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Chief Ozzie Knezovich

We’ve noted that a number of Washington State’s sheriffs have announced that they won’t be enforcing the gun control measures enacted under I-1639. That’s the constitutionally questionable ballot initiative that was approved in November which imposes an age limit on gun purchases, prohibits private gun sales, increases waiting periods and enacts a “safe storage” requirement.

The Washington State Sheriffs Association and the Washington State Law Enforcement Instructors Association opposed the ballot measure. And since it passed, by our count, 13 of the state’s county sheriffs (out of 39 counties) have announced that they won’t enforce the new law.

Now, in response to their defiance, death threats have been made against some of the sheriffs.

A Facebook user, identified as being located in Washington but outside of Spokane County, made threats toward sheriffs, including (Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie) Knezovich.

According to a press release from the SCSO, Spokane County Crime Check received a tip about the threats at about 1 p.m. on Monday. The caller who reported the comments was also located outside of Spokane County.

The caller said the posts threatened Washington sheriffs who have said they will not or cannot enforce I-1639.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is reportedly investigating.

A post by the Facebook account explicitly called out Knezovich, reading “Ozzie Knezovich is gonna get a bullet in his skull,” according to the release.

Another post from the Facebook user also referenced Republicans, saying “I am going to kill every single one of them,” according to the release. That comment came on a post about a story about Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones announcing his department would not enforce the initiative.

Apparently the irony of a gun control supporter threatening to shoot cops over enforcing limits on a civil right was lost on the Facebook keyboard commando. But he/she is probably about to find out that the FBI takes online threats — real or not — very seriously.


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    • I’m not sure if “irony” is the correct term here… If these bigots routinely called for Peace and Acceptance and then declared that an opponent of theirs should be slain, then that would be true irony.
      Anti-civil rights bigots have never called for Peace and Acceptance of gun owners or the brave Law Enforcement who defend our civil rights. Their position is and always has been Fear, Distrust and Hatred of gun owners.
      Calling for the deaths of a sheriff who wishes to defend oppressed Gun Owners is quite consistent with the bigot’s long-standing position.

      • Bloving correctly points out that the irony isn’t the wishes of violence.

        The irony is gun controllers threatening to use the very guns they want to ban.

      • Watch the video on that link.

        Towards the end, they zoom in on his gun.

        It looks like a 1911, and on the grip, in BIG LETTERS, it says “MOLAN LABE”

        I *like* this sheriff! 😉

    • “That is not at all what irony is. I believe the turn of events you just described would be best classified as completely expected. Irony, noun: A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects, and is often amusing as a result.”

    • I have no problem if a private company looks at your social media, before they do business with you. And if they don’t like what they see, then they can choose NOT to do business with you.

      Prospective employers already check possible future employees social media accounts.

        • I must be one of those in the minority who does not want to share every detail of my life with the world.

          It’s also called “Operational Security”.

      • Yeah, that would be a hard no.

        You can more then willingly give up your privacy but I’m keeping mine.

        If we willingly give up our privacy to businesses, how far will it go? If everyone doesn’t give it a second thought, then government will eventually demand it.

        The “responsible” businesses would freely share this privacy with the government. Even better yet, businesses would sell your privacy to the highest bidder. (It’s not like there are companies now that share our personal information to the government or sell/give it away… oh wait, nevermind… at least we’re not being spied on by our own government, that’s never happened…ah geez… nevermind again.)

        No business, employer or anyone/anything else needs to know what I do in my private life.

        10 out of 10 times, what I do outside of work has absolutely zero bearing on the work I do.

    • Wasn’t there a question about whether the applicant ever plotted to overthrow the government or something related to subversive activities ? If so that would cover Antifa members. It is ironic that lefties that want gun control threaten to shoot people that do not agree with them. ” Take their guns, not mine ” syndrome. They need to list Antifa as a subversive, terrorist group and go after them.

  1. I’ve attended a few gatherings where Ozzie has been a speaker, and he does not suffer fools lightly.

    The left side of this State passed that ignorant law, as they did the last bit of firearm ridiculousness.

    Molon Labe is all I can say…

  2. Well, if the FBI is investigating I’m sure nothing will happen until there are dead bodies, that seems to be the way it works when they have a hot tip.

    • Dumazz leftard? A little redundant, don’t you think 🙂
      “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” -Mark Twain

  3. Most of them only opposed it because they didn’t get any extra money to enforce it, not because they disagree with it. Had the Democrats added money towards these agencies to enforce the law a lot more of them would have.

    • Having worked with a good number of WA Sheriffs at gun-related events, I am pretty confident saying that outside King, Sno, and Pierce counties, most of them are very pro-2A, and there are a lot of deputies that compete.

      But the usual suspects are hard-left, as you’d expect.

  4. Now we see how they will react when guns are banned and LEO won’t do what they want . And if guns aren’t being rounded up fast enough how soon before they make moves themselves?
    How do these people think the world works anyway?

      • That’s what caught my attention too. It’s doesnt bode well that two thirds of that sheriff office will not support the constitution they took an oath to protect. Same with Congress, it looks to me the republic want last much longer if something doesn’t change soon IMO. Sad it might have to get bloody smh.

    • I hope you’re right but think you’re wrong.
      Far too many shade tree constitution abiding types out there.
      Once the paycheck is threatened they become apologists doing their master’s bidding.

    • How long until they make moves, themselves? YGBSM!!

      How about never? The chickenshits only push this bullshit because they think they can make somebody else do the work and take the risks. Suggest *they* make some moves themselves and they will all run screaming for their mommy.

  5. If, if the FBI will do its job.These people should by prosecuted for making threats. Against police or regular civilians.

    • “If the FBI will do its job.”

      They do their “job.” Their “job” is to enforce the policies of the Deep State. They don’t give a good g****** about you, the so-called “Rule of Law,” or the Constitution.

      • In defense of the agency as a whole, it actually sounds like they did their job. The upper classes of fbi decided to not bring charges. Not that it was their decision but they still made it. The fibs still found more than enough to get her on the whole classified docs on an unsecure server and/or computer thing.

        • Believe me I am disgusted with the whole agency. I was just making the point that the people actually investigating did find more than enough to lock her up. Hell, maybe even some of them wanted to charge her. Maybe… The fact is I was disgusted with the whole agency long ago but even in their gross dereliction of duty they found more than enough.

  6. Just goes to show the lunacy we are up against. You see these ignorant brain-dead hens with orange shirts following Shannon Watts and protesting. They say they only want to have a reasonable conversation. Oh right, FAT CHANCE! These folks are unhinged lunatics. You can’t have a reasonable conversation.

    • They regularly do in mass. They march in the streets, yelling right in front of police about doing violence. They even commit violence/crimes as police stand there watching. The police then arrest the victim of the violence for trying to defend themselves or escape.

      • CZJay,

        Are you more worried about the gun confiscation police, hordes of Antifa troops or 2020? Hypertension an ulcers won’t help your chances against the tyranny headed our way….

        Go hit the fishing hole or take a long walk in the woods. Spend some time away from the echo chamber and breath man….

  7. so were supposed to just hand over our guns to a bunch of people that are willing to kill law enforcement officers who refuse take our guns from us using force
    theyre not giving us a whole lot of options here

    • “Give up your guns.”

      “No, they protect me from government tyranny.”

      “Don’t be silly, there is no tyranny. Give up your guns or we’ll vote to sanction government tyranny.”


      (votes for tyranny) “Now give ’em up, or the cops will smite you”

      (Cops refuse to smite)

      “Dammit, smite the cops.”

      “Remind me why I should give up my guns.”

  8. So a few sheriffs understand their oath and now people are threatening to kill them? Yeah sounds about right for New North California.

  9. Whoops… He can now be raided within 24 hours after a judge orders law enforcement to confiscate his firearms. Maybe he will go out shooting like the Antifa gun trainer.

    A lot of cops want to serve those gun confiscation orders from a judge if you threaten the government. Around the country cops are confiscating hundreds of peoples guns and other police are calling for their state to do the same.

  10. Play stupid, catch stupid. First prize Darwin award, so far. It’s still early in the year. The bottom of the gene pool might just turn out, once again, to be self cleaning. -30-

    • So far they appear to be winning with their propaganda for 2020. Not good for Trump. If they can successfully divert attention away from the murder of newborn humans (and NY celebrating such acts) to racism, they have a good chance of winning 2020. I won’t be surprised if the “black” law and order woman wins.

  11. Ah, the party of peace and tolerance rearing their ugly heads again! Told ya, shoulda started putting Antifa and the other clowns on the ground, bleeding when it all started.

    • You can imagine ANTIFA’s International brigades flying in to the US filling out their ICE cards and reading the question “Do you advocate the overthrow of the United States Government through violence or subversion?” as multiple choice instead of Yes or No.

  12. Contrary to popular belief, gun-grabbers actually do believe in gun violence, as long as it’s directed against law-abiding gun owners.

  13. when you look at the pamila-jaiapal and the rest of the communist reps. that washingtonstan has it makes you wonder just what kind of terrorists we have in congress..

  14. Terrorists that are paid by us taxpayers. Ever notice how the political parties decide on who you get to choose from to vote for.

  15. Death threats against cops ? That’s a smart thing to do. I’m sure it will work out really good for them.


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