stop was not within view of a surveillance camera, and he did not have a camera in the car, you are ready to believe young punks talking trash about what happened? First tell me WHY the officer would do this, killing an innocent darling child in cold blood?! WHY?

      • LMAO! Be careful that your tongue doesn’t become permanently melded to your cheek.

        Honestly it is a sad day that many (perhaps most?) of us are more suspicious of cops than of others. I don’t know whether police excesses are on the rise or if the advent of the internet, camera phones, and social media have simply enabled the citizenry to become more aware of those excesses. Either option still leads to the conclusion that there are entirely too many gung ho cops out there who do all sorts of stupid things, and even sometimes illegal things.

  6. Has anyone noticied that Rev Al Sharpton looks like he has some stage 4 disease ? He has this enormous head stuck on top of a body that must weigh 80 lbs.

    • I noticed that a while back. He used to be a big boy, I can’t believe he would deliberately lose that much weight, I think his run is coming to an end.

    • When he did a stint in jail a few years back for something I can’t remember, he intentionally lost a lot of weight. Yay for having lots of time to exercise?

  7. I doubt they will be dumb enough to do anything to him after all their trumpeting for peace and justice… what will happen though is that every potential jury member has already decided this guy is guilty.

      • That’s something all corrupt agents of government would do well to remember.

        (** I have not formed opinions of innocence or guilt in this case. I’m waiting for substantial evidence and, perhaps, a court verdict. My reply was a general reply and not directed at this incident.)

      • You obviously failed civics or political science class. That is not true it takes a unanimous decision silly.

  8. Dont you just love it when people judge BEFORE having all the facts.

    And you’re suppose to just let looters continue their rampage?

    good luck explaining that one to store owners…

  9. At this moment Al Sharpton is positively SCRAMBLING to find out the pigment of the police officer’s skin.

  10. “we hope that Ferguson residents remain calm, that outside agitators hold their tongues, that the police maintain order with suitable restraint and that officer Wilson is protected until he has a chance to defend himself against any charges related to the shooting.”

    I hope for the all that too although the chance that “outside agitators hold their tongues” is right up there with unicorns.

    • Well, let’s see – so far we have Al Sharpton (now safely back in NYC), Obummer, and the New Black Panthers. Then throw in Eric Holder aboard the Death Star. And I almost forgot the cameo squawk from Jesse Jackson Sr. The cast is complete.

  11. The police must be demilitarized. This young man was unarmed. I’m sure the officer had a tazer, pepper spray or a police baton. Go online and see how many videos exist of police brutality. With the increase in cell phone video we all are the media now.

    • Innocent child was 6’4″ and 290 lbs. To most of us, that does not qualify as “unarmed”. If he slammed into the patrol car on top of the cop, as the cop described (I think), started beating him and attempting to gain control of the officer’s gun, you are saying the officer should have reasoned with him? And the pics of his strongarm robbery minutes earlier tend to support the concept that he was out of control, I can do anything I want because I am big and strong, and unlikely to quietly surrender as his buds claim. What injuries was the cop treated for? That is a real piece of evidence we have heard nothing of, which we should know before finding anyone guilty of murder. We should also hear about some semblance of a motive.

      • People tend to think that cops have some magical ninja powers that allow them to subdue violent suspects. In reality, it often takes more than one officer and it’s pretty ugly. No one, including cops, should be forced to take a beat down rather than defend themselves by any means necessary.

    • “This young man was unarmed. “

      So was Trayvon Martin.

      Being unarmed does not specifically mean that no imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury was present.

      Please stop with the “unarmed” bit. It is mostly irrelevant.

      What *IS* relevant is what he was doing at the moment the officer shot him. The relevant case law is Graham vs Connor which establishes for us the “objective reasonableness” doctrine.

      We don’t get to just the officer’s decision based on what (we think) we know NOW…we have to judge based on what was known TO HIM at THAT TIME.

      This whole thing is a bunch of crap. No one should be saying ANYTHING until the investigation is done..and preferably, an investigation by folks that have no dog in the fight, so to speak.

      The kid could have been trying to kill the officer and the officer shot in what amounts to self defense. Or, the officer could have murdered him in cold blood.

      Whether he was “armed” or “unarmed” is by itself immaterial.

      • It should be very easy to tell if he was shot at bad breath distance (i.e. on top of the officer all Trayvon-like) or at 35 feet.

        35 feet is NOT imminent danger against an unarmed assailant.

        • Agreed 100%.

          But the big deal is not being made of the 35 ft, it’s being made of the unarmed. They matter together…as in totality of circumstances.

          I have not heard official word that he was shot at 35 ft. Has that been released?

          THAT matters a whole lot.

        • And we still DON’T have the facts. Read up on Tenn V Garner should the facts start to support the fleeing felon.

        • Absolutely. Been party to a quite a few shooting death investigations. That tidbit is usually pretty clear right away, and certainly at post.

          So, I’d bet that question has been settled. Has it been released?

        • Logic fail… drunk *drivers* are armed with a 2 ton deadly weapon, that can travel a whole lot faster and smash a lot more things than a 290 pound man on foot.

    • I think you’ve forgotten the point of a gun. It’s meant to counter serious bodily threats, not duel at noon.

  12. Wilson is innocent until proven guilty and should protected from the lynch mob that’s already made multiple death threats against him and his family.

    Outside of complete evil insanity, what motive would Wilson have had to murder the kid? Zero… so why is he guilty already? Racism.

  13. Got to love the photo RF used for this post. Same BS and players as Zimmerman incident. Pass out photo from a couple of years ago. Sweet baby Mikey. 70 lbs lighter. Now in surveillance photo of this guy robbing store, you see 6′ 4″ 290 LB MAN in process of roughing up store clerk. I am sure at some point we will find out the meaning of his red cap also. Most likely Bloods gang connection. But media will continue the sweet little baby boy narrative.

    • Had he been shot while roughing up the store clerk, it may have been justifiable.

      That doesn’t mean the window of opportunity to kill him remains open indefinitely.

      • It sure does if a 290lb miscreant doesn’t want to go quietly with a solo officer probably smaller than this guy. From reports apparently hurting the cop in the process. Sweet baby Mikey most likely got sweet justice in this 10 second encounter. Shame on the store clerk for not emptying a mag of 185gr .45acp into this criminal first. Could have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

        • Cops have these funny things called radios where magically more officers will appear if requested.

          It seems some cops tend to only use *one* tool on their belt, and it’s the one that uses hollow points.

        • Tommy:

          Take a look at the case of Tennessee v. Gardner, 471 US 1 (1985).

          In a nutshell: Shooting a suspect implicates the 4th Amendment as a ‘seizure.’ Such force may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape *and* the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others. (Emphasis mine.)

          The shooting certainly meets the first prong, if Brown was running away from Wilson, but from the information currently available, the shooting does not satisfy the second prong, as there were no indications that Brown, while fleeing, presented a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to Wilson or others.

          It’s really that simple.

          Again, that is based on currently divulged information, and may change based upon additional information being brought to light by others.

        • Shawn: nice post. Good job.

          We have both Graham vs Connor and Tennesse vs Garner in play here, along with several others I’m sure.

          What we DON’T have is concrete facts on which to make all the judgments a lot of us are trying to make. We have media spin and unsubstantiated claims that have not been vetted YET.

          Patience is a virtue. Rushing to judgment is a big problem.

        • @Shawn Bugbee, be careful with Tennessee v. Garner. For one thing, it was a civil case. Just a lawsuit. Second, it did not involve a hot pursuit of a violent, fleeing felon.

          If the officer in this case is to be believed, Brown has just committed a strongarm robbery and had a potentially deadly fight with the officer. I’m not saying that the officer’s account is accurate or true, or inaccurate and untrue. I am saying that Garner does not control under the officer’s facts.

        • Ralph,

          We were taught (by lawyers) that Tennessee vs Garner, though indeed civil case, established the “Fleeing Felon Rule” as it applies to Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Force.

          Was that incorrect?

          If so, there are a lot of departments that have ‘use of force’ policies that might need to be checked into, as I’m pretty sure they were written to be consistent with Tennessee vs Garner.

        • And all those TTAGians howling for the cop’s head would have cheered him on but since and agent of the government did it then it somehow makes it illegitimate.

  14. This is why I said on THIS blog I didn’t believe EITHER SIDE. Kinda’ STUPID of the local POlice to not say this immediately.
    “But they shot my 6’4″ 290 pound BABY who was ordered by a racist cracker pig to quit walking while black”. Robbery changes EVERYTHING. This kind of s##t happens all the time in Chicago. I don’t b

    • I’m waiting for the coroner’s report. The pictures show someone who could have been Brown. Then again, it could have been Bigfoot. I can’t make out the face, just the size and the clothes.

      • “I’m waiting for the coroner’s report.”

        Wait. Is that right?

        You mean we should look at the facts of what happened and not rush to conclusions based on a bunch of media inspired hysteria?

        This is an interesting idea you have…wait for information.

  15. There are too many discrepancies in the stories, and now the released security video asserts Michael Brown was involved in a “strong-arm robbery” over a box of Swisher Sweets Cigars. There’s no trustworthy investigative factor involved, as yet, to make a determination about what “really” happened. It may never be clear because certain people have already decided what happened and will cling to their version of the “facts” to the bitter end.
    Michael Brown is the ultimate loser, no matter what is ever officially determined. To lose one’s life over a box of cheap cigars (whether he stole them or not), is completely tragic no matter what version of the event is finally “officially” settled upon.
    More than anything, I think this is a bleak testimony to the actual state of race relations in this Country. We can never improve this situation with a POTUS, AGOTUS, a major national political party and a Race Discrimination Industry working diligently at keeping Racism alive and thriving in the United States as a base for Political Power. Think about this carefully when you vote in November 2014 and November 2016.

    • “too many discrepancies” – ONLY if you want to jump ahead to the ‘end’.

      Wait for the coroners report. I wanna know what the “kid’s” knuckles looked like.

      Oh – and how many ‘blows’ did the cop take to the head and body.


  16. Honestly I don’t know who to believe. And quite frankly I don’t really care. The only thing I have a problem with was why they left his body in the middle of the street for 4 hours?

    • I don’t know the specifics of this particular case to answer your question about THIS CASE, but…

      I have been involved in a bunch of death investigations, including shootings. It takes time to properly document the scene and collect the evidence that is there, and do the preliminary investigation.

      You only get one shot at that. Once you move the body or remove another other evidence, it’s moved forever.

      It has to be done right the first time. There are no “do-overs” with crime scenes.

      Not sure the body itself needed to be there four hours, but we were on death scenes far longer than that.

      Hope that clarifies.

      • Thanks for clarifying, I wasn’t sure how documenting a crime scene worked. I just thought it was kind of disrespectful to leave him out there.

      • Mike’s fists were likely documented very thoroughly at the scene but again in much more detail at post.

        People that have never been involved with a death investigation or the presentation of such information at a murder trial don’t appreciate just how much work has to be done to document the living dog snot out of EVERYTHING.

        Anything in that general area, an area even larger than just where the body was or where the car was, can be a crucial piece of physical evidence that helps or hurts one story or another. How far apart things are is important, so every little thing has to measure, photographed, sketched and, in our case, video taped.

        It ain’t like on CSI folks. That’s fantasy.

        With competing stories in this case, the physical evidence and the physical scene itself are both going to be VERY important in trying to determine the truth of what happened. That takes time to work.

        My guess is some forensic consultants are going to get quite rich on this one before the criminal and civil trials are done.

        • You ARE thick aren’t you? My response was to a post before mine.

          The point I was addressing was: “Honestly I don’t know who to believe.”

          To which I responded “The evidence”

          Really, JR, I don’t know what your ‘core’ problem is with that …

        • “You ARE thick aren’t you?”

          Cool your jets, man. I was not ragging on you or what you posted. Don’t be so defensive.

          Man. It’s gotten to where someone can’t ADD to a point being made without getting stomped.

  17. The one question I don’t hear ANYONE asking is, with the technology, MRAPS etc that police department has, why do they not have simple 360 dash cams in their cars? Seriously? Everyone is debating what happened. By using some of the most basic technology available it would be obvious to all what happened.Police departments not having 360 dash cams in this day and age is inexcusable.

  18. Darren,

    You are so screwed. The facts will not matter, you will be tried, found guilty (guilt already determined) and punished. Either way, someone has to pay and it will be you. Thankless job, isn’t it?

    • The danger of predetermined verdict certainly exists, but a lot of people thought that about Zimmerman once the machinery got wound up.

      I am quite cynical about things in our world, but part of me still holds hope that the court system CAN work.

      Then I remember OJ, and how I felt the day I heard that verdict announced, and my cynicism comes right back to the top.

      I’d say it’s a toss-up. The dude should get his day in court, though, either way.

  19. That photo is this incident’s analog to the 13-year-old Trayvon Martin photo the media distributed. It might be more applicable to show these video stills of hulking Michael Brown brutalizing a much smaller shopkeeper during a “strongarm robbery” minutes before he was shot.

  20. There’s only one thing that we can be should believe at this point — which is that all the witnesses, uniformed and not uniformed, are lying through their teeth.

    The forensics will tell us more of what we need to know.

    • Well, it was pretty clear from the get-go that the non-LEO eyewitnesses to the shooting didn’t have their stories straight – and were either lying, or didn’t actually see the specifics, or showed up after the fact and claimed to be “eye witnesses.”

      Regardless, this entire cluster is a great reason for cops to have cameras on them all the time. With audio and video from the cop’s perspective, either the shooting would not have happened or the aftermath would not have happened.

  21. After the release of the security camera stills and video, I’m sure that the community organizers will be suing the tobacco industry for this “gentle giant’s” death.

  22. Every single one of you who condemned the Ferguson police and the officer who shot this young man should be ashamed of yourselves. It is obviously him in the surveillance pictures from the robbery, he is even wearing the same hat that he had on in the photo released by the family. He was 6’4, 300 lb robber and the officer defended himself. Excellent response time as well by the way, I wish I could count on my local PD to catch a thief in ten minutes.

    All of this over a $50 box of Swisher Sweets. In case you don’t know, those are primarily used to roll blunts. As in Marijuana. So all this bullshit protesting over some violent, wannabe gangster who wanted to roll his blunts for free. Just last year a man I knew was shot dead in his convenience store under similar circumstances. Nobody marched for him, but they’ll march for a thief. This country is on a path straight to hell.

    • who condemned the Ferguson police

      Please expand or clarify that. Are you meaning those who condemned the FPD for their over the top militarization, heavy handedness, and trying to force people to not record them? Or, do you mean only those who condemned FPD directly related to the shooting incident? My stance was and is that of the first group, BTW.

  23. Wow, it took the cops six days to come up with something to smear the victim with. His record must have been clean enough to qualify him for sainthood.

    • Wait. What?

      Just because they are just now releasing this information for public consumption does not mean it was not known from the beginning.

      This is a dangerous line of thinking…that what WE hear and read and what is actually known is somehow “the full truth” or “happening in real time.”

      If the story of the robbery is true, there will be evidence of that. Video from the store (check), dispatch records, report (police and perhaps EMT) of the store victim, etc.

      That’s not something one cop, or even a department, can just make up.

    • It would seem to me that everyone was ‘manning the front lines’ for the last 5 or six days. Who had time to address this rationally when a few city blocks were going up in flames and the other residents in the city wanted to see some ‘police protection’.

      JR, was that clear enough or does it need to be translated for just you?

  24. “Outside agitators” should “hold their tongues,” eh? Care to unpack that statement for us so it’s a little clearer? It’s a little ambiguous right now.

  25. I care more about the protection of his family and extended family than I do for him. He will get the protection he needs, but what about his parents, uncles, in laws, etc.?

  26. They released the video and it is him but the Chief said that the officer didn’t know anything about the robbery so it’s two different crimes

  27. Any of you guys seen the cop’s face yet? How blooded-up was it?

    Soooo … you haven’t seen it.

    Nor have you seen what Big Mike’s hands looked like … see, there’s a REASON the crime scene is preserved until the evidence techs get there …


    • Geez Palomino Grasshopper piss.

      Just because we don’t see ‘evidence’ of this or that does not mean it does not exist.

      Would you like to place a bet that both Mike’s hands and the officer’s face where thoroughly photographed that night?

      Man…cases like this bring out some INTERESTING things people say. Interesting is a euphemism, by the way.

      • JR, you are too thick to understand what I said in my post. I will leave it at that.

        Please address the ‘others’ who are jumping to confusions without *critical* evidence in front of them.

        I am not in that category …

        • Sorry I did not divine your meaning from the ambiguous wording of your original post. What you wrote could have been taken either way.

          Now that you have stated clearly your position…cool. We agree.

          Fact remains, a lot of folks ARE jumping to conclusions and that is VERY, VERY frustrating.

  28. Why do all of these articles describe Michael Brown as an “unarmed black teen”— instead of describing him the 6-ft 4-inch 294-pound thug that he was. He had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store and according to eye-witnesses, was threatening the life of the officer. I pray for a post-racial America where instead of saying ” a college bound unarmed black teenager was killed by a white man” we instead saying more correctly, ” a police officer shot and killed a criminal in an act of apparent self-defense”.

  29. I just saw the video of Michael Brown pushing the store owner and threatening him after they took the cigars. 6 Ft. 4 in. and 292 pounds is not a little boy. White Police officers in Ferguson and St. Louis have relationships with all races everyday. Michael was out of line and the officer felt threatened. Now why are the politicians and Eric Holder making this into a national stage to anger of black voters right before an election. Thousands are dead in the middle east and the President only comes back from vacation for a single shooting with political ramifications. Do they think we are that dumb, that we can’t see people taking advantage of a tragedy. let the boy Rest in Peace.

    • “Do they think we are that dumb, that we can’t see people taking advantage of a tragedy”

      Actually, they have no doubt “we” are that dumb. 2008 and 2012 proved that.

      I don’t have a problem with the Justice Dept. getting in on this one and they are only there to look into civil rights violation and not whether the shooting was justified, but in there findings, I believe the officer will be cleared.

      Now Jessie Jackson on the other hand…not so much.

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